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World War III by weasley_gang
Chapter 2 : A Whole Lot of Betting, Arguments and Cockiness
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Disclaimer: Harry Potter universe – not mine; scratch – not mine. Plotline – that might be mine, I’ll have to check.

Previously on WWIII:

Rose looked pathetically at the handcuffs, while Scorpius made a query. “Um… how long?”

Rose looked up from the chain.

McGonagall sighed. “A week.”

Rose and Scorpius exited the Headmistresses office, together.

Scorpius pulled up his arm inspecting it, consequently pulling up hers.

“Ow.” Rose said. “Careful.”

“Sorry if I hurt your hand.” He said sweetly, before turning evil. “Princess.”

Rose glared at him, trying to burn holes into his head. She suddenly turned yanking her arm along with his.

“Ow.” Scorpius staggered forward. “Watch it!”

“Watch what?” Rose feigned innocence.

“You know damn well what!” He shot at her.

“I know damn well what an idiot you are.” She smirked.

“No,” He said. “You see honey. That’s you, in a mirror.”

“Yeah, but you’ll never see your reflection in a mirror. They always break before you can get a good look.” Rose said.

“If you can see yourself in the mirror, how come you never use it to get ready in the morning?”

“‘Cause I’m amazingly gorgeous already. You know you love me.”

“Yeah, and that’s why I’m about to do this.” Scorpius said sarcastically, before calling, “Augmenti!”

Rose spluttered and choked shaking the icy cold water off her. “Why you little bastard!” She tackled him to the ground and punched his stomach.

Scorpius easily held her back with a hand. “Really, sweetie.” He said arrogantly. “I know I’m sexy, but come on. It’s the second day of school and you’ve already got me on my back twice.”

“You’re lucky I haven’t tied you up!” She said, full knowing he would use its double meaning.

He grinned. “Didn’t know you were that type of girl. I always thought you’d take it slow and easy. Tantalizingly.”

Rose was shocked at the little thrill that got sent up her body as he leant forward and whispered those last words into her ear, tickling her. She immediately got up and tried to leave before remembering their handcuffs.

“Nothing to say?” He asked, eerily close to her.

“I think we should go to potions now.” Rose twirled around to head down to the dungeons.

Scorpius just followed, strutting behind her.


They had an issue… and the whole school saw it.

“We are going to sit at the Gryffindor table!” Rose insisted loudly.

“Slytherin. It just looks so much better then Gryffindor.” Scorpius said.

“Come on! Everyone knows that the house elves put thestral spit in Slytherins food!” Rose hollered.

Momentarily almost every Slytherin had dropped their fork to inspect their food.

“I don’t care!” Scorpius said. “I’m not going to sit with 50 or so goody-two-shoes!”

“At least we can pass Transfiguration!” Rose shot.

“At least we can pass first year Potions!” Scorpius smirked his infamous smirk.

“Must you hold that against me for the rest of my life?” Rose punched his shoulder with his own arm.

“Will you stop being so violent?!”

“I am not violent!” At this there was sniggers from the Gryffindor table. “Excuse me?” Rose waved her arms around, consequently waving Scorpius’ and whacking his arm in her face. “You’re meant to be on – ow! Watch it!”

“It’s your own fault!” Scorpius said barely straightening his arm to reach her straight one in the air. “The whole school can testify to that.”

“Oh look! You can say a big word!” Rose mocked him. “Congratulations.”

“I can say another.” Scorpius bent down to her level. “I abhor Gryffindor.”

“How about another.” Rose said. “I would love to get abscission from you, but I’m stuck with you!”

“Yay!” Scorpius said sarcastically. “That was a good one. Here, I got one: You’re like a vaudeville piece, stupid and funny to watch!”

“Ha ha.” She said deadpan. “You’re megalomania is getting too far. We should take you to a doctor!”

Scorpius whistled and fanned himself dramatically and winked at Rose. “You’re a porphyry.”

She gasped. “That is…” Rose choked and took a deep breath to calm herself before saying, “You’re name should be Scorpius Nefarious Malfoy!”

 “That’s a compliment!” Scorpius laughed. “Getting a bit too hard for you? Let’s make it easier. You look like a ragamuffin!”

“OK!” McGonagall interrupted. “Two hours. It has been TWO HOURS! Can you not act civilised towards each other?! How do you expect to last the rest of the week?”

They stood silently shuffling their feet.

