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Average by mr cool cat
Chapter 4 : Chapter Four
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“I’ll have another beer please” Louis asked the bar tender.

The man gave it to him willingly and Louis turned around to see his two and recently engaged best friends talking with another couple. Annie was saying something and everyone else was laughing. He could see her three-carat diamond on her left hand shining in the light and her smile…oh god that smile.

Louis turned to his other friend Justin and sighed. “I don’t understand. Why is everyone getting married? We’re twenty-one for Merlin’s sake”

“Well they have been dating since they were 13, I guess it makes sense that they finally want to tie the knot” Justin reasoned.

So what if they had been dating since they were 13? Louis had known Annie since he was a little boy. She lived down the road from his grandparent’s house in France, and he spent every summer with her. He was the reason why she went to Hogwarts instead of Beauxbaton. When he met Matthew in his dorm the night he was sorted into Hufflepuff, he introduced him to Annie because he thought they would get along.

And that was how it was for a little while, but then in third year Matt told Louis he liked Annie, and now they were engaged. They had never dated anyone else, only each other, but they were “the perfect couple”.

I knew her first Louis thought childishly.

“I just don’t understand. Annie has always wanted to travel, and meet new people in different countries. When is she going to have time for that now that she’s going to get married? It’s a proven fact that everyone loses their life when they get married” Louis said taking a sip of his beer. It was his third—or maybe fourth—beer and he could feel himself getting drunk, but he didn’t really care.

“Someone sounds jealous” he heard Justin say, but he wasn’t paying attention. He was watching Matthew and could tell that he had way too much to drink

“I better go help him out” Louis slurred.

He walked over to where Matthew and Annie were “What’s going on?” he asked Annie.

“He is extremely drunk, I’m going to take him home” she said trying to get a good hold of him but her tiny frame couldn’t hold him up

“Let me help you” Louis said, grabbing the other side of Matthew.

They went outside and got a muggle taxi (they lived in muggle London so it made more sense) and took Matthew into his bed room where he passed out.

“Are you going to be okay getting home?” Annie asked straightening up.

“What? Er…yeah…I I th-think so” Louis said.

Annie sighed “Great! You’re drunk, too! Guess I’ll have to take you home”

“Annie…really…I’ll…I’ll be fine” Louis said, tripping on his way out.

They went outside and got another taxi to take them to restaurant next to Leaky Cauldron where they would then go into Diagon Alley, where Louis’s flat was.

Louis could help but notice how pretty Annie looked. She was wearing a classic black dress and huge pearl earrings. Her hair was worn down and she had very little make-up on. He remembered the phase that she went through in fourth year where she would cake makeup on her face. One day he finally told her that she didn’t need to put on any makeup, because only ugly girls put on a lot of make-up to make themselves feel prettier. She listened to him and stopped.

He loved how she always listened to him, always followed his advice. He loved how she truly cared about his opinion and never let him feel left out of anything when she and Matthew had plans.

He loved how she could make anyone laugh, and everyone always felt good in her presence. He loved her smile, he loved how ambitious she was and he loved how strong she was. In fact, he loved everything about her.

Which is why he decided to kiss her. In his drunken state he kissed her in the back of a taxi cab. He kissed his best friends fiancé in the back of a taxi cab.

But she didn’t protest. She kissed him back with so much enthusiasm he forgot who started it.

They only paused to get out of the taxi and out of the Leaky Cauldron. They headed up to his flat where the kissing continued.

Next thing Louis knew, they were on his bed, with no clothes on. He looked down at her before capturing her lips again.

She was finally his.

“Are you telling me that you want me to ask grand-mère if you can live in the Spanish home?” Victoire said while making decaf tea for her and her sister.

“Yes, don’t you think it will be wonderful?” Nikki said excitedly.

