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Someday My Prince Will Come by ThelostWeasley13
Chapter 1 : Someday My Prince Will Come
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Someday my prince will come….. 

That is what I have been saying to myself since I was 5 years old. 

Someday my prince will come. 

I say it to myself everyday. I say it in the mirror in the morning when I wake up. I say it as I sit down to breakfast with my family and my brothers chat about there girlfriends. I say it as I sit alone in my room after a long day of fighting my brothers and helping my mom. And I say it to the moon before I go to bed. 

And so I said it over and over until I was 10 years old and then I saw him. My prince. He had come, just not for me. He probably didn’t even notice me. And so I went back home to my chant, through my long lonely days until I would see my prince again.
And a year went by and there he was more and more. But he was never there for me. I thought he was once but he didn’t even see me the real me. He saved me but not to come for me but for my brother, his best friend. And so I kept on. 

Some day my prince will come. 

The years kept passing me by, me and my chant. Some of my friends told me to move on, that it would never happen. Others told me to just be myself and that one day he would come for me. So I did both. I dated many boys. He didn’t take much notice of that. So I acted like myself, like every time he was near me I wasn’t saying to myself my chant, someday my prince will come. 

Then finally he was there. He had come for me, to be my knight and shining armor. And I was so happy, nothing could get me down. Not my O.W.L.s, classes, or the upcoming war. But I should have known that it wouldn’t last. After the headmaster died I could tell that he was different, but we all were. And then he had to go and do it. My wish for a prince, a knight in shining armor, had come to bite me in the butt. He had to go, to save me, to protect me, to keep me safe. 

And so I was back to my chant. But I had to change it just a bit this time. 

Someday my prince will come back. 

And so that is where I am now. In my room with him just up the stairs, but not for me. And I tried to bring him back, believe me I did. Today is his 17th birthday and I gave him something to remember me by. I kissed him. But he left again with my brother. But I know now that he will come back for me. And until then I’m here with my chant. 

Someday my prince will come. 

And on that day I’ll be ready for him.

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