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Quiet Connor by SweetAndSilent21
Chapter 13 : Gasp.
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Chapter_13.jpg Chapter 13 picture by SweetandSilent21

"What the bleeding sodding hell do you think you're doing?"

Her face was close to mine, I could smell the thick scent of alcohol here too. The thought of, Merlin, is everyone here getting themselves utterly pissed tonight? drifted quickly through my brain only to be replaced with Ouch, ouch, ouch, ouch, ouch! as the enraged and intoxicated blonde pulled me swiftly away from the large ballroom where the sounds of music continued on.

She yanked be through the huge stained glass doorway that lead to the large, beautiful garden. I only had a few moments however, to marvel at the beautiful wildlife before the screeching voice returned.

"Where do you get off kissing my boyfriend? Huh?" she questioned loudly, her words slurring together at some parts.

I took an involuntary step backwards, from the stench, but she seemed to have gotten the impression that it was intimidation that cause my retreat. It seemed to drive her insane shrieks.

"Remus is mine." she snarled furiously. "He's mine and I'll never let you have him."

"You don't really like him Emma-" I reminded her, making sure my words slowed down so she could process them correctly.

"I don't care!" she shrieked hysterically at me. I saw a slight movement behind a set of bushes, but when I stared over in the direction I couldn't see anything. My attention was quickly drawn back to the girl in front of me. "I don't care that I never really liked him! He is mine and I won't let you steal him away from me with your "innocent, shy girl" wiles!"

Wiles? When did I acquire wiles of any kind?

"Remus is my ticket to your darling Sirius Black-"

"I don't own Sirius." I stated calmly. I found it very difficult to be scared of her when she smelled like a rubbish bin (and resembled one, mind you). Not to mention the fact that the way her words came out were jumbled and made me want to giggle.

"Rubbish!" she bellowed. "You've got them all wrapped around your finger and that was what I wanted!"

I blinked. Huh?

She glared at me, looking like she might just leap on me like an enraged spider monkey. "Imagine; having the majority of the Marauders fighting over me, Lily Evans as my best friend, I'd be on top of the mountain. My 7th year would be everything it's suppose to be," Her eyes suddenly flashed dangerously back to me. "But you got in the way. You ruined everything! Well that doesn't matter anymore. I'll just do what I should have done the moment you strolled into this whole thing." She was moving toward me now, a maddening look in her eyes.

And in that split second, I knew that Emma Yoast had finally gone madder than a hatter. And, in my personal opinion, that's quite an accomplishment.

Then she jumped on me.

I screamed as my back collided with the cold hard dirt. Ripping sounds and shouting and curse words filled my ears. She pulled my hair and I felt her- her Talons of Doom claw at the pale flesh on my arms and neck. Suddenly, I couldn't breath. Her hands had wrapped around my throat and her thumbs pressed hard against the front of my throat. I heard myself making gasping sounds, but even then, I could feel parts of my body shutting down and becoming unresponsive. Everything was getting blurry and dark and the last thing I heard was Emma panting and the sound of shuffling in the distance.


It was particularly bright.

That was the first thought that appeared in my mind. I was in a very white room, the blinding sort of white that makes you blink your eyes hard. Like- Like staring into the sun, or something. It clicked then;

I was in a sun room.

I looked down at myself and saw myself in a pretty flowing white dress. I swayed my hips back and forth, watching the light fabric swish with mild amusement.


I looked up, still smiling faintly, to see Remus Lupin in all his glory. He was dressed in a simple pair of tan slacks and a white button down shirt that seemed to be missing a few buttons at the top.

... bloody hell.

But... I didn't feel nervous, or tongue tied. I walked right over to him, and he took my hand. He was smiling brilliantly at me, squeezing my hand lightly.

But then... he wasn't.

His face suddenly looked worn and scared and worried. He was wearing different clothes and Sirius was next to him. I blinked hard, trying to make it change back. I didn't like his face now. It made me feel anxious.

"What...?" I tried to say, but my mouth wouldn't move. After another few seconds I felt myself being tugged back to the sun room.

But... it wasn't the sun room really. It was all dark now, and Emma Yoast was there instead of Remus. She screamed at me and clutched my neck until it hurt.

I heard faint voices as her screaming disappeared.

"We just think it would be in Miss Connor's best interest if he left. We wouldn't want him to lose... control or-" a female voice said quietly, hesitantly.

"He's in perfect control of himself. Thank you for your concerns, but we'll be fine." Another female snapped coldly, a little louder. Both voices were unfamiliar.

"I'm sorry ma'am, but it goes against our safety systems-" the first female said.

A male voice, which still triggered no memory in my mind, answered in a sort of 'calm-before-the-storm' tone of voice. "And we've made it perfectly clear that we are positive that Remus Lupin is no danger to Miss Connor. I demand that you allow him back in here, or I will not hesitate to take this to your supervisor."

