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Chances, Secrets and Sirious troubles by LupinsPrincess
Chapter 2 : Fuddles
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There isn’t much to say; information doesn’t move, eh…: D



And one thing I forgot to mention in first chapter’s A/N-part, was that Hermione’s parent’s are dead unfortunately. It’s just something what had to happen so I can build this story up…



Oh, and I forgot one another thing; I do NOT own anything except my storyline. Anything you can recognize from books or movies, aren’t mine (I don’t know exactly who owns the movies; Rowling or the film company or somebody else, so…:D)




What exactly had happened, did neither of them know. Not that they much cared though.



“What just happened?” Asked younger, dark-haired wizard. Elder, with white hair and beard smiled with twinkling eyes.



“That is one question even I can’t answer, Sirius Black” He chuckled.



“I don’t care Albus, honestly, I don’t care! I’m just happy that I’m here right now, I have no idea how long I laid over there in darkness, able to do nothing except think. I kept repeating it to myself…” He trailed off. After short silence his head shot up.



“Can’t we leave now? I’d rather be somewhere else…”



“I was just wondering… My original plan was replace you; set you free and fall behind the Veil by myself, but something went wrong, and I don’t know what it is” Dumbledore mumbled and looked the Veil.



“I wasn’t… I didn’t fall Albus. I was somewhere where nothing existed, except my thoughts”



“I still can’t understand it. How is it possible that your willpower kept you there over a year?”



“I was gone… for a year?!” He asked astonished. Dumbledore nodded. He had rolled that same thought continuously over a year in his head?



“I think we should go. It’s obvious that I don’t have to take your place beyond the Veil, so we’re wasting time here. I think a few people would give everything up to see you” He said with a wink. Sirius’ face lit up. Harry!



Two wizards sneaked out from the Ministry, and disappeared into the night with a crack.




Hermione lay awake on her bed. It was hardly 5am, and other girls were still sleeping. There was no urgent need to get up; their exams were over, and tomorrow night would be the leaving feast. She stared the ceiling and thought about Harry. Her thoughts trailed to Sirius eventually. He would have deserved more joyful life. So would Harry. Sighing quietly, she turned in her bed, and reached some random book from her desk. There was no point to try sleep anymore, she wouldn’t succeed anyway.



A couple of hours later she made her way to the Great Hall. It was almost empty; only Dumbledore and McGonagall were sitting in the teachers’ table, and few Ravenclaws were also awake. She noticed the happy expression on headmaster’s face, and his eyes seemed to twinkle even more than usually. Even McGonagall looked somehow cheerful. That was rare. She shrugged and sat down.



Poor Harry… That was everything she thought at the moment. Suddenly she frowned.



I haven’t do anything at all; I haven’t done any research about this Veil, I’ve read absolutely nothing relate to possible returns from there! Why in Merlin’s sake I haven’t done a thing?!



Oh my, I’m horrible friend; to Harry and Sirius too, though he never considered himself as my friend… I must fix this!



Albus Dumbledore watched how young chocolate-haired witch sat down and stormed up almost immediately, racing out from the Great Hall. Few fellow-Gryffindors watched her, shaked their heads and stood down in their house table.



Harry woke up with aching head and he felt extremely exhausted, again. He had wandered around almost all night. Ron instead woke up with a huge yawn and joyful stretch. He never grieved Sirius as much as Harry and Hermione did. Ron and Sirius haven’t got along exactly, reason unknown. Harry let out a muffled groan and buried his head to his pillow. He didn’t want to get up, and definitely didn’t want to go in the Great Hall.



“Imagine Harry, after tomorrow we have yet another year behind and yet another holiday waiting for us!” Ron said with pleased tone. There won’t be a day when Ronald Weasley would grief the ending of the school year. Harry let out another groan and hoped Ron would understand that he was not mood to talk.



“A whole wonderful summer without school… Ahh… And maybe mum would already loose her bun a little and let us have some actual fun in Grimmauld Place! Just us, the youngsters, you know…” Ron said and Harry stiffened.



Grimmauld Place. Without Sirius. What a cheerful summer indeed Ron!



“Shut it Ron, please… Grimmauld Place… without…” He started but trailed off. Ron bit his lip when he realized what he had said.



“Sorry mate… I… Uhh… Well, sorry” He mumbled while his cheeks grew crimson. Harry sighed. It wasn’t Ron’s fault, but damn it hurt when somebody even mentioned Grimmauld Place. All Harry saw was lonely and haunted Sirius, wandering alone in that stupid house, that prison! And now he would never enter that bloody house again. Harry didn’t think he would neither.



