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The Adventures of the Next Generation: The second year by demongurl
Chapter 1 : DA and Order Reunited
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A/N:-ok, the first chapter of the second and review and tell me what you think, do you want me to carry on?

DA and Order reunited

Dylan had his head phones in and he bobbed his head to the music as he walked down the stairs from his room. His house, unlike his grandparents, was quite a big old Muggle house in an area called South Cheam (an area south of London where all the Muggle millionaires lived, also where author happens to go to school). Dylan’s dark red nearly brown hair had been gelled up because he decided to experiment with some of Kevin’s hair products and he quite liked it, it kept the hair out of his face. His dark eyes scanned over a letter from his best friend Sophie. He had reached the bottom of the stairs when there was a flash of red and gold sparks. Dylan wasn’t surprised by it and let a large red and gold phoenix perch on his shoulder.

“Hi Fawkes.” Dylan said. Fawkes let out a small song. Dylan took out his head phones and stopped his minidisk player. “Mum and dad?” Dylan asked looking at the phoenix. The Phoenix nodded it’s head and Dylan went to the kitchen.

“Ron, honestly, you cannot wear dress robes to go and visit my cousins.” Hermione said tiredly.

“I don’t know why we’re going to go and see your cousins anyway, they always look at me strage” Dylan went into the kitchen to see his parents all dressed up, his mum, Hermione, in some smart yet casual Muggle clothes, her long now straight hair up in a ponytail. His dad was wearing a set of dress robes. His fiery red hair as untidy as ever. Hermione sighed.

“Of course they’re going to think you’re strange if you keep going on about the Chuddley Cannons and saying Muggle half the time. And we’re going to tell them about Piper and her engagement.” Hermione said. Ron grumbled under his breath.

“She’s too young to get married, even if it is to James” He muttered. Since Ron had found out about his daughter’s engagement they had argument after argument. Right now neither father nor daughter were talking to each other.

“Mum, Dad.” Dylan said. Hermione looked at Dylan with a tired look, obviously from his dad. Hermione was the deputy minister of Magic and in the wizarding world that was a very good position. It was why they had so much money.

“Yes Dylan, oh Fawkes.” Hermione said slightly surprised.

“What’s Fawkes doing here?” Ron asked. Fawkes flew over to Hermione and dropped a small piece of Parchment in her hand. Hermione looked at Ron and he came over as they opened it and read it. Hermione frowned and Ron looked at Hermione.

“Well, I guess the trip to your cousin’s is off.” Ron said. Hermione sighed burnt the letter with her wand.

“Dylan, Get Piper, Kevin and Holly. You’re going to spend the rest of the holidays at the Potter’s house.” Hermione said. Dylan smiled and ran off to tell his siblings.

“I was in the middle of my Prophet report!” Piper said slightly annoyed. Her long dark red, almost auburn hair fell down her back. Her eyes, the same shade as Dylan’s, looked quite annoyed. She played with a ring on her engagement finger, causing their dad to glare at her. All holiday Piper and Ron had been having arguments and soon after a particularly loud argument Piper had gone out and came back with JAMES and PIPER written across the small of her back under a lion and an otter, which infuriated their dad even more. When Dylan asked why a Lion and an Otter Piper told her it was because that was the shape of their patronuses. It had been funny at the time but Dylan and his older twin siblings dared to piss off their oldest sister or dad.

“We’re going to the Potter’s house.” Kevin said. Kevin and Holly were Dylan’s twin brother and sister. They both had fiery red hair. Holly had shining blue eyes and apparently looked a lot like their dead aunt Ginny. None of them had ever met Ginny because she’d died in the great battle against Voldemort. Each of them had a small splattering of freckles on their faces, and on the girls it gave them an innocent look that was very deceiving.

“Come on, we need to tell the Potter’s about your good news anyway.” Hermione said. Piper smiled. She had just made head girl at their school, Hogwarts.

“Why are we going?” Kevin asked.

“Business.” Ron said. “Ok, take some floo powder.”

“I’ll Apparate.” Piper said.

“Fine, we’ll see you there.” Hermione said. Piper disappeared with a crack. “Dylan first.” Dylan took a handful of Floo Powder and went to the fireplace.

“Marsden Mansion.” Dylan said as he threw the powder into the fireplace. The large green flames enveloped him and he was pulled through the Floo system. He kept his eyes closed tightly and kept his arms close to his body. He was finally spat out of a fireplace and he crashed into someone before he could stop.

“AH!” the person screamed. They both tumbled to the floor. Dylan got up quickly.

“Sorry Colette.” Dylan said helping the older girl off the floor. The girl had long black hair and bright green emerald eyes. She was Piper’s best friend and she looked pleasantly surprised to see Dylan.

