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Of All the Faulty Bludgers by mayday
Chapter 12 : I miss the way you babble
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Other POV:

A girl with blonde hair walked slowly through the mobbed streets of Muggle London swerving through the last minute Christmas shoppers trying not to get trampled.


That’s all anyone seems to do anymore.

Katie Bell rolled her blue eyes towards the sky. What was wrong with her lately?! Ever since her talk with well... him everything has been off with her. Never in her life has she felt more pathetic. Katie has never felt more like Katherine in her entire life. That’s what Ruthie calls her alter ego or her evil-demon-shadow-scary-as-Draco-Malfoy-doing-the-Y-M-C-A side. Katie was never sure what exactly the YMCA was, but if Malfoy was doing it, she probably didn’t even want to know.

Ruthie, she didn’t even want to think about that situation right now, it’s too much for Katie to bear. Because in her opinion Katie Bell was stupid, so so stupid. Ever since she was a little girl a part of her has been in love with Oliver. The part of her that loves daisies and sunshine and her mum’s double chocolate fudge cookies. It was supposed to be easy, but something else came along.

It was like pure adrenaline, that feeling you get right before you toss the quaffle into the hoop. Almost like you’re flying and falling at the same time. You want to throw up, but you don’t because you’re too busy doing other things with your mouth. Yes, it was horrifyingly wonderful being with the completely faulty yet perfect person for you.

Oh jeez, bring on the oxymorons!

If only Ruthie were here.

“Miss?”, a voice asked knocking out of her stupor.

“Yes,” she snapped to attention looking up to see a blonde haired boy gazing over her concerned.

“Are you- are you all right?”

She tilted her head to side, “I’m fine, why?”

The boy cleared his throat, “I accidentally knocked you down.”

Katie scrunched her eyebrows confused and looked down to see she was indeed sprawled out in the snow completely drenched.


The boy came closer to her and she saw he wasn’t a boy, but almost a man. With dark blonde hair, alert green eyes, and a bookish, but friendly stance about him- he looked so familiar. And those eyes, green as... well as green can be. A person doesn’t forget eyes like that.

Ruthie has a thing for green eyes, Katie has a thing for green eyes.

“Are you sure, you’re okay?”, the man-boy repeated.

Katie nodded her head, transfixed by the pure kindness in his eyes.

“If you say so, you hardly even flinched when you fell. It was almost as if you weren’t there.”

Katie felt herself blush as she pulled herself off the wet ground and tried to brush the snow off herself.

“I did that, didn’t I? I’m awfully sorry, I wasn’t looking. You know last minute Christmas shopping this place is mobbed-”

The blue eyed girl felt herself smile at the incohesive babble coming from the male in front of her.

“-and it doesn’t even make sense because I’m Jewish! So once again I’m awfully sorry, I tend to do that when... well, a lot. My mate Jack says the only time I can actually talk straight is when I’m around this horrid girl back at school. She’s a nice girl, but drives me off the wall. Which is completely off topic, but once again sorry about the babbling... and the knocking down thing.”

For the first time in weeks Katie felt smile widen into one of amusement.

“I like babble,” she replied in a small voice.

Everything about her felt so small lately. Even though she was almost the same height as the boy in front of her, she felt as short as Ruthie.

“Good,” he said returning her smile.

Suddenly a strong wind came and blew Katie’s soaked jacket causing her to shiver violently.

“Oh no, you must be freezing! Here take my jacket-”

“No, no I’m fine,” Katie replied sternly.


“It’s okay,” she said, “but thank you.”

The boy frowned, “Well, there’s a little cafe down the block please let me warm you up.”

Katie raised an eyebrow at him while his eyes widened when he realized the double meaning to his words.

“I-um.. I didn’t mean to, well..” the boy stuttered out looking absolutely mortified.

“I wanted- to... you know buy you a cup of..... coffee?”, he asked looking at Katie’s imposingly beautiful form almost scared.

“I usually don’t go anywhere with strangers,” Katie replied apologetically moving away from him.

“We’re not strangers.”

“Yes, we are. We don’t know each other, so we’re strangers,” Katie said slowly.

The boy smiled and his eye lite up with a clever twinkle as he held out his right hand to her, “Hi. I’m Charlie. Nice to meet you.”

