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Blood Lust by hakura
Chapter 4 : Trials
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Hermione took a deep breath. Not that she needed to, still old habits and all that. She needed to remain calm. Relax, she thought, never let them see you sweat. Not that she could do that either. She looked up at the Council. Seven members all together. Three men, four women. The odds, so far, were in her favor.

“What is it that you want, infant,” Guin, the seat from the end, hissed. Maybe the odds weren’t in her favor. The Members were sat most according to power. The most powerful in the middle, and the least on the ends. That showed where Guin was.

“If it pleases the Council,” Danica said, keeping her eyes down. She knew better than to look up, directly in the eye of any of them. “I wish to return to my old life, my friends, and my school. They are in great need of me. The War of the Wizards-“

“What buisness is it of a Vampire to enter the War?” Gonathin asked. He sat exact opposite of Guin.

“If it pleases, my lord,” still keeping her eyes down, “what is going to happen if Harry Potter does not win?” She glanced up, and saw a bit a stirring among the group.

“What, child, does Harry Potter have to do with and of this?” Came Gonathin. He showed only a bit more respect to her than Guin. He called her ‘child’ instead of ‘infant’. Which, if you think about the age difference, is quite accurate, but if you think of the way she said it, is rude.

“Harry Potter is my best friend,” she stated, confidently.

Many of the council members looked at one another. Duratia, however, looked very annoyed. She tapped her chin, once, then tilted her head to the side. A sure sign that Danica would be given a stern talking to.

“You mean was,” Filip said.

“I beg you pardon, lord,” she looked at Filip. Not in the eye, but in his general direction.

“Your best friend is no longer Harry Potter, because you are no longer Hermione Granger,” Filip said. He was technically right, but she was not about to admit that.

“A best friend is your friend, not matter what your name,” Danica said, defiantly.

True, she was really not Hermione Granger, anymore. But, Harry would never desert her, because he was Harry. Of course, she would never tell Harry or Ron about what happened to her this summer. They would probably go on to tell her that she was crazy, or that she needed to be staked.

“Danica,” Filip shouted, as if he had asked a question, and she didn't answer.

“What?!” She shouted back, before realizing her mistake. Like a chorus line, the entire council did a vast double take on her.

“What did you just say,” Filip shouted. He looked down the line to Duratia. “Although, I really shouldn’t expect much coming from the line that you do.”

“Filip,” Duratia said, calmly, although her eyes were bright red, “if your greatest wish is to be bitch slapped, then color me Genie-in-a-Bottle, because I’m about to grant that wish!”

Filip stood, “How dare you? I am Filip de Londeux, master of air and-“

“Yes, all here know your pitiful ranking,” Duratia screamed. “Now know mine.” She forced her power to him. All vampires had specific powers to which only they and their line could posses. Duratia’s line possesed fire and mind. All vampires could use their minds to their advantage, but unlss someone was powerful enough to hold a secure forcefield, any of her line could break in, and do what ever they like to a person.

Filip was forced into his seat, hard enough that the wood splintered. He gasped for air, not that he needed any either, but breathed out fire. She had set his loungs on fire. Only something a Lady or Lord could do. Danica would learn. But she couldn’t even dream to do anything such as that. Not right now. Danica felt a bit of warmth toward her bloodmother, until the flammed gaze was brought to her.

“As for you,” Duratia spat, “I gave you warning on how to treat all members, and you disobeyed. I will not tolerate this.” Danica felt herself being raised, all the wind being choked out of her, as if a fist were in her throat. “Will you disobey me again, child?” Duratia asked, calmly. Danica knew something like this might come up. Duratia had fore-warned about the feud between she and Filip. Duratia was next in line for the middle seat, which infuriated Filip, seeing as how he thought all women were the scum of the earth. But if she, Duratia, showed even the slightest bit of compassion, then Filip may challenge her, and, while more powerful, she did not want to happen.

“Never, my mother,” she gasped. She was instantly released.

“Now,” Indmiond, the lead council man said. He sat in the middle. HE was the most powerful vampire in the room. He was the second most powerful vampire in the whole race. The first, of course, being the Queen. She had made him. She had made, also, Duratia. Besides the Queen, they were the most powerful people to ever hold any power at all.

Indmiond, however, instead of looking frazzled, looked amused. Danica could have sworn that he had looked her up and down, but she must have been mistaken. He could never be interested in a infant fledging like her.

“We will vote,” his handome voice boomed throught the hall. His black eyes held nothing but mischief. He had the squarest jaw she had ever seen, and the fullest lips. His black hair held a red streak through, and Danica was certain it was natural.

But, still, Danica was worried. What in the world was she thinking? The council never voted yes. Their motto was No means NO! They had never let a fledging back into their old life. Because to them, that’s exactly what it was. OLD! They could probably barely remember their old last names, let alone what their old life was like. They would never-

“The verdict is yes,” Indmiond said. He stood, smiling a very fangy smile. He stood, which meant they all stood, which meant Danica stood. “You may go. But on certain conditions. You will report back to your bloodmother, every full moon, at midnight. If you are even a minute late, you will be forced back here for… punishment.” He said the last word in a way that stopped Danica.

Dear lord,she thought, they’re going to… to… make her do the windows! No, they wouldn’t. They’d probably stake her. But, beggers couldn’t be choosers.

“You will also tell no one where you have been this summer, who you have been with, or what you are, without the strict permission of your bloodmother, understood?” Indmiond smirked.

“Yes, my lord.” She bounced up and dow. “Do you really mean this? I can go.”

He got a gentle look in his eyes. “Yes, I do.”

Danica squealed. She ran to him and hugged him. After a moment of no movement, she felt his arms wrap around her. There were several gasps when this happened. Danica thought that maybe the last person who tried this was murdered on the spot. But she didn’t care! They said YES!

“Perhaps,” Indmiond whispered, “I should sway the verdict in your way more often, Danica.” His hand lifted her chin, so that she would stare into his forget-me-not blue eyes. “I would love to feel more of your… excitement.” He pulled her into a kiss.

His lips met hers in a scorching kiss. She gasped, and he took the opportunity to slip his tounge into her mouth. His lips were like fire, and she was a moth, drawn to deepen it. He nipped her bottom lip, and a bit of blood flooded into both of their mouths, and suddenly there was a groan coming from her throat. He suckled her wound, drawing the blood out, and she could have sworn that she could feel it in her neather reigions. Every pull was like another pleasure-filled lick across her-

He stopped. “Your blood is of liquid fire.” He whispers into her ear. “And I am very cold. I will have more of you, Danica. But for now I must bid you adeu.” He gently kissed her forehead. “Enjoy your freedom….”

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