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Brace Yourself by mayday
Chapter 4 : Winifred, the Detective.
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Chapter image by me :D

Right now I’m in the scariest place known to man. Ole’ Voldie himself would shake in his dragon hide boots.

Two words.

Ariel’s make-up room.

....wait that’s three words...

Oh whatever! Can you believe that she has her own make-up room?! I mean bloody hell Ariel! You make Stell and I share a tiny room and you have an entire area just for your cosmetics! What about your children, huh!

“You know Winifred, you don’t have to go if you don’t want too.”

I rolled my eyes, “I’m not being forced to Ariel, I want to.”

“Are you sure?”

Merlin, can’t the woman take a fucking hint.

“Don’t roll your eyes at me young lady and no swearing!”, she replied applying a fresh coat of mascara to her eyelashes.

What the-

“I can tell you’re swearing in your mind.”

Oh my God.

“Don’t do that either.”

“Since when have you been religious?”, I asked dubiously.

“Since I was a little girl,” she replied with a wave of the hand, “I probably would still be to this day if it wasn’t for your father and his cult trickery nonsense.”

“You mean magic?”, I asked with an eyebrow raised.

“Same thing.”

Wow, I don’t know whether I should be insulted or just really pissed off.

“So, you’re going?”, she asked again looking at me through the reflection of her vanity

“Yes, I want to see Dad” I said slowly pronouncing every syllable.

Ariel shrugged her shoulders indifferently and I took that as my cue to leave.

Ariel is slowly, but surely loosing her mind. Why she doesn’t want Stella and I to see Dad, I don’t understand. I thought she would want the house to herself tonight to see Graham.

Ewwwe, gross.

I really don’t care as long as my bed stays chaste.

I walked down the hallway  and until my room (and Stella’s). Let’s get something straight, I love my sister to pieces, but sometimes I worry about her. Right now, on a sunny Saturday, she’s in our room.... reading. I just can’t wrap my mind around it.

“Ravenclaws are such nerds,” I said leaning in the doorway looking at my sister completely enraptured in a novel.

Our room is so contradictory. You would laugh like hell if you saw it, everyone does. On one side it’s neat and tidy, while the other looks like something blew up.

You can guess which side of the room is mine.

Well, you would guess wrong because I,

(Drum roll Please)

am a neat freak! I know weird, but seriously when it comes to our room I’m the cleaner one. Don’t blame Stell though, she’s an evil genius, she gets to be messy. I bet Dumbledore’s bedroom looks like shite. Ewwwe, Dumbledore’s bedroom!

“I wouldn’t hold your breath Winnie, you’ll be one soon,” she replied dryly not looking up from her book.

I pouted, then suddenly smirked, “I wouldn’t count on it Stell, that house is going to be loads funner after I’m in it.”

“Funner isn’t a word Winnie,” Stella deadpanned.

Well, someone’s on the bitter bus.

“And you’ve just proven my point.”

She scowled and... wait, she scowled. Stella doesn’t get to scowl and act all melodramatic. That was MY job! Oh my Merlin, something has to be done about this.

“Stella, are you okay?”, I asked tilting my head to the side in concern, because that’s what you do when you’re concerned.... right?

”Is there something wrong with your neck?”

“No,” I snapped, “but is there something wrong with your attitude?”

Ohh, burn!

Stella dropped her book in shock, “Excuse me!”

“You’re excused.”

Stella huffed and flipped me off.

Oh, I’ve taught her so well!

I grabbed her tiny body into a huge hug, “I’m so proud of you! You got the timing right and everything!”

“I’ve been practicing,” Stella admitted blushing.

I wipped a stay tear when suddenly the door bell rang.

“Girls!”, Ariel shrieked, “get the door!”

“Dad’s here”, Stella squealed jumping off the bed and running out of the room.

Oh joy. A family reunion. Somebody stab me. Repetitively.

I heard the door swing open.

One, two, three.

Super star!


Kill me, kill me please.

I walked out of the bedroom and down the stairs to see Stella and Dad blissfully reunited as father and daughter.


So beautiful, if my heart wasn’t permanently encased in ice (because of Black), I might be crying.

I shuffled towards them, still hugging each other.

I tapped on my watch. Wow, this could be a while.

They finally stopped hugging when Dad asked, “Where is that sister of yours?”

Way to make me feel loved.

Stella shrugged and yelled, “WINNIE! DAD’S HERE!

Jesus, that girl can shriek.

