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Roses Are Better Than Jonquils by hermione_weasley_angel
Chapter 7 : Chapter 7: The Revelation
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Disclaimer: I am not the wonderful J.K Rowling.

Author's note: must all hate me now. I have not updated in ages!! I am EXTREMELY sorry!! I was reaaally busy the past few months. Lame excuse, I know. But please forgive me.
Anyway, this is chapter 7 and I hope you will all continue reading! :)

The Revelation

“Is everything alright, Rose?” Jasmine asked, looking at her slightly dazed friend. Rose hadn’t said a word for hours and they were already back to the common room from watching Gryffindor’s quidditch practice.

Rose, who was in a completely different world, nodded. She was thinking about what Jones had said and whether she should believe him and go to Myrtle’s bathroom or not.

“I don’t know what to do. I really don’t know.” Rose muttered silently, more to herself than to her anxious friend in front of her.

Jasmine raised an eyebrow. “What is it, Rose?” she asked. “What did you just say?”

Rose didn’t answer her. “Look I’m going to bed...I’m really tired.”

Before Jasmine could protest, Rose drifted off to the girls’ dormitory, went upstairs and jumped onto her bed. Merlin, what should I do?


Albus was her answer. She would go to Albus straightaway tomorrow and ask him. He would know what to do.

Rose heard the door creak open and she quickly pretended to be asleep. She heard two very familiar voices whispering to each other. They voices grew clearer as they came closer.

“What’s wrong with her?” Melissa’s voice asked. “Has something happened?”

“I have no clue,” Jasmine answered. “She wouldn’t talk to me and she was silent through the whole quidditch prac. And just now she was muttering things to herself and I didn’t get a word of it.”

They remained silent while Rose was struggling to keep still to not reveal that she was awake. She felt their eyes on her and she really didn’t want them around her at the moment.

After a few minutes of silence the two of them left the dormitory and Rose had gradually fallen asleep.


“Rose! Stop playing with your food and eat already!” Melissa urged her friend who was using her fingers to spin her pumpkin juice.

Rose glared at Melissa for being so loud and got up from her seat. She was picking up her bag when Jasmine asked, “What, you’re leaving already?”

“Yes, because unfortunately, you two are annoying the hell out of me!” Rose exclaimed, glaring at both of them before she stormed out of the noisy Great Hall.

What was with them anyway? Ever since she got up this morning they gave her strange looks and made her feel as though her funeral was coming up. She didn’t understand them.

“Rosie!” someone called. Rose grunted as she saw James running towards her.

“What is it?” Rose asked rather sternly.

James raised an eyebrow. “What’s with you?” he asked. Rose didn’t reply so he continued, “Did you enjoy watching our ‘practice’ match yesterday?”

“Huh?” Rose said hoarsely. What was he talking about?, “What are you talking about?”

James gaped at her. “Remember you came watching our match yesterday, silly!”

Rose stood there for half a minute trying to register what he was talking about. And then it clicked her. “Ohh! Yea...I remember...”

“You seem all weird this morning Rose...are you ok?” asked James seriously.

“Ah...Yea...I’m fine!” answered Rose laughing. “Why shouldn’t I be?”

“Never mind.” Said James. “Anyway...if you do happen to walk past a Slytherin, remind yourself to tell them that Gryffindor will beat there bloody arses this match.”

Rose rolled her eyes. “Ok I got it James. Now would you excuse me so I can go attend my first lesson?”

It was James’s turn to roll his eyes. “There’s still like 15 minutes till class starts...loser.”

“And you’re saying 15 minutes is a long time?”

“Jees, one’s ever going to ask you out if you’re always gonna act like this.” stated James matter-of-factly.

This made Rose boil up. “Who are YOU to say that to me!? HUH!” exclaimed Rose.

“Well...let’s see...I’m you’re cousin.” answered James.

 “I swear I could kill you James!”

Before Rose had any time to pull out her wand, James had already run of, laughing.

“What a complete loser!” Rose muttered angrily under her breath before storming away to her first lesson. She had already planned on telling Albus about the ‘Myrtle’s Bathroom’ issue at the end of the day.


Rose couldn’t help but notice that Derik Jones kept on glancing at her during the whole day. He kept on giving her quizzical looks, as though waiting for her to answer him.

All Rose did in response was nod swiftly and then completely ignore him. She didn’t want to look like a fool like she did when the time she had...

Before she knew it, the day was over and she found herself standing in the Common Room waiting for Albus to turn up. She waited for half an hour but he still hadn’t arrived. Each time she heard the portrait open she looked up, hoping it to be Albus, but it never was.

She finally gave up standing there like a lunatic and decided to retire to the dormitory when she heard the portrait swing open once more. She turned, doubting it was Albus. It was Jasmine who entered...followed by...Albus!

Rose sighed in relief. “There you are!” she said, darting towards Albus.

“Where you waiting for me?” asked Albus.

“Look Al...I need to talk to you,” Rose whispered so that nobody could hear, including Jasmine.

