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Harry Potter and the Muggle-born Uprising by witowsmp
Chapter 16 : The Crusade
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AN: It’s been asked how Filch had a map of Hogwarts for Heinzl to pluck out of his mind in Chapter 1. Filch never had a version of the Marauder’s Map – Fred and George stated in the canon Prisoner of Azkaban that he knew of at least four passages. It is also stated in canon that if Mrs. Norris smelled a troublemaker, Filch would seem to appear out of a passage seconds later. Mr. Filch just has a photographic memory of the layout of Hogwarts and Heinzl read the information in his mind as if it was a map.

As usual, we don’t own Harry Potter, the excellent JK Rowling does. The only thing we do own is the plot, Heinzl and his followers.
Harry Potter and the Muggle-Born Uprising
Chapter 16
The Crusade

“Fellow purebloods – we are facing the worst crisis in our long history,” Narcissa Malfoy began.

“And how is that Narcissa?” a pureblood witch asked.

“The ghost Heinzl and the Muggle-borns. They are beginning to think they are better than us. If we do not watch ourselves, they will try to take over our world. They are already making fools of us at Hogwarts.”

“How so?” another witch asked.

“You don’t have any children in Hogwarts at the moment, Doris.” Narcissa said, “I have been keeping an eye on Hogwarts records since my son Draco began. In Potions classes, he and the Muggle-born Hermione Granger have been the top ranking students of that class, mostly because, like since he was hired, Severus Snape rigged exam results which he could get away with. Now, with my cousin Sirius Black as Potions teacher, Granger and the half-blood Harry Potter have been the top ranking with Draco’s marks going downhill.”

There were many exclaims of outrage at this news. Narcissa continued.

“I knew Potter’s mother Lily Evans when I attended Hogwarts – a Mudblood who for the seven years she was at school, she was top of the class and was twice as good as us Purebloods. I find it outrageous that she was even the favourite of the Pureblood teachers!”

Shouts of discontent could be heard.

“Did any of you know that the sons of Crabbe and Goyle were threatened with expulsion because of their marks? Did you know Arthur Weasley’s youngest son had to repeat a year starting a year ago, also because of his marks? This is because of the Mudbloods humiliating us Purebloods. They are making us look like fools! What do you think the overseas magical communities will think of us if the Muggle-borns are outshining the Purebloods in everything?”

“But what can we do about it?” another witch asked.

“We have to be careful here. Yes, we would rather marry into Pureblood families and that is where the problem rises. We are interbreeding that much, the Purebloods are close to dying out! So what do we do?”

A witch stood up. “What about some sort of law which enables families to use Mudbloods as breeding stock? If they are powerful and very good, then it can mean a powerful witch or wizard! Then we use blood adoption to turn them into a Pureblood!”

“Amelia Bones will never agree to that!” a fourth witch said.

“If things carry on the way they are,” Narcissa said, “Amelia Bones won’t be in office much longer to object to any of these ideas. But first, we need to deal with Mudblood children. A few words in the right department of the Ministry will result in a few educational decrees being passed. It may not be known to all, but the Minister of Magic does not need to sign off on any decrees.”

The pureblood witches continued their plotting and scheming.

“I propose that we begin with that Mudblood Granger. Her marks and power rating make her perfect for our requirements,” someone said.

“Are you insane?” Samantha Greengrass asked, “Hermione Granger is the girlfriend of Harry Potter! You try anything with her and you’ll have both him and Sirius Black on your backs. It may interest you to know this, but there is a long standing tradition of the Potter family for males to propose to the love of their lives at 15, so it’s very likely he’s done so and if she is marrying him, then we cannot use her without invoking some blood feud!”

“That’s impossible,” someone else said, “I know for a fact that James Potter proposed to Lily Evans AFTER the two of them left Hogwarts.”

“Only because it took James Potter six years just to get Lily to date him!” Narcissa said.


Of-age Muggle-borns did not have a good time in the Wizarding world after graduating from Hogwarts. A select few were able to get jobs in the Wizarding world but most of them, mainly due to the undue influence of the Purebloods, were unable to get jobs and were forced back into the Muggle world where they had no qualifications or secondary school education. Unless they took additional Muggle education courses during holidays, they only had a primary school education.

