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Can't Touch This by prongslittleflower
Chapter 9 : Never Be the Same
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Disclaimer: So, yeah, if I owned this stuff I’d make sure that I wrote until I died. I wouldn’t leave people hanging, wondering what happened in the Marauder’s world like some people. Ahem, sorry. Write for us again, Rowling!

Note: I know, I know; I’m a horrible person who is the worst writer ever and I’m super sorry. I wish that I could say that it won’t happen again, but by now you know that I can’t ever promise that. But, I can tell you that I will try my hardest to do everything I can to get this story cranked out. I love all my reviewers and all the people who read! I do have a slight excuse though; my co-author is gone away for all of break and I can only communicate through email. Sigh. I miss her!

I also apologize for the sappiness in some parts. The music I was listening to while writing was kind of sentimental!

Don’t forget to review; and sorry for the cliff-hanger! It will be answered in chapter 11! And some in chapter 10! Yay!



We’ll Never be the Same


I was calm as I stepped out of the shower. I was calm as I toweled off my curly hair and threw it into a damp ponytail. I was still calm as I put my skirt, polo, robes, tights, shoes, and makeup on. I stayed calm as I ignored Lyla and Blair’s protests as I made my way (calmly) down the stairs. However, I lost my calm as I spotted Sirius Black leaning against the wall talking to some girl with black hair.

“Do you want to die, Black?” I shrieked as I took a running start from the bottom of the stairs. I caught his blank stare change as he registered who was screaming at him. “Not today,” He stammered as he bowed regally to the giggling girl and ran for the portrait hole. Although I was sprinting, he managed to stay a yard in front of me. That is until a wayward second year stood and caused him to careen to a halt.

With a groan I realized that I wouldn’t be able to stop in time and I tackled him over the back of the deep red couch. I screamed as we rolled backwards and he sheltered my body as we hit the ground (which I was thankful for, though I was loathe to admit it). The air was knocked out of my lungs as the muscle he possessed crushed me. Propping himself up on his elbows, Sirius looked at me and smirked, his amazing hair tickling my forehead. “Is this some sort of play for dominance, Lexie? Because if so, all you had to do was ask,” I growled as his smirk grew wider.

Realizing and not caring that there were people in the common room, I hooked my leg around his waist and in a great show of strength pushed him over so I was sitting cross-legged on his stomach. I would be lying to myself if I said that he wasn’t ripped, but I figure if I don’t say anything then it can’t be true. Anyways, it was my turn to smirk as he looked a bit surprised. “Wrong again, Black; if I wanted to play you’d be able to figure it out.”

Bringing my hands across my chest, I blew my hair from my eyes and tried to raise an eyebrow and the ebony haired boy. I’m sure it looked comical and I gritted my teeth as he smirked. “What is it that you want, Alexa?” He asked in what I am pleased to say was a slightly wheezy voice. However, this made me think; hopefully I wasn’t getting morbidly obese or anything. Yeesh.

“I was just wondering why exactly you are going around and playing the martyr?” He looked curiously confused for a moment and I sighed exasperatedly, “You’ve been telling people we’re ‘working it out.’ What more is there to work out besides the fact that I hate you and you’re an arrogant demon?” I flinched slightly as his hands went to my hips, lifting me off his airway somewhat. It was then that I realized what a compromising position we were in, especially in front of all the people in the Common Room.

Leaping off of him, I gave him a moment to pull himself off the ground before I grabbed his wrist and pulled him through the portrait hole. Surprisingly enough he didn’t make one connotation of my ‘intentions’ as I led him to an alcove. There was a bench under a picture of two men fighting, so I figured while gory it was appropriate. “Explain,” I commanded with a stern voice and for once, Sirius looked tired.

“I don’t know, Alexa, why can’t we just be friends? Why can’t we at least go back to being civil towards each other?” I opened my mouth to speak, but he cut me off. “Stop. Don’t say anything until I’m finished speaking to you. I want you to listen to why I think we should be civil or friends or whatever else is a synonym for it.