“It’s not your fault Ron. It’s just… This is hard”



“Yea I know… Well, I’m off to breakfast, do you want me to bring you something? You don’t exactly look like you’re coming with me, so…”



“Nah, I’m fine… I just go down to the kitchen later if I get hungry, but thanks” Harry said and drew his blanket over his head. Ron shaked his head quietly and left. Harry had been like that the whole year, and Ron had to admit, that he wondered how he had managed the exams; he was continuously tired, he had been late almost every morning, and barely made his homework. He wouldn’t pass NEWTs being that way. Not that Ron was a model-student himself, but anyway…



He didn’t see Hermione when he entered the Great Hall. Usually she was wake before them. Maybe even she had loosened her bun a little. Oh, wishful thinking Ronald! He sat down with his fellow-Gryffindors Seamus and Parvati. Dumbledore had noticed Ron, and stood up.



This had to be done in right way… I can’t just throw this thing on him…



“Good morning Ronald. May I ask you where is Harry?” Ron heard a familiar low voice behind him. He turned around in his seat.



“Morning professor… He is umm… not feeling very well so he stayed in dorm” Ron said with his ears growing red. Ron did know Harry’s little night-walk-arounds, but he was quite sure that Dumbledore wouldn’t appreciate them.



“I see. Could you deliver him an important message? He must meet me in my office, as soon as he can. Tell him it’s important, and tell him to come alone, please” Dumbledore said with serious tone. Ron only nodded. He guessed it was about Harry’s living arrangements; would he live at Grimmauld Place, or somewhere else. Dumbledore nodded slightly, and returned to the teachers’ table. Ron finished his breakfast without hurry. He thought that Harry probably didn’t even want to get up from bed, so he wouldn’t most certainly want to and talk with Dumbledore about his living arrangements.



If he only knew how wrong he was.



Finally when Ron got back to the Gryffindor Tower, Harry was still under his blankets.



“Harry? Mate? You’re wake?” He called and was answered with undefined growl. He frowned. This had to stop! He scoffed with frustration and slumped to his bed.



“Well, anyway, Dumbledore sent you a message; you must meet him in his office immediately” Ron pronounced the last word exaggeratedly and glared Harry.



“Harry? He said it is important” Ron insisted. He had guessed this. “I ate quite quickly because of this, so could you please now get up and go to Dumbledore?!” He continued. Harry groaned again and pulled the blanket off. He sat up and glared Ron.



“He most certainly wants to talk about my living; shall I live in Grimmauld Place or not” He spat with more anger than he meant to. Ron frowned. His cheeks flushed.



“It’s not my bloody fault he wants to talk!” Ron snapped. Harry opened his mouth and closed it few times. Then he sighed.



“Sorry Ron. I guess it’s better if I just go there and then it’s settled. Besides, I have no other place to go than Grimmauld Place. I don’t want to be a burden in Burrow. And nonetheless; Hermione needs also a place to stay over summer, and it would be rude to ask her to stay alone in that bloody house” Harry said quietly.



“I think I could talk to mum if I could also spend at least part of the summer at Grimmauld Place. We would have fun” He smiled, but continued quickly when he saw Harry’s expression: “…considering the circumstances of course!”



“That would be nice. But I guess I have to and meet with Dumbledore now, so see you later” He said with frustrated sigh and stood up. Ron nodded and watched his friend’s miserable expression when he made his way out of the dorm.



Dumbledore walked back and forth in his office. He knew Harry would be first ecstatic, but he also knew he would be quite angry to him for doing this now and not earlier. But Albus hadn’t known that Sirius didn’t fall. He had no idea that he had been hanging in the edge over a year. If he only had known… But he hadn’t even thought that. Even the wisest can be mistaken… So true it was.



He was distracted by knock from the door. Harry.



“Come in” He called and turned around to face him. Harry looked terrible, exhausted.



“Tea?” He offered and Harry nodded unwillingly. Dumbledore sat down behind his desk, and beckoned him to do the same. Harry sat hesitantly and opened his mouth, but Dumbledore cut him off.



“I have something very important to tell you Harry. I would appreciate if you would hear the whole thing before making conclusions or whatsoever” He said and looked over his spectaculars. Harry frowned and nodded. Surely his living arrangements were far from this serious. Or was the Grimmauld Place burned off the ground. He couldn’t care less. Bloody damned deathtrap… He thought bitterly and looked Dumbledore to his eyes. Dumbledore smiled sadly and Harry started to become irritated by his pitying look.



“So much hate and anger my boy…” He whispered and shaked his head. Harry sighed. He really didn’t need this now.



“Headmaster, what this is about? If it’s my living arrangements, I inform you now; I’ve decided to stay over the summer in Grimmauld Place. Hermione stays there also, she has no other place to go” He said with monotonic voice and lowered his gaze. Dumbledore opened his mouth to speak, but this time Harry cut him off.



