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Finster, Ella by Skylar
Chapter 10 : Tales from the Locker Room
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A/N: I seriously powered through this chapter today – I’ve written for five hours straights to get this out for you guys! This isn’t as good as I wanted it to be, but I appear to be a bad judge on these things. Plus the loss of a 100 reviews has left me somewhat disheartened.
Never mind – at least I still have writing and my readers.

‘Friendship is a knot tied by angels hands,” – Anon.

Friday, 7.40pm , The Quidditch Locker Room
“It’s all your fault!” I fumed, marching up and down the confined space for no other reason than is seemed the best course of action right then.

“How did you figure that out?” He asked impassively following reluctantly in my wake.

“Um…” I struggled to think of a coherent argument. “It’s always your fault. That’s right! Whenever something goes wrong you’re to blame!”

“Oh yeah I really wanted to be in this situation!” He raised his left hand, dragging my right hand reluctantly upwards. The cold metal of the handcuffs cut into my wrist, reminding me of the source of our predicament.

“If you hadn’t been an overbearing ass they wouldn’t have felt it necessary to cuff us together so we could work out our differences!” I pointed out, yanking my hand back down as it began to feel numb. Feeling more annoyed than usual, I felt more pacing would help relieve the tension and began walking in no particular direction, before being dragged back to where I’d been moments earlier.

“Well if you hadn’t been a temperamental shrew then I wouldn’t have been an ass!” He rubbed his wrist. “And stop pacing! You keep dragging me along for the ride as well!”

“Do you know how much I hate you?” I ranted, thoughts spinning in all directions so that coherence was hard to find. “I hate you more than low fat chocolate biscuits with coconut extract!”

“Christ you’re a nutcase!” Wood rubbed a weary, unbound hand across his forehead. “Of all the girls I get to be tied to it’s you!”

“Well this wasn’t exactly how I imagined my first time in handcuffs,” I muttered distractedly under my breath, not realising I’d spoken aloud until I felt Wood stiffen slightly beside me.

“Er….I mean….I always imagine I’d wear handcuffs if I ended up in muggle prison…not er….you know,” my face felt as though it was on fire as my eyes widened and I tried to remove my foot from my mouth.

“Yeah…um, that’s what I thought you meant,” we both studiously looked in opposite directions, shuffling as far away from each other as the handcuffs would allow.

Which wasn’t very far.

“So…any idea how we get out of this mess?” Wood broke the tense silence of two minutes.

“No idea whatsoever,” I sighed sadly looking down at how bound wrists. The metal may have looked quite weak and flimsy, but in reality it was tough, enduring and refused to let us get free. “They took our wands and I don’t know any wand less magic to help remove these things,” I gave an angry jangle of the handcuffs, “so it seems our options are limited. If only those baboons hadn’t locked us in the changing room as well.”

“So basically we’re stuck together until some kind person decides to come down to the Quidditch changing rooms,” Wood looked dismayed. “Considering that it’s 7pm and dark outside, the chances of anyone coming down here now if doubtful.”

“So we’re going to have to spend the night together,” I gulped as he cast fearful eyes at me.

“In the cold dark changing room,” he added.

“With no one else…except us.”

Collapsing to the floor we both groaned simultaneously,

“How did we get into this mess?”

Friday, 9.45 am, Defence Against the Dark Arts

“Miss Finster are you alright?”

It took me a while to realise that this was directed at me; I had been immersed in staring at a point in the distance, concentrating all my anger into the gaze in a bid to let is seep from my body, hoping the floor would burst into flames.

Didn’t work.

“Miss Finster?” Professor Lupin’s voice broke into my thoughts, clearing whatever thoughts I had off setting Wood alight. Shaking my head slightly and trying to see through my blurry vision, I blinked upon the discovery every single person in the class was staring at me…

“Eughghg,” I mumbled distractedly as I tried to focus my thoughts, wondering why they were all laughing behind their hands at me and doing that really annoying thing of knowing something you don’t, even though it’s something about you.

Glancing back at the point I’d been staring at intently for the past ten minutes or so, I was alarmed to realise that it was not the desk my gaze burned but….um…Professor Lupin’s…um…crotch.

Yeah, that’s right.

I was caught perving on a teacher.


“Miss Finster?” Professor Lupin asked again, eyebrow raised.

“Um…yeah?” I thought this was the best answer under the circumstances, trying to look as dignified as anyone possibly can when they are resembling an overripe tomato.