I know that we’ve not always been friends, and that we liked to prank each other and tease each other, but for me it’s always just been something that was fun and,” He ran a hand through his hair, looking out the window towards the cold, dreary morning. “Well, I won’t say that what I’ve always wanted is just friendship. I know that I hurt you, but it was never how I meant for things to happen. And I think that if we work out our differences we can really get to know each other.”

I sat, dumbfounded for a moment as he looked at me expectantly. And then the floodgates were opened. “That’s the exact reason we can’t be friends, Sirius. You trashed my friendship with Bree, and you came so close to breaking my heart. I gave in and let you do it all, so it’s not all about you.”

I was about to speak again when Sirius spoke out, “I never said it was about me! Stop turning it around so that I always look like the bad guy. What about you, huh; I believe that it was you who led me on.” He looked proud of himself and the anger that had been simmering below my surface burst forth. Standing up, I towered over him, my eyes narrowing to what I’m sure were very attractive little slits.

“This is why friendship or any type of civility between us will never work. It’s because you’re too much of a tool to think of anyone other than yourself,” I took a step back as Sirius rose to his feet in anger, but I couldn’t stop the anger that was fueling my words. “You don’t care what happens to anyone else, as long as everything is okay in your world. You can’t help but be a mindless idiot who uses woman to fulfill whatever sick needs you think you have.” I took a deep breath to calm myself, but it didn’t work.

“And last, I never make things completely about you. I said that I had to work out the issues that I have with this fascination for you before we could attempt friendship. I never said that it’s your fault. However, now I see what kind of person you are, and I can’t see a friendship happening between us until you clean up your act and get over yourself.”

Laughing hollowly, Sirius leaned lazily against the alcove, his grey eyes narrowing like mine had before. “Well, I’m so sorry your highness. If I were not but a lowly person than I’m sure we could work it out. But, now I know that you’re just an arrogant, slutty bitch and I don’t want to be your friend.” He smirked as my jaw dropped, probably unhinging.

“You have no right to call me that, you stupid arrogant man-whore!” Stomping away like a child, I screamed in frustration and heard him laughing mirthfully behind me. “Way to act your age, Alexa. You’re so naïve.” Spinning on my heel, I walked back to where he was, my anger turning into pure hate for a moment.

“I may not be officially 16 yet, but I’m older than you could imagine, Black,” He laughed again and I clenched my fists. I was so tired of that stupid laugh! “And if you don’t stop treating me like dirt then I’m going to whip your ass.”

“You reap what you sow, Parker. Stop treating me like dirt and I’ll stop treating you like shit.”

“Whatever, don’t try to make me act civil to you; and stop with the proverbs. I’ll continue to treat you like mud, and dirt, and whatever else that sucks because that’s what you are.” As I finished, I took a few steps back because he was starting to shake. I know it was totally cliché, but I’m not sure if he would turn into a giant monster or not. Was he really above hitting girls? Not giving that scenario a chance, I turned away once again and stalked off.

Mumbling to myself under my breath, I walked quietly past the Portrait Hole not noticing the three people who were standing outside it. “Hey, Alex, wait for us,” Slowing down, I turned towards Blair’s voice and saw James and Lyla following her. “What’s all this about, huh? You ran out of the Common Room with Sirius and since you don’t seem like you’ve worked it out I’m going to assume that everything is not okay.”

I rolled my eyes as Lyla came up and put a comforting arm around me. “Well spotted, Blair. Why don’t you tell us what happened so we can fix all of this.” Lyla said as she led me towards the moving staircases so we could go down to the Great Hall for breakfast.

“You can’t fix it; I can’t fix it. The whole thing is just a load of crap that the fates have dealt me.” With a sigh, I raised my fist to the sky, or ceiling in this case, “Damn you, higher power!” James laughed as Lyla pulled my hand down and sent a couple of third years apologetic looks. “Sorry, it’s just that Black has got to be the most infuriating person in the entire universe. He can’t even pull his head from his ass long enough to apologize correctly. The thing is if he had actually been sincere I could have forgiven him.”