“No” Victoire said giving her a puzzling look, “No I actually don’t”

Nikki sighed. “Listen, I know this baby was a mistake but so were two-thirds of your children, and probably 100% of Gran’s children”

“Stop using the "Gran-was-in-the-same-position-as-me" card, because it's not true. Gran and I both got pregnant accidentally with our husband’s children…not some random guy” Victoire said trying to reach for the sugar. “Damn” she muttered, her back was killing her. “Nikki, get the sugar for me, I’m having a really hard time”

Nikki had inherited the super-model genes. Even though Victoire was gorgeous, it was understated beauty. She was a little on the shorter side with curves also, while Nikki was tall and lean and had an athletic body, even though she had never done sports.

Nikki just had to reach up to get the sugar. “Anything else I can do for you?” she asked sarcastically.

Victoire just stared at her in amazement. “Don’t talk to me like that. I am about to pop any minute now and I need your help. You are going to be in this same position six months from now and guess what? Mum and Dad are already upset with you, so don’t make me any angrier or else you will have no one when your baby comes.

Nikki looked down, she did actually feel bad. “Sorry” she muttered.

Nikki sat down and looked down at her nails when Victoire cursed loudly. Nikki looked up to see her sister looking freaked out and a puddle on the floor.

“Did you just wet yourself?” Nikki asked.

“No you idiot, my water broke; that means the baby is coming” Victoire said nervously “go get the boys upstairs, I’m going to send a patronus to mum and Teddy”

Nikki rushed up the stairs to get Victoire’s other two children, Remy and Willie, who were three and one. She came down the stairs with them both in her arms.

“Alright, what do we do now?” She asked anxiously.

Victoire looked uncomfortable and in pain “you have to drive me to the hospital, I can’t apparate.”

“I-I don’t know how to drive!” Nikki said.

Victoire let out a groan of pain and frustration, “Nikki! What are we going to do! I’m about to have this baby!”

“What about the floo?” Nikki said, “I’ll take the boys and then you can come in afterward”

Victoire sighed “alright, but for the record, don’t ever floo when you’re really pregnant. It feels awful”

So they got to the hospital safely, Victoire feeling a little nauseous. Apparently both her mother and Teddy had gotten the message and they were waiting in the lobby looking nervous. Teddy had a wheelchair that Victoire fell in immediately while Fleur walked behind them, telling Victoire encouraging messages.

“Thanks for staying with Remy and Willie!” Teddy called out right before they disappeared into the hallway that she could not go into.

Louis woke up to someone bustling around his flat.

“Wuzzgoing on?” the only thing he remembered from the night before was the amount of alcohol he had.

“Louis, this was a huge mistake, I cannot believe we did this!” he heard Annie say.

And then it hit him. The taxi, the kissing, the sex. The night probably would have been one of the bests if he hadn’t slept with his best friend’s fiancé.

“Oh god, I am so sorry Louis. We both had too much to drink and it was awful. I am so sorry, but I have to go” she said coming back into the room.

“Shit” he said running his hands through his hair. “Have you heard from Matt?”

“No, its ten-thirty so he is probably still asleep. I was going to go back with some pastries and just pretend that I went to go get them” she said.

“What about your clothing? Would you really go get breakfast wearing that” he said referring to her dress.

“No I was going to go to my friend Misha’s next door and borrow some clothes from her” she said.

“You’ve obviously planned this out, good thinking on your part” he said, getting up to say goodbye.

Then he realized he was naked, so he sat back down.

“Alright I’m going to head out” she said “remember, this never happened” she said leaving his room.

 If only it hadn’t happened. He was a terrible liar, so how was he going to keep this from Matthew. And what about Annie? She obviously wasn’t that drunk because she helped him get both him and Matthew back their respective homes. But then again, he couldn’t remember much…except for enjoying it.

Every red blooded male enjoys sex, you idiot he thought to himself.

So it meant nothing. Like Annie said, it never happened.

The only problem was that it did…and he couldn’t stop thinking about her.