“It’s ok.” Colette said. “How are you? Got your school list?”

“Yeah, second year should be fun. Piper got Head girl.”

“I know.” Colette said with a grin,

“Is Piper here?” Dylan asked.

“I don’t know. She’s probably in James’ room.” Colette said. James was Colette’s older brother and Piper’s fiancé. They had given up trying to deny that they loved each other and they were completely in love with each other then after the Quidditch final at school James had proposed to Piper in front of the ENTIRE school, as disturbing as it was to the other Potter and Weasley children. Kevin and Holly came tumbling through the fireplace and two cracks later Hermione and Ron were standing next to them.

“Colette, where’s your dad?” Hermione asked. Colette pointed to the next room. Hermione nodded and headed out of the room. Nick came running in to the room. He was the Potter’s youngest son and Kevin’s best friend. He had unruly untidy black hair and emerald green eyes like his sister. He wore glasses as well but he preferred to wear contact lenses. On left a few minutes later giving Nick a suspicious look. There was a knock at the door.

“I’ll get it.” Jenny shouted. Dylan went to the kitchen door to look out. “Dean, Pavarti, Neville.” She said hugging them. An Indian woman gave Jenny a tight hug in return.

“I hope you don’t mind, we brought the kids along.” Dean said. “Neville’s wife is with Family and Lavender, Well, she’s not really-”

“I understand.” Jenny said, “Adults in Living room, kids in kitchen.” The adults moved and Dean saw his friends Fraser and Rachel standing in front of a girl who look like Rachel but older and a bit less pretty. Rachel had long dark brown hair with slightly darker skin then the rest of them. Her eyes sparkled when she saw Dylan.

“Hey.” She said. She grabbed Fraser’s hand and pulled him towards the kitchen. Fraser had light brown hair and he was slightly chubbier then Dylan.

“What are you doing here?” Dylan asked with a grin as Rachel hugged him.

“We don’t really know.” Fraser said,

“Our parents decided to come along, they got a letter from a phoenix.” Rachel said quietly.

“Is Colette here?” Asked the older girl.

“Yeah, kitchen.”

“What about Piper?”

“James’ room probably.” Dylan said with a smirk. The older girl rolled her eyes and went into the kitchen.

“So what’s happening?” Rachel asked.

“I don’t know. Some meeting I think.” Dylan said. They stayed in the hall as the door rang again and Jenny went and opened it again. The three twelve years olds straightened in alarm as they saw their greasy haired potions master, Professor Snape, walk in.

“Hello Potter.” Snape said.

“Living room.” Jenny said. He nodded and went into the room Jenny indicated to. She turned to look at Dylan. “Come on, into the kitchen.”

“What’s happening?” Dylan asked.

“A meeting.” Jenny said.

“With my dad and Professor Snape?” Fraser asked confused. Jenny gave him a kind smile.

“Come on, in.” Jenny said ushering the three into the kitchen

“I got a few extendable ears in there.” Nick whispered as they entered the kitchen. Dylan shut the door and Nick revealed a few flesh coloured tubes.

“Great.” Colette said. Everyone looked at Colette slightly surprised. Colette never liked to break any rules, she was one of Piper’s group of perfect friends, who were the model students. “Mum and dad have been acting really weirdly recently. There’s been all sorts of people coming in and out of the house and we’re getting suspicious.” She explained. Kevin gave each of them a flesh coloured string.

“So what’s happening?” Holly asked. Colette shrugged.

“I don’t know but mum’s been checking them all.” Colette said. Colette’s Mum, Jenny, was a legilimen and was impossible to lie to because she could see right through any lies anyone told. Dylan looked at his friends uncertainly and put the string into his ear. Rachel’s older sister even took one, another one of Piper’s group.

“Hermione! I haven’t seen you in ages!” said a happy female’s voice.

“Hi Pavarti, how’s Lavender?” came Hermione’s voice.

“She’s doing better but then she was like that a few months ago.” Dylan frowned. Rachel was one of Lavender Thomas’ daughters. Lavender had been committed to St. Mungos after the great battles because of some curse. She had periods of Madness quite often.

“Why have we got so many younger people here?” came the voice of Dylan’s headmistress Professor McGonagall.

“I was going to ask the same thing.” Came Professor Snape’s slimy voice.

“Snape?” Kevin asked confused.

“Now, I will explain everything.” Harry Potter said. “But first I need to see exactly who’s here. Is anyone else coming.” A door open and shut.

“Mum’s here.” Came Jenny Potter’s voice. Colette’s mother.

“Ah, April Marsden, the joy of the wizarding world!” said someone lightly.

“Shut up Kingsley.” Came a new voice. A few people laughed. “Hurry up. I need to get to the office.” Said the person.

