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Caught in a landslide by Ivoryrose x
Chapter 3 : Ministry of magic
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Hope you like it.

Chapter three

Rose and Albus landed on the cold hard pavement infront of the ministry. Albus was recovering from banging his head rather hardly on the pavement, while Rose was rubbing gunk of her white jeans.

“You know Rose,” said Albus rubbing the back of his head, “I don’t think underage apparition is really the right way to find out who your real parents are.”

“Albi your such a spoilsport, what’s life without a little risk,”
“A little? Oh so your definition of a little risk is
ILLEGAL underage apparition with Harry Potters son who most definitely will be recognised”

“Yeah what’s wrong with that?” asked Rose giving him a mischievous look.

“Your mad Rose completely bonkers. I don’t know how your parents put up with you.” Albus only realised what he said after he said it and his face turned from a smile to a frown he glanced at Rose worriedly.

‘Rose, I’m sorry I didn’t mean, I..”

“ Forget it,” said Rose, “Come on lets go look at some papers.” But she still couldn’t meat Albus eyes, she could not let him see the tears in her own.

The teens walked side by side into the broken old phone box.

“Wow its filthy in here” said Rose as they dragged the cobwebs of their clothes. “What’s the number again Al?”

“Uhh, three, nine, eight ,zero, four, six, eight, nine. Ad an extra zero if you want to have an escort.”
Rose typed in the numbers as he spoke but left of the extra zero.

“We don’t want an escort ,” she explained to Albus, “What we’re doing is probably illegal, I know in the muggle world your not allowed to see your real parents before your sixteen. If you were adopted, that is."

"Rose, if you know what we're doing is probably illegal then why are you doing it?"
Albus looked at his cousin as she turned around and gave him a sad expression.

"Wouldn't you?" she asked , and suddenly they both started to fall.
The phone box went down a lot faster than either of them had expected and they were thrown about a lot.
'Ministry of magic, the atrium' The sing song voice echoed as the phone box stooped and rose and al stepped out.The teens stared in wonder at the large golden statue it did not resemble anything that the two of them had ever seen before, but the statue resembled a man in robes , obviously a wizard, shaking hands with a woman wearing muggle clothes who was obviously a muggle. behind the man there were groups of magical creatures and wizarding children and behind the woman, there were some perfectly ordinary children and what looked like a group of Eton school boys.
Underneath the statue there was a notice.
"The statue peace. May we all life in harmony, mugles and wizards combined"

"Dad told me about this statue once." Rose whispered. "It was built a month after the battle of hogwarts. To try and show how the world could be, how it should be."
"Come on lets go." said Albus, and Rose tore her eyes away from the statue and started to follow him.

Rose and Albus walked down the hall, filled with ministry officials it did not take long before somebody noticed the teens.

"Oi! You two, shouted a very strongly built guard. "You're not ment to be in 'ere! What are you doing?"

"Sorry sir we just wanted to..." Rose started. It goes without saying that she didn't get to finish.

“No you don’t get a chance for a sorry you just have to leave , NOW!”
Rose looked at the man with humiliation and then turned with her cousin and began to walk back down towards the phone box. Albus started to follow her but to his surprise, they did not go to the box. They had got about twelve yards down the hall and then among the sea of people Rose started to drag Albus across the room and over into the ladies.

“Rose! What the hell are you doing? He told us to leave not to go and hide in the toilets.!”

‘Whatever Albus, come on I need to disguise us, can you think of any spells to change your appearance?”
What Rose grow a brain, do you know what could happen if we get caught?”

“Yeah, they’ll tell us of. Come on Albus, where’s that daring quiditch player, stop being so serious! Now what's that spell to make people look older? Uh.. Lecano? Yeah that's it. Albus look at me.” and in a second a much Taller and more lined Albus Potter was staring her in the face.
“Rose you shouldn’t have!”

“Well I did, come on you put the spell on me now, Albus.”

Albus reluctantly performed the spell and the two walked out of the cubicle together and into the hall once more. This time nobody tried to stop them, instead they got several nods of the head and the occasional, “Hello Mr Potter,” or, “ Good day.”

“They think you’re Uncle Harry!” whispered Rose in Albus’s ear.

Albus smiled and they walked into a lift.

“Department for muggle artefacts, level five, Department of magical law enforcement, level four, Department of wizarding dates and records, level three,...”

“That’s it that’s the one we want. “ cried Rose and Albus slammed the number three.

The lift started to move and Albus looked over at Rose,
“Are you scared?” he asked

Rose looked at him and smiled , “Petrified.”

“Department of wizarding dates and records, your destination”

Rose and Albus looked at each other and then stepped out of the lift.

“ Afternoon Mr Potter, what are you doing here?” The old man at the desk smiled at Albus with gappy teeth.

“Uh, Afternoon, I just need to look at some paperwork, Auror stuff, you know.”

Rose smiled at Albus’s lie and followed him into the room named “Deaths, births and Adoptions.”

“Right!” said Albus, “ What are we looking for?”

“Look in any file, deaths , births or adoptions, look for weasley or Granger.”

“Right, whatever you say General Rose”

After that the room went quiet there was only the rustle of papers being thrown about that kept the room from going completely silent.
The friends searched for a further hour, Albus skimming calmly through the papers whereas Rose got more and more agitated with every paper.

Rose was just about to give up when suddenly Albus looked up and grinned,


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Caught in a landslide: Ministry of magic


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