“That’s it.” McGonagall waved her wand and stack a small table with two chairs up next to the door to the trophy room and teacher’s table. “Sit there for the rest of the week, and eat… quietly!”

Scorpius and Rose silently slunk away. As they approached, the table got filled with food. It was a very long and deathly silent meal between those two.


Autumn, Sal and Marsh were uneasy about this meeting, but they knew they had to do it. Little did they know that the people they were meeting were nervous too.

Jay Long, Edward Grey and Bill Howard, snuck towards the trophy room, where they were meeting the Gryffindors. It was against their Slytherin gut to go meet a bunch of Gryffindors in the middle of the night without intention to bodily harm them.

“Long, Grey, Howard.” A voice that should be filled warmly and sweetly was cold when saying the boys’ names.

“Shallows, Wainwrights, Barrine.” Edward replied.

“We have to come to an agreement on this, else it’ll never work.” Autumn said, sounding all professional.

“I agree. But what we have chosen to do, you said she’d never agree too.” Bill said.

“It’s true.” Marsh commented. “She’s not a risk taker.”

“Ah. But he is.” Jay said, an evil twinkle in his eye.

“So if we apply this to just him,” Sal said slowly. “It might actually work.”

“Sal!” Autumn said. She rushed over and hastily whispered in Sal’s ear. “Do not agree with the Slytherins!”

“If we don’t, how will we get anything done?” Sal asked innocently.

Autumn shook her head sadly. “Through manipulation!”

“But they’ll try the same thing, and then we’ll just be dancing around each other in circles!” Sal explained.

“Ugh!” Autumn grunted. “Fine!” She turned to the Slytherins. “We agree.”

Edward pulled out a piece of paper. “Sign it.”

“What is it?” Marsh asked warily.

“A contract.” Bill said. “You break it, you get cursed till one of us pull it off.”

“What happens if you break it?” Marsh asked, skimming the contract.

“Same. Cursed until one of you pull it off.” Jay replied.

“How do we pull it off?” Autumn asked.

“Dunk ‘em in water.” Edward said, as if it was the most obvious thing in the world. “Magically of course.”

“Nah!” Autumn said sarcastically. “I’m gonna drag you all the way to the girls’ bathrooms and flush your head!”

Edward choked back and dirty remark that was halfway out his mouth. So he just ended up standing there, rocking on his heels, grinning like an idiot.

Marsh broke the silence. “I’ll sign.” He took a quill from Jay and signed.

Autumn furrowed her eyebrows, as Sal repeated Marsh’s words and signed her name after his. A few moments later she sighed angrily and ripped the quill off of Sal and angrily signed her name.

“I swear, if Scorpius doesn’t kiss Rose before Easter holidays this contract is going to be useless, you hear?” Autumn said. “We will prank you till your eyes fall out and no one will be dunking no one.”

“Scorpius better follow through with the dare, ‘cause Rose is going to be mad as hell when he does.” Marsh added. “Soon enough she’ll fall in love with him.”

“Don’t worry.” Bill said. “Score is a risk taker. He’s going to love this, he’ll hit on Rose until she kisses him just to make him shut up. He believes he can get any girl to snog him.”


3 days later Rose was at her patience end. Oddly enough Scorpius was having enormous amounts of fun.

“Scorpius, shut up.” Rose said, not looking up from her book.

They were in the library and Scorpius was really bored, but Rose had insisted she needed to study for their ‘surprise’ Herbology quiz.

“But I’m bored!”

“You know what?” Rose said irritably. “Looking after you is like taking care of a big –”

“In more ways then one.” Scorpius interrupted.

“Ugly –” Rose continued ignoring him.

“That’s the bottom of my foot, my only ugly part.”

“Baby!” Rose finally got to finish.

“I knew you’d scream that out sometime tonight.” Scorpius grinned arrogantly.

“Oh, you…!” Rose held herself back from hitting Scorpius. She closed her eyes tightly and whispered audibly. “Four days, four days, four days!”

All of a sudden she felt a hot breath on her ear. “Are you counting the days when we can move more freely?”

Rose nodded unconsciously, his voice was so mesmerising. She tilted her head lightly as her eyes slid shut.

“So free we can move to what ever we want?” Scorpius was enjoying this. “Move however we want. However you want? Touch me however you want?”

Rose nodded, and then snapped back into reality. “What are you doing?”

Scorpius just winked at her. “You want to touch me.”

