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Becoming Mini by jazzydee23
Chapter 2 : Doubtless
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Chapter Two


All Dominique’s thoughts concerning the perfection of her older sister, the lovely silver-haired Victoire, were interrupted by the loud bout of laughter coming from the outside of their compartment. Turning away from the window – and the strangely stomach lurching sight of the good-looking couple – she shared a knowing look with her cousin Roxanne as the two of them swung the compartment door back open. 

Outside in the hallway were two boys, one was leaning against the opposite compartment, a laugh still on his lips, his hand tangled up in the back of his messy, dark hair, his warm eyes twinkling merrily. James Potter was a well-known prankster and agitator yet most of the female population in the school thought him devilishly handsome. Personally, Dominique was yet to see this in him, but then again, she was his cousin after all, and they’d spent their entire lives together.

“James!” Roxanne cried heartily, running forward and throwing her slim, dark arms around her cousin.

A small, but significant, cough brought Dominique’s attention to the other 7th year standing in the hallway, he was tall, much taller then Dominique remembered, and lean. She noticed he looked even more disheveled then ever, with his tousled dirty blonde hair, sleepy amber eyes and crumpled robes. His demeanor was confident, as he stood there with his hands shoved ever-so-casually in the pockets of his baggy jeans, yet also relaxed and irritatingly carefree.
Dominique crossed her arms firmly against her chest, drawing her pale eyes away from the fellow Gryffindor 7th year known as Lysander Scamander, and instead rested on James. She drawled casually, her voice pinched with obvious annoyance, “why are you speaking to him? Have we run out of human beings or something?”

And so Dominique’s last year began.


First day. Walking blurredly down the corridor, Dominique rubbed her eyes tiredly. It was 7:30, way too early to be even considering being awake, and here she was stumbling down to the Great Hall for breakfast with her dorm mates; Roxanne, Ashlyn and Blanche. The first day of school, after a long night of stuffing her face senseless with all the delightful food Hogwarts elves have to offer, oh and with a bit of sorting of the houses here and there. 

How Ashlyn Brown had even managed to wake Dominique up was a mystery, but she’d been doing it for the past seven years.

“Wake up, sleepy head!” giggled Blanche Hammond as she slid into her acquired seat at the Gryffindor table, which was laden with various breakfast goods. Blanche was another 7th year, one that Dominique nor Roxanne ever particularly got along with, as she was the stereotypical picture of girlyness, with her neat, streaked blonde hair, clear complexion and annoying tittering giggles. 

Dominique blatantly ignored her, and instead hastened to reach for the last apricot tart as Professor Windier, the head of Gryffindor house arrived with their timetables for 7th year.

“Great, potions first,” sighed Dominique when she got her hands on her own timetable. Roxanne on the other hand clapped her hands with excitement, she happened to excel extremely well in potions.

“What’s after potions?” she queried, buttering her toast, not even bothering to glance at her own. Dominique rolled her eyes.

“Well, I’ve got Charms. How ‘bout you?”

“Nuh, not doing Charms this year. Ah, there we go, I have Ancient Runes.”

Dominique promptly spluttered into her pumpkin juice. “What! Who am I going to sit with in Charms this year? You know how much I hate Charms!” 

“Theng why bothger doung git?”

Dominique looked repulsed as she watched her best friend shove the rest of her jam toast into her mouth, “you look amazingly like your father when you do that.”

Roxanne smiled, revealing the amount of chewed food in her mouth, “gfanks.”

“Good morning!” cried a chirpy voice as he swung himself into the seat between Roxanne and Ashlyn, winking at Ashlyn as he did so, who in return blushed severely.

“Hi James!” Blanche twittered brightly, fluttering her dark eyelashes ever so slightly, “I do hope we are in some of the same classes this year.”

James eyed her with a wide grin, running a hand through his dark hair, rustling up the tips so that it was as disheveled as ever. “As do I, Blanche, as do I.”

“How about Astronomy, is any one doing Astronomy?” asked Dominique desperately as she scanned her timetable, not even bothering to acknowledge the recent addition of her cousin at the breakfast table.

“I know some who is,” he said, looking carefully at Dominique. “Lysander.”

Dominique scrunched her nose bitterly, shooting James a look across the table, “great. Just great. I can already tell this going to be the best year yet.”

