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Harry Potter and the One Heir by angarato
Chapter 14 : Back Home
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Chapter 14 – Back Home

The next morning, Harry, Hermione and Natasha left the Burrow to go back to the castle before school started.

When they arrived in the fireplace, they all moved to put their things in their rooms but Glenda appeared in front of them and took away their bags with a snap of her fingers.

“I was told to remind you to take both Miss to the room.” Glenda told Harry and with another snap of her fingers, vanished into thin air with a POP sound.

“Oh crap. I totally forgot about that.” Harry said to himself.

“Follow me.” He told Hermione and Natasha.

Harry led the both of them to Gryffindor’s study and called out for him.

“Godric, we’re here.” Harry announced.

Slowly, from the darkness, two figures emerged and both Hermione and Natasha gasped.

“It’s true. The both of you are still alive.” Hermione breathed.

“Yes Hermione. We are very much alive and it makes me wonder why you did not believe Harry when he said he had a conversation with me. He even told you everything said in the conversation. You need to have more faith in him.” Godric told her.
Hermione hung her head in shame and Godric continued, “Harry, Hermione and Natasha, the reason I asked Harry to come here with both of you is because all the three of you are going to be heavily involved in the Final Battle when it comes. Harry, because of the prophecy. Hermione, as his girlfriend. Natasha, as his sister. For that reason, all 3 of you will have to be trained in combat. Harry and Natasha, because of the power you have received, you will also be trained to control these powers, as if not controlled, it could kill you. I have already talked to Albus about this and you will be allowed to leave the castle on weekends. The three of you will start your training tomorrow morning at 5am. Be up and ready by then. You can go now.”

The trio nodded and left the study and moved on to their own rooms to change their clothes and move down for lunch.

“Harry, what did Godric mean when he said that you and Nat would be learning to control the powers? And what powers was he referring to?” Hermione asked Harry at night, when they were in their room going to sleep.

“Mione, when we were at Gringotts and we suddenly fainted after screaming, we were receiving powers from our ancestors which we would need in the battle. We even have the powers that Godric has. Which means that we will be able to live forever just as Godric has.” Harry replied her.

“If you have those powers and we have a child, will that child have all of those powers?” Hermione asked him.

“I’m not really sure about it. Though I think there is a high chance of that happening.”

“But would I be able to get those powers? Is it possible that you could pass on your powers to me?”

“I’m not sure love. I have to ask Godric all of this. Are you really desperate to get the powers Nat and I have?”

“It really interests me to know what kind of powers you both have and I really want to know which of your ancestors the powers came from.”

“I doubt that it is possible. Though there is something that I might be able to do but I’m not going to tell you what it is right now.”

“Oh fine. If your not going to tell me then I’ll just wait.”

“Ok love. Goodnight.”

“Goodnight dear.”

A/N: Sorry for the short chapters lately. I haven’t been able to think of anything to write. And as usual, please read and review.

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Harry Potter and the One Heir: Back Home


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