“Bloody hell Stella, I’m right here!”

Dad and Stella whirled around to see me with my hands over my ears, “Oh sorry Winnie, Dad’s here.”

Indeed he is Stella Bella (yes that’s her middle name!) Morgan, thanks for the update!

“Hey Dad,” I said with an awkward smile.

“Come here you,” he replied with open arms.

I’m ashamed to say this.... but I ran into his arms like a five year old. I miss this.

“I miss this too, Win”, Dad replied smiling as I blushed.

I really gotta stop doin’ that. But he’s right, we need more of these little moments together. Stella and I never see him anymore, but for now nothing can ruin this.


Never mind.

My father pulled away from me and we all looked up to see Ariel all dolled up floating down the staircase.

Mother of Merlin.

“Mickey, I completely forgot you were coming! What a surprise!”, Ariel said with a wide smile glued on her made up face.

Oh yeah, that’s why you’ve spent nearly four hours in your make-up room you liar!

Dad only chuckled, probably used to Ariel’s antics, “Ariel you look wonderful as always.”

Ariel smacked Dad lightly on the arm giggling, “Oh Mickey always such a flirt. You look quite well yourself.”

Understatement of the year. Dad is very good looking. When I was a little girl I remember going to the park and having tons of single mums and not-so-single mums hit on my dad. It used to drive Ariel insane, so she would flirt with single dads or not-so-single dads which drove Dad insane.... yeah they were a great couple.

“Thanks Ariel, but we better be going.”

“Oh so soon! But I was just about to bake a batch of cookies, are you sure you don’t want to wait a while?”, Ariel asked fluttering her eyelashes.

I snuck a look a Stella who seemed just as baffled as I was.

Dad raised an eyebrow, “Maybe another time, we’re actually meeting some friends, so we can’t be late.”

Ariel frowned, before plastering on a smile and throwing a wink at Dad. “I’ll hold you to that,” she replied.

I think I just threw up in my mouth.

Suddenly Ariel pulled both Stella and I into a huge group hug. Why, God... WHY!

“I’ll miss you girls! Be good for Mickey okay? Call me if you need anything or you just want to talk! I love you both,” Ariel said almost sniffling.

“Good-bye Mum, I’ll call you later,” Stella replied kissing her on the cheek going towards Dad, leaving me in Ariel’s hug-of-doom.

Jeez Stell! Thanks a lot!

Ariel looked down at me expectantly.... oh yeah, sorry.

“Bye Ari- Mum!”

I looked at her shocked, but she just smiled at me beautifully. She just stepped on my foot! My foot! Bloody hell, what in the name of Rowena’s lacy knickers is going on!

“I’ll miss you too sweetheart, be a good little girl. Don’t give Mickey a fuss all right-”

I nodded my head, a little scared of what might happen if I didn’t.

“-and no swearing Winifred, remember a lady never curses!”

Honestly Ariel, there are no ladies here.

She gave me a huge smooch on the cheek and ushered me towards my waiting father and Stella who was trying not to laugh. Dad opened the door as Ariel yelled her good-byes almost in tears.

I wouldn’t be surprised if she pulled out a handkerchief.... oh wait, never mind, apparently nothing surprises me anymore. And then we were gone, I was so concentrated on leaving I didn’t even notice we were... well leaving until we were driving away.

“Well, your mother never changes,” Dad said chuckling rapping his hands on the steering wheel.

“Yep that’s Mum,” I replied rolling my eyes.

“Hey dad, did you get a new car?”, Stella asked from the back seat looking at the automobile curiously.

Dad tensed up, but smiled easily, “Yeah, last April actually.”

I frowned yeah, he did. I guess I didn’t notice. But why would he trade in his little sports car for a... mini-van?

“Why?”, I asked looking at the car bewildered.

Why would anyone trade a sports car for a mini-van?

Dad gave a shallow laugh, “Just needed a change.”

I could tell he was lying and judging my Stella’s face, so could she.


“Really, you too apparently,” Dad replied gesturing to my hair.

I raked a hand through my short hair with a grimace and nodded.

“It looks er.... nice?”

Yep, my dad is a horrible liar.

That’s where I get it from. It was oddly silent in the car, whenever Dad came to visit it was never quiet. He would always talk about work or all the celebrities he met or even if he was desperate ask about Ariel.

Strange, how strange.