Katie hesitated, but slowly held out her hand as well, “Kat, with a ‘K’”

“Well, Kat with a ‘K’ now that we’re not strangers anymore there’s a lovely cafe down the road which makes the best coffee in all of London, if you’d like to accompany me.”

This was probably a bad idea. A young girl shouldn’t go off with a strange boy, no matter how green his eyes are or how bright his smile is. She had to many problems with the male species lately and Katie certainly didn’t need another on her hands.

But he was kind and Katie needed that right now.

Katie, no, she was Kat now. Kat to Charlie, but Katie, Katie can wait.

“Lead the way.”

* * * * * * * *

Ruthie’s POV

“I can’t believe that you did that,” Oliver muttered under his breath looking down at the Prophet in his hands.

I know it was kind of evil... wait me? How dare he accuse me! Even though I did indeed “do it”, it still doesn’t mean he can accuse me! HOW DARE HE!

“It was bloody brilliant Ruth!”, Jasper replied sliding into the seat next to me.

I beamed at him happily bouncing in my seat as Wood groaned in annoyance.

“Do you have any idea how much trouble you’ve gotten me into. What this is going to do to my career, to my reputation!”

I frowned and just shrugged my shoulders going back to eating my chocolate chip cookies. Yum.. so, so good. If only Katie’s mum was here right now she makes double chocolate fudge cookies to die for. Seriously, in all honesty I would kill for them.

Kill. Stab. Drown. Hit over the head with a hatchet. Yep, there are so many ways.

“There is nothing wrong with getting in touch with your feminine side Ollie,” Uma replied fluttering her eyelashes at the  agitated Scottish male.

“Shut it,” Oliver snapped clenching his fist.


“Yeah a girl fight!”, Randy squealed starting to bounce in his seat like me, clapping like a five year old.

Even better. Where is my camera when I need it!

“Actually technically it wouldn’t be a girl fight even though Oliver is a homosexual-”

“I’m not a homosexual!”, Oliver shouted interrupting Ian.

“It’s okay Oliver you don’t have to use me as a cover anymore! Proclaim your true self to the world!”, I said with wide eyes giving everyone the most honest look I could muster.

Oliver looked like he was going to blow a gasket. I’m not even entirely sure what a gasket is, but this cannot be good. Here I am trying to establish a friendship with  Wood over here and everyone knows that a true test of friendship is public humiliation. Yep, it’s in the Bible! Under my section, Ruth... look it up!

So, maybe when I was out for a late burrito run last night and a reporter asked me about my favorite lass-saying-kilt-wearing-keeper, I might have let it slip that we were at a certain place where men-loving-men hang out.

So, what! If he passes the friendship public humiliation test we can be best friends or whatever. I personally hope he doesn’t. How flippin’ weird would that be! Do you know what’s even weirder though, Professor Snape and I are secret friends as well.

Urgh! That sounded all wrong!

Ewe.. Sev is not a pedophile. He’s actually pretty cool.

Do not tell anyone this but.... I’m kinda a potions genius.

xDucks head in shamex

Yes, I know it’s embarrassing. Gryffies aren’t supposed to be good at such a Slytherin subject, but I’m sorry I’m just the bomb!

BOMB! Oh my god! That’s another way I could kill for cookies!

Okay sorry, back to Sev. During my fourth year I kinda was failing potions on purpose (I know shameful), so one day I had detention with Sev after school. So I went into his classroom and noticed that he left an unintended cauldron bubbling. I was shocked, HORRIFIED!

How could someone as talented as Professor Snape possibly do this! Because according to Passionate Potion Making- A Guide to the Art of Brewing Beautifully the number one thing you are never, NEVER suppose to do is leave something in the cauldron bubbling unintended.

So having read Passionate Potion Making after stealing it from Snape’s personal quarters (which was scary as hell), I knew what I needed to do. I stormed over to that cauldron and took charge baby!

YEAH! I was a BEAST! It was so amazingly amazing. Then after I was done making the seventh year potion (which I knew from the top of my head), Sev popped out of nowhere! I ended up knocking over the cauldron all over Snape and turning him purple for a week, but he didn’t even care because he was so astounded my me.

Astounded, ha! And not even in a bad way!

