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The Rest is Still Unwritten by OMGitsEMi
Chapter 27 : We Have To.
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A/N: Hey everyone, well it has been forever and I am so sorry about that. I had to get this chapter out, but sadly I don't think I'm too happy with it. I'm just running low on ideas, the little idea fairy has been slacking I suppose. Anyways don't forget to review and tell me what you think. Also, any ideas on what you would like to see in this story? Perhaps an entire chapter about Colton and Ginny? Maybe a new guest who stirs up some problems? Well let me know loves!

Isa sighed as she set down one final box. "I thought we would never finish!" she exclaimed exasperated as she plopped down on her bed. Harry rolled his eyes, he had to admit though, he was pretty exhausted himself.

"I can't believe they managed to pack and apparate all these boxes in one day." Harry then sat down heavily on the bed next to his girlfriend.

"Well I can't believe that my mom and dad wouldn't let us use magic to move these boxes upstairs. You know in the States we have laws against this, child labor. They take it very seriously."

"Ah but your not in the States anymore, your here in England, with me." Harry told her with a smirk that Malfoy would be proud of. It was Isa's turn to roll her eyes.

"Your so cheesy." she said with a smile as she pecked him once on the cheek and stood up.

"That wasn't cheesy!" he told her standing up as Isa moved to unpack a box. "That was what someone would call romantic!" Isa snorted as she tore the tape off a box.

"Whatever you say dear." She told him absentmindedly.

"I'm going downstairs to see if they need anymore help." Harry told her with a peck on the cheek as she kept opening the boxes in her room. Her parents told her that she had to not only move all the boxes without magic, but unpack them too. She tore open another box as she began to hum to herself, but the humming stopped as something caught her eye. She looked down into the medium sized box to see envelopes and parchment.

"I don't remember packing any letters," She said quietly to herself as she continued to look through the box. "I don't think I even have letters that I would like to save." she mumbled as she picked up a letter as she walked over to her bed and took a seat. She squinted her eyes as she looked at the date which read 'May 14, 1980' without another thought she dove into the letter.

My Dear Bre-Bre,

I cannot believe it has been a month since I have seen your darling face, your sparkling blue eyes, and your beautiful blonde hair! Okay I'm done with that now; James told me that if someone else were to read this they would get the wrong idea about us.
James also told me to tell you that I look to be the size of a house. I sure picked myself a winner didn't I? Do not worry he will certainly be sleeping on the couch tonight. Which reminds me; if you push your wedding back one more time, I am going to need a new dress! The one I have now is big enough for a small dragon, but in a few months (hopefully), I will need a smaller one. Oh Bre I can't believe I still have to wait two-months for this baby, another thing I haven't been able to pester you about, you need to get married and (excuse my language) get a bun in the oven as soon as possible. Remember the ten kids, quidditch teams and white picket fences that we have planned? Well if you don't get started soon, then this dream may never come true! So please, listen to me, your dearest friend. Get married already! James agrees too, even though I'm not speaking to him.
Well, sorry to keep this short but I must be off, we're going over to Remus' for dinner, just remember I love you and can't wait for you to come home soon!


Isa chuckled as she finished the letter, Lily was still the same energetic and humorous person that this letter potrayed. Now that her interest was peaked, she moved over towards the box and searched through once more. Her eyes landed on long letter written in messy scrawl that had been dated for 'July 20, 1980'.

The Love of my Life,

I cannot believe it has been 3 weeks since I have last seen you. I'm still playing the last time I saw you over in my head, you came walking out of the room with my Chudley Cannons shirt on and said "You have to leave don't you", that look in your eyes made me want to slam the door shut and just stay there with you forever in that spot. It breaks my heart every time I have to leave your side, and I do not even feel like myself until I am back holding you in my arms. I am so sorry we had to push off this wedding once more but just know that I cannot wait until the moment when we can finally say 'I do'.
Bre love, I know I can tell you this without you laughing and holding it over my head like a certain Potter, but I am terrified. This war is getting worse Breanne, and I know that it will be a miracle if we all make it out of this alive. I am not suppose to be sharing this with anyone but I know I can trust you. Dumbledore has told me there is a spy within the Order and I feel helpless not being able to tell who it is, that I can't be there to protect you and make sure nothing happens to you. I was just informed that Marlene Mckinnon was murdered along with her whole family, I'm sorry I couldn't make it to the funeral with you, but as you know I'm stuck here and it's killing me that I can't tell you where here is.
Another thing I'm scared of is that James and I will miss the birth of baby Potter (which I have so affectionately named it!) I cannot believe that Dumbledore would send us out at a time like this, but with the number of people in the Order running low, we have no choice if we want to make this world a better place for our children.
I must cut this letter short, so sorry that it must be sent through Muggle mail, but as Dumbledore said, we cannot let anyone know that we are wizards. I love you with my heart, body and soul. I will be seeing you soon.