Albus looked at her for a minute and then nodded. “We’ll be back in a minute!” Albus called to Jasmine’s questioning expression before dragging Rose out of the Common.

Once there were out of ear-shot, Albus asked: “What’s wrong?”

“Well... yesterday I met Derik Jones on my way to watch the Quidditch practice...”

“And?” Albus asked curiously.

“And... he told me to go to Myrtle’s bathroom so I can find out ‘everything’.” Rose finished off. “I don’t know whether I should trust him so I’m asking you...”

“Well if this means finding out what’s going on,” said Albus. “I think you should go. On the contrary, I’m going to come with you.”

“Are you sure about this, Al?” asked Rose nervously. “Myrtle’s bathroom isn’t a pleasant place...from what I’ve heard of.”

“Yes I’m sure, Rose...” declared Albus seriously. “Now let’s go, there’s no time to lose.”


“So...where is her bathroom?” asked Albus as he and Rose walked on and on.

“Well... we are in the right floor but-“

“-What about that door!” suggested Albus, pointing at the door directly in front of them. The door looked very old tarnished. On the door was a sign that read: ’OUT OF ORDER! DO NOT USE!’

“Reading from the sign...I guess that’s the bathroom.” answered Rose, timidly.

Albus had already started running but Rose was walking, she was a bit nervous to enter a bathroom haunted by a ghost. Albus then stopped right in front of the door and turned around.

“Hurry up Rose!” he said, rolling his eyes. Rose walked faster and stood beside Albus, slightly shaking. Albus then spun the door handle and entered, followed by Rose.

The bathroom looked extremely old and dusty. All the cubicle doors were tarnished and some were even broken. In the middle of the whole bathroom were the sinks that had snake like shapes about them.

“I don’t see any ghost and-” before Albus could finish, they started hearing sounds of what seemed like someone was crying.

“Is someone crying in here?” asked Rose, thinking it was a student. Before Rose realised it a girl with glasses, or more like a ghost with glasses, flew towards them.

“Well, well. Isn’t it the two of you again,” said the ghost. “Come to brew some polyjuice potion again, I guess.”

“Polyjuice potion?” said Rose.

“Who are you?” asked Albus.

The ghost looked at Albus and before they knew it she started crying. Rose looked at Albus, wondering what on earth he did to make the ghost cry.

“You’ve forgotten me already...Harry,” moaned the ghost.

“Harry?!” Rose and Albus said at the same time. “He’s Albus, Harry’s his father!” finished off Rose.

“Oh, so Harry’s left me and got married, didn’t he?” said the ghost, which Rose thought to be as Moaning Myrtle. Albus looked horrified at what Myrtle had said.

“So you’re Moaning Myrtle?” Rose said quickly. “You’re the ghost of this place?”

“Correct,” she answered, sadly. “Hasn’t Harry mentioned to you about me?”

“Ah...ah yes he did mention you,” Albus lied. “I...guess.”

“So what brings you two here anyway?” said Moaning Myrtle. “Coming to brew some polyjuice potion like those other students last week?”

“Other students!?” exclaimed Rose. “Who were they?”

“Well...I know one of them was name Jonky or something and I forgot the name of the other one.” Said Myrtle, finally looking cheerful.

Rose and Albus exchanged horrified looks. “Albus, does this mean Jonquil and her friend were in this bathroom...brewing polyjuice juice potion!”

“Well it seems like it,” answered Albus. “But were they doing?”

Moaning Myrtle gave a high pitched giggle. “Well I would tell, but on one condition.”

“What?” Rose asked. She was anxious to find out what Jonquil was up to.

“Well...if Harry here will come visit me often.” Myrtle’s said, flying through Albus.

“I’m not Harry , I’m Al!” said Albus, annoyed. He glanced at Rose to see what she thinks about this.

“Umm, ok Myrtle..I’ll make sure Al does come here,” Rose answered. “So can you please tell us now?”

Myrtle smiled. “Fine. I didn’t hear the full story. All I heard was that Jonky girl mentioned someone named Scorpion or something.” Myrtle said carelessly.

“And? What else?” interjected Rose.

“Well- then she said something about a love potion and about feeding it to someone...” Myrlte continued. “All I remember then is that the girl drank the polyjuice potion and turned into a blonde and handsome boy.”

Rose stood there dumbstruck. She couldn’t believe what she was hearing.

So it wasn’t Scorpius who asked her out after all. It was Jonquil Zabini in the form of Scorpius. And the next day, when she saw Scorpius snogging Jonquil, that was because Zabini had given him a love potion, not because he intended to. 
This was Jonquil Zabini's goings after all...

A/N: was it?
Again I am very sorry. I was also busy for writing another story, 'Beauty Lies Within', which I hope all of you would check out. If like this story then you would most certainly like that story. :)
Please review! I no I don't deserve them but I majorly NEED reviews! And trust me, If I find out that a lot of you like this story in the reviews, I would update quicker then I have ever updated!! *HINT* :)
Until next time....:)

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