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Secrets and Lies by Liam R
Chapter 1 : Prologue
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A/N: This is the only chapter that will be written in first person. 
I'm a terrible first person writer. 
Original Chapter Date: 23/7/08

My name is Scorpius Malfoy. I am a student at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. I am sixteen years of age and in my sixth year at Hogwarts.

Oh, and I'm in Slytherin house, which, pleases my father, Draco, at least. But I don't really mind, to be honest.

People keep secrets and, in time, people feel it is necessary to tell other people who they trust. But for me, secrets are personal and are not to be shared.

But this secret...

Well, this one is different. You see, it started a long time ago. Ever since I can remember first liking someone in a sexual manner, for me, it wasn't a girl.

Over time I learned that this was widely regarded as disgusting, wrong, and vile. So, I have always kept it to myself.

While the other boys in my year talk about the size of some bimbo's tits, or crowd around a muggle magazine full of pictures of half-naked women, I sit in a corner with my nose in a book, ignoring anyone who calls out: "Oi, Scorpius! Come and look at this pair!"

Then, near the end of fifth year, there was this new boy.

He transferred from America because his mother got a job with our Ministry of Magic. His name is Joseph. Joseph Daniel Moore.

And he is beyond gorgeous. He has surpassed amazing. It's just...

I've never found the courage to speak to him, to even say "Hey" to him in a corridor.

It's not that hard. I'd done it before in first year.

I didn't know anyone. Not a soul. I was scared shitless, that much I remember. I never thought I could ever make a friend here. They all seemed so ... new. So different. Such a stark contrast to all the muggle children.

I never really had muggle friends though. So, I can't say anything about them, but suddenly one boy started talking to me at the feast. His name is Tom. Tom James. Then another boy, Greg Sanders, joined in and a girl named Alicia Michaels.

Those three are my best friends now, but, anyways, they all started talking to me.

Now, I just need to talk to this one boy, who gives me butterflies every time I pass him in the corridor or look across the classroom and see him in Charms.

Beautiful, sky blue eyes, poker-straight thin brown hair, and a smile so bright it could give the sun itself a run for its money. That is Joseph. He's perfect, don't you think?

But he probably likes girls, and I can't exactly say "So, do you like girls or boys? Or maybe both? Hey, I'm good with that!"

What a fucking twat I'd sound.

No, there's got to be another way.

I'll think of it in time. I always do.

I'm Scorpius Malfoy.

A/N: This chapter has now been beta'd by the wonderful Phoenix_Flames.
I'm seriously considering replacing this chapter with something that's actually a chapter rather than just background information.

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