I kept walking, not noticing that they had fallen behind until there were no longer three sets of footsteps behind me. I looked behind me to see my friends bewildered and James smirking slightly. “What?” I asked while stopping and putting my hands on my hips. The try-to-be-authority look must have pulled them from their reveries because they burst into laughter. James noticed my put-out look and slung an arm around my shoulders. “It’s just that we didn’t know you could be so deep.”

I let out a humph sound and crossed my arms while Blair came and wrapped a friendly arm around my waist and Lyla hugged me. “So, now my friends think I’m just a superficial ditz. Life is going fantastically for me today.” The sarcasm sent us all into peals of laughter and I smiled, feeling better for once today. “Come on, I’m hungry and if we don’t hurry we’ll miss breakfast.”

Blair nodded energetically whilst taking James’ hand and leading him forward. He followed her with a happy smile on his face, squeezing her small hand with his much larger one. “I can’t go to defense without food or I’ll die.” She said; I smiled as we followed their lead and Lyla and I linked arms.

“Come along, little sister dear, we’ll set Sirius straight,” I looked down at her and pulled a face, which she matched, “Well, at least we’ll be able to get the Marauders to talk to him.” I allowed her to pull me in to the Great Hall, where many people were sitting and clowning around. Blair left James to go sit with Remus, who had his nose in a book, and we allowed her to pull us to a separate end of the table. “What’s with the secrecy, Blair bear?”

Blair blushed at the nickname James had bestowed upon her and we had seen fit to hold against her. She shrugged once before answering, “I figured that we could use a break from the guys for once. Have some girl time like we haven’t had in quite a while.” I poured us each a glass of orange juice before raising my goblet to theirs.

“To the best of friends in the world!”

“Here, here!”

Drinking together, I couldn’t help but laugh, sending the juice from my mouth and all over the front of Lyla’s shirt. “Hot damn, I’m sorry!” I giggled as Lyla looked at me in disgust before her mouth broke out into a smile.

“You should just be glad that I am a witch, and therefore know how to clean myself off.” Folding my hands together and bowing towards her, I began to load my plate up with eggs and toast. Making a little sandwich, I bit into my food, sighing with contentment. We didn’t really talk much as we continued to eat, but every once in awhile I would look up to find us all smiling at each other. There weren’t really words that we could use to describe our friendship, and I was just glad to have the friends that I did.

Just as I was beginning to forget about Black and the whole disturbing part of the morning, Bree sat down next to me. “Guess who was chosen to be partners in Defense?” She asked excitedly. I pulled my eyebrows together to keep myself from donning an angry expression. I really didn’t want to have to deal with our tentative friendship this early in the morning.

Blair, I could tell, was feeling the same way as she was clutching her fork, hash browns halfway to her mouth as she watched Bree warily. Thankfully, Lyla was being kind enough to answer Bree with a small smile. “Well, one can only hope that it was a good match.” She said, before turning back to her strawberries and kicking Blair and I under the table.

“Oh, it is. Don’t you worry about that.” Turning towards me, Bree sent me a dazzling smile. I think I’m going to be sick. “Well, without all the suspense, you and I are going to be partners! Isn’t that great, Alex?” I tried to hide the wince that I was sure to express by taking another bite from my egg/toast concoction.

Swallowing tightly, I felt the food hit my stomach in what felt like a lead ball. “That’s just awesome, B.” I said, hoping that it wasn’t too obvious that I was lying. It must not have been because Bree gave me a large smile and hugged me so tightly that I wasn’t sure what to do. Patting her back uncertainly, I looked over her shoulder towards James, whom I could see was berating Black at the other end of the table. Biting the inside of my cheek, I sent a closed lip smile to Bree who had finally stopped strangling me. “Are you eating with us, Bree?” I asked while I tasted blood. Hm, must have bit down a bit to hard.

“Nah, I can’t right now. I haven’t even finished getting ready yet.” She gestured to her immaculately clean uniform and I frowned. “Uh, okay. I guess I’ll see you later then.” I stated while she got up from the bench and sent air kisses over to Lyla and Blair. “Ta.”

