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Working title: Welcome to Snowland by Joda
Chapter 8 : Tell me I’m dreaming
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A/N: Yeah so this chapter probably isn’t as good as most, I seem to be forcing them out lately. I seem to have a mild case of writers block, the chapters come, but with more and more effort, and they seem to tire me out, if that makes any sense...

Anyway I’m a little sore from playing hockey, I got kneed in the back of the head the other day, (I’m a goalie and I was flopping around keeping the puck out...) When Andy, my teammate hits me where my skull meets my neck, anyway that’s a bit better, still a tad sore, for a sport I love SO much I seem to get hurt playing it every time I strap on the pads...

Anywho no new news on my brother’s story, he hasn’t told me anything yet, so I can’t tell you anything yet. I would like to acknowledge those of you who have reviewed so far, blimmchen, Serpentine, demongurl (my # 1 fan it seems, you’ve always reviewed, each chapter for this and The Power of Love, and for that I thank you twice.), Salazar, and my newest fan and fellow Canuck, LadyPotter. Again I thank you all for your kinds words and advice etc. so like I said, this probably won’t be as good as the others, though that could be a new lack of confidence not writers block, which is weird cause I’ve been told I’m the most confident person they know, doing announcements at school, and hosting assemblies, and Mc’ing shows at school you should have seen me as the Grinch... Anyway here’s chapter 8... read and review.

Chapter 8: Tell me I’m dreaming

The train ride lasted a few hours during which John had slept like a baby the whole was through. Jack and Yvonne had chatted for most of the ride, save when Yvonne went outside the cart to have a smoke here and there. Yvonne had went to school at Beaubaxtons and had joined the Order during Voldemort’s first attempt at taking over the world. He had rejoined instantly when Dumbledore told him of the return of Voldemort and had taken up the post of liaison to France. He recruited members, helped Order members sneak into the country when they didn’t want to be seen. Yvonne had lost most of his family to Voldemort and his Death Eaters which was why he taken up a more active role in the fight by joining the Order of the Phoenix.

When the train finally reached Medina Del Campo Jack shook John awake not bothering to play any practical jokes on him knowing how stressed he was. John was awake instantly looking like he hadn’t got any sleep.

“As soon as we’re settled you’re going to bed for like a week John.” Jack said noticing how tired John looked.

“No way, we don’t have time to waste sleeping.” he said walking into a mailbox not seeing it.

“John stop being such a prat a realize you can’t do anything in this condition. Yvonne and I will recon around and see what’s going on in town. You sleep. If you don’t you won’t be able to do anything, hell Jake’ll be able to beat you down.” Jack said. John yawned again as he walked into someone.

“Excuse me.” he said tiredly. “Yeah ok, you’ve got a good point.” he surrendered.

“Good I’m glad you still see reason.” Jack said. “As soon as we get to the safe house, you go to bed, and Yvonne and I will go check out the town and surrounding area.” John just mumbled a sure, and got in the cab.

Because of the strict security they had to employ they told the cab to drop them off four blocks away from where they were really going and walked the rest of the way. John nearly tripped over two curbs and walked into another lamppost. When they finally reached the safe house ‘a miracle.’ Yvonne said of John, they knocked three times on the door, waited precisely sixteen seconds then opened the door. Inside was quite cheerful, nothing at all like Number 12 Grimmauld Place. There were pictures on all the walls, some were of mountains, others of prairie landscapes, others of the Spanish landscape, some were of important wizards, in the Order, and out. The stairs were made of what looked like oak, with banisters of the same make. There was a plush red carpet on the ground, and a fireplace with a blazing fire in it.

“Now how is there a fire still blazing in the fireplace?” Jack asked.

“Probably a eternal fire charm.” John put in. “Well I’m going to call dibs on my room right now, have fun scoping the area out.” he said.

“Night John.” Jack said. John stumbled up the stairs and began searching for a bedroom. The upstairs was decorated in much the same way as down. There was a red carpet here too, as well as pictures and portraits.

“I’m glad Mrs. Black isn’t here too.” he mumbled. He opened a door to find an elaborately decorated bathroom with a Jacuzzi type tub in the middle, a gleaming toilet and other niceties he could never afford. He continued looking for a room until he opened a door to the single most comfortable room he had ever seen. There was a huge king sized four poster bed in the middle of the back wall covered in drapes so thick you could crush yourself under their weight. The carpet was the same as the rest of the house. There were two oaken dressers in the room, as well as an oak desk. He walked to the bed wrenched open the hangings and fell into the bed, asleep before his body hit the bed.

