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The Hope Of Many. by The Black Rose
Chapter 2 : Secrets Must Be Kept Secret.
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Amazingly beautiful chapter image by Anna_Black @ TDA!

Authors Note: Just another note to say I dont own the world of Harry Potter or anything of the characters who belong to J.K.Rowling and I have taken ideas from Lord of the Rings by J.R.R Tolkien (I hope they are relatively obvious). Anything else belongs to me. (:

Freya lay sleeping in one of the four dormitories of Hogwarts. However, to access them she had to do something that was foreign to her, her Father and Lord Hadrian. The Founders called it a sorting. They said it was a huge ceremony they held at the start of every new year at Hogwarts. The students filed into the Great Hall, where there would be four large table each one covered with silver bowls, plates and cutlery. The new students would line up between the tables as one of the Founders brought out a stool and an almost brand new, black pointed Wizard’s hat. Another Founder would appear with a long list in their hand and begin to call out student’s names. When their name was called you need to sit on the stool and place the Wizards hat on your head. The hat, then, suddenly moved and twitched and a face appeared. It then announced what house you would be in and each house was named after one of the founders; Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw and Slytherin.

This ceremony astounded Freya and was rather nervous when the founders conjured the very hat they were talking about and asked her to, please place it on her head. Freya immediately turned to her Father and Lord Hadrian, who were both eyeing the hat suspiciously before they each nodded their approval. Once they had nodded, Freya placed the hat on her head and a small gasp escaped her lips as it began to speak to her. But the hat did not speak out loud, it spoke to her in her head. Her first thought was that she was going crazy, that no-one was talking to her but as the voice continued and did not go away she finally accepted that it was the hat talking to her. Finally, the hat decided what house she was to go to and yelled; “RAVENCLAW!” at the top of its voice.

She rolled over in the bed, wrapping the covers tighter around herself, inhaling deeply. The sound of curtains being drawn reached her tired ears and she forced her eyes open. She looked around the half-light half-dark room before spotting a figure going round and opening the curtains.

Freya sat up and rubbed her eyes before blinking a few times so her eyes would adjust to the lighting. She squinted at the figure for a few moments before a smile spread across her face.

The girl who was opening the curtains, turned to look at Freya and beamed at her. The girl was called Scarlet. She was Freya’s best friend and lady-in-waiting. She didn’t look anything like Freya. She had brilliant red hair and bright blue eyes and pointed ears due to her being an elf. She tended to wear something similar to Freya and was very protective of her.

Scarlet, like Freya, was wearing a nightdress that ended a few centimetres above her knee. The fabric they were wearing was soft and hung loosely to their skin.

Smiling, Freya kicked off her bedcovers exposing her nightdress and legs. She lay back down on the bed, stretching and pulling her nightdress down as it had ridden up in her sleep.

Scarlet sidled over and lay on the bed next to Freya before leaning her head on her shoulder. She angled her head slightly so she could see Freya and gave her a kiss on the cheek.

“Have a good night’s sleep?” asked Scarlet, her eyes looking around the dormitory, inspecting it carefully.

Freya nodded once. “Yes, I did but I had to do the strangest thing to get in here…”

She began to explain about the sorting and how important it was to the school, students, teachers and Founders. Scarlet frowned at many places, asking questions to which Freya had no answers. The two girls thought they would never understand Wizards. They were an extremely strange race. They were very open with their magic, unlike the Elves, who tended to go to far away or far less populated places to live and to perform their magic. Wizards and Man tended to live in places near each other or share a certain place, although there would be boundaries if they did. Most races blamed this for the War, as many had trespassed over the boundary lines for revenge or something similar.

Elves thought it was much wiser to be as far away as possible, that way nothing dangerous happened. They tended to live in places like mountains, forests and similar places where no-one would pass-by and trespass on their private lives.

“That’s so strange.” Scarlet said after a few minutes silence where the girls were indulged in their separate thoughts.

“And corrupt.” Added Freya, thinking of what her Father had told her. “Has my Father left yet?”

Scarlet nodded before sitting up and tucking her red hair behind her ear. “Yes left early this morning. He says he’s sorry that he couldn’t say good-bye but that, once everyone is here, he’ll be back. He said there are things to be sorted and he must be present at them.”

Taking in every word Scarlet said, Freya found herself frowning and sat up too. “Did he say what things? Because I don’t know of anything…”

With a small, quiet chuckle, she planted a kiss on Freya’s forehead. “Don’t worry, my dear, for there is nothing to worry about.”

Freya smiled at her comforting words before getting to her feet, with Scarlet at her tail. The Elves were a graceful race, probably the most graceful as being immortal creatures they had time to perfect every little thing. Each step they took flowed into the next; no mistakes were made in their footing. Every little detail was perfect, as if they had been rehearsing this walk for centuries. Grace; perfection: two of the many words that could be used to describe the two Elves.

“What would you like to wear today, My Lady?” asked Scarlet, as she stepped infront of Freya and pulled open the doors to her wardrobe which had been placed in the dormitories especially for the girls.

Edward and his remaining comrades were trotting along comfortably now. They had rested at a near-by inn, where a kind Witch, who know of their doings, healed their and their horses wounds before letting them stay, free of charge at her inn.

Their night at the inn was not comfortable. The beds were hard and the sheets were cold, no matter how hard they tried to warm them. It was as if they were sleeping in a house of the dead. Their hot breath did not even warm their numb hands and the fire they had started in the grim, stone fireplace had gone out.