“Have I got something on the front of my robes that is distracting your attention from my talk on grindylows?” Lupin looked at my quizzically, an amused expression tugging on the corners of his mouth.

“No no,” I tried to brush it off with a wave of a hand and a fake smile. “Just….um…admiring, the…er…stitching on the button. So neat!”

Predictably the class once again broke out into laughter.

Blushing even more than I thought possible, I slid down my seat until only my forehead could be seen above the desk as I tried to hide. If they couldn’t see me, I couldn’t see them; I reasoned wishing hard that this day could be over quicker. It was only quarter to ten and I already wanted to go back to bed, curl up and pretend I didn’t exist.

“Ouch!” something hit the back of my head. My yelp, once again caused everyone to turn and look at me.

“Splinter,” I held up a finger pathetically, hoping to distract attention from myself again. Obviously bored by this answer, the class turned back to listen absently to Professor Lupin.

Making sure everyone was diverted; I rubbed vaguely at the back of my head as I bent down to pick up the object that had been thrown at my person. A parchment airplane lay a few millimetres to my right and, raising an eyebrow, I assumed this was the offending object. Sighing resignedly at the in classroom bullying I was once again enduring – and really, paper airplanes were so last term – I retrieved the article.

Written messily upon one of the wings were (or what I think were) the words ‘For the queen of unsociable and clumsy tendencies,’.
I guess that was me then.

Unfolding the airplane as slowly and silently as I could so not to warrant any unnecessary attention, I soon found a message written across the now lined parchment in front of me. ‘Once again you prove how adept you are at getting into embarrassing situations.’ The note said in a messy scrawl.


Glancing sharply over my shoulder I saw the object of my hatred reclining lazily in his chair at the back of the classroom, hands behind his head in a position of relaxation. Sarcastically smirking at me, he merely nodded at the note in my hand. Feeling that ever near anger boil up inside me again, I crumbled the note tightly in my fist as I turned back round to the front of the classroom.

The slimeball, the toe-rag, the spurnip driven bumberdink. After how much trouble he’d caused me this past week! Pinning my hair to my chair (I’d had to be cut free so now I had an uneven patch at the back) and enchanting all my books had been one thing, but pushing me in the lake had been the final straw. Trust me, merpeople are angry when you accidentally crash one of their below the lake parties.

For three days we’d been at stalemate as he glorified in the lake debacle and I thought long and hard about how to repay him for that incident. My mind, never the best under intense pressure or fits of anger, was stuck in a rut and Indy and her suggestions of ‘lock yourself and him in a broom closet’ hadn’t really gone down too well as you can imagine. So now here I was, fantasising about pummelling him with stones and rocks, but still without a brilliant plan for payback.

And trust me – payback was needed.

Without it he’d get an even bigger ego than ever and I’d never hear the end of his prowess defeating me. I’d get taunted even more than usual, the bullying would increase again, laughing would become more common in the corridors -

“So pair up please and we can begin,” Lupin addressed the class with a smile, knocking me once again from my reverie. Just as I’d been about to go into full ranting about Wood mode as well – shucks.

Damn, I really should pay more attention in these classes…what were we partnering for?

Around me students were standing up and rushing over to their friends, entwining arms to ensure they would be allowed to work together. Great, I thought bitterly, it was going to be one of those lessons when I was left on my lonesome without a partner until the teacher looked at me pityingly and decided I could work with them as their ‘special assistant.’ Not that I didn’t like Professor Lupin or anything, I just didn’t want to work with a teacher whose crotch I’d just been accidentally staring at.

“You can partner me if you want,” Samantha came up behind me twirling her wand in her fingers. “Wouldn’t want you stuck with those mindless miscreants,” she indicated the ‘Barbie’ crowd over her shoulder. “Can’t do decent magic with words, never mind without.”

“Sure,” I tried to appear nonchalant whilst trying to control the inside euphoria at being allowed to partner someone who wasn’t a rogue Slytherin or a Hufflepuff with acne and a twitch. “We can save our brain cells together.”

“Great,” Samantha nodded. “So….shall we begin?” She indicated that we should follow the example of the rest of our class, who had formed too lines at opposite sides of the room so that the partners could face each other.

“Um…what are we doing?” I asked, feeling now might be the best time to admit my lack of knowledge on recent happenings before I was attacked by spells.

