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Words of Wisdom by Sprite Sparkle
Chapter 2 : Secrets from the Spouse
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A young woman with dark red hair was talking on her mobile phone as she walked down the road leading to the local nursery. She was arguing with her boss, an egotistical, arrogant owner of a small printing business. As she reached the bottom of the road a small brown haired little girl with bright green eyes started jumping up and down and waving madly inside a small fenced garden. 

“Sorry Mr Johnson, I have to go.” She cut off her call and pushed her phone inside her bag before she started running towards the little girl. “Grace! Oh my darling, oh I’ve missed you!” She pulled her daughter into a tight hug. 

“Mummy, you’re here!” Grace clung to her mother’s long business skirt. Grace’s mother had been away visiting her mother for the past few days and as much as the little girl loved her father, she had missed her greatly. “Mummy, look what I did today.” Grace thrust forward a crudely drawn picture of a large medieval castle, the woman recognised it instant. 

“Grace, where did you see that castle?” 

“I dreamed it. I dreamed it’s a school for lots of magic people and they learnt magic stuff and make things happen with their magic wands.” Grace’s eyes shone as spoke. 

“Come on now Grace, you know those things aren’t real.” Her mother said nervously. 

“Why don’t we go and get some ice cream on the way home?” 

When they got home Grace was sent to play and her mother went straight to her room. Under the fireplace she took out a small, locked diary. It looked old with a stained leather cover and thick with parchment. On the front of the diary, in peeling letters was a name: Charlotte Callidora, the surname, however, had been scratched of leaving a deep tear in the leather. 

She held the diary close to her and whispered a few words, the lock clicked open and under the cover, a long willow wand fell onto the floor. She picked it up and pressed it’s tip to the yellowing, seemingly blank parchment. “I am Charlotte Callidora, show me my secrets.” 

A light blue glow covered the pages and short, spiky writing began appearing on the parchment. Charlotte picked up a quill which had appeared where her wand had once been and began writing. 

Grace is having the dreams again. She’s seeing Hogwarts like I used to. I don’t know how long I’ll be able to hide her magic from Tom, he’s sure to notice something soon. If only I knew if it was safe to go back there. I’m twenty eight years old and I haven’t been back there since I was sixteen. I need to make the effort to find out somehow, for Grace’s sake. But I don’t want to run the risk of him coming after me like he did my mother. I always wondered why he would be interested in my mother but… 
There was the sound of the front door opening and Charlotte quickly cleared her diary and stowed everything away just in time as just a few seconds after she had a tall blonde haired man with dark amber eyes entered the room. 

“Charlotte, oh I’m glad to see you.” He wrapped her into a warm hug before planting a sweet kiss on her lips. “You’re going to have to tell that boss of yours not to send you on so many business trips. I think Grace got fed up with amount of times I burnt her toast.” 

Charlotte laughed and kissed her husband lovingly. “Oh Tom, have either of you eaten anything but ashes whilst I’ve been away?” Tom blushed slightly and shrugged.
“We had a nice Chinese last night.” Charlotte pulled away from his and began hitting him lightly on the chest. 

“You-idiot-Tom-Waterman! Come on, we’re going shopping and then I’m going to make you both the most delicious meal you’ve ever tasted. Come on!” She pulled him out of the door, still protesting. 

That night, after putting Grace to bed, Charlotte and Tom curled up together on the sofa and decided to watch one of their favourite films, Pocahontas. It was the first muggle film Charlotte had ever seen and she had loved it ever since but right now she just couldn’t settle down to enjoy it. Grace’s picture was nagging at her mind.
“Tom,” she could feel his chest moving as he breathed. 

“Hmm?” Charlotte bit her lip wondering how on earth she could tell him that his little girl was most probably a witch and that she could do magic spells.
“I, er, I… it’s about Grace. She, er, I mean I…” But she was cut off by Tom laughing.
“Charlotte, what on earth are you talking about?” She looked at his confused, smiling face and her courage left her. 

“Oh, nothing. Just lost my mind for a second there.” She forced a laugh but at the back of her mind she felt a stab of guilt for not telling him. She never lied to him about anything, apart from this. The biggest secret in the entire world and he had no idea.
When they had met she had only just run away. He taught her everything about muggle life yet never asked her why she had no parents, no home. She’d thought about finding her grandmother, the one she was named after, but, she was probably dead now anyway. She closed her eyes and buried her face in the soft, sweet smelling jumper of her husband. 

One day she would tell him, one day soon. Just not yet. 

AN: Sorry the chapter's a bit short but once the story gets going they will be longer. By the way, I would really apreciate a review :)

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