Hermione Weasley loved seeing her family together. She loved how she didn’t have to make them spend time together, they thoroughly enjoyed it. On the breaks that the kids were home, they spent a lot of time together, and she felt she knew her children very well.

That was why she was looking forward to this particular Sunday morning. To her knowledge, her children and husband had no other plans, and it was about time that they spent some more quality time together.

She woke up early to make a good breakfast that she knew everyone would enjoy. She made blueberry pancakes and sausages. She even made freshly squeezed orange juice, so she was excited when her family started coming down.

The first was Ron. He came in and wrapped his arms around her waist from behind. He then nuzzled her neck a little and whispered into her hair “good morning love”.

She couldn’t help but smile. She never thought that she would love someone as much as she loved Ron, but they were still together and still best friends.

“Good morning” she said cheerfully. “Would you like some pancakes?”

“Yes of course” he served himself and sat down with a full plate and Hermione followed him and did the same.

“I love it when you cook” Ron said, taking a bite from his pancakes.

To everyone’s surprise, Ron was an amazing cook. When he and Harry had moved into a flat together after the war, Ron started cooking for them. He had the same skills as his mother and so now he was the cook of his family, but every once in a while Hermione would make some of the meals.

Then Rose came downstairs, looking very happy for someone who woke up at eight in the morning.

Hugo was the last to join them, looking a little miserable.

They sat eating together when Hermione asked “so what are we doing today?”

Hugo laughed a little, “I’m going to Frank’s house today. He says that there are some cute tourists staying in the inn nearby Three Broomsticks”

Rose smiled “I er…have plans with Kennley, Al’s girlfriend. We were planning on going to the beach or something like that”.

“Guess we” Ron said, indicating himself and Hermione “are going to be alone”. Then he tapped his foot on hers.

“Ew” Hugo said under his breath. Then he got up and declared he was going to Franks.

Rose got up shortly after and went upstairs to get dressed to go out with Kennley.

Ron left, saying that he needed to take a shower. He asked Hermione if she wanted to join him but looking at the mess her family had made of their breakfast and said she had to clean up.

So much for family time, Hermione thought to herself

Rose rushed out of the house as soon as she could. She got in her car and drove over for half an hour to a muggle park.

She and Scorpius had found it when they were trying to find places to meet in private. Besides being far from both of their families, it had a million places for them to hide.

So she parked and stood looking for him.

“Hello Beautiful” someone whispered behind her.

She jumped around a little to see him standing there. He smiled at her and she could feel herself smiling back.

“Don’t scare me like that!” she said.

“I’m sorry” he said. “So where do your parents think you are?”

“Kennley’s” she said.

Rose and Kennley were not best friends, but they got along. They weren’t too crazy about the other girls in their dorm, so they mostly hung out together. When Kennley started dating Al, they became good friends.

They were very different. Kennley was out-going and wild, while Rose was more reserved and shy. The only real thing they had in common was their grades. Rose came to Hogwarts with the mentality that she had to live up to her mother, while Kennley blew everything off first year. When Kennley over heard some Slytherin talking about “the idiotic Gryffindor mudblood” she decided to prove everyone wrong and she actually did her work. She was now the best student in the year.

What Rose loved about Kennley the most was she wasn’t nosey. That morning, when Rose went to her house to tell her that if anyone asked, they were spending the day together, she responded with a simple “okay”.

Scorpius led her under a tree where he sat down and leaned against it. She sat down next to him and leaned in to kiss him.

He obliged and kissed her, slowly but then building up into something much more powerful. She got on her knees and Scorpius held her on the small of her back, pushing her close to him. She lost her balance and fell on him, disrupting their kiss.

Rose giggled a little and he gave her a crooked smile. They went back to their kissing, only taking breaks to breath.

When things started getting a little more serious, she stopped. “We should go somewhere a little more private” she said looking around.

Scorpius grabbed her head and brought her lips back to his. Of course this distracted her, and they went back to where they were.