“So you really weren’t paying attention,” Samantha looked at me quizzically. “I thought perhaps you were just accidentally staring at Lupin’s crotch but-“

“No, no,” I hastened to assure her. “That really was an accident. I was just staring off into space, lost in my thoughts, when his…er…nether regions walked into my eyeline. I wasn’t day dreaming about them or anything.”

“So what were you doing then?” Samantha smiled at me. “Your daydreaming suggests you missed what was basically the entire lesson. What was so thought provoking to distract you of all people from the lesson?”

“Nothing really,” I thought as the words ‘torture,’ ‘hexing’ and ‘destruction’ flashed through my mind with Wood’s face. “Just thinking about dinner,” or someone’s just desserts.

“Right well we’re doing non verbal magic revision today,” Samantha declared. “So were meant to faced our partners and practice basically.”

“Oh, ok.” That sounded easy enough and quickly I joined one line of students, turning round to see Samantha had done the same and was now facing me.

Holding my wand in front of me, I was about to attempt my first non verbal spell of the day when something tingled down my spine, an uncomfortable sensation that someone was watching me. Absently scanning the students, all in various stages of a non verbal duel, I finally spotted the culprit at the other end of the classroom.

Instead of practicing the spells with his partner, Wood was reclining against the wall, lazily chatting.

Staring at me.

Wondering why I, of all the girls in the room, had attracted his attention, I tried to ignore his gaze and return to the task at hand. But the numpty was now openly staring at me, his whole body turned to face me as he tried to be as off-putting as possible.

Realising I would not be able to concentrate until he’d turn away and throw himself off a tower, I turned to face him and indicated he should stop looking at me.

But he shook his head with a smirk.

‘What gives?’ I tried to gesticulate and received a shrug in reply.

“Are you ok?” Samantha called to me, distracting me from miming throttling gestures at Wood.

“Hmm…what?” I shook my head to clear my thoughts before answering her question.

“Were you just staring at Wood?” Samantha raised an eyebrow. “Because it looked like you were just staring at Wood.”

“I was not staring at Wood,” I hissed as other students turned to stare at me. Wood, the idiot was now openly smirking at me and trying to make me as uncomfortable as possible.

So he wanted a staring contest did he?

Well, he’d get one.

Miming a ‘I’m watching you,’ gesture with two fingers, I dropped the idea of continuing my duel with Samantha and openly stared Wood out.

He stared back.

I willed myself not to blink.

He waved his hand to the side of his face to try and distract me.


“Miss Finster, Mr Wood?” Lupin’s amused voice broke through our staring contest. “Perhaps you’d be so kind as to demonstrate the correct practice of non verbal duelling to the rest of the class.” Lupin sent us a big twinkling smile, “I’ve heard great things about your duelling expertise.”

Wood and I glanced at each other in shock, before turning back to Professor Lupin. How had he heard about the duel?

“There are some very impressionable first years around,” Lupin declared as he walked up to us. “First years… they have a habit of talking in my lesson. Your incident seems to have acquired you a few fans.”

“Nothing happened,” I tried to fake a smile. “Just a little discussion between us that got blown out of proportion.”

“Of course,” Lupin nodded, even though it was clear he didn’t believe any of it. “I wouldn’t dream of assuming you were going around having midnight duels.” There was that twinkling smile again. “But are you prepared to duel with Mr Wood now?”

“It would be my pleasure to destroy Mr Wood,” I smiled primly, holding my wand between my two hands.

“I really doubt you could destroy a fly,” Wood smirked.

“Comparing yourself to a measly disease spreading insect now,” I nodded understandingly. “Well at least you finally know your place in the world.”

“You Miss Finster, give infuriating a new meaning,” Wood growled. “You need putting in your place!”

“And you’d be the one to do it I suppose,” I yawned.

“When I’m done there’ll be nothing left but your razor sharp tongue and your glasses,” Wood nodded determinedly.

“Prepare to go down Wood…” I tried trash talking as best as I could with my middle class background. “Down town.”

“Watch your back,” Wood leant in so that his breath tickled my face.

“You’d better watch yours,” I tried to be threatening. “I’m going to make mincemeat out of your puny backside and then feed it to the thestrals!”

Ha ha – beat that Wood.

“Well I’m going to get your backside and-“

“Ok, ok,” Lupin broke us up, obviously feeling this had gone a bit far now. The class around us were staring open mouthed at our argument, obviously wondering if another display like the one last week was about to take place. “Perhaps the er…undermining of the opponent could stop now and the real demonstration take place?”

