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Notion. by awishuponastar
Chapter 2 : The Girls
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                   thegirls.png Chapter 2: The Girls picture by hplouise
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Disclaimer: It’s all JKR’s.


The male species rarely surprised me. They tried, ever so hard, to become the sheltered, mysterious men that were described in soppy romances. Sadly they failed in everyway. They did not have the dark, enigmatic looks, nor did they have the caring devotion, and the certainly did not posses the charm to win any girl’s heart.


Sadly the exception to this was the most arrogant man to roam the planet, Sirius-Sodding-Black.


Minus the caring devotion, he was a whore after all.


Fate was certainly playing a cruel game with me concocting situations that would ultimately lead me to my ever decreasing stand in Hogwarts society. But then again maybe it wasn’t actually fate; it was Sirius Black and his dedication to the marauders cause that was to torment me my entire Hogwarts life.


But that wasn’t the worst thing about Black. He really was that pure bloody evil. It was his sodding nauseating charm upon the entire female population that infuriated me so much. My problem was that he was good looking, and boy did he know it. He possessed the qualities that made him; fawned over, inescapably attractive and the leading role in the Hogwarts’ ‘one night stands’ drama. It repulsed me at his blasé approach to girls, and I hated him for it. He was only obsessed with one thing, sex. Which meant that he was going to be kept well away from my fifteen year-old sister.


Easier said than done apparently.


I had been making my way back to the Ravenclaw common room when I stumbled upon the two. And honestly, it sickened me. Not because I was weirdly jealous of my sister getting attention, or the fact that she was being chatted up by Sirius Black, because nothing made me want hurl up the contents of my stomach more than thought of being chatted up by that git, it was the fact that he was leering over her.


They stood there, in clear daylight, unaware that anyone existed apart from themselves. Isla’s back was against the wall and Black’s body covered her own, he had one hand resting on the wall above her head and he was whispering something in her ear, whilst the other grasped her waist. It annoyed me beyond belief how dim and naive she could be, I adored her, she was my baby sister, but at times she could be the most inane idiot.


Isla Stebbins was the youngest of the Stebbins children, all of whom were a year apart, the elder (Charlie) being in seventh year, I in sixth and Isla in her fifth year. She was the beautiful Stebbins, inheriting the dark haughty looks of pureblood royalty; light green eyes, a heart shaped face, and dark hair that fell in elegant waves. The complete opposite to Charlie and I. Lucky cow.


When she had began Hogwarts I was so thankful that she had not been placed in Gryffindor, Charlie’s head barely fit through the front door. I only know one person who hasn’t come out of that house as an arrogant arse, but Lily is an exception to many things. Thankfully Isla had been placed in Hufflepuff, she was a bit of a hopeless cow bless, sweet and kind hearted all the same though. Hufflepuff also enabled her to mix with half-bloods and muggleborns, something she’d never done, no thanks to our over bearing neurotic pureblood mother.


You could see a distinct difference between my mother’s side of the family and my dad’s. One was kind loving, still pureblood but not as prejudice as many I knew, and one was bitter, resentful and so incestual that I was surprised Charlie, Isla and I had come out with five fingers and toes, and that I we hadn’t all yet been lynched yet for not being in Slytherin, especially Charlie. I was quite sure my father had a lot to do with calming my other down, Merlin bless him.


‘Is,’ I called.


The couple jumped apart immediately as though they had been shocked, and I saw Isla smooth down her skirt. I banished from my mind the question of why she would have a need to smooth down her skirt. She poked her head slowly round Black’s frame, knowing who it was already, and glared half-heartedly at me as I strode over to them.


‘One of your friends Isla?’ Chuckled Black into her ear, he had not bothered to turn round.


‘Erm not exactly,’ She replied laughing awkwardly.


This made Black frown and caused him to turn, where he found me glaring at him, arm’s folded across my chest. He raised an eyebrow at my stance, as though challenging me, provoking me to shout, to reprimand them both. So that’s exactly what I did. The prat was going to get the bollocking of his life.


‘What the fucking hell do you think you’re doing?’ I shouted advancing on him, I always loved a bit of drama in the most menial of situations.


‘Just enjoying some extra-curricular activities,’ He smirked.


I was repulsed at the thought and showed him by making gagging noises. He simply smirked his trademark smirk and continued looking at me.


‘Now Stebbins, don’t pretend that you don’t absorb yourself in such extra curricular activities.’ He smirked.


I glowered at him; it was bad enough he made such lewd comments in front of the rest of the school, but certainly not in front of my younger sister.


‘Shut up Black,’ I growled.


‘Now, now Stebbins control that temper, you’ve only just finished your weeks worth of detentions,’ He laughed as he wrapped an arm round Isla’s waist and pulled her closer to his body.


Isla’s eyes bulged in embarrassment at the close contact in front of me, I could see her twist a piece of her hair and I knew she felt uncomfortable. But she remained by his side. Not wishing to lose face in front of him. I tried to speak to her with my eyes, asking her to just go back to her common room, but she was either too oblivious to understand, or too stubborn to listen.


‘… And I hear him constantly going on about his late night shags with you. Boasts about it constantly in Potions,’ Black said, bringing me out of my revere.


I could not help but blush furiously at Black’s statement, and I reprimanded myself immediately, knowing this was exactly what he wanted. I dared to look at Isla and saw that she had her head bent low, blushing at the floor.


‘That’s exactly what I hear about your and Potter’s late night shags,’ I retorted trying to regain some sort of control. 


Isla snorted by Black’s side at my comment and Black looked at her questioningly, but by the time she looked up at him, all traces of laughter had disappeared.


‘Stop tying to deny it Stebbins and pull us off the subject,’ Snapped Black.


I smirked, knowing that my comment had got to him.