Just as she finished the letter Isa looked up to see the smiling face of her mother. "Are you hungry darling?" Bre asked as she walked over to where Isa was sitting on the bed, holding on to an old piece of parchment. Isa felt tears welling up in her eyes.

"Mom how did you do it?" she began quietly. "How did you survive when dad had to leave you?" Bre looked at her daughter with a questioning look. Without saying anything, Isa handed her mom the letter she had been clutching in her hands. As Bre scanned the letter, she felt tears beginning to form in her eyes.

"I always knew he would come back." Bre told her quietly. "I knew your father would try his hardest just to make it back to our front door." Isa looked up at her mom; she had never realized just how strong of a woman she was. She lost her fiancé and friends at such a young age, but she was still able to remain strong and live her life.

"Mom, I'm scared." Bre looked at her daughter lovingly as she pulled her into a tight hug.

"I was terrified every time your father left, but I always knew that we had more happy memories to make. Look where that got us now. Your father is here, we are living the life we always dreamed of, and I know Harry will always fight his way back to you." Isa nodded into her moms shoulder, a couple minutes later there was a knock at the door. Bre looked up to see her fiancé standing in the doorway.

"Harry and Colton are heading over to Grimmauld Place Is. They're waiting downstairs for you." Isa smiled at her mom as she wiped her eyes and headed for the door, stopping once to give her father a hug as she made her way downstairs.

Bre sat down at the bed as she smiled at the letter that she was still clutching in her hands. "I didn't mean to interrupt such a beautiful moment." Sirius said with a grin as he sat down next to Bre, she rolled her eyes.

"You'll never guess what our daughter found." Sirius gave her a questioning look, without a word Bre handed him the letter as he scanned it, a smile forming on his face.

"This was when Dumbledore sent James and me on a mission in Ireland." Bre nodded as she remembered Sirius' return.

Breanne Vonatello sat on her chair as she stared into her tea, the house was silent as tears slowly rolled down her cheeks. Benjy Fenwick had disappeared a few days ago and was finally declared dead. The funeral had been just that afternoon. Bre looked up from her tea and stared longingly out into the darkness, it was almost midnight as rain poured down outside. It had been 10 days since she had last heard from Sirius and she had no clue where he was or when he would be back.

Lily was also a nervous wreck as her due-date drew closer, the doctor had predicted that the baby would be born somewhere around August 2, which happened to be only 3 days away. Everyone had been walking on eggshells, Alice Longbottom had just given birth while her husband Frank had been in Romania, Bre was one of her healers and she could still remember the lonely and terrified look that had shone in her eyes, she would never wish Lily to go through that.

Bre pulled Sirius' jumper closer to her body as a crack of lightning sounded off in the distance, she was thankful for at least some noise, to keep her from delving too deeply into her thoughts. Just as she was about to get more tea she heard the click of the front door, without a second thought her wand was off the side table and in her hand as she slowly made her way to the front door, experience had taught her to never let her guard down, even though she hated to admit it, Moody was right. Constant Vigilance was necessary in this day and age. Before she could make it halfway to the door it creaked open. She held her wand at ready as the intruder pulled down his hood.

A smile broke out on Bre's face as she noticed the handsome face of her fiancé, her wand fell to the floor as she ran full speed towards him and jumped into his arms, Sirius took a few steps back as they found themselves standing on the front steps of their home. Without a word between the two Bre attached her lips to his as she ran her fingers through his hair which was becoming increasingly wet with the rain that poured down around them, but neither cared, they were back in each other’s arms safely. That was all that mattered.

"I was absolutely terrified the entire time you were gone." Bre admitted, "We had all been walking on eggshells the whole time you and James were gone, the way Dumbledore had been talking, it seemed close to impossible for you both to make it back safely." Sirius nodded.

"I saw Benjy die." Sirius said quietly, "We were trailing Voldemort, Dumbledore wanted us to find Benjy and as soon as we did he was gone." Bre felt tears roll down her cheeks once again as she remembered the young 18 year old, he loved life and everything about it, he cherished each day and had taught Bre during their short friendship that she should too. "We lost so many great people." Sirius began after a few minutes of silence. "I don't know if I can go through that again." Sirius turned to Bre and met her eyes; she noticed the unshed tears that were forming around his gray eyes.

"We have to Sirius." she said as confidently as she could. "We have children Sirius we have to be strong, we will get through this Sirius, I know we will." Sirius nodded as a tear slide down his cheek. Bre took a shaky breath. "We have to." she said quietly as the couple sat on the bed, neither of them able to say anything more.

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The Rest is Still Unwritten: We Have To.


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