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Truth by ginny_malfoy22
Chapter 8 : Battle
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AN~ So, I ignored my hiatus. I JUST HAD to write this, and well, I'm trusted author, so I thought I may as well put it up...but I am still on hiatus, and this chapter "doesn't exist yet"

After Quidditch practice a couple of days later, I was walking back to the Common Room with Ginny.

“So, what’s it like, being in love with someone?” she asked. I frowned at her, thinking about Neville.

“You don’t know?” I asked. Ginny shrugged, and smiled at me.

“Of course I do, but I wanted to know about you. It’s your first love, you’re so grown up now!” she exclaimed, putting a hand to her eyes and fake crying. I rolled my eyes.

“I’m older than you, Ginny,” I pointed out. She shrugged.

“You and Luna need to start a club for unrequited love…oh wait, don’t worry, only Luna should, because Hermione already does love you!” Ginny said. I stopped and pointed at her.

“She loves Ron,” I whispered, “She will never love me, don’t give me hope.” Ginny looked into my eyes, nodded, and stopped smiling.

“I’m sorry. I really should stop joking about it, but I still can’t get over it! I won’t bother you about it anymore,” she said. I smiled. I was glad. She had no idea how I felt whenever she said that Hermione loved me like that. I always had this brief moment of hope, when my heart skipped a beat, but then I went back to reality. Hermione was in love with Ron.

Though I still didn’t know what was wrong with her completely.

Ginny and I walked through the portrait hole to see McGonagall addressing the Common Room, and everyone looking worried. The moment Hermione saw me, she started crying. I glanced at Ginny wondering what was going on, and she shrugged.

“Potter! Weasley! We have just had a tip off that Voldemort and his Death Eaters are coming to Hogwarts. Now,” she snapped. I got my wand out of my pocket, and turned around.

“Well, what are standing here for? We need to fight!” Ginny exclaimed, copying me. I was out the portrait hole before I could here what McGonagall said next.


It was horrible, seeing the people I knew and cared for being hurt. I couldn’t tell who if anyone had died or not, nor did I want to. I was intent on finding Voldemort.

“Stupefy!” one Death Eater yelled, pointing their wand at me. I silently put up a Shield Charm, and searched for Voldemort. He found me first.

“Harry Potter! Prepare to die!” he yelled. I turned and pointed my wand at him.

“It is you who is going to die, Tom,” I said quietly. I noticed he had a different wand. I was expecting that, but I now had no protection of the twin cores.

“Why? Because you can love? HA! I understand this love, and am glad I do not feel it. It destroys you, doesn’t it, Harry Potter?” he said, and pointed his wand at someone behind me. I turned around to see Ron flip backwards, and fall on the ground, unconscious.

“RON!” I screamed, and turned back and pointed my wand back at Voldemort, “AVADA KEDAVRA!” Voldemort fell backwards. He was dead.

I felt my knees connect with the snow. I had used that horrible spell. I had sworn to never use it, but I had. Even if it was Voldemort I had used it against him. How could I sink so low?

“Harry. The Wizarding world will definitely be thanking you for this,” a deep voice said from next to me. I looked up at the familiar old wrinkly face.

“Professor. I used it. That spell. We had gone over so many other spells to use to destroy Voldemort, and I used that spell. I’m so sorry!” I whispered. Dumbledore shook his head.

“No, Harry, it is okay. It was with the best intentions. He had hurt your friend, and you needed revenge. Also, I don’t think they’ll be sending you to Azkaban for using the Killing Curse on Lord Voldemort,” Dumbledore said. I looked down at the snow around me, and shook my head.

“How could I stoop to that level?” I could barely hear myself.

“Harry?” asked a soft voice. I looked around to see an angel. Well, Hermione, but close enough.

“Hermione! I used that awful spell! I-I-I-” I stopped, not being able to continue. I wiped my eyes, only just noticing I had been crying.

“How’s Ron?” I asked. Hermione bit her lip. I noticed she had red eyes, and tear-stained cheeks.

“Bill and Mr Weasley took him to the Hospital Wing. He’s still alive, but because we didn’t hear the curse, we don’t know what’s wrong with him, until Madam Pomfrey checks,” Hermione said through tears. I stood up and hugged her. I could imagine hugging her as if she were my girlfriend, and I tore myself away from that thought.

“Let’s see him,” I said. Hermione nodded, and lead me up to the Hospital Wing. The Weasleys were all huddled around one bed, and the instant they saw us, Mrs Weasley ran forward and enveloped me in a big hug.

“Oh, Harry, you were so brave! Thank you for getting rid of that evil menace!” she exclaimed. I squirmed uncomfortably, and she let me go. I looked toward the bed where Ron lay still.

“How is he?” Hermione whispered. She was as white as a ghost. Mrs Weasley gazed at her youngest son sadly.

“He’ll live, but we don’t know if he’ll have any damage. He hasn’t woken up yet,” she said. The Hospital Wing doors opened, and Ginny ran in, pulling Neville and Luna behind her. Ginny started crying the moment she saw Ron, and Neville pulled her into a hug. Luna stared at him, her eyes wide. She glanced at me, and then looked back at Ron.

“He’s going to pull through,” I told them in a throaty voice. Hermione buried her head in my shoulder, and I patted her on the back awkwardly. I looked around at each of the Weasleys. They were all pale. Mrs Weasley’s cheeks were tear-stained. Even Percy had turned up to see Ron, and had obviously made up with the family. Not even Fred or George could make any funny comments. I stepped closer to look at Ron.

“Thank you Ron,” I whispered, “Voldemort would still be here if it weren’t for you,” Mrs Weasley started crying again, “Even if we’re fighting you’re still my best mate.” I suddenly had people grasping me. Mrs Weasley pulled me into a hug in which most of the Weasley’s joined.

“Harry, we missed you at Christmas. I hate thinking my family are separated by silly fights,” Mrs Weasley said. I smiled at her. My family. I liked that she had said I was part of the family. I was also glad they didn’t hate me for any stories that Ron had told them.

And I hoped Ron would be better soon.

AN~ Don't hurt me! *hides under desk*. Ron HAD to be hurt for Harry to want to do anything strong enough to destroy Voldemort. And I believe I've made Harry sorrowful enough for using the Avada Kedavra that his soul doesn't tear in two or whatever...
Anyway, I hope you enjoyed that chapter! I'll be putting up the next chapter once it's written and I can find the notebook where I have the outline for each chapter. Grrr and unorganisation.

Thanks for reading, please review!



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Truth: Battle


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