Daisy Fisher was one such person. She had graduated from Hogwarts two years ago and things had gone downhill. Expressing an interest in writing, she applied for a job with both the then Daily Prophet and Flourish and Blots, hoping that a job with the store would help her make contacts. She received very rude letters in reply telling her that ‘a Mudblood like you has no right working for a quality newspaper’ while Flourish and Blots sent her a polite letter telling her that Lucius Malfoy bribed Ministry officials to force the shop to hire a Pureblood instead.

She barely had any money – her parents died during her fifth year and while her inheritance was hefty in Muggle terms, the taxes imposed on converting Muggle money into Galleons drained most of it straight away. It didn’t help her that during her sixth year, that old fraud Gilderoy Lockhart had assigned his entire published works, which cost nearly 100 galleons which left her with only 5 galleons to her name. If it hadn’t been for a Pureblood friend of hers, whose parents were sympathetic to Muggle-borns, she would not have been able to take her Apparition test or complete her seventh year of Hogwarts.

For most of her first year old of Hogwarts, she tried to gain work in both worlds, but a lack of qualifications in the Muggle world and racist views in the Wizarding world made that all but impossible. Her best friend’s family offered to help her, but she turned them down, not wanting to take advantage. Eventually, she was able to get a job in an adult nightclub and lost all touch with the Wizarding world. It was there she met her future husband, who was a Muggle. The day before she married him, she was visited by Ministry officials who bound her magic and modified her memory.

On this particular day, she saw her husband off to work. By coincidence, Mr. Fisher was the new boss of Grunnings, following Vernon Dursley’s sacking earlier that year.

Daisy finished cleaning the house and went into the living room to watch her favourite chat show. Suddenly, the air began to shimmer and Heinzl appeared. Daisy backed into a corner, scared.

“Who are you?” she asked.

“My name is Heinzl and I have come to you for help, for I need the Muggle-borns,” he said.

“Muggle-borns? What are they?” she asked. Heinzl looked at her, looking into her mind.

“Your memories have been modified and your magic bound.”

“Magic? What the hell are you talking about?” she asked.

Heinzl held out his hand and it started to glow. “Do not fear. Heinzl will not harm you. I am unblocking your memories and releasing your magic.”

After ten seconds, the glow died away.

“Those bastards!” Daisy shouted, “Just because I married a muggle, they thought they could snap my wand in half, bind my magic and modify my memories!”

“WHAT!” Heinzl shouted, “I am leading an uprising against the Pureblood bigots and I need help.”

“You’ve got it,” Daisy replied.


Over the next couple of days, Heinzl visited former Muggle-born students and convinced them to join his cause.

Information on these meetings was soon leaked to the Ministry of Magic. There was a crisis meeting between the heads of all the departments and the Minister herself to debate what to do about the matter.


During Heinzl’s recruiting scheme, a major story hit the front page of the Potter Press.


It has come to the attention of the Potter Press that Minister of Magic Amelia Bones has declared adult Muggle-born witches and wizards traitors against the state.

When asked to clarify the reasons for these actions, Minister Bones had this to say: “On a routine check of Muggle-borns adults, we have found them in secret meetings with the ghost Heinzl plotting to overthrow the Ministry of Magic. It is because of this and due to the fact that we have no idea how many adults are in on this, I have no choice but to declare them traitors against the state. They will be monitored but no action will be taken yet until they take action.”

When asked if Muggle-born students are part of this monitoring, Minister Bones had this to say: “We have no proof that Muggle-born students are part of this uprising yet, so they are not yet traitors. Being members of Heinzl House is not proof of treason, there is evidence that a variation of the Imperius curse was used in the ‘sorting’. But any Muggle-born student who takes action against a Pureblood or Ministry official for any reason will find themselves in Azkaban, regardless of age.”

A Ministry source has announced that there are going to be several educational decrees passed in the next couple of days.


Meanwhile, at St. Mungo’s, baby Annabeth Weasley continued to remain in a coma, being kept alive by both Muggle and wizard life support. Molly and Arthur stayed by her side as long as they could. The Healers couldn’t tell them anything. It seemed she had shut down.


The following announcement was made via the Potter Press and notices throughout Hogwarts and letters to parents.


With the exception of undergarments, all Muggle clothing is banned from Hogwarts and Hogsmeade.

All Muggle clothing is to be handed into your Head of House where it will be
kept until the end of term. It will then be returned to students, who will be permitted
to take it home with them, where it will remain.

Wizarding robes are to be worn at all times. Anyone caught wearing Muggle clothing in Hogwarts or Hogsmeade will be expelled.


“WHAT?” several students were heard to exclaim after that announcement was made.

