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Words of Wisdom by Sprite Sparkle
Chapter 1 : Words Can Rock The World
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My Dear Son,
                 I’m so sorry that I had to leave you alone. It really wasn’t my first choice but if it saves you then, well I guess I have done the right thing. But I have to tell you know, there is something you should know. James doesn’t think I know but I do, I don’t blame him for it but I think that you should know, in case we leave you all alone, whether by choice or not. 

               When your father was at school, I’m sure you’ll know, he was a severely popular and very big headed. He was part of a group called the marauders. Merlin, how much I hated him when we were younger. He was so arrogant and never thought before doing something. He and Sirius used to often throw parties, drunken parties. And one night, well, I’m sure it was more than one night, but this night, he met a girl. And no, that girl wasn’t me. I’m sure that since he’s your father, you won’t want to know the details, but one this occasion he was too… carefree. They parted the next day and a few weeks later the girl disappeared. 

              She turned up on our doorstep three years ago actually, that’s how I found out. Living with your aunt taught me to sneaky, but anyway, to cut the story short, you have a sister. She turned up on our step with a three year old daughter in tow, or course, she’ll be about six now. Her name is Charlotte, I’ve always liked that name, I would have called one of my daughters Charlotte if I had one but I think that would be slightly inappropriate now. In my heart I know that I hope you will never read this letter, never have cause to really. But I think you deserve to know, just in case he gets us, that you do still have some family. Somewhere out there. 

                I’m writing this letter as a precaution, because I know he’s after us, Voldemort’s coming. And I know that, as much as it saddens me, I may not see you grow up. So know you know. I’ll keep this letter safe, locked up in my desk. If I’m not there when you read it then try not to hate either of us. It was an accident. I love you, Merlin knows I do. Keep safe my Angel. 

                                                          Lily Potter xxxxx

Harry felt the world around him tip sideways as he reads those last few words on the letter. He traced the small, neat writing with his finger hoping to somehow to feel her words. His mother’s words, Lily’s words. He read over the letter again taking everything in. He had a sister. Not only that, he was a little brother. For one absurd moment he wanted to laugh at the thought. 

The Orphaned Boy Who Lived, Saviour of the World is officially a little brother. His father had been a father before, only without knowing it, well according to his mother. Who know, maybe he had fathered dozens of illegitimate teenage pregnancies and kept it all quiet. 

He looked around the restored attic of Godric’s Hollow but didn’t see it at all. A thousand questions rang through his head. Had Sirius known? Where was this Charlotte? Did she know she was brother to the ‘famous Harry Potter’? Surely her mother would have known. If so why didn’t she think to help him when his parents had died? 

Harry gripped the soft green carpet as he felt a pain, like he hadn’t felt since Voldemort, threaten to split his head in two. He let out a small strangled yell before the world around him turned black. 

AN: So there’s the prologue, tell me what you think and if you like it I’ll write some more. : )

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