“Well it should be,” chimed Blanche, oblivious to Dominique’s sarcasm, “it’s our last year!” then she proceeded to lean over to Ashlyn and whisper some thing in her ear, causing them both to burst into a fresh batch of giggles.

“You know what?” came Roxanne’s voice loudly as Dominique continued to stare at the two girls with an indescribable look on her face, her eyebrow shooting dramatically up her forehead.


“I’ve never understood why you don’t like him.”
Dominique’s pale eyes flickered back to settle on Roxanne sharply. “Who? Lysander?”

“The very one.”
Dominique sighed exasperatedly, returning to her breakfast, “Merlin, I don’t understand why you do like him. He’s a perfectly good example of why some animals eat their young.”

Roxanne struggled to keep her face straight, brushing her long braids out of her face she sighed, “you need to stop saying things like that, Mini, some day people might actually start to believe you mean it.” 

Dominique held her hand dramatically against her chest in mock hurt, “who says I don’t mean it?”

“Don’t pretend,” said Roxanne, rolling her eyes and looking more like her mother then ever, “ I know you have a heart some where in there.”

Dominique’s eyes narrowed, “I think this is a record, is Roxanne Weasley really being serious for once or is it just my imagination?"

Roxanne glared. 

“Don’t you like Lysander, Mini?” asked Blanche innocently, chewing delicately on a celery stick, how she managed to do it delicately was beyond Dominique. Her words caused Roxanne to murmur under her breath to James, “where the hell has her brain been the past seven years?” 

Dominique contemplated Blanche’s words, how to put her extreme dislike of Lysander, well, as nicely as possible. “He’s… he’s a few fries short of a happy meal, if you ask me.”

“Which no one did,” muttered James as he piled a rather large amount, even for him, of pancakes on to his plate. 

“Blanche did!” protested Dominique hotly.

Roxanne frowned, pausing as she picked up her goblet of pumpkin juice, “what’s a happy meal?” she questioned, her dark eyes furrowing in confusion.

“And where the hell were you in Muggle Studies during 4th year?”

“Oh,” Roxanne thought hard for a minute, before snapping her fingers loudly, causing a stir among the Gryffindor table, “aha! Playing Quidditch with Burrows and Sherwood!”

The potion dungeons were cool, much to Dominique’s liking, as summer was still very much everywhere else in the castle. The old professor sat at the front of the classroom, his ever growing, round belly barely fitting behind his dark, which sat an array of various potions smoking in an assortment of colours.

Dominique sat next to Roxanne, who was positively brimming with excitement, she gazed around the room, it appeared that Advanced NEWT Level Potions consisted of exactly one timid Hufflepuff, two burly looking Slytherins, five Ravenclaws, and five Gryffindors.

Professor Slughorn coughed, drawing the entire class to him, “this year is going to be the most difficult year you have ever experienced in potions, but don’t let that get you down!” he cried joyfully. “Today we will be learning the basics of how to brew a – ”

But Dominique was already zoning out, Potions had to be the most boring class ever invented, she’d just get Miss-I’m-So-Good-At-Potions to tell her what to do after Slughorn ceased his droning. 

That was until a sentence of his caught her attention, “and you must understand how I cannot stress enough the importance of this final year… which is why I have decided to seat you all accordingly.” With a wave of his short, stubby wand, Slughorn was holding a small sheet of parchment. 

“Avery! Please kindly sit next to Miss Higgins.”

Glancing over to the Hufflepuff girl, Dominique saw she looked completely petrified as the husky Slytherin boy made his way over to her, a lot less then kindly.

“Aiden Burrows and Roxanne Weasley, Potter and Miss Chang, Scamander and the other Miss Weasley…”

Dominique froze as Roxanne buried her face into her arms, doing a poor job of hiding her laughter. “I cannot believe this.”

“Can’t believe what? That out of the 100,000 sperm you were the quickest?” 

Dominique turned to see Lysander standing there, grinning with his potions textbook under his arm, his hands full of pieces of parchment and ink. Dominique blinked. “Um, okay.”

Yes, Dominique thought as Lysander slid into the seat Roxanne had just vacated (in a bundle of hysteric laughter), dumping all his belonging on the table next to his cauldron, this was going to be – without a single doubt in her mind – the worst year yet.

 A/N: well, I hope that was okay. Not my best chapter, I can promise that things from here on in get more interesting then this. It was a filler chapter, if you like. Please hold on it will get better :P 

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