Dad cleared his throat, “I can’t believe how big you girls are getting! I swear it feels like yesterday I was carrying you two around. Winnie going into her last year at Hogwarts and my super star a second year Ravenclaw, I just can’t believe it. You two make me feel so old!”

Don’t worry Dad, you don’t look a day over twenty-five.

Stella beamed at Dad, “I know Dad, I’m so excited not to be a firstie anymore!”

Dad turned to me, “What about you Win?”

I shrugged, “Yeah I guess.”

Wait until my evil plan unfolds.... muhahahhahahaha!

“You guess? Seventh year is going to be the best year of your life Winnie. You and Pippa-”


“-will have a great time!”

I nodded my head trying to keep down the natural bile that came to my throat when my dear cousin’s name is mentioned.

I looked out the window to see Dad turning into a nice suburban neighborhood.

“Dad, where are we going?”, I asked confused.

“We’re going to lunch Win,” Dad chuckled nervously.

“Yeah, but I thought we were going to Luna’s like always,” Stella replied looking at the pretty white houses with bewilderment.

“Actually girls I hope you don’t mind, but we’re having lunch at a friend’s house. I thought you might like to have a nice home cooked meal for once.”

What is up with my parents these days! They are trying way too hard to be... parents!

I shared a look with Stella, something is going on.

“Ah! Here we are!”, Dad exclaimed pulling into a driveway.

The house was very pretty, gorgeous in fact. A big colonial style home, with blue shutters and a red door.  Beautiful flowers surrounding it and... holy shite! Is that a tire swing? The house was prefect, the kind of house that every kid wanted to grow up in. The kind of house that the Brady Bunch had,

Where the flying fuck are we?

I unbuckled my seat belt, climbing out of the van and sliding open the back door to help Stella out.

“What’s going on?”

“I have no idea,” I replied looking over to Dad who was walking towards the front door.

Suddenly the red door swung open and a brunette woman came out giving Dad a kiss.... on the LIPS! The LIPS people!

Stella choked on her own spit and I walked straight into the car.

Believe me when I say this, I’ve seen many kisses. Ariel’s not to shy when she brings home a date. But, I’ve never, ever seen Dad with someone other than Ariel.

Dad unconnected his face from that- that woman and motioned us forward, but neither of us could move an inch.

“Winnie, Stella come here! There is someone I want you to meet!”

I snapped out of my stupor and I grabbed Stella’s arm to go forward, but she stayed frozen to the spot.

“Stella, Stella come on!”, I whispered trying to pull her forward while Dad and the brunette watched us curiously.

“I can’t go over there,” Stella whispered back frantically.

“Is there something wrong?”, Dad shouted across the lawn confused.

“Come on Stella, let’s go!”

“No,” she pleaded.


“Winnie please?”

“No,” I replied firmly, taking her arm and dragging her up the walkway towards Dad and whoever the hell this woman is.

Usually I’m not this pushy, but I wanted to know what the hell is going on. I’m outraged right now, fuming! I’ll figure this out if I have to go all Nancy Drew on Dad’s arse!

I stopped in front of the woman who smiled nicely at me.

Oh yeah, you just wait nice-smiling woman, you just wait!

Dad put his arm around Senora Smiley Face and said, “Girls this is Mary, a very good friend of mine-”


“-and Mary these are my girls.”

Mary smiled at me, “Hello you must be Winnie-”

Holy Shite, how did she know my name! Creepy!

She bent down towards Stella who was looking rather pale, “-and you’re Stella. I’m so glad to finally meet you both, your dad talks about you all the time.”

“Really, he’s never said a thing about you,” I replied with a sweet smile.

Oh yes, it’s ON!

Mary’s smile faltered for a second, but Dad stepped in quickly.

“Actually Winnie, there’s something I want to talk to you and your sister about.”

“Yes, I think you better,” I said as I held up a weak looking Stella.

Dad rubbed his neck, a thing he did when he was nervous, “The thing is, Mary isn’t just a friend, she’s more than that-”

No shite.

“-we’ve been together for a while and she’s well not my friend. She’s more than that, a lot more, she’s-”

Spit it out!’

“-my fiancé. Mary and I are getting married.”

Three things happened at once.

Dad and Mary got all gooey-eyed over each other,

my jaw hit the floor,

and Stella fainted.

Umm.... mystery solved!

Wow, even Nancy Drew wouldn’t have believed this.

“Congratulations!”, I shouted to the shocked couple while I tried to revive Stella.

I mean bloody hell.

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