“Fine,” I pursed my lips and stalked off to the other side of the classroom.

“Fine,” Wood sneered and following my example moved as far away from me as possible.

“Now bow,” Lupin said to both of us. “Or cursty to your opponent.”

“I think you’re meant to curtsy Wood,” I said as I executed the move myself. “That’s what girls do?”

“Then why are you doing it,” He retorted as he bowed.

“Now wands at the ready,” Lupin interjected, now quite obviously regretting his decision. “Three, two, one…”

And with the flourish of a wand it began….

Back in the Locker Room...
“So we were duelling a little too….enthusiastically,” Wood conceded. “But what does that have to do with anything?”

“It got so ‘enthusiastic,’ we got sent to the hospital wing!” I cried indignantly. “You ended up knocking me out for eight hours!”

“Now that wasn’t my fault!” Wood argued. “If you hadn’t sent me that burning jinx at me as the same time as I sent that tongue tying jinx at you this wouldn’t have happened! Plus, I still fail to see what this has to do with us being handcuffed!”

“Do you not remember what happened after the duelling debacle?” I asked surprised.

“That area is still a little hazy if we’re being honest.” He rubbed vaguely at his eyebrows, remembering the growth charm I’d placed on them.

“Well we’d just been to see Madam Pomfrey and….”

Friday, 6.40pm. A corridor.

Wood was such a nincompoop.

Somehow he’d managed to knock me out for over eight hours and Madam Pomfrey had been unable to let me do anything but sleep.

There went a whole day which could have been spent plotting his downfall and now I was late to Charms Club. Professor Flitwick had already told me off for being late to the last three and not turning up to the one before those, I really didn’t need another black mark against my name – I doubted I could handle detention again in this lifetime.

Therefore, I found myself doing the strange step halfway between a skip and a walk down the hallway as I raced to Charms, mumbling under my breath about the unfairness of life. I couldn’t believe how badly this day was turning out and this was even worse than usual by my standards. It was like I was wearing a bad luck charm around my neck. First I’d been forced to work with an egotistical baboon that I hated, then I’d been subjected to the presence of my hideous ex, endure a whole week of pranking and let’s not even get started on the step sister factor.

“There she is,” I heard someone whisper, causing me to stop where I was and halt my seething.

Who was that?

Raising an eyebrow, I slowly glanced to my right and over my shoulder trying to see who had just spoken, only to be met with thin air.

A sudden movement to my left had me sharply turning my head.

What was going on?

Who was there?

“Hello?” I called curiously but got no answer. Please, please don’t let it be Billy again, I silently begged as I took a tentative step forward trying to find whoever was hiding.

“Now!” The shout echoed around the stone walls as hands grabbed me and yanked me into an alcove at the side of the hall.

Ok…what was going on?

“Grab her wand!” somebody hissed to my side.

“George Weasley?” I asked in the darkness of the alcove.

“Hi Ella,” He grinned at me as someone yanked my wand from my grasp, someone I recognised as Katie Bell.

And I’d always thought she was a nice girl.

“What the hell are you doing?” I asked as my hands were brought behind my back and were tied together.

“Oh we’re just kidnapping you,” George smiled at me as Lee Jordan pulled a scarf from his pocket. “Nothing for you to worry about really. Just keep quiet and you’ll have a blast.”

“Oh,” I nodded my head understandingly as my mind still struggled to process what was happening. I merely overlooked the importance of George’s words, my head still spinning from the shock of it all. “Ok.”

“Just tie the scarf round her mouth Lee,” George said looking at his watch, “and we can be off. We’re running a tad late as it is.”

“Okay,” Lee tied the scarf round my mouth and gave me a wink which I dazedly returned as he hoisted me onto his shoulder. “Let’s get going then. Kidnapping is a timely business.”

Wait a minute, wait a minute…

Did he just say kidnapping?

The jerking of my body as it was slung over Lee’s shoulder seemed to jolt some sense and reality into my dazed mind. Whizzing notions collided with reality finally kicking into focus, so that my gaze seemed to clear and everything began to make more sense. Somewhere in the dull section of my mind this word was finally processed. The cogs started turning, the message was relayed to the other parts of my brain and as we left the school building something finally snapped into gear.

I was being kidnapped!

