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A Teenage Vacation by lovegoesfar
Chapter 1 : Getting ready
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i absolutely adore the Marauders' and i haven't written any stories involving them so... here it goes!


Summer of 1979
London, England
6:53 a.m.

'James! Sirius! Let's go before the girls decide to leave us!' A few distant grunts and mumbles followed his words before, 'If your two don't get down here in 5 seconds we're leaving you!' Kailee Jones came roaring into the kitchen, her black hair flying and her blue eyes narrowed.

'I have been waiting my whole life to go to Hawaii and there is no way in hell I'm letting two lazy moles ruin it.' She turned to Remus who instinctively scotched his chair a few steps back.

'Remus-' That was all she had to say. Remus was out of his chair and up the stairs before another word was out of her mouth.

Jez, he thought. women are so temperamental.


Upstairs, both Sirius Black and James Potter had fallen out of bed and were now sitting up looking confused.

'What the bloody hell was that?' James mumbled, climbing to his feet.

'I don't know. Your pet elephant may be?' Sirius said yawning. He stood, pushing back his shaggy hair with one hand while rubbing his hind end with the other.

'Or the tiger we stored down stairs.'

'It could be the python I hid in the girls' bathroom.' James grinned.

'You didn't.' Sirius shook his head.

'No but I'm thinking about it now.' He was still rubbing his back side, looking disgruntled.

Remus Lupin came bounding into the room a split second later, looking flustered. He was glancing back behind him fearfully.

'Would you two kindly hurry up? Where are your bags?' He asked glancing around the room anxiously.

'Relax Moony.' James yawned. 'They're sitting down stairs on the couch.'

'Yeah, we packed them last night so we could sleep in a little,' Sirius said glancing at his watch. 'Which of course, we didn't get too. What's the big idea waking us up at 7 in the morning. It's suppose to be vacation and in case you don't remember what that means, Remus, please let me remind you. Vacation is a time in a teenager's life when we like to sleep in, get drunk, have sex, and not listen to our parents. You should try it sometime. you might enjoy yourself.' Remus ignored him.

'Our Hotel stops reserving our room at eight thirty and it's 8 o' clock there right now so we better hurry.'

"Okay, okay. We're up. Tell Kailee to keep her clothes on.' James grumbled, heading for the dresser in to corner of the room.

'Or take them off. Whichever she prefers." Sirius said grinning.


Back down stairs, Kailee was in a towering rage. First off, she couldn't find her favorite shampoo this morning so she had to pack her emergency bottle. Secondly, she had to re-pack twice this morning because she couldn't fit everything in the simple carry-on bag she was taking, and thirdly, the two stupid boys were still in bed. If they made her lose that reservation, they better hope to Merlin he is watching over them.

'Kailee? Where are the boys.' Lily Evens, pale skin, firey red hair, and almond shaped green eyes walked in carrying her duffle bag over one shoulder.

'Still in bed.' Kailee spat.

Lily looked over her friend. Her blue eyes were narrowed at the stairs, it was almost as if her waist length black hair was sparking with static. Lily could almost see the sparks shoot from the perfect locks. She followed Kailee's gaze to the stairs in time to see Remus step into view. Sirius and James followed close behind, carrying tired, early morning looks.

'Finally!' Kailee growled throwing her hands into the air. 'Let's go!' and she stormed out of the kitchen.

Well? How was it?

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