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Me? Invisible? I wish! by Padfoots Property1217
Chapter 1 : Haircuts, revenge and bad tempers
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Disclaimer: i dont own Harry Potter....yadda yadda yadda...i wish i did though!

I stood in front of my floor length mirror, my mouth hanging open. My face was bathed in shadows but I could still tell there was something different. That my bitch of a sister had just done the unthinkable.

I can’t believe she’d actually done it. After all these years of threatening to do it, she had cut off my only shield, the thing that had hidden my face from the rest of the world. My best feature. My hair.

I can’t go back to Hogwarts like this, I thought, something close to hysteria crawling under my skin. Okay, calm down, Lani, you can do a re-growing spell…oh no I can’t I never go the knack of it…DAMN IT! I’m so screwed.

Desperately hoping this was all a dream I ran to my light switch and flicked it, bathing my room in light that left me blinking as I raced back to my mirror, sliding against ugly grey carpet my mum had put in when I was ten and stood in front of it, eyes wide.


Oh, she is so dead, I thought and lifted my hands to touch the short strands of my newly cut black hair and looked at my new image in the mirror, the image I didn’t want.

My hair had used to hang to my waist but now it was cut to just below my chin and had been thinned and cut into light, soft feathery layers and spiked up in every direction. She’d even given me a fringe. I side fringe at that. Oh, yes she is so so dead.

I left my room and tip-toed down the hall past my parents room where I could hear my step dad snoring loudly and my mum tossing and turning because she can’t sleep over the racket my step dad, Rob, makes and reached my older twin sisters, Anna‘s, bedroom door. Did I mention that I am god damn scary when I am angry? I didn’t? It must have slipped my mind but anyway.

A better explain something to you. My sister and I have had this war going on since we both started Hogwart’s six years ago. We were always trying to get each other with the worst pranks, hexes and spells that we could think of or make up. Oh and did I mention I usually won. NO? Well I do and that’s why Anna is now resorted to getting me why I sleep. I mean, how slack. She should really show some guts and confront me while I’m awake.

What a chicken!

I paused outside her bedroom and reached for the doorknob with one hand, reaching for my wand with the other. I bit my lip and turned it slowly. I hope the door doesn’t squeak. I’ll be in so much shit if it does.

I froze halfway during opening the door when I found my pocket empty. DAMN! Of course. The one time I had the perfect reason and the perfect time to get my revenge I had to leave my wand in my room. I am so damn forgetful.

Bad Lani! Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaddddddddd!

I turned and stomped towards my room, muttering under my breath, not caring who I woke or how much trouble I got into. I got cheated out of my revenge and now I’m royally pissed. When I get pissed off I usually become irrational and usually break things so…..I’m just warning you cause this could get pretty ugly.

I walked back into my room and slammed the door shut behind me with enough force to shake the glass on the window and began to pace, shaking with uncontrolled anger.

“I hate her, I hate her, I HATE HER!” I shrieked and whipped my arm around. I watched as my favorite photo frame broke into a thousand pieces and landed on the floor. The floor began to tremble and a crack formed in the middle of it, leaving a large gaping hole.

I clenched my hands into fists and closed my eyes, willing myself to calm down. Finally after a few minutes my belongings stopped shattering around me and the floor stopped to shake. Sighing, I opened my eyes and groaned.

Mum is gonna KILL me!

I turned in a circle, surveying the damage. Other than the gaping hole in my floor and my shattered photo frame I’d also managed to rip to shreds the fairy net that had hung around my bed since I was four, broken my computer chair, sent my owl, Minty’s, cage and Minty herself, to the floor where she hooting angrily and shattered my mirror completely.

I know your rather confused right now so I’ll explain. I have this odd habit of making things explode when my temper gets out of control. I can do magic without a wand but I can’t control it when my emotions go haywire. And believe me this happens a lot. The reason my mum is gonna kill me is because we are gonna have to redecorate again and we’ve down it about four times this summer.

And I’m not kidding.

I sighed again and ran a hand through my short hair, frowning when I realized I can no longer fiddle with the strands because they were too short. Damn Anna. This is so all her fault. She’s either gonna clean up this mess or I’m gonna kill her. Either way is fine with me but I’m rather liking the last choice at the moment.

I made my way carefully around the shattered glass towards my desk. There was only one person to get when things like this happened. The only person who I know can fix it. My best friend….

Lily Evans.


I know its late and you’ll kill me when you see me but I need you to get here right now before I kill Anna and before my mum kills me. In other words NOW! I’ll explain when you get here. Hurry please.


AN/ hey hey peeps! this is a story that just popped into my head! hope u all and enjoyed and as always R & R.....i LOVE reviews! = D

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