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Getting the Girl by X_slytherianprincess_X
Chapter 5 : The First Lesson
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"Oh jeeze. Ok ow...." I thought as I slowly came to. Let me just say, that getting pushed off your broomstick? Yeah. It ain't so much fun. Just trust me on this one ok? Anyways, I open my eyes with a lot of difficultly let me tell you. Seriously. Do you KNOW how nice it was in my dreams? Me and Scorpius....with our-ok. I'll stop rambling.I do tend to do this sometimes eh?

"Rose!! Jesus Freaking Christ! Your awake! Dude, I'm going to go get Al and Scorpious." I heard Roxy say. I let out a groan and then tried to sit up.

Liza, who looked a little worse for the wear with some scratches and bruises on her face, placed a cool hand on my head and whispered, "Rosie, honey, seriously. Don't try to get up yet. Do you know what happened to you?" I looked at her and replied softly, "Um.....not really. I remember falling and seeing Scorpious' face but after that, I'm pretty sure I blacked out.

"Roxy came hurrying in at the moment, with Al and Scorpious at her heels. "Rose! You're not dead!" Al cried upon seeing me.

Roxy smacked him upside the head and yelled, "Al! You're not supposed to say that to someone who just woke up from a 2 day coma! What are you, retarded?!"

Al looked at Liza pleadingly trying to get her to stop Roxy but she smirked and shook her head. "Eah! Geoff! Jesus woman!" Al said complains."

Miss Weasley!" The nurse, Madam Horsefull said coming into see the spectacle they were making of themselves. "May I ask why in the world you are beating Mr. Potter round the head?"

Roxy stopped and said intelligently, "Well, ah..." I suddenly cried out in pain. All of a sudden, I got a blinding headache.

Turning to me quickly, Madam Horsefull said, "What hurts?" I whimpered, "My head..." She messed with something in her pocket, and retrieved a headache potion.

"Thank you Madame. She smiled at me and went on her merry little way.Scorpious then came to my side, took my hand and said, "Rose. Do you know what happened?"

Too pleased at him holding my hand, I said, " really." He swallowed and said, "Well, uhm, Mandy kinda ah, pushed you off your broom...." He trailed off looking awkward.

Mandy. She pushed me off my broom. Jumping up (Bad Idea!), I screamed, "THAT TWIT PUSHED ME OFF MY BROOM?! YOU GOTTA BE EFFIN JOKING ME!!!!!

"Roxy, Scorpious, Al, and Liza looking alarmed, all said at different times, "Whoa. Rose. Don't like, break a blood vessel."

Staring at them angrily, I said, "Where the HELL is my broom and where the fuck is that bitch."

"Well...actually..." said Rox uncomfortably. "Dom and Liza...kind of...beat the crap out of her. And Mandy been suspended for like a month."

"Well good," I said indignantly. "She should've been! I could have died! She's being expelled right? And where's Dom?"

Liza coughed uncomfortably. "Rose, she's not being expelled. Her parents donated a HUGE donation to Hogwarts and the Ministry, with a compromise of being suspended for a month. Doyle's pissed but there's nothing he can do. And Dom's currently in detention. She took the blame for me, even though I was the one who mostly beat the crap out of her."

"Are you kidding me? That's bullshit," I said quietly. "But thanks Lee, for beating her up! Now can I get up and find my broom or at least talk to Doyle?"

Without really waiting for a reply, I slowly got up and began walking towards the door, only to have Madame Horsefull screech at me to get back in bed. It was in bed I stayed for about a week, much to my dismay. I mean, I was missing so much school! Scorpius was pretty awesome in helping with my school work and making sure I knew what was going on. Too bad he doesn't even notice me as more then a friend, even if he was the one who saved me.

Upon my week's completion in the Hospital Wing (trust me, it was hell. I mean, this is O.W.L year. I have to get top notch grades, even if all the work Scorpius was giving me seemed easy. My mum and I did practice rounds over the summer, after she cleared it with the Ministry), I decided I needed to a) get my broomstick and b) speak to Headmaster Doyle on what really happened. I didn't even tell anyone that I was going, mostly because they were all in class.

"Headmaster," I could hear voices in his office. Sounding extremely angry, Doyle said, "I'm sorry Mr. and Mrs. Parkinson. There is nothing I can and want to do to stop you daughter from being suspended for a month. She should be lucky that she's not being expelled or even that Rose didn't wish to press charges. She is henceforth suspended and not allowed to come back onto the grounds for a month, henceforth."

I heard a large sniff and out walked Mandy and her parents. She glared at me and whispered harshly, “I’ll get you for getting me suspended! And for stealing my Scorpy from me!” I looked back at her haughtily and scoffed, “Oh what? So you’re gonna get my little dog too? Nice try Mandy, but I don’t get intimidated that easily Besides, you were the one who pushed me. And like Doyle said, you really are lucky that I don't want to ruin your life and press charges.” And with that I strode into Doyle's office, after the satisfactory knowledge of seeing Mandy Goyle struck dumbstruck.

“Ah good! Rose, you’re here! Good good, I was just coming to see you, after the, ahem, meeting, you no doubt just overheard. How are you feeling?” His face was anxious. I smiled, sat down and said primly, “I’ve been better but I’m ok. I’m sorry for eavesdropping Prof-“

He smiled and said, “I know I’m not supposed to say this but I’m glad you heard. This way, I don’t have to say it twice. Yes, I just suspended Mandy for her extremely inappropriate behavior. However, as your friends no doubt have already informed you, the Goyles did indeed, donate a very impressive amount of gold to both Hogwarts and the Ministry, making it almost impossible for us to expel her for good. I'm sorry Rose..”

