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Caught in a landslide by Ivoryrose x
Chapter 2 : On blondes and potters
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Chapter two.  hope  you like it and Please reveiw

Albus Potter was in there snoging a blonde girl.

They both looked up when they heard the door open and Albus started to blush a deep crimson when he saw Rose whereas the girl just looked annoyed at being stopped only at the beginning of her kiss with the hogwarts forth year hottie.

"Oh" started Albus looking surprised, " uh, Hiya Rosie. We were just…. What are you doing here?"

"Albus," Rose replied crisply, "And sorry I don’t know your name, you’re a ravenclaw in our year aren’t you?" Rose asked in the same tone, looking at the girl with suspicion and annoyance dripping from her every look.

"Lizaya Harvey, and who are you, Ginger head?" The blonde scanned Rose with smug eyes and gave her a fake grin.

"Rose Weasley Gryffindor, You’ve probably heard my name."

"Yes I think I have, you got a prize for having the worst hair colour ever didn’t you?" Lizaya gave another grin and continued. "Now if you dont mind me and alby would like to get on with what we were doing, Albus can’t you get her to leave for Merlin’s sake?"

" I think you should leave actually." Replied Albus a look of puzzlement still on his face as he stared absently at the wardrobe.

"What alby" asked Lizaya in bewilderment.

" I think you should leave. Turn around, walk forward, open the door, walk out of it, go down the stairs and out the front door. Now" Albus said as his eyes came Into sharp focus and he turned his stern gaze on her.

The blonde gave a kind of whimpering noise, shoot Rose a filthy look and turned back to Albus,

"But, oh, al… oh alright then. call me." She squeaked out as Albus pushed her out of the door and slammed it at her back.


"Hi Rose, sorry that had to happen, she came over supposedly wanting to talk about Ric and she just started to kiss me. Didn’t know what t do so I just carried on. Why was it that you’re here anyway?"

Rose tutted at her cousin’s awkwardness and carried on speaking.

"Well , Mum and Dad were taking Hugo out to get a new wand, you know how he sat on the last one…"

"Yeah he was out with some guys from school or something and he put his wand down and accidentally sat on it didn’t he?"

"Yeah that’s right. Anyway I was going to get my broom out but it was in the attic from the last time Hugo and dad played quiditch on the stairs so I went up there to get it and I, well I found this.", She took a piece of paper out of her pocket and handed it to him.


Albus gave it a quick look and began to read it out loud.

" Certificate of birth, this is to certify the legal existence of Rose Cora

Child of: OWC, who was born on the: fithteenth of the eleventh, estimated

Nationality: British, estimated."

Albus stopped reading there and looked up at Rose. " But you’re…. What does that mean?"


Rose gave him a sad look and shrugged as she leaned back against the wardrobe door.

"But Rose, your parents, you cant be well , your not…. Adopted" Albus was sounding a bit desperate now and he had concern in his eyes has he looked at Rose.

"I must be, I mean O.W.C what can that mean, Orphaned something something and it doesn’t even say weasley, just Rose Cora, and they’re my first an middle names." Rose tried to fight back the tears and managed to keep them at bay for the moment.

"But, Rose what are we going to do? I mean we have to tell your parents. You cant just not know who you are, I mean come on Rose we need to talk to them."

"No Albus you cant tell anyone. You have to swear on James and Lilly’s and your parent’s lives that you wont tell anyone. I just need you to come with me and help me, ok"

"Ok, ok I swear, but where are we going anyway?" Albus asked rolling his eyes at the first bit,

"Ministry, where d’ya think, come on then for heavens sake." And Albus, a little reluctantly followed Rose out of the room. 

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