“No I don’t!” Rose said getting up and packing all of her stuff into her bag. As she put her bag onto her shoulder, Scorpius’ hand grazed her collarbone gently. Her breath hitched.

“You love me touching you.” Scorpius said close behind her. Too close for rational thinking.

“No, I do not. And the day is almost over. We should go to McGonagall to get uncuffed.” Rose said hurriedly. She almost ran out of the library with Scorpius walking easily behind her.

“Professor! Professor!” Rose banged on the door. “It’s almost curfew! I think I should be able to sleep now!”

McGonagall opened the door a look of pure annoyance on her face. “What do you want?”

Rose just lifted her arm, which in turn, lifted Scorpius’. McGonagall sighed heavily, transfigured the handcuffs loose and turned back into her office slamming the door shut behind her.

Rose shot Scorpius a dirty look and stalked away quickly.

Scorpius grinned and rocked on his heels. “This is going to be the easiest 20 galleons I ever made.” He said under his breath and sauntered away, whistling, to his own common room.


Last day, last day, last day…

This was the chant Rose had been singing all day in her head, since she had gone to McGonagall that morning to get cuffed to Scorpius.

It was disturbing her how… physical, Scorpius had gotten in this past week. More disturbing was how she was reacting.

Of course, here he was again. Being too close, smelling too nice, looking too good. Something was wrong with her. She needed mental help.

As the second period of their double with History of Magic teacher Logwood started, Autumn was hastily talking with Sal and Marsh.

“Nothing’s happening!” She said frustrated. “They promised!”

“Calm down Tum.” Sal didn’t bother to say her whole name. “We gave them until Easter break.”

“That’s too long!” Autumn whinged. She was more of a dialogue then description person. “I knew we should have made it Christmas break. Them being handcuffed together is the perfect opportunity, now it’s going away!”

“We can’t do anything now. We have to wait.” Sal said.

Marsh was indifferent to it all. “Why do we have to interfere at all? Just look at that. It’s like destiny wants them to be together.” He waved his hand pointlessly at Rose and Scorpius.

At that moment Rose stood up and yelled down at Scorpius. “Why do you have to be such a cocky arse?!”

“‘Cause you know just how cocky my arse is.” He wriggled his eyes at her suggestively.

“Good god.” Marsh said, trying to breathe through his laughter. “Long said his jokes were bad but… ah!”

Rose whipped out her wand and yelled an incantation. In a moment his robes engulfed in flames.

Scorpius turned to the whole class, which was watching. “This is how hot she thinks I am. I’m fire hot. Plus, notice this method always leaves me in my boxers, or less.”

Scorpius easily extinguished himself and turned back to Rose. “I’m naked baby, do what you want.”

With a shake of her wand a whip came into her hand.

Scorpius eyes widened. “I – uh – didn’t know you were this sort of person.”

“I,” Rose said slowly advancing on him. “Am, going to,” she backed him onto a table as he crawled back she followed menacingly. “Knock those dirty tricks out of you. Till you’re dry.”

Before he could open a joke about being dry Rose interrupted. “Don’t. You. Dare.”

“Excuse me.” A dull voice interrupted their face off. “I am trying to teach a class. Would you mind taking this outside?”

“No problem, Professor.” Rose said sweetly getting up and walking towards the door with Scorpius attempting to break away from her.

“Rose. Really?” Marsh interrupted her. “I don’t think you need to do this.”

“Why are you defending him?” Rose screeched upset. “He’s been hitting on me non stop since we got cuffed!”

“Yes,” Marsh agreed. “But can he help being a scumbag? He can’t help it any more then you having read hair, or a short temper fuse.”

“Which, may I add, is extremely sexy.” Scorpius said.

“Mate,” Marsh turned to him. He held up his fingers barely a millimetre apart. “You’re this far from getting beaten to death. I suggest you shut your trap about now.”

“Sorry.” Scorpius remained quiet.

“Breathe, Rose.” Marsh said. They were outside the room now so not disturbing the other.

Though Scorpius would rather be with Rose alone, he appreciated Barrine keeping Rose’s murderous rampage at bay.

20 minutes later the trio re-entered the room. 5 minutes after that they bell rang and they left.

Hours later at the end of the day, Rose was dragging Scorpius to McGonagall’s office.

Just as Rose was about to bang on the door McGonagall ripped it open. “What? Why must you always disturb me during dinner? I am hungry!”

Rose froze. She wasn’t the type to upset teachers… well, maybe she was, but never the Headmistress.

