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Whimsical Matchmaker by jazzydee23
Chapter 1 : Chimerical
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- Chapter One -

The shy girl. The quiet girl. The Gryffindor girl. The Weasley girl.

Whatever she was, she was Rose. Rose the Matchmaker. 

Rose was a gentle, aerial girl who could easily escape unnoticed. She wasn’t hated, she wasn’t particularly liked, she was just… there. Hogwarts had come easily to her, in fact, all of her previous six years had flown by and she’d managed O’s without much effort, her intelligence compared only to that of her mother’s. 

However that’s where the similarities both began and ended. She’d been told of her mother’s obsession with schoolwork, with marks and with books when she attended Hogwarts. And Rose was nothing like that, she barely spared her textbooks a second glance and never picked up a quill unless it was absolutely necessary.  Another similarity could be said that Rose also hated Quidditch, a hate though that was much greater and stronger then her mother’s, as she couldn’t understand why so many people wasted so much time on it, when they could be doing so many other things, like frolicking in the forest with their loved ones, or stealing Trelawney’s entire collection of crystal orbs, or painting the enchanting view from the top of the highest tower. 

Although Rose was perfectly friendly, she only had two closest friends; her cousin Albus Potter and her dorm mate, Louisa Brocklehurst. Louisa and Albus had been dating since their fourth year. And thanks to? Rose, of course.  

Rose’s favourite hobby was Matchmaking. She found her interest in it before she had even started at Hogwarts. At the tender age of ten, brimming with innocence and youth she began with her beautiful cousin Victoire and their family friend, Teddy Lupin. Although Grandma Molly had initially scolded little Rose when she confessed that she’d been the one that had planted all these secret notes around for the two of them, she couldn’t help be simply chummed with the wedding that took place the following year. From here on in, a career in matchmaking began for Rose, however she became more skilled and subtle in her actions as the years went by, spending almost each day seeking out new potentials. 

She hadn’t had any romances of her own, not because she was considered pretentiously annoying, unlikeable or intolerable, but merely because the male population of Hogwarts didn’t quite know what to make of this quiet, eccentric character. Rose could be considered quite pretty in fact, with round, fanciful indigo eyes and dark tresses. Never in her life at Hogwarts had she tied her hair up, an inherited blend of chestnut and red, it was silky and long, and consequently obscured most of her face. A curtain between her and the world. Rose’s nose was slender, like her fathers, and her face narrow and pale, her cheeks littered with faded freckles. She had sharp ears, in more meanings then one, and most likened her to, in looks and behaviour, her grandfather Arthur. Her voice was sweet and chimerical, and she only spoke when she felt like it.  

Rose didn’t particularly like the idea of 7th year being her final year at Hogwarts, she didn’t know how many chances she’d get outside in the Real World to match destined loved ones together. So she made a promise to herself, to unwind love upon Hogwarts like she’d never done before. 

The scarlet train hummed its way through the green, lush paddocks of what looked like the English country side, the sky was tinted with delicate hues of pinks and oranges. The sounds of general chatter were heard from outside her empty compartment, and the occasional, arbitrary chirping from her pet yellow canary, Bollocks. 

Rose whistled contently to herself, her hands folded in her lap and she mentally counted down from five. Five, four, three, two… 

One. A pair stumbled through the compartment door, their fingers intertwined and their cheeks flushed. One was a tall, handsome Slytherin with a mop of jet-black hair, the other, a slender curly haired female with her blouse inside out and a button mysteriously missing.

“Rose!” gushed the blonde, her cinnamon eyes sparkling with delight, “how are you?”

Rose smiled, cocking a singular eyebrow inquiringly, “Pleasant. How was the broom closet?” 

Albus smirked and Louisa blushed further still. “Satisfactory,” Louisa teased, elbowing her boyfriend playfully in the ribs, “but I am starving. How long until we reach the castle?”

Albus stretched his long limbs across the compartment, giving a brief smile to his cousin who he’d seen almost daily in the summer holidays, reaching over to pet Bollocks affectionately. Louisa settled herself against him on the seat, her pretty head dropping to rest on his shoulder. Rose, smiling secretly to herself, checked her pocket watch, “another couple of hours or so,” she answered softly, before returning to her second favourite past time of staring out the window.  

Recollecting her thoughts, her mind turned to her fellow Gryffindor seventh years, Audie Creevey, Gwendolen Wood, Bryan Finnigan, Buck Colbert, Kade Jordon and Elwyn O’Connell.

Audie was out of the question, chances were she was still dating that Robert White from Ravenclaw, a relationship that Rose had not persuaded and didn’t believe, in her expert opinion, would be likely to last. Gwendolen, the Quidditch Captain for Gryffindor, made quite a fair possibility, there had been a good four months between her split with Elwyn, the only problem was, who was a likely match? Gwen was rather hot-headed and stubborn so she was in need of some one who would actually tolerate this quality, and even possibly like her for it, which certainly had not been the case with Elwyn…

Elwyn was an option too, he was a rather good-looking, dark-haired boy and Rose knew he’d be searching for some one else by now, perhaps Chantal Miller from the year below? Or maybe Iris Robinson from Hufflepuff? They made quite cute Astronomy partners in fifth year…

Bryan and Kade both had girlfriends, both of which Rose had conducted. Bryan was dating a fifth year whom Rose had known from the Chess Club, and Kade’s long term girlfriend, Meghan, whom had graduated the year before, had been close friends with Rose’s older cousin Dominique.  

Buck was an option, though. He was arrogant and, well, quite revolting, to put it nicely. What sort of girl puts up with boys who chug their dinner down in two seconds flat? Or think it’s okay to wonder around the common room with no clothes on? Rose’s eyebrows furrowed in concentration. She needed some one who wasn’t to know about Buck’s common room habits, or that the state of his dormitory looked like the remains of a bombed city. Some one who’s eating habits were equally disgusting…

Rose snapped her fingers, ignoring Albus and Louisa’s curious stares when they glanced her way. Molly Weasley, an unkempt and boisterous cousin from Hufflepuff was the ideal candidate…

Love was strange in itself, thoroughly unpredictable and deliciously uncertain, which made Rose’s hobby all the more uplifting and rewarding. Every thing came down to chance and fate, lead by Rose Weasley. She didn’t see it as meddling with lives at all - no way - it was just giving a well-needed miniscule push in the right direction, guiding some thing that was already seeded, harbouring it until it matured into a blooming, sweet-scented, everlasting rose.  

Rose dug around in the multiple pockets of her pinafore searching for a quill and the expandable notepad she received from her younger brother, Hugo, for Christmas. Chewing on her bottom lip for only a moment as she briefly pondered, Rose hastily began scribbling her schemes down, her spirits rising. Rose Weasley had a quest to fulfil. 


A/N: This was one of those delightfully spontaneous idea's that just roll out without much effort whilst staring at a blank page. If only this happened more at school. :P
Thanks for reading, and if you are feeling especially kind, I would adore to hear your thoughts and opinions :)

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