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Detention,Where it all started. by ilovseshy
Chapter 2 : It's Your Fault!
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We walked into the dark dreary potions room just as we heard the 7 o' clock bell sound out over the grounds,and suddenly we heard a voice cold as ice,his voice.

"Hello Mr.Malfoy,Ms.Granger I have somehting special planned for your detention tonight."he said coldly.

"What will we be doing tonight,sir?",I asked almost scared.

"I'm glad you asked Ms.Granger,Mr.Malfoy and your self will be heading out into the
forbiden forest to gather some fire root plants I need for several potions."

"Excuse me,professer,"Malfoy chimed in,"What are fire root plants?"

"They are just as they sound,Mr.Malfoy,they'er plants with roots like fire.Now stop asking questions before I start taking house points for your ignorance."

At this I smirked and got a hateful glare from both participants in the recent conversation.

"Ok as I was saying,"Snape drawled on," you are to go into the forest and collet me two buckets of fire root plants,oh and here take these gloves the roots are very hot to the touch when first puled from the ground.I expect you both back here toghether with my plants before midnight."

"Yes sir."we mumbled quietly.

~In the forbiden forest~

"Look over theres some."I said finaly glad we found some it felt like we had been looking forever(realy only about 30 minutes)and since Malfoy kissed he hadn't said a single word,in other words this detention was extremly boring.

He went to pull the plants we had found out of the ground and suddenly I saw him jump back in pain craddleing his hand,I ran over to were he was seeing in more detail what hapened.He had severly burned his left hand and was winceing from the pain.

"You nit,"I skreeched,"thats why the professer gave us gloves!"Then I thought to
myself thats probly why he gave me an emergancy burn kit too.Malfoy was still craddleing his hand.

"Uhhgg...Malfoy just let me heal it so we can get back to work."but as I stood up to walk over to him I tripped on a root and fell falt on top of him.When I looked up dazed I could have sworn Malfoy was staring directly at my face,then I seen his head shake in the slightest as to clear his thoughts.

Then he said,"Oiy Granger you trying to squash me or fix my burns."

"Sorry Malfoy."I mumbled and healed his hand but had to remind him to put on his gloves because he almost did it again 'nit'.

Soon enough our job was done and we were finaly heading back it was about 11:30.We finaly made it back into the dungeons.Snape took the plants and shoed us with a wave of his hand.

Malfoy said,"Thank God thats over!!!"

"You say that like it's my fault and it's realy yours."I argue.

"It's not my fault it's yours."he says back

"How is it my fault?"I questioned,he had no anwser I knew I had won.

"Oh and Malfoy,"I said daringly

"What?"he sneered

"Even after earlier I still think you and your habit of looking at my friends asses are very much gay."I said laughing and runing down the hall leaving an angry seething Malfoy far behind.

A./N.---just thought I'd try and post some thing so no harsh reviews about how much it
stinks but any thing other than flames would be greatly apreciated!(sp?)

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Detention,Where it all started.: It's Your Fault!


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