“Right. I’m sure some of you recognise each other, other’s don’t know each other. Firstly, I would like to welcome back the DA. It’s been ages since we last met up and I’m glad that most of you decided to turn up again.”

“We made a commitment didn’t we?” came a voice like the first voice they heard.

“Yes you did Padma. Well, the other people, the older people. DA, these are the members of the Order of the Phoenix. An organisation organised by Dumbledore soon before I was born.”

“Wow.” Someone gasped.

“What’s the DA?” someone asked.

“Dumbledore’s Army.” Came Hermione’s voice. “It’s an organisation we started up at school to teach the students to defend themselves.”

“We started it when Umbridge was our teacher.” Said Ron. Someone cleared their throat in a slightly higher voice

Hem hem” someone coughed, it was obviously an impression and several of the adults started laughing. Dylan recognised his own parent’s laugh and the Potter’s laugh.

“This isn’t the time to joke around.” April Marsden said.

“Sorry.” Said someone innocently.

“Adults” Holly muttered.

“Anyway. I want to join these two groups together and to bring the Order back to life. Deatheaters have been getting more active and there are more deaths every day. Though the Prophet hasn’t yet gotten wind of it I can’t be too carefully. It’s our mission to help stop the threat from the new dark lords.”

“Dark lords” Jenny asked.

“Intelligence has indicated there’s two dark lords. Bellatrix Lestrange and Possibly Rabastan or Rudolphus Lestrange though evidence is leaning more towards Rabastan Lestrange being the second dark lord.” Harry said.

“Oh Merlin, how are we going to fight them?” came a voice that Dylan knew as Neville Longbottom. Fraser looked at Dylan confused and worried.

“That’s what we have to find out. Unlike last time there isn’t a specific someone who can defeat them so any of us can try and bring them down.” Came Harry’s voice.

“Harry, may I ask how you intend on finding more information on them.” Came uncle Remus’ voice.

“Yes, I mean they must know that Malfoy is working for us and Snape-” Dylan’s cousin Genvieve was cut off.

“Professor Snape.” Snape corrected “And what is she doing, she wasn’t in the DA or the Order.”

“She’s someone we can trust.” Harry said. “And Hermione has a small secret that I think it’s time she shared with all of us here.”

“Do I have to?” Hermione asked.

“I think it’s for the best.” Harry said.

“I don’t.” said April. “That is best left untold but I’ll say this. We do have inside information on every wizarding family in this country.”

“Wow.” Someone said awestruck.

“An’ ‘ow have you managed that?” came a cockney like voice.

“The department of Elfish Welfare isn’t all it seems.” Hermione said.

“Everyone be quiet.” Came Fred Weasley’s voice.

“There’s someone listening.” George Weasley said.

“Uh oh.” Nick said. He looked at Colette. She got her wand out and pointed it at the extendable ears and did a vanishing spell. They disappeared and a pack of cards appeared as Harry Potter came into the room.

“What are you up to?” He asked.

“Nothing.” Colette said, “We were just talking.” She picked up the cards. “Who wants another round?” She asked.

“Jenny!” Harry said turning around. Jenny came in. Her long blond hair flying behind her. Her sparkling brown eyes, the only reminder of her long dead father. She was followed in by April Marsden, who looked the same as Jenny but older and lighter eyes.

“Oh no.” Nick muttered.

“Kids?” Jenny said.

“We haven’t done anything.” Colette said.

“Honestly, we haven’t” Dylan added. If either of the other three said anything they would have been in trouble straight away. Jenny looked into both their eyes and sighed.

“Harry, I would have thought you’d learn that them being related to you, they’re bound to want to know what’s going on.” Jenny said turning to her husband. Harry looked at Jenny.

“Dylan and his brother and sister aren’t related to us.” Harry said.

“They’re related to Fred and George, don’t you remember what they were like?” Jenny asked. “Honestly Harry.” She said shaking her head with a smile. Harry scowled at the teenagers in the kitchen.

“You lot, go and stay with James.”

“He’s upstairs with Piper.” Nick said with a smirk. “I don’t think they’ll want us intruding on them.”

“I don’t care. Go!” Harry said.

“That includes you six.” April Marsden said pointing to the Weasley children, Fraser and the Thomas sisters. They all started moaning as they all left the kitchen. They tried to get a glimpse of the living room and saw it full of familiar and strange witches and wizards. Kevin smirked as they reached James’ bedroom door. He put his hand on the doorknob and pushed it open.

“TADA!!” He shouted as he entered.

“Holy shit!” James shouted as he and Piper looked up slightly surprised. James was still in bed and Piper seemed to have made herself very comfortable inside it. James had light brown, almost blonde hair that was sticking at all angles. The colour of his fairly tanned skin wasn’t completely obvious in the dark room.