We waited until she was out of sight to burst into giggle. “Ta,” Lyla mocked as she flicked her straight, brown hair over her shoulder so that it brushed the middle of her back. “She obviously hasn’t changed a bit since we stopped talking to her. You would think that she’d realize we weren’t just mad about her and Sirius.”

I rolled my eyes, before looking back down the table at where the Marauders sat. James was glaring across the table at Black, who was looking back at James with a set expression. Remus, as usual, was trying to get them both to calm down. “Speaking of the devil, Jam-Jam is telling him off.” With what looked like a coordinated movement, Lyla and Blair’s heads spun to look at them.

We stared for a bit longer before someone spoke next to me, “What’s so interesting?” I shrieked, recognizing the deep voice and blushing. “Hey, Caradoc.” Blushing even deeper as he leaned over and kissed my cheek, I couldn’t keep the grin from my face. “Done eating yet? I can walk you to your first class?” He said this so enticingly and like he really was hoping I’d say yes that I pushed away my half-eaten breakfast and nodded my head. Hopefully, Blair had enough sense to grab me a muffin.

I was so floored by how cute he sounded and the fact that he, an older guy, wanted to walk me to class that I didn’t even have time to register the fact that a strong body had just sat itself down next to Lyla, whom was sitting across from me. “Alright there, Dearborn?” Clenching my jaw together, I tried not to sigh in annoyance as Caradoc looked up pleasantly and smiled at the incomer.

“Looking better I see, Black. Alexa sure does pack a punch,” He slung an arm around my waist and pulled me closer. Smiling to myself, I fixed Black with a look that clearly showed that my little ‘infatuation’ was over. I had Caradoc now, who had just physically staked his claim. There was a strange giddiness in my stomach as I thought about this. I was someone’s girl now. Yeah, I liked the sound of that.

“Sure does, but I’m just glad that we have finally been able to be on level terms now.” I looked up sharply, as did Lyla and Blair, “Isn’t that right, Lexie.” I almost lifted myself from my seat, my anger was so great. But two could play at this little game. Looking up at Caradoc, I smiled sweetly; my eyes growing wide and round as I pulled of an innocent look.

“Of course we have, Sirius.” I finished the slight with an arm wrapped around Caradoc, before picking up my bag and standing from the bench. “Well, I’m going to class. See ya there, Lyla, Blair,” With a glare only he could see, I turned to the smirking boy that was next to my seething sister. “Sirius.”

Caradoc stood, and taking my hand, walked me out of the Great Hall. I distinctly heard a oof and then, “What was that for, Lyla?” I smiled contentedly as I knew what a hard elbow Lyla could throw when she wanted to hurt someone. As I felt a slight pressure on my hand, I looked up to find my boyfriend smiling down at me, but with an expression that was somewhat forced.

“Are you sure nothing’s going on with you and Black?” I looked down at the stone floor as we made our way up the halls.



As we sat in defense, my second class of the day and the only one I shared with Bree, I stared blankly at the she-devil who was babbling about something that had absolutely nothing to do with what we were supposed to be studying. “And, then, I was like, ‘Somebody better walk away from this fight,’ and Lance pulled Jennifer back. I swear,” Tossing her hair back, Bree fixed her heated stare on a Slytherin boy from across the room, “If he didn’t want his girlfriend to find out then he shouldn’t have cheated.”

With what I am positive was disbelief, I stared at my old friend. “So what you’re saying is that you had a tryst with a Slytherin sixth year, whom had a girlfriend, and then when said girlfriend found out she tried to come after you; and you don‘t even care?” Bree nodded her head happily and then snapped her head down to her work as our professor walked by us. I lowered my voice, “Bree, that is terrible.”

Now, I for one wasn’t one of these terrible prejudiced Gryffindor (cough Potter cough) but I for one wasn’t happy going around and messing with the opposite sex from the House of Snakes. Well, I said I wasn’t too terribly prejudiced. Bree stared at me with an affronted look before adorning her face with an expression I knew all too well. Thank goodness she couldn’t guilt trip me anymore.

