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Difference of a Daisy by peeving_peeves
Chapter 1 : Russian Bruise
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Yes ladies and gentlemen that is Dominique Weasley. Woot!

A/N- As you all should know by now I DO NOT OWN HARRY POTTER or anything you recognise, it all belongs to J.K.ROWLINGS, however anything you don't recognise belongs to me, YAY!!

Be nice and read and review, positive and negitive feedback or little pointers are appreciated, a new banner even more so.

thanks :)

‘One step at time... left, right, left, right!’
You may be wondering why I have to think about walking... well I am majorly destructive. I am the tiniest bit of a klutz, OK, massively.
Well it was all going well...
But then I landed on the floors hard surface, yes, sprawled out on the floor. Now let’s make matters worse, there were about 20 year 6 guys, very hot and popular year 6 guys...

Then the most familiar of voices called, maybe a bit too familiar, “Daisy, how was your summer? Do you want a hand moving your bags to the floor too; I know you liked the ground and all!”
“Shut it, Malfoy. Merlin, just help me up!”
“Did everybody here that?” Scorpius Malfoy said loudly, “Daisy James just asked for help!”
Now with a red face and what I now presumed was a bruise the size of the United Kingdom on my ass I pushed up off the ground up onto my unstable two legs. My first act of stability was to push the git to the floor and curse his ass off, OK, maybe not the curse his ass off bit, but I did have my fingers crossed that his bruise was a Russia!
“Ouch. That really hurt!” Scorpius yelped from the floor. He looked like his father, his silvery blond hair covered his grey eyes and his face was fierce and fairly boney, but he wasn't bad looking, I had to admit.
“You got a Russia, GO RUSSIA!” I sang in a chorus. Deciding that I had already ruined my reputation with the year 6 guys, I added a little victory dance in with the song.
And what better moment for Albus ‘Bloody’ Potter to walk in, yes I added the ‘Bloody’. In fourth year, which was well, last year, it was a pretty random year. Right, the story, I were bored, so I snuck into the boys’ dorms and tie-dyed all of Albus’ clothes, and then in potions the following day he tipped leprechaun blood all over me, it resulted in the two of us with a week’s worth of detention, I know, sweet!

Then a sprinting lunatic started flying towards me, arms opened. It was Dom. She inherited her mothers looks, she had veela in her blood, her lond silvery hair hung low and perfectly down her back. But she wasn't one bit stuck up, not like her cousin Rose Weasley, she thinks she is all it.  My weird best mate, who is, well just weird. But we get along like, like the opposite of a house fire and water? Yes, no, maybe, I don’t know... Okay we are besties; you don’t need a picture of that, do you? Well I’ll give you one- Pretending we are drowning in the black lake in third year so some extremely hot 7th year guys will come save us, actually drowning and then waking up in St. Mungo’s together a week later, yeah man, we are the strangest legends this school has ever had!

So, I too, start doing the lunatic run, arms open and all goofy looking. But then I tripped on one of my two left feet and started to do those summersault things on the floor, knocking Dom over along with all my pride of being upright for more than two minutes.
“So nothing’s changed then, aye?” Dominique laughed from next to me, as we lay placidly on the floor.
“Nothing, except my bruise has now changed from the UK to the whole of Europe!” I cried and laughed at the same time and my bet I sounded retarded too.

I have one name for you, Veronica Zaicek. Hate was the mildest way to describe the little cow, the stupid, slimy, Slytherin, ‘if there was a magical royal family I would get them all assassinated till I remain the only heir’. Yep, that sums her up. Oh, and that she would make Albus Potter King...
Anyway, she thinks she is some sort of super-model, but in all honesty I think she is rather ugly, like that muggle singer Amy Winehouse, OK that’s extreme, like trying gymnastics on a broomstick, now I’m getting ideas ...

