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In Heaven by PinkRose
Chapter 15 : A Mystery and A Surprise
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Chapter 15


I was shaking still, maybe not physically but mentally. I couldn’t believe as to what had just happened, this was a dream I was bound to be awakened from.

This was absurd. I sat down trying to regain some kind of sense of everything; one moment my life is in pieces and the next it’s fine again.

But every time my life was in pieces, it was because Draco wasn’t a part of it. Was this supposed to mean something, a sign perhaps?

I slowly made my way to Draco’s room, I didn’t know what Drakes was planning but I had my suspicions.

I knocked, not sure if he would want me to come straight in or not, especially since this was supposed to be a surprise and all.

When I walked in music was playing softy, and there were flowers everywhere. Draco pulled me into his arms, and hugged me tight, “Hermione I don’t blame you for what HE did to you, but I want to show you how it should have been like, if you let me,” Draco whispered into my ear.

“Okay,” I said. “Draco show me how this would have been done”.

And he did.

The definition of bliss is simple.

Waking up to Hermione in my arms. That is my definition of bliss. She looked beautiful with the light falling across her face. She was an angel, and I wanted to make everything up to her for the way Tom had treated her. She had cried after when she thought I was asleep, she deserved better, but there was nothing I could do about what had happened.

I could only hope that things would get better in the future… How surprised I would be.

~ Two weeks later ~

Hermione has been avoiding me for two weeks, locking herself in her room she hasn’t been seen by anyone, except for Ginny who keeps apparating into her room.

I don’t know what’s wrong with her, but she won’t let me into her room at all. Ginny walked out once, right into me, her face went all “grave” as if someone had just died, and then she disappeared right when I was going to ask her what was wrong with Hermione.

I finally managed to get a hold of Ginny. She sat me down on the couch and explained what had happened that night with Tom, the things he had said to Hermione, what he had threatened her about, and finally what he had done to her.

“I know Ginny, Mione told me about what happened.”. I told her. “Wait, did that prick get her sick?” I asked Ginny getting furious just thinking about it.

“No, he didn’t make her sick, I shouldn’t be the one to tell you so I wont. Hermione wants to, so why don’t you go talk to her. I’ll be back later”. Ginny told me.

I slowly walked up the stairs, I didn’t know what to expect, what if Hermione was dying? Why did Ginny tell me that whole story about Tom? What does he have to do with anything?

I pushed the door open; Hermione was sitting on her bed facing the window. I walked up behind her and sat on the bed.

“Hermione would you like to tell me what’s wrong?” I asked as I turned her around to face me.

“Draco I’m …. I’m … oh god …I’m pregnant”. She finally gasped out.

N/A - Thank you for staying tuned with the story thus far, hopefully you've enjoyed it, and you share your thoughts/feelings/criticisms with me! Would love to hear from all of you! Thank you again!

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