They stayed preoccupied for a few more minutes until Rose felt water land on her head. She first ignored it but then a few more drops fell, and even Scorpius noticed.

“It’s raining” he said, getting up and grabbing the picnic basket.

“Lets make a run for it” Rose said getting a head start.

As they both ran back to Rose’s car, Scorpius grabbed Rose’s hand and pulled her close to him. They were both completely drenched at that point and Rose could see his perfectly toned body through his white t-shirt. She loved the way his hair looked wet and the water droplets sliding down his face. He smiled and she kissed him.

There was nobody in the park at that point, but Rose didn’t even care if there was. Rose was so happy, being with Scorpius in the rain, completely drenched and cold.

And that was when she realized she loved life. She loved her family, her friends, her school...


and now Scorpius.

Nikki felt like she was asleep with her eyes open.

She had one nephew sleeping against her chest and the other one leaning on her arm. It had been over 14 hours and she was so tired, but she didn’t want to fall asleep. She wanted to be awake in case her mum or brother-in-law called her in to see her new niece.

15 minutes later, she felt someone taking Willie off her chest and she jerked up, waking Remy.

“Do you want to see her?” Teddy asked. She didn’t know if he was talking about Victoire or the new baby.

She got up and took Remy with her.

“Where are we going Auntie Kiki?” he asked her groggily.

“To meet your new sister!” she whispered entusiatically.

They walked down a long hallway until they finally came into a room where her mother was asleep and her sister was on the bed, breastfeeding a baby wrapped in a pink blanket.

Before, when Nikki saw Victoire breastfeeding, she was always grossed out. She used to say things like “nobody except Teddy wants to see your boob, can you please put it away!” or “does anyone else find the fact that my sister’s boob is out in the open disturbing?”

For some strange reason, she found it beautiful today. Watching her sister’s face as she looked down at her tiny daughter was such a wonderful thought, and she started getting teary-eyed.

When Victoire saw her she smiled. “Do you want to hold her once she is done?” she asked

Nikki nodded and waited a few more minutes. When Victoire handed her the baby, she took her carefully and held her close.

In six months I’ll be doing this with my own child Nikki thought to herself.

“What’s her name?” Nikki asked.

“Elizabeth, but Lila for short” Teddy said.

“Lila” Nikki whispered. Leila yawned and then smiled. Even though her eyes were closed, Nikki felt as though she was smiling at her. 

You can do this she thought. You can be a good mother.

“I don’t even understand why we are going to Gran and pop’s house when the wedding isn’t even there” Lily said to Al as they stuck their small duffel bags in the back of the car.

“Gran is just using this as an excuse to get the whole family together. Besides, the wedding is nearby. It’s at Uncle Percy’s house” Harry said, getting in the front seat of the car.

Al and Lily got in the back seat, where James already was. Ginny sat in the passenger’s seat with a map in her hand. “I really don’t see why we have to take a different route.” she said to Harry.

“It will be faster, Ron was telling me about it the other day” Harry said starting up the car.

The ride was long and uneventful and when they finally got to the Burrow, they were more than happy to be there. 

“Alright, we need to go over some ground rules” Ginny said turning around to face her children. They all groaned in response.

“First, eat whatever your Gran puts in front of you, that means you too Lily” Ginny said looking at her daughter “you are looking rather thin”

“Second, be nice to Pop. I know that he is old and going deaf, but if he has any questions about muggle technology, then just answer them. I know you lot know a lot about that stuff, so just humor him, alright?”

“Third, don’t say anything about the pregnancy. Congratulate Victoire and Teddy, but don’t ask Nikki anything or imply something” she said the last part to James and Al; they loved innuendos.

“And lastly, don’t listen to a word Percy says. He is not your father, so he can’t tell you what to do” Ginny ended, remembering the last time that they had a family gathering.

"When have we ever listened to Uncle Percy?" James said. Al and Lily sniggered in agreement.

A/N: Please tell me what you think? I am dying to know!

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