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The Mystery Of You by majamariamaja
Chapter 1 : The Woollen Blanket
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Warning: This is a story I wrote back in 2008(!!!), so it's very old, and not very good :p But I 've proofread it now, and fixed a few things, so I guess it's a bit more presentable than it was before :)





Chapter 1. The Woollen Blanket


A well-known sound awoke Hermione Granger this Sunday morning. She turned in her bed, put the pillow over her head to drown it out, but knowing that it wouldn't quit. The sound was now even higher and more annoying. Something hairy and heavy suddenly jumped onto her bed and started to play with her toes.

«Crookshanks,» she mumbled and tried to push her cat away. «Go away! It's Sunday.»

The cat finally jumped off the bed, but not before playing with a strand of Hermione's hair, making her growl in frustration as she woke. No matter what she did, she could not fall asleep again. She growled once more and pulled the pillow off of her head in order to see what time it was. The clock on the nightstand showed 04:11. Hermione's head boiled with anger towards her cat.

While cursing, she sat up and looked out the window. Small drops of rain blurred her view. Typical, she thought while her bare feet met the cold stone floor. This was just the cherry on top of a horrible month. First Harry and Ron mysteriously leave the school, leaving Hermione on her own. And second, she had gotten the news that she was to share a separate common room with none other than Draco Malfoy!

It was not for nothing that they were forced upon each other's company, they were Head Boy and Girl, something that meant that they had to live together. The two of them shared a bathroom, but (to Hermione's relief) they had separate bedrooms.

It was a beautiful common room, she though as she closed her bedroom door behind her. Her eyes swept across the room. It was dressed in brown. The loveseat in front of the fire, the comfortable chairs, the drapes, the piano, the shelves and the tables were all in different shades of the same warm brown colour. But her eyes were drawn to the loveseat again.

There, with his hair messy and his mouth half-open, Malfoy lay sleeping. His chest was bare, letting Hermione see the muscular contours of his chest.

She went wondering towards him, walking as quietly as she could. As she got closer she saw the blue colour under his eyes, and a worried wrinkle on his forehead. He looked so vulnerable, and Hermione felt the sudden overpowering urge to protect him. She knew it was a silly feeling, but she couldn't get it out of her head.

Suddenly, Malfoy shivered, and at that Hermione's maternal instinct kicked in. She looked around for something to cover him up with. A blanket made out of wool called her name, and she carefully lay it over him. Then she turned around, and made her way to the lavatory, not noticing that Malfoy had just opened his eyes.



Draco Malfoy was shocked. He touched the soft fabric and pulled it closer to his body. Something was poking him in the back, and he dug it out from the cushions. It was the book he was trying to read last night, with its pages wrinkled after him sleeping on them. After throwing it on the mahogony table, Draco snuggled closer into the woolen blanket Granger had covered him with, and closed his eyes. Then a sound erupted from the lavatory, making Draco open his eyes again, annoyed. If he listened closely he heard that it was Granger. And she was singing in a low voice what sounded like a lullaby. He closed his eyes again and let himself listen to the melody. Not long after, he was snoring lightly, and sleeping without the worried wrinkle that always took place on his forehead.

When Draco woke up the next time, the sun was out and the birds were chirping. He then decided that Granger's suddenly friendly act was only a hallucination brought on by a lack of sleep. He looked around the room, letting his eyes adjust to the sunlight that was streaming through the big windows. With a yawn he stood up and went to his room to get dressed. He put on a pair of denim trousers and a white t-shirt, emphasizing the muscles in his chest and arms.

«Looking good, Draco.» He said to his reflection, flexing his newly developed muscles and laughed. He took a rubber band from a jar by the mirror, and put his long hair in a loose ponytail. While humming a random tune, he went down to the Great Hall for an early breakfast.



Hermione was in the deserted library, sitting on a hard chair with her face lying on an open book. Her mouth was open, a small pool of drool by her cheek, and her hair was bushier than ever.

Small rapid steps suddenly cut through the silence. A tall, thin woman with huge glasses and angry eyes walked toward Hermione's sleeping figure.

«Miss Granger!» She whispered through clenched teeth and poked Hermione's shoulder with a bony finger. Hermione only closed her mouth, turned her head to the other side (smearing the drool all over her face)  and continued to sleep. Madam Pince's eyes shot flames, and she poked Hermione's shoulder repeatedly until her eyelids fluttered.

«Students aren't allowed to sleep in the library!» She hissed, grabbed the book under Hermione's head and left with a snort.

«Ow!» Hermione's head had dropped and hit the table. She sat upright and looked around. A sudden pain in her neck made her clench her teeth. She rose to her feet and made her way to the Great Hall while massaging her hurting neck.

The Great Hall was almost as empty as the library. The emptiness only abrupted by a few students eating their breakfast in loneliness. Hermione looked down on her left wrist where her watch told her it was 06:14. With a sigh she went to sit alone at the Gryffindor table and started to pour herself a nice cup of coffee.

She must've drank about ten cups of coffee until she found herself sitting and staring at Malfoy from across the hall. The most bizarre about this was not the fact that she was staring at the person she loathed most of all, but that he was staring back. His sparkling, blue eyes and her liquid brown lost in each others depths. In that moment she didn't think about whose eyes they were. She achnowledged and embraced the fact that she was drowning into these eyes. That they were pulling her deeper and deeper.