“Albie-poo!” The Queen of evil squealed in her irritating high-pitched voice that leaves your ears ringing. I wasn’t going to put up with the most annoying person on the face of earth, no, the whole damn Universe. Now Albus was hugging her, this was the limit.
“Dom, let’s get as far away as we can before we meet the serpents eyes, I’m too young to die!”
Dom giggled and we walked into a compartment. I sat by the window while head . Dominique, on the other hand was sprawled out on the opposing seat, pulling faces at me.
Just then, Albus came in, hand in hand with Cruella (aka Veronica).
“Hey Albus, nice to see you brought my best mate to visit!” I said with extreme sarcasm and energy.
Albus gave me a look that said, ‘I am going to kill your cat and hang him off the astronomy tower!’ but I don’t have a cat, so it doesn’t matter. So I give him the foolproof, evil wide grin.
“What do you want?” Dom said bluntly examining Veronica as if she was from another planet.
Albus gave her a look of pity, like it was her cat hanging off the astronomy tower.
“Merlin dammit, Potter. She doesn’t have a bloody cat, you tool!” I told him, with a straight face.
Dom burst out laughing, mainly because of the reaction of both Veronica and Albus, like I drank ‘essence of insanity’ or something of the sort.
“Al, you’re my cousin and all...” Dominique stated sternly, “but get OUT!”
Albus obeyed her, that was the last anyone saw of Albus Potter... rumour had it that he jumped of the Hogwarts Express’ roof.
My only thought was, ‘so long, sucker!’
Just Kidding! Albus is still, most likely alive.
Melissa Brown, one of our friends from Hufflepuff came sat beside me “So, how was your summer with the muggles?” Melissa asked.
“Fine!” Dom answered shooting me a ‘shut up or I will honestly use crucio against you’ look.
“Just dandy! Domie and I went shopping in a muggle shopping mall, I went to get money out of the ATM machine, when it gave me my money Dom ran around screaming, “We won money, we won money!” Then they accused us on being on ‘drugs’ or something and kicked us out.”
Melissa choked on a chocolate frog, “Dom, you idiot! So you guys coming to the party in the room of requirement tonight?”
“We will be there!” Dominique replied forcefully flipping her long blonde hair behind her shoulder.
I nodded unenthusiastically, this was heading for disaster, and I always ended up in the middle of it... I honestly couldn’t help it.

By the time we arrived in the 5th year girls dorms I was still in a state of annoyance, but at least I was home. The feast had been ridiculously boring, nobody even table danced. Make mental note to propose that idea to Dom, I can just see us now, dancing on the Slytherin table at breakfast. They won’t know what hit them! Now laughing like a maniac as I walk into the common room. I gained some very strange looks from the occupants. I was thinking of ways to move the room’s attention elsewhere.
“Look! A flying pig!” I pointed to the other end of the common room as I yelled it out.
They all just sniggered; I had made a fool out of myself. It would have worked in the muggle world! Not my fault I’m a bloody muggle-born.
“Shut-ARGGHH-” I yelped, rolling down the staircase and landed with a crack. I think I may have just smashed my right leg. Yep, it hurts like all hell! I wonder if that will help my broom-nastics (my new sport creation gymnastics on a broomstick! I must tell James Potter that one, it would look impressive)! OK, stuff broom-nastics. I think I need hospital wing, NOW!
Before I knew it, four seventh years were carrying me down the hospital wing. What would Madame Belkin say, to see me so soon, I bet on Dominique’s life she missed me all summer, imagine how lonely she would have been!
“Miss James, what sort of injury have you acquired so early this term, classes haven’t even started yet?” Madame Belkin said worriedly.
I smiled at her and said proudly, “Fell down the stairs, and I think I may have smashed my right leg!”
“Tut, tut, at least a night for this, my dear!” She ordered, levitating me from the grip of the 7th years and onto one of the beds, it had a sign, ‘Owner- Daisy James’. Madame Belkin had put that up in my first year.
“Yay, we can have one of our famous sleep over’s!” I explained with a nine-year-old attitude.
She smiled and examined my leg, I was becoming extremely tolerable to pain, it’s sort of sad that actually...

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