“Sorry, Headmistress.” Scorpius took over, turning on his charm and saving Rose from a panic attack. “I insisted we come here as it is the end of the day, but in case you are too busy we will come back later. I am sure Rosie won’t mind, I know I won’t.”

He turned and headed back. Rose frantically tried to turn around and talk to McGonagall but she had already slammed the door shut. As they headed down the phoenix stairs Rose turned on Scorpius with a furious look.

“Why did you do that? I need to get away from you! You are sickening! And why did you call me Rosie? I am not your ‘Rosie’!” Rose ranted.

They stepped out of the stairwell and turned the corner onto a deserted corridor. Scorpius leant against the wall as Rose continued to talk.

5 minutes later Scorpius was bored out of his mind. After her sixth sentence he’d stopped listening. He had perfected the art of looking like he was listening while not through his mum. His role model had been his dad, just watching him do it so perfectly he had skilled it by then.

“We could be free by now!” Rose continued. “I could be sitting with my Gryffindor friends, you with your Slytherin ones…”

This brought his mind to the bet his friends had proposed to him the night after he first got chained to Rose. Kiss Weasley before Easter break? Easy. He could kiss her before Christmas break he had told them. They shook. Now the days were slipping away, and instead of being chained together to make them like each other more, Rose hated him more. Of that, he was sure.

“I’m hungry.” He announced and he started walking to the Great Hall. Rose had no choice but to follow him.

“Wait.” She said, “Slow up. Ow. You’re hurting my wrist.”

He waited for her to walk next to him before he started again. He was walking fast and she had to jog to keep up with him.

“Bloody long legged Quidditch star –” Rose muttered.

“What, sorry?” Scorpius looked at her. “Did you say something?”

“No.” She sulked as they passed her friends at the Gryffindor table and took the walk of shame to their little mini table.

Half an hour later…

“Hurry up!” Rose said impatiently. “Must you chew every piece of chicken for five minutes before you swallow?”

“Mmm.” Scorpius swallowed. “I’m savouring the taste. Slowly… deliciously…”

Rose got violent.

She grabbed his chin, ripped it open with the food still inside, forked up a whole lot of chicken and shoved it inside his mouth. Rose slammed Scorpius mouth closed and repeatedly opened and closed it to make him chew. “Swallow.”

He gulped it down fearfully. She shoved his mouth open and slammed another mouthful in before repeating the ‘chewing’ process.

“Done?” She said, not expecting an answer. “Good. Let’s go.”

He followed after. McGonagall opened the door at Rose’s knock. “Professor?” She held up her hand.

“You certainly weren’t put in Gryffindor for your family’s track record.” McGonagall shook her head and let them in. “Sit.” She gestured at the chairs in front of her desk.

McGonagall sat behind her desk as Rose And Scorpius took seats in front of her. This was odd; normally McGonagall would just transfigure the cuffs on her front door.

“As you are well aware,” McGonagall started. “This is your last day with the handcuffs. I really do hope that you will stop all this nonsense of pranking each other and all that. You will be civilised. Else I will resort to detention, and I am sure that you both have more constructive ways of spending your Saturday afternoons.”

“Yes, actually.” Scorpius said.

“That wasn’t even a question, let alone rhetorical.” McGonagall snapped.

“Sorry.” He said sheepishly.

“From now on I hope I will not hope to see you in my office again. Please end your last year on a good note.” McGonagall sighed. “Now get out.”

“Gladly.” Scorpius said and rushed to the door escaping.

“Um, Professor.” Rose hesitated and Scorpius was out the door. “What you said about no more pranks… did that count if we had set the prank, hypothetically, before you said that? That it would take place after the threatened detentions?”

McGonagall sighed heavily again and leaned back closing her eyes. “Dumbledore had to deal with two against the world, me? I get two against each other, what do you think is worse?” She mumbled almost silently. McGonagall rubbed open her eyes and looked at Rose. “What did you do?”

“His bed you see…” Rose said, haltingly. “Isn’t very stable right now.” She held out 10 to 15 large screws in her hand.

“Weasley!” McGonagall said amazed and furious. She was showing a bit too much of her twin uncles in her then McGonagall would have preferred.

A/N: Hey! Thanks for all the reviews for the last chapter! I was major happy when I saw all those reviews, and I responded to each and every one of them, which I always do. Please review! Thanks! Another update will be coming soon!

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World War III: A Whole Lot of Betting, Arguments and Cockiness


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