‘Then why don’t we get onto the real subject of why exactly you’re sexually harassing fifth years who aren’t even legal?’ I questioned crossing my arms over my chest.


‘She wants to be here,’ He smiled.


‘No she doesn’t, you cornered her.’ I snapped.


‘No I did not,’ He retorted.


‘Then why has she been silent through the whole of this argument?’ I asked.


He faltered and looked at Isla, who was blushing furiously once again and looked pleadingly into his eyes for him to answer for her. I could not help but roll my eyes at Isla’s dependence on boys such as Black, it was so anti-feminist. 


‘Because you can’t fucking shut your trap for more than two seconds for her to get a word in,’ Snapped Black kissing the top of her head.


‘She can have her say if she wants,’


‘No she can’t Stebbins, I bloody wouldn’t,’


‘Shut up you tart, you don’t know what you’re talking about.’


‘Really I don’t? I probably have more idea than you do Stebbins about your own sister.’


‘Fuck off Black! You have no idea, she’s just a quick shag to you,’


‘How do you know? How do you know that I don’t want a real relationship with her?’


‘Because you’re a whore Black.’


‘I guess that’s what we have that in common then Stebbins.’


I glared at him deliriously angry, to livid to even reply. We both, as one I’m sickened to say, turned to look at Isla to find that she had in fact run off, the little wimp.


‘Look what you’ve done, you’ve scared her off you stupid little prat,’ I snapped glaring at him.


‘I scared her off? It was you!’ He shouted coming to stand right in front of me.


‘Yes you did! You made her feel uncomfortable talking about Evan and me shag-’


But I’d stopped far too late in my sentence to take it back. I’d said far too much, and Black knew it. He only registered my mistake as I faltered at the end, and he smirked triumphantly. The dirty pervert. He was enjoying every second of this humiliation, he knew I’d just revealed the very thing he’d been taunting me about since I started going out with Evan, and the very thing I had been denying. He eyes lit up in fascination as I revealed the deadly truth and his smirk, if possible, grew even wider and I cringed at how much he was enjoying this. It was far too late to even try to take back what I had just revealed, I had shown the flaw and he knew it, there was no way I was getting out of this.


‘Stebbins,’ Was all he could utter, to full of glee to even throw anything at me.


‘I’ve got to get out of her,’ I stuttered before I began to walk, very fast, down the hall, to escape him and his stupid leering face. 


But there was no way Sirius Black was going to let this go, and I was naïve to ever think that he would let me take more than ten steps. I heard him running up behind me before I even saw his wretchedly smug face.


‘Now Stebbins you can’t possibly think you can just walk away after a revelation as sweet as that, do you?’ He said laughing.


I continued to walk, mutely ignoring him.


‘Ahh, the silence, one of my favourites,’ He taunted.


I simply glared at him as I swung my bag from one shoulder to the other; purposely making it hit him in the stomach. I heard the breath be knocked out of him and saw him, out of the corner of my eye, doubling over. What an utter, pathetic prat. A bag had him doubled over in pain. He was the most attention-seeking boy I had ever met. But there was no way he was getting any sympathy from me, he soon realised this of course and quickly straightened up.


‘So Rosier really wasn’t lying in Potions, he does get late night shags from you?’ He laughed half-heartedly, evidently still trying to regain a normal breathing pattern. But I could detect a sense of disbelief in his tone.


‘I…’I uttered faltering before I even managed to say a single sentence.


‘Well I guess Rosier’s a lucky guy.’ He smirked ‘Who’d have thought you’d put out so easily Stebbins.’


I could no longer take any more of his incessant quips about Evan and mine’s relationship, both sexually and romantically. I did not bother with the customary verbal lashing, instead I decided upon a far more violent answer. But he was expecting it. As I brought my hand forward to slap him he grabbed my wrist, forcefully stopping me mid-slap.


‘So predictable Stebbins,’ He said almost lazily looking me directly in the eye.


‘I am not predictable,’ I clamoured, trying to futilely release my wrist from his tight grasp.


But he would not let go, he appeared to not be applying any pressure to my wrist, but in fact he was purposely pushing on the inside of my wrist, causing me to wriggle against him.  He remained quite still as I struggled to get free of his ridiculously strong clutch. The strangest thing was he wasn’t smirking, and that was what made me stop squirming so ceaselessly, he was just looking at me.


‘You’re so predictable Stebbins, even when you try to slap me,’ He taunted.


‘Maybe if you weren’t such an ignorant prat then I wouldn’t have to slap you,’ I growled, no longer trying to break free.


‘And maybe if you weren’t such a cold-hearted bitch, I wouldn’t have to insult you.’ He snarled, glaring at me as he continued to hold onto my wrist.


His words stung me like a thousands blades as I stood there gaping at him. He had never, in all these years, called me anything as bad as a ‘cold-hearted bitch,’ he’d gone too far, far too far. I raised my knee and slammed it into his groin, he stood for a moment, eyes wide, his mouth hanging open in shock, staring at me, completely stunned, and then, slowly, he fell to his knees. He groaned loudly, a groan I’m sure no girl (or Potter) had ever heard him emit before, as he hit the floor. His eyes, for once, were streaming with pain, rather than with mirth at my own misdemeanours. I bent slowly towards his foetal position on the floor, and lifted his chin towards my smirking face.


‘Predict that.’ I spat before slowly getting up and walking away.


I was sure I was going to pay for my irrational actions in vivid and horrific ways for many years. But at that moment I could not help but stroll, well actually stride at a fast pace down the hall (I feared someone may chase after me), as I thought of the pain I had caused Black.


Payback’s a bitch.


But right now, I’m living to mess around and play,

See you’ve got,

A little thing I haven’t seen before.

The Girls – Calvin Harris

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