“But, Alex, he sought me out; it was all his idea really.” Rolling my eyes, I turned back to my book and began jotting down notes on our forbidden creature. Feeling someone’s eyes on me, I looked up to find James with one raised eyebrow. It was only then that I realized Bree was still speaking. “…and then I just couldn’t help it because he was already half-way up my skirt,” My face paled and I almost puked in my mouth.

Holding up a hand, I shut my book and resigned that I would have to do this later in the Common Room. “Listen, Bree, I’m not really in to hearing about your trysts while we’re supposed to be doing work, so if you would kindly refrain that would be ever so lovely.” Right, so I was being a stroppy prat, but really, did she need to tell me about how far she went with a Slytherin? No; I didn’t think so.

Opening my book, I barely missed the look that Bree was sending my way. It was a mix of shock (that I’d spoken up), anger (that I’d cut her off), and hurt (that I was a bitch about it). “Why can’t we get along, A? Suddenly it’s like you hate me or something.”

“Or something,” I said whilst opening my closed book back up and thumbing through the pages to get to the section on vampires. Sigh. Ironic that I’m reading about backstabbing, bloodsucking creatures while sitting next to one. Without the bloodsucking part, that is. When she realized that I was just going to ignore her, Bree slammed my book shut without warning and I yelped while holding my wounded fingers closer to me. “Bloody hell, Bree! What in the hells was that for?”

“You’re not listening to me! You’ve done a complete three-sixty from how we were at the beginning of the year. I told you that I was sorry, but you said that you were willing to put it all behind me. So are we friends or not?” Swinging her long, chocolate hair behind her shoulder, she looked at me expectantly. With a quick glance around the room I realized that no one was really paying attention to us and that Professor Cringle (no, he doesn’t look like Father Christmas) was grading our essays at the front of the class.

“We are friends, but that doesn’t mean that I’ve forgotten about what happened.” Sighing, I pushed my hair back and rummaged through my bag for a headband. When it was secured in my hair, I noted to thank Lyla for bringing my bag with her to breakfast this morning. Speaking of breakfast, it was almost time for lunch and I was about ready to starve to death. Note to self: no matter how cute the boy, finish breakfast first. My mental tirade was cut short by a short, feminine cough.

Right; I was explaining the situation to Bree. Her hazel eyes were fixed on me and I flinched back a little in my seat. Sigh. I was always so afraid that she would hit me. “Anyways, what I’m trying to say is that even if I have forgiven you we won’t ever be the way that we were before. You stabbed me in the back, Bree, and then you weren’t even sorry.” Once again, I opened my book thinking that we would be able to salvage the last fifteen minutes of class and work on our project for a bit. Again, I was wrong.

“What do you mean ‘we’ll never be the way we were?’ You make it sound like we’re breaking up or sommat. Is this what you told Sirius too? Is that why he came to me and ditched you, A?” Bree looked proud of herself as I began to pack up the my things. Clenching my fists together under the table, I pegged her with the iciest stare I could manage without actually doing cold-inducing magic. How I wish I could have just turned her in to a ice cube.

“I’m not going to talk about that with you; not now and not ever.” The knowing smirk never left her face as I searched the room desperately for a way out. I couldn’t deal with all this crap today and if I didn’t make it away from her fast, Bree was going to be faced with an explosion of anger she never knew was possible. Yet, as I looked around and realized there was still ten minutes left of class, I resigned myself to my anger. “And I know we’re not ‘breaking up,’ Bree. Sirius only came to you because you were there and willing to be a total whore for him while we were too busy trying to figure out what was going on. So, as I see it, I’m glad that I stand where I am today because never have I wanted to be called a slut.”

