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Missing by ginny_malfoy22
Chapter 1 : Chapter 1
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Disclaimer: I don't own Harry Potter

“We must find her! As soon as possible!” I yelled, banging my fist on the table. The people around me looked shocked. I wasn’t really surprised. They didn’t even realise I knew her.

I didn’t really, until a few days ago. She was always there, always at school, except for in the holidays. Unlike me, she had a friendly home to go to in the Christmas holidays. But I was always indifferent towards her…well, until a few days ago.

Why did it matter so much? It was a brief encounter before she left for Christmas - our last Christmas before leaving Hogwarts, incidentally. We smiled at each other, exchanged a few words. I had a brief impulse to kiss her, touch her skin - I was sure it was would be silk soft. But I didn’t. She then left, went to catch the train with her cousin.

Her cousin, my best mate, who was staring at me in horror. I looked back at him, and I saw the worry in his eyes. It should’ve been him. He was convinced of it. Or his brother or sister. Not her. Anyone but her. He stood up, and but his hand on my shoulder.

“She’ll be fine, mate,” he said softly. I met his bright green eyes, and I knew he didn’t believe it himself. I looked around the table. I saw her parents, her mother crying softly on her husbands shoulder. My best mates parents had shock on their face, like they couldn’t believe what had happened. Her brother was staring at the table. Two of her other cousins looked scared.

“What are we all doing sitting here? We need to find her!” I exclaimed suddenly. I pointed at her mother, “You’re the smartest witch of your age, surely you know where to begin!” She looked at me, glaring slightly, but I saw her puffy red eyes, and backed off slightly anyway.

“Why do you care so much anyway, Malfoy?” My best mates older brother snarled, “You were always indifferent to her, I didn’t think you even knew she existed!”

“James!” his mother hushed him. James ignored her as he glared at me, and I glared back at him. Albus nudged me.

“Scorp. Stop it,” he muttered. I glanced at him. I then looked at Albus’s father.

“Mr Potter. You’re head of the Auror department, right? You know how to track?” I asked. Mr Potter nodded, but glanced over at her father

“We don’t know who we’re tracking,” he replied, watching her mother’s face look even more worried, “Scorpius, we have no idea who we’re dealing with.” I stared at him in horror.

“You’re Rose’s family! Am I the only one who fucking cares!?” I yelled. That was a mistake. Mrs Weasley burst into tears, and Mr Weasley put his arms around her, sending me a glare. Albus gave me a look telling me it was uncalled for. Too late. I already knew that!

I sighed, and I wringed my hand. Mr Potter looked over at Mr and Mrs Weasley.

“Ron, Hermione, what happened again?’ he asked. Mrs Weasley shook her head, her bushy curls bouncing, reminding me of Rose. Mr Weasley met Mr Potter’s eyes.

“We don’t exactly know, Harry. She was outside, having a snowball fight with Hugo. Hugo came inside briefly, and then we heard a scream. Hermione ran outside, and I ran after her, but she was gone. No trace of anything left behind,” Mr Weasley said. Mr Potter closed his eyes, as if trying to shut out the scene. I knew I was trying to.

“Dad, it’s been snowing hard, there won’t be any footprints, will there?” Albus asked quietly, worriedly. Mr Potter nodded slightly. Mrs Weasley sniffed loudly.

“Who would take her, Dad?” Albus’s younger sister asked. Mrs Potter looked up sharply, and met her husbands eyes. He nodded at her. Her face morphed into horror. It wasn’t good, it can’t be good.

“My only guess is that it’s an old Death Eater, wanting revenge. Though, I would’ve thought they’d take James, Al, or Lily,” Mr Potter said. I shook my head, and Mr Potter raised an eyebrow.

“They know Mr and Mrs Weasley are your best friends. They know them hurting would hurt you. They also know Rose is your niece, related by blood to you children and wife. They know that it would be hurting all of them, hurting you all the more, because you hate seeing them hurt. You hate seeing Mr and Mrs Weasley so hurt. Look at them, Mr Potter, and tell me you’ve seen them in a worse state,” I said. Mr Potter smiled at me.

“We may have a young Auror on our hands. Good thinking. But the only problem is, most Death Eaters are in Azkaban,” Mr Potter said. I looked over at Al, who rolled his eyes.

“Surely, Dad, that would narrow it down?” he asked. Dad shook his head.

“Unfortunately, the only one is Draco Malfoy. And I know he’s changed,” Mr Potter said, “He was too much of a coward to kill someone, he’s not going to kidnap someone, even if he hadn’t changed.”

“How can you be sure?” Mr Weasley snapped, “Harry, this is our daughter, you can’t take chances!”

“My father is surprised I’m not friends with Rose, Mr Weasley, he genuinely likes Al, who happens to be my best mate, and surely, if he was evil, I would be too,” I snapped back at him. Mr Weasley glared at me. Mr Potter stood up and gave us each a look.

“This is not helping Rosie! Ron, we are not searching for Draco Malfoy! It’s someone we missed, someone we didn’t know was a Death Eater!” Mr Potter yelled. Everyone flinched at his raised voice.

“Scorpius, does your father have any contact with anyone from during the war?” Mrs Potter asked me kindly. I shook my head.

“He hates any sort of contact with them,” I replied. I glanced at Albus. I had a feeling they would include my father in it somehow. Mr Potter looked thoughtful for a moment.

“Scorpius, we’re visiting your father,” Mr Potter suddenly said. I gulped. I had nothing against my father. It was my mother I wasn’t looking forward to seeing.

AN~ So, this was a random idea I came up with before when trying to think of something to get out of going to bed (it was 9 at night, so why wouldn't I?). Anyway, I got attacked by this massive plot bunny, and this is the first chapter! This is my first shot at anything particularly angsty, so I hope I did well.
Thanks for reading, please review!



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Missing: Chapter 1


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