“And if you’re worried about the Order, you can still use Grimmauld Place as the Headquarter. I don’t care”



“Harry would you just listen to me, please?” Dumbledore said with kind but demanding tone. Harry raised his gaze. This wasn’t about his living? Then what it was?



“I am quite happy that you will allow us to use our old Headquarter, but along with the fact that you soon hear, it’s not actually your decision Harry” With that, Harry’s face paled.



“Oh no, it is Bellatrix isn’t it? She has taken the house under her control with some dark magic, hasn’t she?” Harry asked and he didn’t actually know was he relieved or sad. The other part of him thought it was relief; the house which had made Sirius continuously unhappy and lonely wasn’t his anymore. Other half was sad because the only thing which connected him to Sirius was now in murder’s hands. Dumbledore looked distracted, but after short break he continued.



 “And I am also very pleased that you decided to spend your summer there, and I’d bet you’d change your mind after you have heard what I have to say” He finished and Harry looked astonished. Was this some sick joke?!



“What?” Harry started, but he didn’t find any words. He just gaped. Dumbledore looked at him without a sign of joking. There was a quite long silence, but finally Dumbledore spoke.



“No Harry. It is not Bellatrix. You see, there has been a… umm… coincidence. Sirius is alive Harry. He is actually in this very room.”







Hermione sat in library. Her nose was almost buried in ancient-looking book. She was mumbling something inexplicable, and turning pages with obvious fury. Suddenly she froze. Her mouth fell open, when she realized what she had found out.



I figured it out!



She had to go to Dumbledore, now! Hermione grabbed her bag and almost toppled a bunch of sixth year Hufflepuffs on her way out. They were muttering things like “Such a know-it-all, doesn’t she know that exams are already over?” or “<can’t believe it, it’s almost holiday and she is studying?”



She ran through the castle, and stopped breathless in front of the stone statue.



“Le-lemon-drop?” She breathed out, and statue moved aside. She ran the stone stairs up, and rushed to Headmaster’s office without knocking. And that was something she could never imagine herself to do!



“Professor! Professor! I’ve found the way we can bring Sirius back!” She inhaled and raised his gaze. The book she was holding dropped like a stone and so did her jaw.



“Wh-what…?” She looked back and forth of three people; stunned Headmaster, frightened Harry, and confused… Sirius Black?!



“I… what… how… “ She stuttered and placed her hand against the wall for a support.



Now what in the Merlin’s name was going on? Then the realization hit her, and her face lit up. Sirius was actually standing there; haggardly looking, and sere, but very much alive. She threw herself towards him, and hugged him tightly, her eyes slightly dampened. Sirius was stunned by her sudden action, but padded her clumsily on the back.



“We missed you so much!” She cried and Sirius looked helplessly to Harry and Dumbledore. Finally he laughed and smirked.



“You know, I am considered very attractive, but do you think you can let me go? For a while at least?” He winked to bright pink-colored Hermione, who backed off quickly.



“Sorry… “ She mumbled and picked her book up. “I… we… we missed you truly. I can’t describe how happy I am that you’re back” She smiled. Dumbledore cleared his throat behind Hermione. She swirled around and her eyes grew wide as she realized that she had just a minute ago stormed in without knocking, to her Headmaster’s office, for Merlin’s sake!



“I’m sorry, I was interrupting I was just, I figured this thing out and I thought you should hear it right away” She explained so quickly that it hardly made sense to them. Dumbledore nodded with a smile.



“It is quite alright Miss Granger. But I think I have to ask you leave now, I still have some business with Mr. Potter and Mr. Black, so if you’ll excuse us” He nodded. Hermione nodded and grabbed her bag. “You’ll have a lot of time to catch up anyway, since you’ll be living in Grimmauld Place during this summer if I’ve heard correctly” He added and Hermione nodded.



“Well, Harry I’ll see you later I guess! Sirius… I’m so happy that you’re back” She smiled and Sirius winked and threw his trademark grin to her. Reddish glow started to creep up her neck, so she swirled around and left the room quickly.



I can’t believe I just flushed like some silly schoolgirl. That was very, very immature thing to do!



Did I just flirt to Hermione Jane Granger?! Uh… What the hell is wrong with me…



Oh, screw it; she was just a first woman on my way for a _long_ time… My charm is in danger to rust if I don’t use it on any living creature… with skirt.



Wait, did I just designate her as a ‘woman’? I guess my head is still a bit dizzy…



I need a drink!



A/N This chapter didn’t suppose to be so long, it just somehow stretched :D I didn’t want to just blurt all out, I wanted some misunderstanding and crossovers :) Hope you liked it!



Please, if you read it, review it! Though I still hope you guys don’t totally crush me :D



How do you like our dear charmer btw ;> *smug expressions and wiggles* He’s just getting started :>


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