“Mhfjfjjg,” I hissed incoherently, struggling as much as I could with my hands bound behind my back and a scarf tied around my mouth. How could I honestly say ‘set me free you heathens or I’ll curse you till you can’t sit straight for a week,’ with a scarf tied over my mouth?

“Hkjkddjf fmfmfjfifififngngng!” I tried again, wiggling my body as much as possible and attempting to knee Lee in the stomach. From his grunt of pain I guess I’d succeeded.

“Ella shhh!” Katie Bell hissed. “We need to get there as quickly and quietly as possible.”

Lee Jordan broke into a quick trot, bounding over the grass as though a death eater was following him. Behind him, Katie Bell and George Weasley scanned the areas, wands held high to ensure that no one was following us.

Ensuring no one would try and save me…

Although, apart from Indy, I doubted anyone would truly put themselves to that much trouble to ensure my safety. Plus, after witnessing Indy’s dabbling in sleuthing I had even less faith in her possible attempts. There was also the fact she’d told me she was going to have an ‘encounter’ with Cedric Diggory tonight and was busy – the tea leaves had told her tonight was the night she’d nab him.

Eventually after what felt like three hours but was probably more like five minutes, by which time I’d given up struggling and instead had just taken to glaring at George and Katie, we finally emerged over the grassy hill. From what I could see – and as I was slung over Lee’s shoulder it was hard to see where we were headed – we were about to reach our destination. All I could see were trees, grass, sky, moon, Quidditch pitch-


Quidditch Pitch?

Oh no they didn’t! They did not just bring me to the one place I hate more than any other! The place that is the lair of the very devil himself! Resuming kicking, hissing, spitting and glaring I tried to convey that this was possibly the worst place they could have brought their victim. Revenge would thoroughly be enacted now, with hexing and poisoning being the milder versions of what I had in mind when I got my hands on them.

“I take it the struggling means you’re not happy with the choice of destination,” George grinned as we approached a tower standing next to the pitch.

The scarlet banner of the Gryffindor Quidditch changing room greeted me, indicating that yes, tonight was getting far worse than I’d expected. So no, I wasn’t exactly jumping around for joy at where they’d brought me.

I glared at George, wanting to kill him on the spot.

“Ah well,” George ignored my glower, by striding to the changing room and knocking on a wooden panel. “I’m sure you’ll have far more fun to night than you ever expected.”

“Hdjhjfdirsnsnd,” I spat the words a young lady should never be expected to say but they only came out garbled.

“No need to thank me,” George smiled. “Just what any good friend would do. You can release her now Lee.”

Lee lowered me to my feet, far more gently than I’d expected considering I’d kneed him in the stomach, as someone tapped me on the shoulder and waved at us all.

“You’re finally here,” my soon to be former best friend said joyfully. “Fred’s been complaining about how long it was taking.”

“Sorry, we had to wait longer than expected to ambush her,” Lee explained, nodding in my direction.

“Hi Ella, glad you finally got here!” Indy smiled widely at me. I glared at her over the scarf around the lower part of my face. Oh so Indy was involved in this as well was she! She was going on the hate list as well. “Let’s take her upstairs, the rest of them are waiting for us.”

The rest of them?

Indy prodded me in the back, pushing me under the banner Lee had just ducked through and indicating I follow his journey up the stairs. Sending her a shrew like glance, I reluctantly followed him up the wooden steps, creaking under the weight of all of us as we mounted them slowly. The steps seemed to go on forever, although perhaps it was more to do with my annoyance and need of an immediate explanation that the drawn out situation seemed longer than it was. Before too long, we thankfully reached a door which was thrown open wide at our appearance and arms emerged to drag us in with cries of approval.

What was this madhouse I’d just walked into? I thought eyes wide as I took in my surroundings.

“Untie her hands and remove the gag,” George ordered. Soon the ties of my hand slackened and the scarf fell loosely around my neck.

“Pah,” I spat out the scarf from my mouth. Honestly they could at least have used something clean.

“Hello Ella,” Fred waved at me jollily.

“What is the meaning of this?” I fisted my hands onto my hips and surveyed them all with a critical eye. “I was just on my way to Charms Club – why did you kidnap me? Surely any discussion you needed with me could have been had somewhere warm and un Quidditch related,” I pursed my lips as I said the last part. I mean really – the Quidditch locker room of all places!

“I mean Indy what are you doing here?” I asked of my best friend. “You told me you had a meeting with Cedric Diggory!”