It was nice for them to encounter good people again, even if they were given a poor room; for them not to be looked down on literally or figuratively or for them to be thought of as a weak race due to their non-existent magical ability. However, when a situation like this occurred, the men tended to bring up incidents were Elves, Witches, Wizards or Dwarves were slain by men and this usually ended in a fight which the magical races tended to win.

When they woke, they were stiff and left promptly to mount their horses and continue their journey to their destination.

“Sir!” one of the men called. He had travelled farther along the road and had spotted something. “I can see the castle up ahead!”

At his call, Edward kicked the sides of his horse so that it trotted a little faster. When he was trotting alongside the man who had pointed out the castle, he looked in the direction he was pointing and was glad to see that their journey was almost over. They had travelled a long way. It had taken them over a week to make it here and it appeared they would be travelling for between a few more hours to a day before they finally reached the castle. He hoped they would arrive soon as, even though they had slept, it was not comfortable and they needed more rest.

He thought of his Father, who had been at the castle before him. He wondered what he thought of the castle and its inhabitants. It was well-known that the castle was a Wizarding school and it held hundreds of Wizards and Witches from the age of eleven too eighteen. He wondered what they studied, what strange tools they would use and how often they used their wands. His green eyes studied the castle, with its many windows reflecting the light of the sun and it’s tall, sturdy turrets which, he heard, were dormitories for the four houses in the school. Running a hand through his brown hair, he turned to his men.

“Come now! I have heard many great things about this castle. Warm beds, ever-lasting fires and magnificent feasts!” cried Edward, kicking his horse’s sides as he began to gallop towards the castle.

“I don’t understand!” Freya said as Scarlet and she were sent back up to the dormitory they were staying in. “I don’t see why I must change. Is there something wrong with what I am wearing? Am I offending some strange law of theirs?”

Scarlet shook her head, “No ma’am! They told me I must put you in your best dress and whatnot. They said someone important was coming and that everyone must look their best.”

“But who is coming, Scarlet? I do not understand why they don’t tell me.” Sighed Freya as she filed through her dresses.

“I don’t understand it either but it is of great importance.” Scarlet replied and she took out the dress Freya had picked and laid it, neatly, on her bed.

She turned away as Freya began to change and she sighed slightly. Secrets had always been passed to Scarlet they always needed someone close to Freya to know. One of Scarlet’s main tasks was to guide her princess in the right direction or, what direction her Father and the other Elf leaders wanted her to go in. When they were both ten years old, she had been told that she needed to convince Freya that Dwarves, however small they may be, were a danger to Elves and should not be trusted. And, because she was bound by a contract, Scarlet did so and every time Freya came in contact with a Dwarf she was over-cautious and mistrusting. Knowing that Freya thought Scarlet was one of the few people she could trust cut her deeply and she always felt that heavy weight in her stomach every time she told a lie. She felt that, one day, the guilt that was building up inside her would pull her under and she would drown. She knew why Freya had to change and she knew what part she played in the future of the Great War. She knew that, without her and Freya, the world would crumble. She knew what Freya had to do and she was the one who had to convince her to do it. Scarlet felt that she was on a sinking ship and no matter what, she would go under into the ice cold water.

They dismounted their horses at exactly the same moment. As their hearts pounded in their chests, they tied their horses to a few trees before they stared at the scene around them. They were standing in the grounds of Hogwarts School, at the edge of the forest. They gazed around them. They had never seen such well-kept lush grass in their lives. Around this time of year, the grass in their home-lands would be yellowing and their crops would be failing. It was then they realised just how far away from home they were and a longing to mount their horses and ride back their washed over them. However, they fought it back and began to walk towards the castle, with their robes of dark green, with a spiral on the hood, wrapped tightly around them.

They reached the colossal dark wooden doors that closed off the entrance into the castle. They glanced at each other, unsure if they should knock or do some other action to alert the inhabitants to their presence. Suddenly, with a deafening creaking sound, the door opened and three people stood, covered by darkness, in the doorway.

“Welcome to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.” A male voice boomed.

“We are happy that you have come to unite with us, in this time of great need.” A quiet, song-like female voice called.

“Please, come in and make yourself at home…” Another female voice called, this time louder and the words were a lot sharper.

Glancing at each other, the four men walked through the door, bowing low infront of the three figures, whose faces and figures were still covered by darkness as the heavy wooden doors creaked loudly as they slowly closed behind them.

A loud bang echoed through the castle and Scarlet and Freya jumped at the unexpected sound. Freya, who had now changed into her other dress with her necklace draped around her neck, clutched to the end of her bed.

Laughing, she said, “That scared me. Wow. That was unexpected.”

Scarlet grinned, laughing also. She knew what the bang meant. She knew who had arrived and the weight in her stomach became heavier not by much but heavier it became.

“I think we are to go to the Great Hall now.” Scarlet said, trying to make it out that she was told to go when a bang sounded.

Looking to Scarlet, with a small smile that she used for ceremonies and such plastered on her face, she nodded, “Alright; time for me to finally be in the know.”

She followed Freya down the stairs and into the Ravenclaw Common Room before following her out. You did what you were told, Scarlet. You’ve done nothing wrong. This is for everyone’s sake; you must convince her to do this and you must not let her know that you have known the plan for a long time now. For secrets must be kept secret.

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The Hope Of Many.: Secrets Must Be Kept Secret.


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