The evil glint didn’t leave her eyes even after I had finished my mini-speech. “I thought we weren’t going to discuss the matter, Alexa? Or is that just what you say when you get passed over for the ‘better’ model?” With a scoff I gathered my bag on my shoulder and gripped the strap tightly. She really did just refer to herself as a possession. Idiot.
“I’m not a toy or a model or something that someone can just pass off. I am a human being with feelings and emotions,” Sending a disdainful look at my once friend, I stood from my seat and effectively ended the conversation. “Professor, could I be excused?” Without looking up from his essays, Cringle waved a hand as if shooing me out and I lunged for the door.

No, I wasn’t running away, but I didn’t fancy detention for beating someone up either. I did have a rather upstanding reputation to hold, as it was. The door to the classroom slammed shut rather satisfyingly and I walked into the next corridor over, before leaning against the wall and sliding down it. I figured that I should have made my way up to the Divination tower, but I couldn’t bring myself to get up.

As I began to ponder my situation, someone sat down across from me and with a hint of surprise I noticed that it was Lupin. At my questioning look, he muttered something along the lines of ‘ditched Herbology,’ and went back to staring at his hands.

“Trouble in paradise, Remmy?” I asked whilst pushing my elbow into his arm. He rolled his eyes before shoving me playfully back and I got a glimpse at the boy that made my sister so happy. “We never actually have a conversation, Lupin, why is that?” I ask, genuinely puzzled at the fact that I haven’t actually had any verbal communication with him this year. Not that we’d talked a lot before or anything, but it was sort of awkward.

“Well, Parker, I assume it’s because between you fighting with my best mate and me trying to convince your sister she’s better off without me, we don’t get a lot of words in between the two of us.” His bitter laugh was dry and his words low and sarcastic when he spoke, and I nodded along with him.

“This year has been a little mucked up, eh?” Sighing, he leaned his head against the stone wall and closed his eyes. He looked tired, and come to think of it, all the Marauders had seemed out of it today. Even Peter, who wasn’t one for words. “I don’t think you’re dangerous and you seem to be pretty good for my sister too. Telling her that she’s better off away from you is just hurting her, you know? For that, no matter if you’re the kind Marauder or not, I’ll have to kill you.” I say, feeling the protectiveness in me spring to life.

I got no response as he sighed once again and continued to watch the ceiling tiles and it struck me that perhaps Remus Lupin was just not one who spoke often. He had always seemed resigned and quiet, but I thought that was because he didn’t have much to say. Sure, he wasn’t loud and crass like Black, nor was he arrogant and mischievous like James, but then again he didn’t have to be. When he spoke, he got to the point and his voice made you listen. I respected that.

“I really---well, she’s definitely---” He sighed in a tortured way and ran a hand through his sandy golden hair. “Lyla is one of the most special people I know, and she’s too good for me; or anyone for that matter.” I sent him a small smile as he looked at me with eyes that begged me to understand, “With me she’d just be getting a mediocre boy who has problems the world wouldn’t be able to understand.”

Whoa. That was deep and heart-wrenching, and if I was a total home wrecker and hated my sister I would totally be going for this pained, mysterious boy. But, as I was not those things, I could only pat his hand comfortingly and try to help him. “She knows who you are, Remus, and she’s not letting whatever ‘problems’ you have stand in the way. Besides, she’s put up with the sneaking around and all your other kinky quirks for this long, what makes you think that she won’t keep it up?” I heard footsteps coming towards us, but didn’t realize who it was until I had finished my bit. “If you really have feelings for her, then don’t keep treating her like dirt.”

Lupin nodded painfully and I squeezed his hand as someone came to a stop besides us. Looking at the slightly heeled shoes I groaned outwardly before the voice could even speak. “Well, looks like I’m not the only person who goes around on friends.” The cynical, conniving voice grated on my nerves painfully and I stood to face my growing arch-nemesis.

“If you breathe a word of what you think you saw, because I can tell you right now you are wrong, then I will make your life such hell that you won’t even know that we used to be friends.” I watched with delight as something akin to doubt flickered across her features until she composed herself into a cool smirk.