So since then I’ve been taking classes with him privately telling everyone that it was because I suck so much, I was considered a liability to be around the other students in Potions.

Yep, Katie doesn’t even know my skill.

So, the moral of the story is Sev and I are tight in da hood because we are homies in the world of passionate potions! Oh yeah, I just said that! Also I regularly humiliate my Sev and he still is my home skillet!

Yeah dawg!

So remember kids, humiliate your friends, you’ll only grow closer.

Now only if Wood could understand that.


“You know what,” Oliver replied glaring at me.

Oh, what did I do? He looks angry and kinda.... sexy?.... EWWEE!

Gross, cooties! Ack, I swear if I don’t know what Oliver’s complaining about if I could be gay, I so would! Why, I would have Roger Davies- DUH!

“I’m NOT GAY!”, he shouted standing up as his teammate burst out into laughter.

I looked around confused, what just happened?

“You did the talking out loud thing again,” Kenny said smirking at me all hot and... urgh! Stupid hormones, stupid men. If he did that three days again, hell even this morning I would have turned into a puddle of goo. But no, it’s noon and I eating my cookie with a side of indifference gosh darn-it!

I shrugged, just another day, just another embarrassing moment.

“Just calm down Oliver,” Uma and Shayna said at the exact same time.

“Jinx! You owe me a butterbeer!”

“No I don’t, I said it first!”, Shayna replied sticking her tongue out at the redhead.

“No you didn’t!”

I miss Katie, she and I used to do stuff like that.

Sob, Sob, SOB!

“Mr. Wood, my office now,” a stern deep female voice demanded ceasing my dramatic sobbing.

HEY! What the hell! I’m sobbing here!

“Yes Coach Edwin,” Oliver replied immediately ducking his head.

Hey it’s Coach Edwin!

“Hi Coach!”, I yelled out waving enthusiastically at the tall middle-aged woman.

Coach Edwin waved back at me feebly. How nice -wait Coach Edwin is a.... woman!?

Oh my God.

“Your a.... a... girl?”

I heard Randy snort and Jasper stifle a laugh.

“Yes, Miss. Sparks I am indeed as you so eloquently put it, a girl,” Coach replied her mouth forming a thin line.

In the name of everything beautiful and Rogerific, she’s scarier than Minnie!

(not the mouse obviously, although polka dots on a rat is uber creepy)

“I... umm... sorry?”, I babbled out with a smile.

Stupid babbling always gets me in a pickle!

Do you know who would look really good in a pickle, come on take a guess-

“It’s quite all right Miss. Sparks now if you’ll excuse me, I need to have a conversation with Mr. Wood.”


“Bye,” I replied in a small voice as Oliver followed Coach out the door looking like a guilty little boy who stole cookies out of the cookie jar.


I’ll kill you (seriously I will) if you so much as sniff in their direction!

“How did you not know who Ida Edwin is!”, Ian asked me astonished.

“What do I look like ‘Quidditch Quarterly’,” I grumbled frowning thinking of that silly magazine Ron Weasley always read when I tried to flirt with him.

Stupid Quidditch, it’s bloody ruining my life. Thank Jesus for these yummy in my tummy chocolate chip cookies.

I sighed popping the rest of the cookie in my mouth. I chewed the soft texture of the cookies and swallowed it thickly. Something was missing. It didn’t taste the same. It wasn’t Mrs. Bell’s double chocolate fudge cookies. I miss those cookies. I miss Mrs. Bell, I miss my Katie-Kate.

I can’t help but wonder what she’s doing right now.

 * * * * * * * * *

Other POV

“So let me get this straight,” Charlie replied looking at Katie baffled, “you’re in love with both Davie and Olsen! Also your best friend has been in love with Davie forever and you’ve been secretly dating him for over a year?-”

Katie nodded a bit ashamed.

“-And you’re pretty sure Geoff fancies you and Olsen might be in love with your friend, what was it... Ruby?”

Katie buried her face in her hands almost as Charlie took a sip of his coffee.

“From what I understand Ruby is in love with almost every guy she meets and Ruby has no idea about you and Davie?”

The blonde chaser made a whimpering noise as Charlie let out a low whistle.

“Wow Kat, this stuff never happens at my high school.”

You have no idea Charlie, you have no idea.

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