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My Summer with Sirius by hogwarts_author_cs
Chapter 1 : Coming Home
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It was the last day of school. I was actually, for the first time in my life, feeling depressed. Now, I know I may sound like a nerd for saying this, but school is my life! I didn’t know how I was going to live without it. The weird thing about me being depressed was that I could think of a whole list of things to be happy about.

1. I was going to be able to see my mom soon.

2. It wasn’t like I wouldn’t see Lily every day like usual… she lives about five streets over from me.

3. No school work! (As much as I love school, I just can’t bring myself to love studying for tests!)

4. No more Sirius Black.

Now this last one might sound a little mean, but I don’t believe that it’s mean at all. Seriously (no, that was not meant as a pun), he gets on my nerves! Every time I see him he is either pulling a prank on me or someone in the vicinity. If he isn’t, then he’s laughing about some prank he pulled earlier! He’s so full of himself, too. Then again, I might be, too, if I had a fan club. You know what? That’s another thing about him that I don’t like.

He has a fan club.

A fan club.

I just need to ask myself one question: seriously?

Once again, I really don’t mean to be funny!

But really, a fan club? Why does he have a fan club? If he weren’t so full of it he wouldn’t have one. So I believe that it’s all his fault.

Basically, to sum that all up, if you didn’t catch that, I extremely dislike Sirius Black. Now, it would be bordering on hate, but the one thing that I have in his defense is that he’s never really done anything to me to make me hate him. Most of the girls in our year that hate him have a reason. He has dated, and dumped, all of them.
Well, I can see that happening. The girls in my dorm (except, of course for Lily) are extremely shallow, and not the brightest girls I’ve ever met. Lily and I were forced together out of sheer need for someone who didn’t have seven hour conversations about hair products! Don’t get me wrong, Lily and I are best friends and love each other like sisters. But we were never the type of girls who would be best friends under normal circumstances.

I’ve been sidetracking too much! Back to the story!

So I was currently saying goodbye to Remus Lupin. He would be a really great guy if he didn’t hang out with that Black.

“Bye, Remus,” I said, giving him a hug.

“See ya later, Amanda,” he replied.

“Will I see you this summer?” Lily asked, running up quickly.

“Of course!” I replied. Lily and I were lucky enough to live close enough to walk to each other’s houses. “I can’t believe that we have to spend three whole months at home, without magic!”

“I thought you liked your home?” Remus asked.

“Well,” I said, “I do. Don’t get me wrong. I really love my mother, too, but you know how she doesn’t know that I’m a witch. I have to make up all sorts of stories to tell her, and I have to hide everything from her 24/7. It gets really tiring after a while.”

“Just think,” Lily said, staring up at the great castle, “Next year when we enter those doors we’ll be sixth years.”

“Yeah,” I replied, glancing dreamily up at the huge building.

“Well, I’m just glad we don’t have to take exams again until seventh year.” An extremely familiar voice was coming towards Lily, Remus, and I.

“Oh no,” Lily said, quickly running away, “See you on the train, Amanda!”

I sighed. Of course Lily would leave me to fend for myself. In my opinion I had always thought this more of a Slytherin trait, but I had never told Lily that.

“Where did Lily run off to?” James appeared at my side, followed immediately by Sirius Black. I sighed.

“She was meeting her boyfriend on the train,” I said smoothly. Of course it wasn’t true that Lily had a boyfriend. Lily just didn’t like James for the same reason I didn’t like Sirius. Then again, Lily had more reason than I did. James actually stalked her.

“Sure she was,” James said, smiling hugely.

“Where’s your boyfriend?” Sirius asked, smirking as well.

See? It was questions like these that made me dislike Sirius so much. Was it really necessary to point out the fact that I didn’t have a boyfriend in my face? Did we really need to announce it to the whole world? I mean, I didn’t mind not having a boyfriend, but when Sirius went around saying it like that it made me angry.

“Where’s your girlfriend?” I asked back.

“I dumped her yesterday,” he said casually. “I needed to be free for the summer.”

At this point the train warning whistle sounded, and I quickly got on the train, not even thinking about how awful Sirius was. I was only concentrating on looking back one last time at the castle.

“Maybe the train will leave before Black and Potter get on,” I murmured to myself as I found the compartment with Lily in it.

The ride home was fun, as all train rides go.

Lily and I did what all best friends do. We chatted, laughed, and of course, played some exploding snap. I was actually feeling a little happy when we got off at platform 9 ¾. I was sad to say goodbye to Lily, but I knew that I would probably see her later that day, even. Excited to see my mother after being away for so long, I ran through the crowd until I found her at platform 7. I couldn’t tell my mother where to actually pick me up in case she saw any of my friends and their “wizardishness”. I couldn’t let her find out what I really was.

When we got home, I saw that my mother had put up balloons and a banner reading, ‘Welcome Home Amanda’. I smiled to myself, thinking that perhaps this summer would not be as bad as I had predicted.

A week passed, and I was just starting to think that my thoughts on the summer were right. I was having a great time! I had gone over to Lily’s house a couple times and enjoyed the free time at home. This, however, all changed on an early Saturday morning a week and a half into the summer break.

I was just getting up to go downstairs for breakfast when my mother peeked her head into my room.

“Hey, Amanda, honey, the new neighbors just moved in next door! I haven’t been over there to meet them yet, but I think we should go this morning. The moving truck just left. It’s funny… I didn’t even realize that house was for sale! But could you just put on some nice clothes and we’ll go over there and welcome them to the neighborhood!”
I sighed, “Okay, mom. I’ll be down in a minute!”

“Alright, honey. Thanks!”

She left. I sighed again. I really didn’t want to go meet our new neighbors. Don’t get me wrong, I’d love to know who was over there. I’m sure they’re very nice people. However, I’m only ever here for 3 months in the summer, so I didn’t see any point in making any great friends outside of Hogwarts.

Actually, I never saw the point of making any new friends. I had Lily.

I did what my mother had asked, though, and got dressed. I brushed my hair and teeth, too, figuring I could at least make a good impression.

Walking downstairs into the kitchen, the first thing I saw was an enormous cake sitting on the table. Well, of course my mother had baked a cake. She was just that type of person. You know the type that will bake and decorate a cake for you for any and every occasion. It was beautifully done, too. My mother did it enough that she was getting pretty good at it.

It wasn’t surprising that she was into stuff like that, though. When I was gone away to boarding school she was alone all day. I still didn’t know why she didn’t just buy a smaller house. With no husband and no other kids, my mother must have been very lonely all year. I almost felt bad for leaving her.

“Are you ready?” my mother asked me.

I was just nodding when there came a frantic knocking at our front door.

“I’ll get it,” I said. As I walked to the front of the house I heard more frantic knocking. “Goodness, have a little patience!” I opened the door to find a very flustered Lily outside out it.

“You’ll never believe what just happened,” she said, completely out of breath as though she had just ran the whole way to my house.

“What? Lily? What happened?” I asked.

“Guess who moved in next door.”

I just stared at her.

“Who?” I finally asked.

She was out of breath, but she managed to make his name audible nonetheless.

“Sirius Black.”

A/N- So, this was the first chapter. It was just a sort of intro chapter that I wrote pretty quickly, but the rest of the story is on the way! I hope you liked it, ( I know that it was really, really short,- the rest will be longer) and please review to tell me what you think! Thanks!

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