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Caught in a landslide by Ivoryrose x
Chapter 1 : Rose Weasley?
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AN. Please reveiw. I know this chapter is quite short, but the chapters will get longer as I write more. Happy reading.


Slamming the sheets of parchment down and pushing them back into the box they had came from Rose ran  angrily out of the attic, tears of frustration leaking down her face she sprinted down the hallway round a corner and into her bedroom.

She threw the door shut, opened her wardrobe fumbled to find the to torch, turned it on and pulled the oak door shut. Settling down on the soft suede cushions she hurried through a bag of books until she found a soft- blue suede book with beads in patterns all over the cover. 


She opened it and sighed. She picked up a quill , dipped it in ink and tried to write. It didn’t work. The ink refused to go onto the paper as it was constantly repelled. But if Rose couldn’t write the words then she would say them instead. She began to speak.


My name is Rose.

I’m fourteen years old.

I just went in the attic.

Why doesn’t my birth certificate say Weasley?


A thousand new questions ran through her mind as she looked on in astonishment as 

clear light blue words began to appear on the sheet of crisp parchment. How had merely saying a few words out loud managed to break through a charm that a physical object had not managed to penetrate? Curious, Rose spoke again, 


I t just says OWC.

What the heck does that mean?


It took a minute more for Rose to take everything in, she was an orphan, this was the weirdest book ever and she was sitting in a wardrobe talking to herself . She shook her head and continued speaking again with a little more sense of what was happening.


Maybe that’s how I got this book.

I’m a weird Orphan with no relations who just happened to turn up on the                                                                                               doorstep with a hot water bottle, a solid silver rose and a blue suede book.

A weirdo, a freak,

Who my parents just decided to take in

Actually the more I think about it the more it starts to sound like a soppy romantic

kind of story on some weird website for teens.

Wait a minute.


Rose hadn’t meant to say that last part but it had just slipped out. Finally realising what this all meant Rose spoke again with awe.



My parents aren’t parents.


Let me see Dad worm his way out of this one


I’m not going to tell him yet though.

Or mum.


Rose knew that she would have to face them about it one day but just for now the fact that they had hidden the truth from her for  thirteen years, she didn’t want to speak to them about it now though. Making her mind up on the spur of the moment Rose rushed quickly on.


There is on person I will tell though.


Potter mansion here I come.


Rose was shaking too much to think anymore. She hardly managed to undo the latch on the inside of the door as she climbed out of the wardrobe  and into her bedroom. She walked unevenly over to the fireplace and grabbed some floo powder.

“Potter mansion” she said as she threw the powder into the flames. The fire turned from a mystical orange to an evil green as Rose stepped into the flames  and disappeared.


Rose started to spin, round and round. Her elbows scraped on the walls and her eyes were clenched tight shut. She would not do it. She couldn’t look this time. Then she opened her eyes. The face was there again. She could see the tears leaking down the pale face. It was the same as every time before. Rose tried to look further into the face, see more. But once again her eyes - or was it her mind? - Wouldn’t let her. Rose desperately tried to close her eyes, but….



She was launched out of the fire and onto the hard floor tiles on the Potters kitchen floor.

“Rose. What are you doing here?” 


Rose looked up to see the tall handsome figure of James Potter standing over her.


“Oh, hi J, I came to see Albus. Is he in?” Rose asked as she stood up, brushing the dirt of her geans and silently praying that he would be there.


“Yeah sure,”


At this Rose let out a whispered sigh as James continued to speak,


“He’s in his bedroom. Mum and dad have gone out so it’s just me, Albus and Lilly in.”


“Thanks Jamie” said Rose with a worried smile as she walked out of the room and began to race up the stairs.


 Rose neared the room she opened the door and gasped at what she saw.

Reveiw, reveiw, reveiw!

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Caught in a landslide: Rose Weasley?


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