“We’ll just see about that.” The bell rang as we stared each other down and it was only when I felt a calming hand on my shoulder that I tore my eyes from Bree’s. I looked to where Remus was standing and then thought of how it was the worst possible thing he could do at the moment; standing up for me that is. When I turned back around the hall was filled with people and I could just see Bree’s bouncy hair flowing down the corridor, people gathering around her as she spread a rumor that could get me killed.

“This is going to suck.” Remus spoke as people began to look back at where the two of us were standing. I nodded solemnly as I prepared myself for an onslaught during what was turning out to be one of the worst days of my life.

James met me outside of the Divination classroom, and I had assumed that Lyla had already gone in, so as I made to go up the ladder I wasn’t really surprised that James pulled me aside before I could go up. “What the heck is up with your sister, Alex? I asked her where you were and she practically bit my head off before I could get a word in edgewise.” As I muttered Bree’s name, James looked at me quizzically and I rolled my eyes.

I waited until a portion of students went up the ladder, staring at James and I as they went, and I groaned. They’d be talking about us next. “Bree saw Remus and I talking. It was about Lyls, and I was trying to comfort him. He was talking about being dangerous and some rot,” James’ face darkened but I stowed that knowledge away for later. “Anyways, Bree saw us, made up some shite about the two of us and I guess Lyla heard before I got to tell her it was all a crock of bull.”

“But why would she make that crap up anyways? I thought you two were friends,” James stopped and nodded his head, “So you two must have been fighting in Defense. It was about Padfoot, wasn’t it?”

“If by Padfoot you mean that toe-rag Black whom you insist to hang out with, then yes. But it wasn’t completely about him. Because I can’t and don’t care what he does with his love life anymore.” James looked at me skeptically for a moment and I rolled my eyes before making my way up the ladder again. “I don’t Jam-Jam, and you’ll do well to remember that.”

“Don’t call me that, Allie-pie.” I laughed as I made my way into the classroom and went to take my usual seat next Lyla, but her bag as taking my spot and she was sitting with Alice, a girl who shared the Gryffindor dorms with Lyla, Blair, Bree and I. Along with Lily, we were the only girls in sixth year. I digress, the whole situation here was about Lyla taking the place where James and I usually sat. “What the hell, Parker?” James asked Lyla while glaring at her and Alice. Alice threw her hands up in defense.

“I don’t want to talk about it here, James. And it’s not you that needs to be explaining themselves.” She looked at me pointedly and I tried not to sigh in annoyance.

“You really aren’t going to let me explain before you jump all over me? Come on, Lyls, let’s think about this rumor before we freak out.” She scowled at me and I knew I was on the defensive and that I wouldn’t be able to get through to her until she had calmed down. Fortunately, or unfortunately really, the professor came in the door in that moment and James and I had to retreat to a desk in the corner of the classroom next to the window.

“She’ll believe you, Allie-pie. She’s crazy to believe Bree over her own sister.” I sent him a tight smile, trying to let him know that I believed him, but it was hesitant. There was also a tight feeling in my lungs, forcing me to breathe deeply. I could almost feel the virtual light bulb above my head as I had an idea. Rummaging in my bag for my special parchment and quill, the professor looked at me with surprise that I might actually pay attention today.

Ah, well, what she didn’t know wouldn’t hurt her. Or me either, for that matter. I watched as the last conversation that was used (between Blair and Lyla) sifted away as I put the quill’s tip to the parchment. The green lit up as my message was sent and I saw Lyla glance out of the corner of her eyes to see her bag move a bit. I mentally remembered to thank James for telling me the spell to alert people. I also meant to ask him how he knew the spell.

Make it quick, Alexa, I’m trying to pay attention for once.

Just give me a second to explain before you take it into consideration. I would NEVER do anything like that to you. I mean, why would I ever go for Remus?

I winced slightly as I thought of my word choice, trying not to smile at Lyla’s obvious sarcasm I her reply.

Of course, because he is just a horrid looking guy, isn’t he? What would I even see in him?

Oh you know what I meant you bloody dramatic. I’m just trying to tell you that when Bree found Remus and I we were out in the hallway and I was giving him a FRIENDLY hug because he was so stressed out about you.