My arms felt tight and sore, and my neck ached painfully. What the sodding hell...?

"Mr. Potter, I'll assure you that that will not be necessary. However, having a young werewolf in the ward is against our policy. I'm sorry, but we must keep Miss Connor's best interests in mind, and for her own protection-" the woman, whom I gathered by now was a nurse of some sort, said. She seemed to be growing some sort of confidence.

"Damn it, she's bloody well in love the kid! If you don't let him in here, so help me, I'll-"

Finally. A voice I recognized.


Silence fell around me before I felt someone grasp my hand tightly. "Yeah, I'm here Connor. Are you alright?"

I thought about that for a moment. "No," I said, forcing my eyes open. "I feel like a pile of rubbish, actually." Sirius snorted quietly, shaking his head. I waited a moment before continuing, waiting for everything to come into focus. I was happily surprised to see Erin on my other side. "Hello." I said in surprise.

She glared at me. "Don't you 'Hello' me." she said. "You scared the gobstones out of me!"

I blinked. "I didn't do it on purpose." I said, thinking of Emma, knowing without having to ask that that was the reason I was at, what I was guessing to be, St. Mungo's. "In fact, I didn't really do anything at all."

Before anyone could responded, a loud bang sounded from outside. It was the unmistakable sound of something slamming into a wall. It was followed my some shouting, but my attention was quickly drawn to where the last three people in the room were by the door.

People whom I now recognized as Mr. and Mrs. Potter, were now exchanging a glance as the older nurse had a faintly smug, 'Now do you understand?' sort of expression.

I pushed myself (ow) into a sitting position, feeling confused as I let their previous conversation go through my head.

Control... Remus Lupin... Safety policy? It didn't make any sense-


Merlin's munchies. No. Absolutely not. That was perposterous! Completely insane! Bonkers! Mad-

This seemed familiar. It took me a moment to realized that I went through the same denial with finding out that Sirius was an illegal Animagus…

But, really that was completely different- this is completely different. Remus Lupin can't be a- a werewolf!

Think of all the disappearences. A faraway, and utterly annoying truthful sounding sort of voice urged me. It fits, and you know it does.

No. It didn't.

However, dispite my denial ridden retort, I began thinking...

His monthly disappearings to go and care for his 'sick mother'... that just happened to fall for a few days every month... the scars... the timing... it... it all made sense!

Remus Lupin, the boy that I have adored since I was 12 years old. Remus Lupin, who I, admittedly, stalked for a few years of our lives. Remus bloody Lupin, whom I now know is... a werewolf.

A Werewolf...

Werewolves, who are suppose to be one of the most dangerous and deadly creatures to ever roam the earth. Werewolves, who have brutally ripped apart families without caring. Werewolves, who are feared by wizards and muggles alike. Werewolves, who would kill their own without even pausing to consider what it was they were doing.

And... Remus Lupin, was a werewolf.

Is a werewolf.

In a second I threw the covers from my body and stumbled to my feet. I ignored the pain that shot through my spine and staggered toward the door. Sirius reached out for my shoulder, but I shook him off immediately. However, my wiggly beeline for the door was blocked as the somewhat elderly nurse placed herself between my rampage and the door.

"Miss Connor, I insist that you return to your bed! You need rest and-" she informed me.

I struggled to shove her away from the door. "I need to talk to him! Move! Bloody hell, you ancient damnation, move out of my way!"

I finally was able to push her far enough from the door to slide around and stumbled my way out.

I looked down the hall to see James grasping Remus' forearms while Lily spoke to him with a sternly maturnal sort of look on her face.

They all looked over at my nosy arrival. I locked eyes with Remus and I felt a sudden shock of electricty shoot through my chest.

A moment of silence passed and I felt a smile tug at my lips, because I knew in that moment.

I knew.

Remus Lupin was a werewolf. There were no doubts in my mind now.

This, however, was not why I was smiling.

I should be terrified. I should be running for the hills, while screaming hysterically all the way.

But I wasn't.

I knew that Remus was a werewolf, and I was grinning like a fool! I was grinning and grinning and grinning some more, because I didn't care. I didn't care that he was a werewolf, because he was still Remus Lupin.

He was still Remus Lupin, who had had my heart from the moment I saw him blush cherry red when McGonagall gave him 10 house points for answering a question 'Absolutely perfectly' in our 2nd year Transfiguration class.

He was still Remus Lupin, and that wasn't changing.

That would always be the same;

So, really, who could blame me for grinning like a bloody fool?



Tis, finally here! The long awaited Chapter 13!

Yes... well, about the wait... I think saying I was sorry wouldn't really matter much, but let's just say that I was undergoing several difficulties at the time. So... yeah.

Anyway, now that it is actually here, what do you think? Good? Bad? Anything is good really. Either way, let me know my lovely readers!

So, rate, review, etc. etc. and do the little dance.

Until next chapter (which will certainly be coming out much more quickly),


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