“My dad’s just a milkman – he only makes £5 an hour – he can’t afford to buy me and Dennis a full set of Wizarding robes,” Colin Creevey was heard to say from the Heinzl House table. There were many similar declarations from a number of other students.

Harry, on hearing this wrote a small notice, duplicated it five times and got one of the house-elves to pin it up to the house notice boards. He showed Hermione what it said:

To those affected by Educational Decree 27: If you get your name and measurements to either myself or Hermione Granger, I will front the cost of robes for everyone so there is no need to worry.

“That’s very kind of you, Hero,” she said.

“It just bugs me. The Ministry is bound to realise that some families can’t afford a full set of Wizarding robes. It wouldn’t surprise me if this was some idea passed onto the Ministry by those pureblood bigots led by Narcissa Malfoy as an excuse to expel most of the Muggle-borns. I know we have no problems with money but it is not right that families should struggle to cope with a new racist law. I can afford the robes, no problem.”

Hermione was reading the article again. “I think we should prepare ourselves for new Muggle-born restrictions. I have a strong feeling that Heinzl is going to cause a lot of trouble for us before it is over.”


Another educational decree was announced the following day:


All future Hogwarts students will sit a test to see if they are worthy to study magic. The test will be on the Wizarding world, and if any student fails, they will not be permitted to attend Hogwarts.

Failing students will have their memories modified and their magic bound.


“That’s an outrage!” Hermione said after reading the decree, “They’re determined to stop the Muggle-borns from attending Hogwarts so they come up with this crap!”

Harry came over to her and looked at the notice. “I see your point, Mine. No doubt the test will comprise of questions any pureblood or even magic raised half-blood could answer in their sleep while Muggle-borns will get every question wrong. It wouldn’t surprise me that the test would have to be sat before any trips to Diagon Alley and the Muggle-born given a chance to read up about our world. It also wouldn’t surprise me if using magic was part of this test.”

He took Hermione aside to a quiet corner of the common room. “Don’t say anything, but I’m thinking of investigating the opportunity to open our own magical school. One that will welcome Muggle-borns with open arms.”

“Really?” Hermione asked.

“Yes. I’ve been thinking about it since the declaration that those Muggle-born adults who publically sided with Heinzl are now wanted for treason against the Ministry. How soon will it be until the Ministry decides to trump up charges of treason against all Muggle-born students, or even Muggle-borns who aren’t even at Hogwarts yet?”

“That’s a great idea,” his girlfriend replied. “However, I’d be careful where these plans would be discussed because if the Ministry got wind of something like this, they’ll have the both of us up for treason.”

“Us?” Harry asked.

“You don’t think I’m going to let you do all this by yourself? Anyhow, first things first – we should ‘hand’ in our laptops and other Muggle electronics to Sirius before an educational decree is passed banning Muggle technology. He can make sure the stuff is kept safe.”

“How about this idea? We leave the stuff in our trunks – we place enough security on them as it is. I doubt the Ministry will start searching belongings for stuff without just cause.”


The straw that broke the camels back was unleashed two weeks later with a further educational decree:


Muggle-born students who do not gain either an Outstanding or Exceeds Expectations
in end of year exams or O.W.L’s will be expelled from Hogwarts school.

Under the law, all expelled students will have their wands snapped,
Magic bound and memories modified. Memories of family members will also be
modified. Friends of expelled students will be forbidden by law from contacting them.
Hefty fines will be issued against anyone going against such a ban.

The Ministry of Magic has looked through the records of all Muggle-born students
And the following students from each house are expelled forthwith:


The list, posted in all houses bar Slytherin (which had no Muggle-borns) listed about sixteen students each. Messages were flashed to each student on the list telling them to meet up at a certain corridor on a certain floor.

They were met up by someone from Heinzl House who helped them hide out in the Heinzl House tower.

“Don’t worry – we won’t let them snap our wands or modify our memories,” Gary Mason, the unofficial student leader of Heinzl House told them. “Our friends Fred and George Weasley are working on a way to get us to safety before the Ministry can do anything. We may have to go into hiding,” he warned. “If you have any way to contact your families without the use of owls, I suggest you do so at once.”

Before anyone could do anything, a student ran into the tower holding a copy of the Potter Press.

“Look at this!” she shouted. The student used an enlarging charm on the paper so everyone could see it.


The air shimmered and Heinzl appeared, reading the enlarged headlines. He roared as loudly as possible.

“That does it! THIS MEANS WAR!” he shouted.


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