What’s that even supposed to mean; and why the hell was Bree following you about in a hallway? I mean, I know that you and Remus are friends, and I respect that, but it’s not really explaining all the things this rumor is saying.

Paper sigh. Bree is a freakish stalker so I don’t know how she found me. But we were arguing about why our friendship wasn’t going to go back to normal in Defense and I got p’d at something she said and walked out. When I was in the hallway I saw Remmy and he was very forlorn. He was talking some sort of nonsense about you and him being dangerous and it was really sad. So, instead of being a heartless person, I tried to help him out and tell him that you were probably the best thing for him….

My scribbling was cut short when the Professor cut her beady eyes to me. “Well Ms. Parker, I assume you could help Mr. Potter out with his answer?”

Scrambling, I said the thing that was a guaranteed answer in this pointless class. “I would say that it means the subject of the, hum,” I looked to Alice from across the room who was mouthing dream and nodded, “The dream and say that they were probably going to have some sort of torturous hardship in their life.” The professor looked surprised, but nodded her head nonetheless and continued on to her next victim. Looking down at my parchment again, I saw the brief message from Lyla.

Nice save, sis. And I think that I can understand what happened from there. Sorry I ever doubted you, I just like him so much.

I’m smiling if you didn’t notice. Anyways, I know and he really likes you as well. But what’s all this crap about him thinking he was dangerous to you?

And I’m replying with a smile. Don’t worry about that; he’s just being stupid. Lunch in the kitchens today? So we don’t have to deal with the Marauder’s or Bree?

Of course! We’ll meet up with Blair-bear and then I’ll tell you all about Caradoc walking me to class!

I put the parchment away, resigning myself to focusing on the lesson, but almost five minutes later my bag vibrated against my foot. James popped his head up and I grabbed my bag quickly. He gave me a confused look but let it drop as he put his head back in his palm to watch the crystal ball on the table. Looking at the paper, I noticed the familiar light blue script.

Bree is going down! I don’t know how, but lunch in the kitchens so I don’t have to look at her insipid face.

I laughed to myself as I looked to Lyla whom was scribbling back a reply.


My thought’s exactly.

-----------------------------------The funny thing about an ultimatum is that you don’t know when it’s going to hit you. It was Tuesday afternoon and I was nursing my wounds from another spat with Black, even after I agreed publicly to be his friend in the Great Hall the day before, and I felt someone tugging on my hair. I sighed, thinking that if it was Black again I would have to physically rip his hand from his body.

When I looked up, however, it was to see Caradoc smiling down at me, albeit a bit tensely. “Can we take a walk?” He asked and I smiled and leapt from the couch. I practically ran from the Common Room, yet I didn’t miss the look that I got from Black. With a roll of my eyes, I followed Caradoc to the same alcove that I had led Sirius to the day before. I took his hand in my own, but was surprised when he gently laid mine back in my own lap and extracted his hand.

“I know I asked you this yesterday, Alex, but it’s really important to me. I need to know if you are completely over Black.” I stared up into his deep blue eyes, my heart dropping as I tried to think of the answer. And I realized that it was an answer that I didn’t have to think about anymore.

“How’d you know that I even had a thing for him?”

Realizing too late that it was the wrong choice of words, I flinched as Caradoc stiffened visibly. “Everyone has a thing for him.” He spoke bitingly and I wanted so badly to just reach out and grab him in my arms, but I knew he wouldn’t let me. “All of my past girlfriends have had a thing for him, and I want what happens between us to be real. At least for a little while, as long as we can keep it real.”

My heart started to thud as I knew what was coming next. His perfect mouth formed the words before I could actually hear them and everything moved in a slow motion. “I need you to choose, Allie: Black or me.”



AmuletGirl5 Author Note: Well lovelies, wasn’t that just delectable? Talk about a cliff hanger! I will write as fast as I can so you won’t be dangling I the unknown for too long. Well, off to write! Tata. Peace and Love. Ciao.

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