Granger was looking at him. No, not looking, staring! Draco touched his chin to see if he had eggs dripping from it. The feeling of someone watching his every move made him uncomfortable, and he looked everywhere but in her direction. But it was inevitable. He had to look. And he promised himself that he was only going to check if she was still staring at him. While biting his lower lip he looked up from the table, only to be distracted by a pair of liquid brown eyes. It was as if the brown colour was dancing around, hypnotizing him and dragging him closer. He didn't even notice that he was leaning across the table in a feeble attempt of getting nearer them.

«Hey Draco. What are you doing?» Blaise sat down beside him and tried to follow Draco's stare.

«Erm. Nothing.» He mumbled and looked away unwillingly. «What's going on, Blaise?»

With that Blaise started talking about Quidditch, his friends and some girl he wanted to ask out. But none of these things made Draco return to the surface. At the moment his friend had started talking, he had drifted away. He remembered those mesmerizing eyes. They had dazzled him. A genuine smile crossed his face at the silly thought.

«Draco? What are you talking about?» Blaise interrupted, and Draco's head snapped. Had he said it out loud?

«What do you mean?» He took a bite of the half-eaten toast in front of him, trying to hide his reddening cheeks.

«You said: 'Dazzling..' What's so dazzling?» Draco looked down. His mind couldn't come up with any good excuse, and he swallowed the hard lump in his throat.

But then Blaise beat him to the punch.

«Is it a girl?» He whispered, his eyed curious. Malfoy decided to play along.

«Yeah.» His friend raised an eyebrow.

«Who? Is she here?» He looked around, hoping to get a look at 'her'.

«Er, no. She just left.» The words fell out of Draco's mouth before he could stop himself. Because Hermione had just rushed out of the Great Hall without looking at him. At the moment she was out of sight, Draco got up and told Blaise he had some delayed homework to finish. It was a lie, of course, he was after all one of the best students in his year, along with Granger. The thought of her made him disappear into the memory of her eyes yet again.



Hermione was running up the stairs and was out of breath when she finally stood in front of the portrait of the talking bear that was hiding the entrance into the Heads common room.

«P-priori Incanatem.» She said between deep breaths and went through the entrance that appeared magically in front of her. Her feet were weak from the run, and she collapsed onto the vacated loveseat.

The woollen blanket lay on a chair beside her. She picked it up an ran it through her fingers, feeling the soft texture against her skin. Without thinking, she lifted the blanket nearer her face and buried her face in it. She drew a long breath and smelled the hint of a strange and unknown perfume. It was a scent she had never smelled before, and it made her draw another breath from the blanket.

A sudden sound from the entrance made her eyes pop open and put the blanket behind her back. She sat unmoving and waited for the person she knew was entering the room. He didn't say anything, and suddenly the sound of his footsteps came to a halt. Hermione's breathing became more shallow as she smelled the strange perfume emerging from behind her and she felt her head twirl.



Draco stopped in his tracks as he saw her. She was sitting on the loveseat he had slept on. Her bushy hair was all he could see, but it was all it took to make him remember the eyes that haunted him, making his knees weaken.

Draco wanted to say something, anything. He started opening his mouth, but when he realised he was just standing there with his mouth open and not being able to form a sentence, he bit his lower lip and looked down. Before he had time to either react or think, Granger's bushy hair moved as she got to her feet and almost ran out of sight and into her room, slamming the door on her way.

Draco blinked, it was the only thing he was capable of doing. The only thing that didn't require too many functioning brain cells. He blinked some more, and went solemnly to his own room, his mind spinning on the way. Once he approached his bedroom door he saw Granger's door in his peripheral vision, and a voice in his head dared him to open it and demand an explanation for this odd behaviour of hers. But as the coward he was, he opened his own door in an attempt to escape the feelings that had erupted in him when she had left the room.

With a sigh he let himself fall on the bed, making the bed squeal in protest. What is going on with me? He thought to himself and closed his eyes.



«What is going on with me?!» Hermione hissed into her pillow.

She had just fled from Malfoy. Why?! She thought, and mentally shook herself. With an angry growl she rose and starting pacing around the room. She felt like punching something. It was so frustrating. Why had she run away from him? He hadn't done anything to her. She had no reason watsoever to feel awkward, and less reason to acually lose control as soon as he approached. She couldn't continue behaving like this, she had no reason! It was instinct, a voice in her head said. Yes, it was, but why did her instincts tell her to run away? He wasn't dangerous.

Hermione groaned and went to the door, but didn't open it. She only stood there resting her forehead on it. What she didn't suspect, though, was that Malfoy chose that exact moment to open her door in a harsh manner, managing to push the door hard into Hermione's face. She screamed in surprise and pain as she fell to the floor, holding her hands in front of her face as blood streamed down between her fingers.

Malfoy stood there with one hand on the door and a shocked look on his face.

«Ow, ow, ow!» Hermione managed to yell, while tears streamed down her face and blended with the blood.

«I-I'm sorry,» Malfoy snapped out of his trance and bent down to look at Hermione with concern in his eyes. «I didn't know you - I was just going to – erm. I'm so sorry!» His hands fleeted helplessly over Hermione's figure curled on the floor.

«I think you broke my nose!» Hermione sat upright and removed her hands. The look on Malfoy's face confirmed her suspicion.

«Y'git!» The tears continued to blend with the blood that flooded out of her broken nose.

«I said I was sorry! What more do you want from me?!» Malfoy yelled back and helped Hermione to her feet. He took her arm, wanting to stabilize her.

«I can manage to walk to the hospital wing myself, thank you very m-» But at that moment she swayed on the spot and fainted just before Malfoy's hands shot protectively out to catch her.




I told you this is a very old story, right? Good.

But please, review it and tell me what you think of 'Old Maria's' little love story :p hahah


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