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Darkness Unhinged by ness17
Chapter 2 : The truth
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A/N: well i guess the first chapter went good... i've had about 68 hits i think... so i decided to post chapter 2! enjoy!!


“What about this box?” Hermione cried to her mother. She was in the attic helping her parents pack up the house. They had found a small two bed roomed apartment in London.

“What’s in it?” her mother asked from the other side of the room.

“Bunch of papers,”

“Look through them and let me know if you think it’s anything of importance. I’ll be back in an hour,”

“Where’re you going?”

“To get more boxes,” Hermione nodded and hugged her mom goodbye before sitting on the floor of the attic and searching through the box. She noticed the papers were from the year she was born. As she neared the bottom something interesting caught her eye.

It was an old faded photograph of a man and woman holding a baby. The baby was Hermione, she recognized herself from her other baby pictures, but the adults weren’t her parents. They did look familiar however.

I swear I’ve seen this woman before, she thought. The woman had black hair and heavily lidded eyes. It looks like… but no it couldn’t be…

She flipped the photograph over and attached was a birth certificate. Not just any birth certificate though, but a magical one, from St. Mungo’s.

Hermione was confused. No one in her family, to her knowledge, was magical. Upon closer inspection she saw her name.

Hermione Jane Riddle

“Riddle?” she muttered to herself. Why did the name sound so familiar? She looked even closer at the birth certificate.

Father- Tom Marvolo Riddle

Mother- Bellatrix Jane Lestrange

Hermione’s eyes widened in surprise and fear. Tom Marvolo Riddle? As in Voldmeort? It’s not possible!

Suddenly Hermione shrieked in pain. Her face felt as if it was on fire and her body felt like it did when she had the Cruitaus Curse on her that one time. It hurt for five minutes. When the pain stopped Hermione got up weakly. She felt different. She slowly walked down stairs and into the bathroom. When she looked in the mirror she screamed.

The woman looking back at her wasn’t the bushy haired, brown eyes girl she was. No, a girl with straight black hair and a very beautiful face looked back. Her complexion was paler then it was before, but not too pale. She resembled Bellatrix in many ways, except her eyes which were a dark red shade, as if black and red combined.

Hermione was frightened. What had just happened? Was this some sort of sick joke? This can’t be happening, any minute now I’m going to wake up and this will all be a dream. She thought to herself.

But she never woke up. Hermione was scared. She didn’t know what to do. If there was one person who could explain it was Dumbledore, but he was gone. She next thought of Harry but changed her mind as a sudden feeling of hatred over whelmed her. It was gone a moment later and she couldn’t figure out why she’d hate Harry.

Hermione heard the front door open.

“Mia, I’m back,” her mother shouted. Hermione heard her mother shove a bunch of boxes in the door.

“In here mom,” at least her voice hadn’t changed.

Hermione’s mother walked into the living room and looked at Hermione. She looked away but did a double take.

“Hello,” her mother said uncertainly.

“Mom,” Hermione said slowly.


“Mom, get dad here now!” Hermione’s voice had a demanding tone to it in such a way no one would dare refuse.

“He should be here any second Mia,” her mother gulped. A minute later the sound of the front door opening was heard again, but this time her father’s voice rang out.

“Grace, why are these boxes still here?”

“Jack, come here a moment,” her mother replied. A second later Hermione’s father walked in.

“Who might you be?” he asked noticing Hermione.

“Don’t you recognize me daddy?” Hermione sneered.

“Grace,” her father said horrified.

“I think it’s time Jack. Mia, please listen to us before you jump to any conclusions.”

“I’ll give you a few moments of my time,” Hermione said, “providing you answer my questions.”

“Do you want the story first or answer questions?”

“I want you to answer this question first,” Hermione pulled out the photograph and birth certificate. “Why the FUCK does this say my mother is Bellatrix Lestrange and my father Tom Riddle, also known as Voldmeort!”

“Because, hunny, they are.”

“Explain!” Hermione demanded.