“Get out!” Piper shouted at them.

“Dad’s orders.” Nick said walking in. “We have to stay in James’ room.”

“He’s telling the truth.” Colette said apologetically. Piper let out a moan and put her head on James’ shoulder. James had laid back in his bed slightly annoyed and put an arm around Piper. Dylan felt a shiver going down his spine as he saw James and Piper. He saw Holly tense as well. The Potters and Weasleys were so close that they were all like brothers and sisters so seeing James and Piper together was like seeing a brother and sister together. Kevin casually strolled to the window and pulled open the curtains. James let out a noise of annoyance as he turned over and covered his eyes. Piper also seemed pretty annoyed but stayed where she was in James’ arms. The twins and Nick gave the two in a bed a wide grin each and they started talking about nonsense. Dylan looked at Fraser and Rachel and they sat and began chatting about their holiday.

“Do you mind if I leave the girls here with you?” Dean Thomas asked Jenny Potter.

“No, it’s fine. Colette has been feeling a bit lonely recently.” Jenny said, “And we’ll probably be looking after Dylan anyway.” Rachel and Dylan grinned at each other as they listened on the stairs. They had gotten a bit bored of the older teens and Dylan, Rachel and Fraser had decided to sit on the stairs and play exploding snap.

“Thanks.” Dean said, Jenny hugged him.

“Owl me if there’s any change in Lavender’s condition.” Jenny said. “And I’ll send our house elf over to your house to pick up the girls’ stuff.”

“Alright, thanks” Dean said gratefully.

“Fraser!” shouted Neville Longbottom.

“Coming.” Fraser said. “See you guys later.” He said.

“See you at school.” Rachel said. Fraser went slightly red and bounded down the stairs.

“He still fancies you.” Dylan said nodding. Rachel grinned

“I know.” Rachel said, “And unfortunately I can’t say I fancy him back yet.” She said sadly, “I feel really bad about it.”

“Don’t worry, he understands.” Dylan said reassuring her, “It’s the same between Sophie and me-” Dylan suddenly stopped, he hadn’t meant to say that to Rachel. Her eyes lit up.

“Excuse me?” She asked with a smile, “You and Sophie?”

“No.” Dylan said, “It’s just that she kinda fancies me.”

“Everyone knows that.” Rachel told him. “And I think that Harper may fancy you a bit.”

“I’m not that good looking am I? I’m only what? Twelve.” Dylan said.

“You are quite good looking.” Rachel said.

“Snape, you know what to do, you have your orders.” Harry Potter said.

“I understand Potter but I don’t think he’ll agree to do this happily.” Snape said.

“I don’t care.” Harry said. “Dung, you know what to do?”

“Yep, I’m off, see you next meeting.” Said a slightly tired looking wizard wearing robes that looked more like rags. Harry gave him an uncertain smile as both Mundungus Fletcher and Snape left the house.

“All gone.” Ron said happily. “Now, I want to talk to you about our children.” Hermione, Harry and Jenny all sighed tiredly.

“Ron, Get over it.” Hermione said, “Piper wants you happy so will you just accept that she loves their son and is going to marry him.”

“And I have no problem with it.” Harry said. “Oh Jenny, we need you to take some of the kids with you when you go and film your next video.” Jenny looked at Harry surprised.

“What? Why?” Jenny asked, “My directors and managers have strict policies on kids, particularly if they’re not my own.”

“Bend them to your will.” Harry said cheekily.

“No Harry.” Jenny said, “I’ll take Dylan and Rachel but the others are too much for me to handle on my own.”

“Fine then.” Harry looked up the stairs where Dylan and Rachel were sitting watching and listening. “You guys ready to go to north London?” He asked them. Rachel and Dylan looked at each other smiling.

“Merlin, we’re going to the set of Jenny Potter’s video.” Rachel said. Dylan smirked. The adults all shook their heads.

“We’re off, we have to go and see my cousins.” Hermione said, she waved her wand and Ron changed into some smart yet casual Muggle clothes. Ron looked at himself and then to Hermione. “Come on, we’re late.” Hermione said disapparating. Ron gave Harry a look, that made him laugh, then followed Hermione.

“Get ready kids, we’re leaving tonight.” Jenny said, “We’re travelling the Muggle way.” Rachel grinned again and pulled Dylan down the stairs.

“Ow!” Dylan said as he rolled down the stairs and hit the floor.

“Sorry.” Rachel said.

“Why do I always get hurt when we’re together without the others.” Dylan asked. Rachel gave him a sheepish smile.

“Sorry.” She said. Dylan laughed and stood up.

“No problem. Come on, I’m hungry, Shoner or Castra will get our stuff for us.”

“Who are they?” Rachel asked.

“The Potter’s house elves.” Dylan said.

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