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Words of Wisdom by Sprite Sparkle
Chapter 3 : Oh!
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AN: Thank you for all your reviews on this story so far, and like I said, this chapter is short (sorry) but they will probably get longer from now on. Please keep reading and reviewing. Thank you ^^

Ginny was leaning over her husband muttering worriedly to the tall, bushy haired Healer who just happened to be called Hermione Granger. “I don’t know what happened, he was meant to be sorting through some of the old stuff in the attic. I went up to see how he was doing and I found him on the floor in a dead faint.” 

“Well it doesn’t look like the faint was caused by magic so I don’t think that he touched anything cursed.” 

“Gi…Ginny.” Harry stirred slightly, struggling to open his eyes. 

“Harry?” Ginny clasped his face in her hands. “Harry, are you okay?” 

“I feel like I’ve been knocked out with a hammer. What ha…The letter! Where’s the letter?” Hermione frowned. 

“Letter?” But Ginny interrupted her. 

“This letter?” She pulled out a slightly weathered piece of parchment folded neatly into three. She had found it in his hand when she found him. He sat up suddenly grabbing her shoulders as another pain shot through his head. 

“Don’t…ah…don’t read it I…ah my bloody head!” Hermione pushed him back against the sofa and started taking his temperature. Ginny frowned and re-pocketed the letter. All of a sudden Harry went limp, Ginny stared at Hermione with a raised eyebrow. 

“What did you do to him?” She asked rather sharply. Hermione shrugged but a small smile played on her lips. She shrugged and turned towards the kitchen. 

“Put him asleep. It’s a trick I used to use when we were searching for horcruxes. When he’s trying to hide something he panics and with him having just fainted I don’t think panicking is a good idea. Plus, it gives us a chance to read that letter.” 

Ginny stared wide-eyed at her friend before breaking into a smile. “Oh, Hermione, does Ron know you have this side to you?” Hermione put on an innocent face. 

“No, why would he? That would ruin my fun.” The women walked into the kitchen still laughing. Ginny went straight to the fruit bowl and picked up an apple before munching it greedily. Apples seemed to be her craving. For the past three months, actually since her twenty-second birthday she had been crazy for apples. It was possibly something to do with the small bump forming underneath her t-shirt. 

Ginny sat on a chair, one hand holding her apple, the other gently rubbing her stomach. “So, what is so important about this letter that would make him faint then?” 

Hermione had been scanning the torn parchment for a few minutes, her eyes getting wider and wider. She looked up, her eyes full of guilt and tears.
“Ginny, it’s from his mother, Lily. She wrote it just before she died. It says that…Harry has a sister.” 

Ginny snatched the letter and read it twice over before finally putting it on the table and chewing her lip nervously. “So, James was…well, I guess it was sort of expected but, do you think Sirius knew? I mean, James would have told him I’m sure…” 

“Ginny, do you think… do you think Voldemort knew?” Ginny was filled with a sense of dread. If Voldemort had known that Harry Potter had a sister, surely he would have tried to use her in someway, use her blood to protect him from Harry, something like that. If he had, was she still alive. 

“Oh Merlin Hermione, Harry’s got family, an older sister! We’ve got to find her. Maybe McGonagall might help she…” 

Hermione looked sympathetically at her friend. “Ginny, McGonagall was at school when James and Lily were, she probably knows all about it.”
“Then why wouldn’t she tell him?” She was getting angry now. If an orphaned little boy turned up, totally alone, wouldn’t you want to tell him he had a sister. Hermione seemed deep in thought. 

“Hang on, when was that letter written, let me age the writing.” Ginny passed her the letter and Hermione cast a quick spell over it. “Oh Merlin!” 

“What is it?” Ginny stared at her friend who was now gaping like a fish. 

“This letter was written just a few months before they died. Harry’s sister, if she was still alive, and I’m presuming magic, she would have been at school with us.

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