“You see, you were born to those two monsters. This Riddle was becoming more powerful and with the help of this woman was going to destroy the world. Dumbledore, yes we know him,” Grace said as Hermione was about to speak, “had taken you from them. We never found out how or why except he feared for what would happen to you. You were brought to us and a charm was placed on you. When you found out whom you were your appearance would change. We had no idea what you would look like.”

“And you kept this from me! You kept the fact that I’m a pure blood witch born from the most powerful witch and wizard!”

“Mia,” her mother tried but Hermione pulled her wand out and pointed it at her parents.

“You’ll regret it,” Hermione said quietly, “Avada Kedavra!” she said pointing her wand at each of her parents. They both dropped dead instantly. Hermione grinned in triumph and walked from the room.

Hermione walked to her room and with a wave of her wand, all the things she’d need were in her trunk. She went to the family safe where her parents kept emergency money and took it all, along with their bank cards. She knew it wouldn’t take the Ministry long to either pinpoint it was her who killed them or to put out a search party for her. Either way she was in trouble and they’d be looking for her.

She needed some place to hide. Some place to get away. Her first thought was Grimlaud place but Harry was living there, so that was a no go. Her parents did have a cabin by the lake she could retreat to. She could put charms on it so no one could enter. The cabin was in her moms dad’s name so there was a slim possibility she wouldn’t be traced there. It was worth a shot.

Concentrating hard she apparated right outside the cabin. The first thing she did was put muggle replying charms on it. She proceeded to put the same protective charms she put on the tent when her, Harry and Ron were out destroying Horecuxes.

She entered the cabin. It was a nice sized place, five bedroom, wooden floors everywhere. The sitting room had a black velvet couch and two lazy boy chairs; there was also a big window over looking the lake. A deck led off the door in the kitchen, which had a nice sized stove and an island in the centre of the room.

Hermione walked up the stairs to her room and placed her trunk down. After applying a few more protective charms, including an intruder alert, she was able to relax and think.

I killed them she thought.

They deserved it, argued a voice in her head; they lied to you, kept the truth from you, kept you from your real parents.

I’m just as bad as my real father.

He’d be proud of you. You killed two worthless muggles. The other voice said. Hermione actually grinned.

Later that evening Hermione was growing bored. She had stayed sheltered in the cabin with nothing much to do. She wanted to have some fun.

What is there to do that’s fun around here again? She asked herself. She was still full of rage at the thought of her whole life being a lie. She wanted to cause others pain, as she was feeling. She transfigured her outfit into black robes and pulled the hood high over her head, concealing her face. The thought had come from nowhere, torture muggles.

Hermione walked down the street, receiving odd looks from muggles. She walked towards the park, wanting to be somewhere secluded where not many people would come so she could guarantee an escape and few witnessed.

She saw a few teenagers smoking and drinking by the play ground. It was about eight and all the kids usually returned home and the teens do drugs and drink around now. Hermione pulled her wand out and muttered a spell. The beer bottles flew from the hands of the teens and over to her. She wanted to lead them into the trees at the edge of the park. It worked.

“What the fuck?” asked one of the boys and they all started to walk towards where Hermione stood.

“Crazy bitch, give us back out beer!”

Hermione grinned evilly. “Crutio!” one of the boys fell to the ground in agonizing pain. His friends stood there scared as he screamed out. She put the curse off after thirty seconds. With another wave of her wand, beams shot out at the other boys and they also felt her wrath. It made Hermione feel better, putting her rage out on filthy muggles.

One of the boys felt as if he was on fire, skin burning various spots, while the other felt as if he was being ripped apart limb by limb.

After ten minutes of fun, Hermione felt something wrong and sure enough she heard the sound of apparitation and a scream of “Ministry Aurors, stop!”

Hermione grinned evilly, still under her hood, and quickly apparated away before their stunner could reach her.


A/N: me again lol, so what'd you think? stroy picks up fast eh? and a little longer chap for ya! hope you liked it.. let me know what can be changed and whatnot... or if u like it!

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