She resolutely refused to answer.

Glancing, I took in some of the faces assembled before me. There was the entirety of the Quidditch team, Indy, Lee Jordan, Samantha and some others whose names I couldn’t quite remember. They all looked incredibly shifty and pleased with themselves at the same time and there was the fact none of them seemed inclined to answer my question. Again, I was just about to ask them why the felt the need to kidnap me and bring me to a party in the Quidditch locker room of all places when I saw a movement out of the corner of my eye.


“You,” I hissed lunging for Wood only to be dragged back.

“And you,” he scowled, advancing menacingly forward before Fred stepped between us and pushed us apart.

“Now, now children,” Fred beamed at us widely. This should have been the first indication he was up to something…or something more than he’d done already. “Let’s play nicely, or don’t play at all.”

“This is your fault!” I glared at Wood. “I can’t believe you had me kidnapped!”

“Have you kidnapped?” He looked shocked. “I’m the one who got attacked by my Quidditch team after practice!”

“So you didn’t get me abducted?” I didn’t believe this for a second.

“No,” Wood scoffed. “Why would I want to do that?”

“To spend more quality time with her so as to let your love blossom,” Fred asked appearing between us.

He received twin glares.

“Weasley I am still your captain and thus I can still order you about when I need to,” Wood was on the point of yelling. “Now after ambushing me in the changing room’s after practice I’d quite like you to let me go back to the castle for a good night’s sleep. So get your minions off me and let me get out of here!”

“Calm down Wood,” Fred held his hands up to placate his captain. “We just want to have a friendly chat.”

“This had better not involve rubber ducks,” I narrowed my glare at him.

“No rubber ducks,” George assured me.

“Let me go!” I hissed. “I can’t be in this baboon’s presence for any longer than necessary and I’ve filled my quota for today.”

“How about….” George appeared next to his twin, grinning just as widely. “No.”

“What!” I screeched, trying to dislodge myself from Angelina and Indy. “What do you mean no?”

“No. A negative response that is used to convey refusal, dissent or denial,” George nodded wisely.

“Word of the day toilet paper again?” Katie Bell asked.

“Nope, dictionary definition tissues,” Fred explained. “Meant to clear your nose and fill your mind.”

“I have homework to do and charms club to attend! Stop messing around with your definitions!” I screeched trying to take a step forward and throttle him, but once again being restricted. “Let me out of here now!”

“Now, now calm down. Time waits or no man,” Fred interjected wisely, smiling at my furious countenance. I guessed he didn’t realise his statement was a contradiction with his meaning…but I wasn’t about to point that out to him.

“Don’t you wish to know exactly why you’ve been brought here?” George asked, ignoring his brother’s taunting of us.

“Obviously for some cruel and sadistic trick you have planned,” I glared at him and the crowd around us.

“Well…” Fred conceded. “That is sort of true….but that’s not the only reason.”

“It’s your behaviour towards each other!” George said despairingly. “The school feels like it’s under attack every time you both walk down the hall.”

“You’re pranks on each other are sending the school mad!” Indy burst out. “There are only so many times I’m willing to have my bed set on fire out of Ella’s anger!”

“That was only…twice,” I looked sheepish. “To be fair I had just had my hair cut!”

“Plus you’ve become a Quidditch dictator,” Harry addressed Wood. “You threatened to beat me with a broomstick last week!”

“It was for your own good,” Wood mumbled sulkily.

“As you can see, you two haven’t exactly been spreading joy and world peace in the last few weeks,” George shook his head at us. “So we, the WEINER club-“

“Wiener?” Wood asked quizzically. “Why the hell did you call yourself wieners?”

“That is not the point,” Fred looked annoyed at someone else pointing out the flaw in his plan.

“The point is you’re sending the school into destruction with your petty squabbling and something needs to be done about it.”

“We have all joined together to fight the common goal,” Angelina said as they all began crowding round us.

“We’ve been forced to take matters into our own hands,” Katie added.

“It is necessary to ensure we finally get some peace,” Alicia pointed out.

“It’s in everyone’s best interests,” Lee Jordon nodded grabbing hold of Wood’s wrist and mine.

“To guarantee our own safety,” Indy interjected.

“To stop the death threats,” Harry put in.

“And the classroom duels,” Samantha added.