Jack and Yvonne were exploring the downstairs. There was a beautiful living room complete with a couch to fit five comfortably. There were a few chairs another fireplace, a table where you could sit to do paperwork. There was a cabinet on the other side, when Yvonne opened it to look inside he almost passed out. Inside was a bottle of every kind of Firewhiskey, and wizarding alcohol you could ever find, and some you couldn’t. After Jack convinced Yvonne the bottles would be there when they got back he finally closed the door, though with great reluctance. When they entered the kitchen they were met with more brilliance, the whole kitchen seemed to be glowing. The counter tops were all made of white marble, the cupboards cherry wood. There was a pantry full of food, as though someone had kept the place up and running waiting for occupants.

After searching the rest of the main floor, which was all beautiful, fashioned in the same manner as the living room, and entrance hall, Jack and Yvonne decided it was time to check out the surrounding area and any wizarding areas. They left the house, taking care to lock the door behind them with a tap of Jack’s wand. They began to walk around the neighborhood, noticing who was around, memorizing faces, who had pets, who looked like what, seeing patterns.

They began to walk back to the main part of town. They were told of a wizarding community that existed in Medina, though not near as big as in London. Despite this however, there was a muggle-proof shopping area where restaurants existed and wizards and witches frequented regularly. They decided to head to Inext row as it was called and see if they could discover anything that had to do with Eve or her cult.

Back at the safe house John was resting peacefully in his bed when he heard a slight tapping at his window. He groaned and didn’t want to get up. He cracked his eyes open and looked to the window. There was a black owl with red tail feathers sitting on the window sill.

“Well that’s an odd looking bird.” he said aloud. He walked to the window and opened it so it could come inside. The owl however had other plans merely sticking its leg in so John could untie the letter and fly off, which it did promptly after relieving its burden. John walked to the desk and opened the letter which read:


It’s ONE of your friends from back home. I bet you didn’t count on my owling you first huh? Well anyway I just wanted to let you know that I’m in town too, I saw you get off the train. I was wondering if maybe you wanted to meet sometime in town if so come to Inext Row as soon as possible. There is a leak in the bottle, someone knows, and they’re here too, as a matter of fact they’re on their way meet your friends as we speak, I’ll meet you in front of the Inquisition Diner, in five minutes, you better hurry.

John dropped the letter and ran out of the house. He understood perfectly what the One meant, someone knew they were here and they were going to try and attack Jack and Yvonne. He had to get to Inext Row as quickly as possible. He remembered reading about it in one of the brochures he got for wizarding Spain. He decided that apparating would be the best way, so with a loud CRACK he disappeared from in front if his house to the front of the Inquisition Diner. He looked around but couldn’t see anyone. He was starting to worry. The One said five minutes, he read that three minutes ago. Could he have been too late? He doubted it, there was no sign of a fight earlier, no commotion out of the ordinary, no panic, nothing. He popped his head in the diner and saw three wizards eating lunch. It wasn’t a classy place, much the muggle diners of the fifties, a long bar with stools where you could sit and chat, a few booths around the perimeters. He walked to the bar and asked the lady behind the counter if she had seen anyone waiting outside a minute or two ago.

“No dear, but I wasn’t really watching but I didn’t notice.” she said.

“Ok thank you then. Could I get a cup of energy boosting potion?” he asked, thinking he would probably need it if there was a fight.

“Yeah sure, one sec.” she said pleasantly. John thought she couldn’t be Spanish, for one she had no accent, she was paler then he was, not that it mattered much, but she just didn’t seem to be Spanish at all. She returned with a goblet of the potion and John gave her the one Sickle and three Knuts and drank it back in one gulp. He shuddered.

“I never did like that stuff, thank you.” he said and walked out. He still didn’t see the One. He was beginning to worry more. Where the hell was he? Could he have been caught? He was about to start walking around when he saw Jack and Yvonne walking towards him in a conversation, not noticing John at all. John walked over to them as quick as he could without running.

“Guys!” he said when he was only fifteen feet away.

“John?! What are you doing here? You should be asleep.” Jack said.

“What are you? My mother? I got a letter from a source saying someone was coming here to ambush you, he told me to meet him here but he didn’t show. I don’t know what’s going on.” he said.

“Well let’s take a look around, but be on your guard.” Jack said. They began walking towards the diner with their hands in their robes clutching their wands, they were ten feet away when the ground melted from underneath them.

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