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The untold and erratic diaries of Crisia Lovegood by reavreav
Chapter 1 : Chapter 1: IT'S CRISIA.
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I’m really excited for writing a next gen ^_^

The characters have no boundaries and you can write and write random crap to your heart’s content! Ok so please review and tell me your thoughts. I thrive on constructive criticism like bacteria on toilet seats!



Chapter 1.


Oh great, the first comment of the year. Every single year. I’ve got the ancient and somewhat unhinged professor Flitwick this year for charms, seeing as my old and usual teacher’s gone to work at another school. I have a feeling it was James Potter’s doing. He’s a crafty one. Anyway, back to the thing on hand.


“Luna, could you pass me the-“

“My name is Crisia.” I pointed out blankly. The Professor looked up at me confusedly. “Oh, dear, your antics just keep getting stranger and stranger! Now, could you pass me the box full of-“

“I don’t think you quite understood me, sir, my name is Crisia. Luna Lovegood was my mother. I am aware that we look extremely alike, I have seen the photos, but she does not go to this school anymore, so could you please address me by my correct name?” Oops. First rant of today. He looks a bit angry now.

“Ok, Christina, go and sit down.” The tiny professor told me in deliberate icy tones.


Well, he hates me. That’s another one then. Most people hate me, actually. My family doesn’t quite like me because I wasn’t sorted into Ravenclaw, the teachers hate me because I’m a bit, well, frank sometimes, most of the female population of Hogwarts hate me because Edgar Zabini keeps following me around, hinting that he would like to get me into his flea-ridden bed and ‘Ram it to me hard’ as I heard him whispering to a somewhat disgusted Antonin Finch-Fletchy in the library. He, apparently, is the ‘super hunk’ at Hogwarts, and the girls are jealous of me or something. Those poor, deranged things. I do pity them sometimes. Well, most people hate me, anyway, and the people that like me really do mean everything to me:


There’s Faith-Beatrice Brown, who insists on being called by her full, double-barrelled first name. I call her Faithby, just to piss her off. She’s clever and quite bland, but amazingly loyal and quite a good argument person. She has brown hair and brown eyes and is quite brown, really. If she was a colour, she would be brown. We met in first year when I tripped over her bag strap and she said “Oh I’m so sorry” And I said “I like your hair” (incredibly shiny) and then we just talked and talked and then became best friends.


Another one of my posse is Laura Trihumphreys. She has massive boobs and makes weird noises sometimes and has funny lips and is quite the alcoholic. She gives nice hugs and weird advice and I can be my total self around her- from pretending life’s a musical to walking in to doors and jumping on her when she’s not looking. And I’m the normal one. She has quite a lot of freckles and green eyes and pink pink lips and acts like a complete rebel, when she’s really not.


The final member of my group of cool kids is Oliver Twang. He has a funny name and I always tease him. His mum is Cho Chang who’s Chinese too, believe it or not, and he’s not in Ravenclaw either, so we both slag off our Gryffindor hating families and high five a lot. He thinks he’s a pimp because he hangs around with 3 quite amazingly gorgeous girls (if I may say so myself) and we all laugh at him but he thinks we’re laughing with him. Tehehe. He’s really skinny and quite cool, because he helps me with my Potions homework, which I don’t really get, and he holds my hand when Zabini comes close, which is nice.



I came out of Charms in quite a remarkably bad mood. Someone came up behind me and put their arm around me. The only Slytherin I liked and fellow fifth year, Albus Potter, was walking next to me and peering down into my face. “Hello midget!” He shouted in to my face. He was smiling quite daftly. Hmm, curious. I’d have to think about that one later.


“Yes, hardihar, I’m about 5 feet smaller than the average 16-year-old, what do you want Potter?” I said, although I was saying it in a nice, friendly way like I do.

“You love telling off teachers, don’t you?” he smirked. Arrgh. “How did you hear about that?! You’re not even in my charms class! And he kept calling me Luna, and I tried to tell him and he’s so annoying but you know what? I’m taller than him.” I added smugly. Wow, second rant of today. I’m really on a roll.


Albus Severus Potter looked at me quizzically, and then began humming a tune. So we walked, arms around each other, to lunch where he sat with me at the Gryffindor table. “Ahoyhoy brother! So nice of you to join us on the Gryffindor table today! May I ask what brought you here, fine fellow?” James Potter was certainly strange. The closest bond any Slytherin and Gryffindor have has got to be his and Albus’. It’s quite amusing actually. But weird and they speak funny sometimes. Albus eats lunch on the Gryffindor table sometimes, like 3 times a week, and it’s nice because he bores me with quidditch.


“Why, yes, dearest sibling, sir! I am sitting at this fine table today, and I must say it is lovely to see you! How’s the team shaping up?” He added, in his normal voice. They’re both captains of their separate quidditch teams, which is hilarious when you come to think of it. James tapped is nose mysteriously, winked at me, ruffled some random Hufflepuff’s hair and ran off, tripping over just outside the great hall. He’s an entertaining lad.


Just when I had been put into an excellent mood by the Potters, I felt someone fiddling with my bra strap and turned round to see Edgar Zabini standing there with a determined look on his face. I jumped up and got out my wand, closely followed by Albus, but before either of us could say anything, the pervert fell over and began wobbling. Wobbling like jelly. ‘Well now, that’s peculiar’, I found myself thinking amusedly, and then Faith-Beatrice joined us, looking on at the scene with a mild indifference plastered on her face. “Faithby, you scoundrel, did you do this!?” I asked her in my sternest voice. “It’s the full-body jelly curse, I found it in a library book. Works quite well” She remarked. And with that, I linked arms with her, waved goodbye to Albus Severus Potter and we headed to the Gryffindor common room together.



EEP! How’d you like it? I’m not too great at writing fluff, so tell me what you think! I’m loving writing it, and I just hope you’re having a good time reading it too. REVIEW IF YOU’RE COOL!

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The untold and erratic diaries of Crisia Lovegood: Chapter 1: IT'S CRISIA.


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