“And to get you two to shut up and stop fighting!” Fred and George said together, Fred dragging something from his robe pocket. “Essentially…”

“We have a plan,” everyone chorused together as they descended upon Wood and I, making sure we could not escape and Fred stepped forward with a shiny object in his hand.

“Hold them steady ladies and gentlemen!” Fred bellowed. “This will only take a minute.”

The hands that bound us tightened, I closed my eyes in anticipation of something horrific.

Something cold and hard bit into my wrist, restricting my movement. Opening my eyes slowly I saw the group moving away from us, smiling widely before I glanced down at what constrained me.

A shiny silver bangle covered my wrist…a chain coming from the side and disappearing off to someone’s else’s shiny metal bangle…


Oh sugary ostriches.

A pair of shiny metal handcuffs held us together.

Glancing up in shock, my eyes locked with Wood’s as the full realisation of what had happened occurred to us at the same time.

The lights went off, silence enveloped us and shivers went down my spine.

“Have fun,” the voices of Fred and George drifted to us. “Don’t do anything we wouldn’t!”

The door closed behind them and we were left alone….

All alone.

Friday, 8pm. Still in the Locker Room:
“So that’s how we came to be here,” I cast a baleful look around the cramped room. “In a sweaty locker room, at night, with no wands and just each other for company.”

“Gives a new meaning to the word hell,” Wood added. I shot him a disgusted look.

“Hell? This is worse than hell!” I banged my head back against a wall. “I missed Charms Club! Professor Flitwick specifically told us all to attend yesterday and now I’m going to be in trouble.”

“You think this is bad?” He looked at me threateningly. “It’s our first Quidditch match of the season tomorrow and as keeper and captain I’ve got to play. Now it may have escaped your notice in the middle of your self centred ranting, but I’m locked in the locker rooms and handcuffed to you. So unless you can fly on a broomstick next to me we need to get separated soon.”

“Agreed,” I stared at the handcuffs menacingly hoping to make them disappear.
It didn’t work.

“Disappear!” I screwed my eyes up tight and tapped the metal with my other hand.
Still didn’t work.

“Disappear you horrible things!” I frantically shook the handcuffs, hoping to dislodge them or something. At this point in time rationality was not coming into play.

Next to me, Wood sighed and rolled his eyes at me.

“And to think you’re meant to this genius,” he shook his head in despair. “While here you are trying to make metal disappear by closing your eyes.”

“Well I don’t see you doing anything helpful,” I sniffed haughtily at him.

“I’m about to do something very useful indeed.” So saying he stretched him arms into the air with a yawn (dragging my arm with him)….

Before sinking down onto his side next to me, closing his eyes….

And Going to sleep!

“What are you doing?” I asked, trying to move away from him.

“I’m going to sleep and I suggest you do to,” he pillowed his head on his arm. “I have a very important Quidditch match tomorrow that I need to get sleep for and there’s no sense in wasting breath and sleeping time now. Tomorrow I have to try and figure out how to get myself out of these things,” he jangled the handcuffs.

“You are not going to sleep in the middle of our argument!” I poked him in the side and tried to make him return to the less threatening sitting position. “I’m not going to sleep, I refuse to!”

“I don’t care what you do,” Wood grumbled. “You can rant and rave for the next ten hours for all I care, just be quiet about it while I try to get some sleep.”

“You’re an ass you know that.” I hissed to his curled up form. “A true ass of the first degree.”

“Look just lie down and go to sleep,” Wood mumbled drowsily, moving slightly at my side.

“You can shout at me in the morning when I’ll be able to respond. Surely arguing to a wall isn’t as much fun as that? Now just go to sleep and shut up.”

Casting him a shrewful look of annoyance, I realised there was nothing more to do. Arguing to a sleeping form really wasn’t that much fun and I was quite tired. Surely a little sleep couldn’t do that much harm?

With a final sigh of frustration I lay down beside him and closed my eyes.

A/N: So…what will happen the morning after and how will Wood play Quidditch in handcuffs? Stay tuned for more! (NB: This is way longer than I expected it to be – and it’s been cut in half!)  Plus if there's any spelling/grammar mistakes I'm too tired and ill to care atm, but point them out to me anyway.
I would like to thank everyone who has been kind enough to re-review my story (I think gitgit has reviewed each chapter three times now!), whilst offering my apologies to anyone who has had their review removed. Reviews do matter A LOT to any writer because they help spur you on and show your work is good, so the fact they’ve gone is a bit saddening but I am determined to carry on!
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