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Diary of a Death Eater by AnakinsAngel
Chapter 1 : Prologue
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Emma lay in her cell with a thousand thoughts going through her mind. She had been imprisoned for something she didn’t do. She had been wrongfully accused of Nearly killing the one person she loved more than her life. Ron was everything to her, She would have died for him. Now she lay in Azkaban facing the Dementor’s kiss. Emma would have given up months ago had it not been for the child growing in her stomach and the hope her brother could get the minister to listen to him.

She no longer looked like the young and vibrant woman she was. She had been broken, her beautiful black hair now hung in limp strands around her face and down her back. Her Green eyes that once held so much life were now dull and blank. She was thin, To thin for someone to be so far along. It had been said during the years Emma was in hogworts, That she alone held the link to the Dark lord. Her brother was the only one who could kill him and Emma was the only one who knew where the dark lord was at all times. Even her brother couldnt see what was coming, When Emma turned her back on them in order to keep them alive. Emma was then forced to commit the one Crime Voldemort knew she could never do. When Emma Failed, Voldemort stepped in.

When the Ministry Arrived they took one look at the mark and they completly turned their backs on Emma. The only ones who knew she was innocent was the Weasley Family and her Twin Brother, Harry. Emma Deared if Harry didnt persaud the minister soon...She wasnt going to make it out of Azkaban. Her first few days in Azkaban, Emma screamed until she was coughin up blood from her throat being so Raw. She pulled and kicked at the bars, trying to the gaurds attention. She constantly screamed out that she was Innocent. The last time she threw another fit, The gaurds put her in a dark room until she nearly went insane.

The only thing keeping Emma Sane, Was the thought of her Husband. She knew he was still alive...he had to be. When Emma was brought in the last thing she heard on Ron was that he was stable and sleeping peacefully in St. Mungos.

Emma heard movement outside her cell, she managed to use the last of her energy to sit up. A guard walked up to her cell and he opened the door, Emma let out a groan. It was time for another interrogation that always left Emma unable to think strait or see strait for many hours after. She kept hoping her brother would make the Minister listen…Emma didn’t know how much longer she could hold on.

But lets go back to the beginning shall we…Before Emma was like this, Before their was so much pain. Back to a time, when all Emma knew was life at Hogworts and the burrow. Life with her brother and friends was sweet. Lets go back To Emma’s 6th year when it all began…….

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