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Confessions of a Past Well-Hidden by hermioneism
Chapter 1 : The Discovery Made
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Disclaimer: I do not own the characters or world found in JKR’s brilliant HP books. I merely borrow it all to play with for awhile.

Chapter 1: The Discovery Made

It happened when she was least expecting it. That calm, clear, morning after a blissfully rare nightmare-free sleep. Anneliese Hobart, high school sophomore, was walking her school corridors when suddenly she felt a chill start on her neck and work its way down her sides, prickling into that “walking through a ghost” feeling. She sighed. Not again.

Every time she ambled past the doors to the dust-ridden, ill-used library (what? it was the age of the internet – who needs to utilize books these days?), she felt an all-consuming need to meander in the oak doors and wander its volume-heavy shelves. This morning she did.

Without even truly knowing what it was she was searching for, she pushed her way past the bespectacled librarian who gave her a look of half-awe, half-suspicion. What was she, beautiful, straight-A-student-without-even-trying, friend of everyone though loner in her own right, doing in here, this forgotten tome? Anneliese sniffed the musty air and wrinkled her delicate nose – they really need a window in here, she thought.

Deciding she would take the matter up with her mother the next time she saw her, Anneliese sat down at an old wooden desk, marked over with pencil scratches, and put her head in her hands. What am I doing in here? A low, miserable wail carried through the room, reaching her ears: “OH!” She stiffened. She craned her head to the side, listening to the now heavy sobbing coming from the stacks. The sobs sounded vaguely familiar.

She stood and made her way to the row of shelves to the left and as she turned the path her designer jean skirt caught on an old metal stool and tore. Great, just what I need. She cursed under her breath and continued her pursuit of the distraught person hiding in the library. She looked up and quietly stumbled forward once more. As her eyes re-focused to her surroundings, she gasped out loud. “Mum!”

Her mother, principal of the school; her mother, the most emotionless woman she has ever known – HER MOTHER was the one sobbing in the library’s dusty stacks, desperately clinging to an old leather tome. Principal Hobart glanced at her daughter and quickly dried her eyes on the hem of her grey blouse. “Hello, Annie, shouldn’t you be in your Lit class? I believe the bell rang ages ago, young lady. Now, run along,” she said in her soft English accent, brushing aside her daughter’s obvious concern with a guilty look in her eyes.

Annie stiffened defensively. “No, Mum, I have a free period. I came in here to do some, erm, thinking, and I heard you. What is going on? Why are you crying? And what is that book you are holding – OH!” Anneliese jumped as her eyes landed on what could only be described as a moving photograph in the book her mother was clutching. The elder woman closed her eyes briefly, wondering if she could stomache another scene such as this.

Over the years, her daughter had seen glimpses into her past that she tried so hard to hide, all of which had been carefully explained away. This would not be so easy. Short of an Obliviate – no, I could not do that to her! – realizing that her beautiful, inquisitive daughter was old enough to know the truth, she looked up at her angelic face laced with concern. “Hold onto my arm, Annie, quickly,” she said with a sigh.

Glancing around her, Anneliese saw nothing but row after row of books and wondered what troubled her always-composed mother in this way. Thinking maybe her mum just needed help being led to a chair – she was, after all, trembling – she grabbed onto her mum’s left forearm, milliseconds later only to feel like she was being ripped in half and stuffed through the mouth of a small straw piece by piece.

A/N: I am aware this chapter is short - it is truly more like a prologue, but I have never written a story before, and am curious as to what you think? Please kindly review! More to follow shortly.

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