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Love Game by emerald_princess92
Chapter 4 : Cobalt.
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Disclaimer: I do not own anything.

A/n: Enjoy!

Chapter 4: Cobalt    

Harry sighed heavily and rolled his eyes as Ron once again asked, “Why Malfoy, Harry, why?”

“I truly don't know, Ron, but maybe you should calm down.” He suggested warily not wanting to set Ron off again.

“Calm down?” Ron questioned hysterically .“How can I bloody calm down when Malfoy is shagging my best friend?”

“Because that best friend is the smartest witch of our year and can take care of herself,” Harry said in such a convincing voice that there was no room for argument “Did you think of that, Ron?”

“No, but-” Ron started but was interrupted by a new voice

“I'm a big girl, Ron, like Harry said I can take care of myself.” Hermione said coming up from behind them.

“Hermione, he going to hurt you.” Ron said trying to make Hermione see reason but to his surprise Hermione laughed.

“I don't know how many people are going to tell me that. Look, no matter if you do or do not approve I will still date Ma...Draco. So, get over it.”

“I will not! Hermione, he hasn't changed; he's still that filthy little ferret that we first met in first year. I don't know what the bloody hell he did to you to make you go out with the prick but I will find out.” Ron yelled, his ear turning red.

“You listen here Ronald Billius Weasley; it would be wise to stay out of my life. What I do with my love life is none of your concerns so you do best to keep out of it or else.” Hermione finished, breathing heavily.

“It is as long as you’re one of my best friends and I am telling you for the last time to cut it off with Malfoy while your heart is still intact.” Ron responded heatedly just inches away from Hermione and standing at his full height.

“I am not a dog you can just order around and if that comes with being your best friend then... I don't want to be your best friend.” Hermione said before she gasped and covered her mouth shocked at what she had just said. “Ron, I-I didn't mean...”

“No,” Ron said grimly overcoming his own shock to retort “You meant that and I mean this: it’s either me or Malfoy because I will not associate myself with a scarlet woman.”

Hermione widened her eyes and her mouth opened shocked and hurt at what Ron, the man she loved, just said. It only took a moment though for the shock in her eyes to change to anger No one not even her crush called her a scarlet woman. Pulling out her wand she yelled, “How dare you! Y-you...”

“STOP IT!” Harry yelled coming between them, having enough of another of their argument which had gone too far. “Obviously you two have to work this out by yourselves, so I'm leaving.” with that Harry gave both them a glare before he got up and exited through the portrait hole.

Hermione glared at Ron before she said, “I have nothing else to say to you.”

Ron retorted, “Ditto.”

Hermione huffed before she gathered her things and left through the portrait hole to go to the prefect meting she was late for. Her vision blurred as tears began to form in her eyes. Replaying what her crush said to her.

It's either me or Malfoy! I will not associate myself with a scarlet woman!”

She sighed shakily as she continued to walk, tears falling down her face without her realizing it. She knew if she had the chance she would always choose Ron over Malfoy. She didn't actually have feeling for Malfoy.

She chuckled at the absurdity of the thought, her and Malfoy? Pffft, maybe when pigs can fly.

“It’s all a game” She muttered as she wiped her eyes and took a deep breath. “A game of skill, strategy, and chance. Nothing more, nothing less” she whispered to herself.

Not sure if it was just a statement or if she was just reassuring herself of the fact...


'Inter house unity my ass' Draco thought sourly as he did his rounds with Granger. 'Of all Gryffindor, he chose Granger.Stupid Head boy.' He shot her a sideway glare when she remained unfazed and calm about it all.

“Malfoy,” She started not turning to look at him “We're going to Hogsmeade this weekend. To hold up pretense.”

“Whatever, Granger, just as long you don't touch me or anything.” Draco muttered.

“Oh, grow up, you insufferable prat.” She shot back

The rest of the rounds were done in silence.


“Ohhh, looks who getting all dressed up for Hogsmeade, Lavender,” Parvati said, watching as Hermione put on a tank top and jeans.

“Even if she's doing a bad job at it” Lavender added, laughing as she watched Hermione put on what she was planning to wear.

Hermione shot them both a glare before she looked at the mirror once more before she exited the dormitory. She was kind of nervous since she heard Lavender telling Parvati that she was going with Ron. She balled her hands into fists at the thought of it before she took a deep breath and went to go meet her 'date'.

She shuddered at the thought as she met Malfoy in the Great Hall. All eyes were on them as Hermione smiled at Draco and Draco offered her his hand.

“Ready, love?” They both cringed as the words came out of his mouth.

'Merlin, kill me.' Draco thought as he fought the urge to puke as he grabbed her hand. 'Ew, I am touching a mudblood's hand. Where's a bottle of hand sanitizer when you need one?'

Wanting to get this over with, they started out of the Great Hall and made their way towards Hogsmeade with all of the rest who were going.

This was going to be a long trip.


'So far, so good' Hermione thought as they entered the Three Broomsticks, only hesitating once as she spotted Lavender and Ron at a booth. She ignored them trying to keep her temper at bay as she and Malfoy slipped into a booth.

She narrowed her eyes as she watched Lavender and Ron kiss feeling her jealousy rise.

“Malfoy,” She said, keeping her eyes trained at the kissing couple.

“What, Granger?” She heard him snap back.

“Kiss me,” She said, turning to him and feeling a little queasy as she said those words.

Malfoy groaned, dreading what was to happen next as he muttered “This is going to be disgusting,”

Ignoring his comment, she wrapped her arms around his neck and hesitating a bit as she closed her eyes, edging closer.

'Oh, Merlin, I think I'm going to be sick.' She thought just before warm lips met hers. If she had to be truthful with herself, she would say that Draco Malfoy was a pretty good kisser.

“MALFOY, YOU BASTARD!” was the scream that tore them apart and as she opened her eyes. She was relieved that it was over and satisfied that Ron had Draco pinned to the ground but groaned as she realized that she should be angry at what was happening.


Oh, how she loved being a drama queen.

End of Chapter

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