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Black Guard: The Lost Chapters by Soraga
Chapter 2 : An Alternate Scenario...
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Tramp. Tramp. Tramp. Tramp.The sounds of a hundred twenty pairs of marching feet echoed through the night, as the soldiers proceeded in a staggered formation, split into teams of three. They all knew what was happening, what they were about to do. Some would call it monstrous, an atrocity. They called it retribution. Retribution for the crimes of the past.

The wizards had persecuted them, excluding them from their society, treating them as inferiors. But they were so much more superior. Militaristically, technologically, socially, the wizarding world was centuries behind them. And, now, they would know for sure, as they marched on the bastion of the wizarding world: the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.
Harry Potter sat at the Gryffindor table, laughing with his best friend, Ron Weasley, and girlfriend of one year, Hermione Granger. They didn't know what was to come, nor did anybody else. They were blissfully oblivious to the happenings outside, laughing and having a good time with their fellow Sixth Years.

The doors burst open in the middle of the meal, and a small number of uniformed soldiers filed through. The one at the head looked important, considering the way he carried himself, and the fact that the two soldiers flanking him were constantly training their weapons on the surrounding Hogwarts population, as if daring them to try anything.

Dumbledore was first to react, rising out of his seat and virtually gliding towards the three soldiers standing in the middle of the Great Hall. His face was a look of cold fury, and he radiated immense magical power. He spoke with a quiet, dangerous voice.

"I'm giving you one chance, General. One chance to leave."

"Dumbledore, Dumbledore, Dumbledore. You are so naive, thinking you could possibly challenge me. Challenge us. You can strike me down, but my men shall cut you down. And if you fight us off, more will come. My master shall prevail in the end."

"So be it."

Dumbledore immediately conjured up a fireball and sent it hurtling towards the General, who batted it aside with his bare hands without so much as flinching. Dumbledore generated several other fireballs, launching them in rapid succession. The General batted them all aside without once showing any sign of fear. The Great Hall was dead silent now.

"You are weak, old man. Surrender, and I shall make your death as painless as possible."

The General's fist began to glow with a sickening blood-red aura, and Dumbledore's eyes grew wide. He quickly conjured up an invisible shield, but the General showed no signs of backing down. In fact, many were sure that he actually smiled. He took a swing at the shield, and there was a brief glow, and he appeared to struggle for a bit. Then the shield flickered and died, leaving Dumbledore vulnerable.

The General showed no signs of mercy as Dumbledore reeled from his shield collapsing. He drew back his hand, and let loose an enormous blood-red blast that engulfed Dumbledore. Nothing was left of him but a few wisps of smoke. The Great Hall was deathly silent now, as the man Dumbledore called the General had just killed him without effort.

It was the General himself that broke the silence, speaking for the entire Hall to hear, "This is your only chance. Surrender and join us, and you shall be spared. Under the Dark Lord, you shall have power beyond your wildest imaginations."

Not a single person rose up. Harry had effectively rallied the school against Voldemort during the Fifth Year. The General obviously wasn't bluffing with his unspoken threat, as he didn't falter at all, "Fine, so be it. Raze the castle. Leave nobody alive!"

With a wave of his hand, the General slammed the doors of the Great Hall shut, as his troops flooded in through the other entrance. The screaming started, as the soldiers began spraying gunfire left, right, and center. A few tried to fight back, but to no avail, their spells merely bouncing off the soldiers' body armor.

Everyone was killed, nobody was spared. Those that tried to run or beg for their lives were cut down with those who tried to fight. First Years and Seventh Years alike were slaughtered mercilessly, as the soldiers made their way through Hogwarts.
Hermione had fought back admirably, managing to stun one of the soldiers when her spell hit the weak spot on his neck, but was quickly taken down by another, roughly grabbed, and dragged towards the Great Hall. She could see that Ron and Harry were given similar treatment.

They were pushed to their knees, and in front of them stood the General. They could feel the cold steel of a gun barrel pressed against the backs of their heads. They couldn't make out his expression, but he radiated an aura of smugness. He began to speak.

"Well, well, well. The Boy-Who-Lived, his mudblood girlfriend, and the blood-traitor. I'll give you one more chance. Join us, and you shall be spared."

Ron was the first to reply, in the negative. He was shot.

There were two screams of "No!" as Ron's lifeless body tumbled to the ground. The General spoke again, in a harsher tone, "Last chance. You can join us, or die, Potter. I can offer you...anything. Wealth? Give me a number, any number, and it's yours. Power?," he conjured a globe, "Pick any area on here to become your empire, " he banished the globe, conjuring up an ancient-looking tome, "Secrets? I can give you the secret to immortality, secrets you can only dream about," he banished the tome, and walked up to Hermione, running a gloved hand through her hair, "The mudblood? We can let her live. My master is not an unreasonable one."

Harry seemed sorely tempted for a moment, but then hardened his expression, "Never."

The General motioned to the soldier standing over Hermione. There was a percussive bang, followed by Hermione's lifeless body falling to the ground.

"I won't ask you again, Potter," he noticed the tears beginning to form in Harry's eyes, "The mudblood? Forget about her. Join us, and you can have anything. You can have a wife and dozen mistresses, and nobody would mind. Just swear loyalty to the Dark Lord, and it can all be yours."

Harry looked the General in what he percieved to be his eyes, "Never."

"Shame. You had potential. Crucio!"

The General never drew a wand, just bellowed the words. Harry writhed on the ground with pain unlike anything he had ever felt. A pain far worse than anything he had ever been subjected to. After a while, the General released his Cruciatus, only to cast another one seconds later.

When the released his second Cruciatus, he walked over to Harry and kicked him in the stomach, sending him sprawling on his back. The General kneeled down, and looked Harry in the eye.

"This is your final chance, Potter. Join us, or die."

Harry coughed up blood, and spit it out before stuttering, "Who...who are you?"

The General raised his pistol, and fired one shot, passing clean through the Boy-Who-Lived's forehead, killing him instantly. The General shot Harry a few more times for good measure, before finally answering Harry's question.

"The name's Robert. Robert Tiberius Morgan."

A/N: Heh. Betcha didn't see that one coming. This was an alternate scenario with an Evil!Robert that I had explored for Time Warped, before finally settling on the one that I have now. What did I end up writing? You'll find out eventually...

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Black Guard: The Lost Chapters: An Alternate Scenario...


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