All of a sudden, I started feeling light-headed. Madame Horsefull had warned me about this. The potions I was taking were going to make me still woozy and ill for the next few weeks. I suppose my body wasn't truly at 100% yet. "If you'll excuse me, Professor, I think I'm going to go to my dormitory. I don't seem to be feeling very well." I mumbled as I stood up.

"Of course, Rose. Although I think someone is here to help you with getting back to your dorm," said Doyle, looking even more worried then before. "I sent an Owl this morning. He'll be here shortly."

As I turned, I saw Scorpius. Of course Doyle would send him an Owl. He, like everyone else, probably thinks we're dating, even if it is only in my head that we are. God, I loved him.

"Hey Rose, you look like you need some help," he said, smirking. "Shut it, Malfoy. Just help me to the dorms." I parried. Doyle smiled and said calmly, "Have an excellent day."

 I tried to walk over to Scorpius, but my legs collapsed. Staring down at the floor, the typical Weasely blush started. His voice kind, Scorpious picked me up, and carried me out of the room. Letting myself relax and enjoy it, I rested my head against his chest and fell asleep.

The next day, I woke up in my dorm and, finding no one there, went down to the Great Hall. Seeing all of my friends at a table, I rushed over. “Thanks guys, for waking me up. I really you know, appreciate it!” I said sarcastically.

Looking wounded, Roxy and Liza said pathetically, “Hey! We wanted you to have a bit of a lie-in. We thought Dom was going to wake you up Anyways, once she was done with detention.

Snorting, Devin said, “Nuh-uh. Not true. They just wanted breakfast. C’mon guys. It’s time to fess up! You can’t always win!!!!”

Roxy charged him, and attacked with a piece of bread. “Take it back! You selfish meanie! You don’t know diddly-squat!” Grabbing her arms, he put them around himself and gave her a light kiss. “

Ok, guys serious. PDA will not be tolerated in front of myself while I am still publicly EATING!” Scorpious whined. Turning to him, I smirked and said, “Scorpious, whining is unattractive in young men your age.”

Suddenly, the bell rang, signally, that yes, it was really Tuesday and that yes, we seriously were late for Potions. Grabbing our things, Al and I jumped up, said our goodbyes and went down to the dungeons to meet our doom.

After a hectic class, with Al almost killing us all after a mishap with a potion (he really does take after his father), we went to Transfiguration with McGonagall whom, I’m surprised STILL hasn't died. I mean, shes a great teacher yeah, but dude! Shes like, seriously old! Anyways, that was one of my classes with only Scorpious and we spent the entire time goofing off and learning nothing. As today was a double day, it was time for lunch when the boring lesson was finally over. “Thank god.” Scorpius muttered.

“I know.” I said back quietly. “Hey Rose. Tonight? Could we maybe have our first lesson? I mean, obviously you don't have to say yes, I know your still really sick from the potions and falling but could we maybe schedule it?” Scorpious said, looking at me hopefully.

Feeling my heart plummet down into my stomach, I whispered, “Oh! Yes, um, of course. If we don’t get to much homework.” Sighing, he replied, “C’mon Rose, you know that’s not possible You've already done it all over the summer anyway.. How about we do it in the library after dinner?” Nodding, I could hear myself saying “Yes.”

Seriously though. Why did I say yes? Is it because I'm just way too nice of a person? No, that's not it. I'm probably actually a horrible person, especially because I'm wishing pretty much 24/7 that I could know who the hell this chick is, so I could make her life hell. Therefore, the only reason is that I'm madly in love with him and am waiting for a chance to show him, that yes, he WILL be mine. Of course, that chance is slowly dwindling away but oh well.

Dinner might honestly have been one of the most awkward moments of my life. Al and Liza , who apparently only shared a grand total of 5 of their classes together this year, were making up for lost time by ignoring their dinner and snogging. Dom and Parker, who apparently haven't been able to spend much alone time with Dom's multiple detentions over beating the crap out of Mandy, decided to make up for lost time by ignoring their dinner and snogging. Rox and Devin had no excuse but just decided to ignore their dinner and snog, leaving Scorpius and I to make awkward conversation.

I mean, really. What in the blazing hell do you even say to a guy, that you've been in love with for five years and have this huge unrequited crush on, and who your giving private lessons to on how to get the other bitch he's in love with! Seriously, someone find out that answer and shoot me an email. I could really use the help right now.

After dinner, I ran to go get my things, told the girls, "I'mgivingScorpiuslessonsonhowtogetthisbitchhesinlovewithtolovehimback. Tellyoumorelater." and ran down the stairs to meet Scropius. We walked down to the library, in a slightly awkward silence, that got better as we began nearing the library.

As we sat down, I said, “Uh, ok. Why don’t you um, tell me about her? The girl your in love with? What’s she like.”

Sighing dreamily, Scorpius said, “Well for one shes gorgoues. I’ve obviously known her for a long time and I’m friends with her. She’s firey, and she loves animals. She adores her friends, worships certain Muggle Alt Rock bands, and I mean, she’s just…..awesome you know? I can’t really describe it. Only that I love her so much I would die for her.”

Staring at him, I could feel my eyes tear up, and my face turning slightly red. How could he like her who ever she was so much? How come he couldn’t see how much I loved and needed him? And seriously? Who the hell does this bitch think she is? She is totally ripping off my style. Okay, that pretty much sounds like a bunch of girls who go to Hogwarts but still. I sighed and said, “Oh. Ok. Well, so what kind of stuff does she love to do?”

Spacing out again, he said, “Well, she loves Quddiatch, although that may have changed since you fell off-“ Zoning out when he said this, I could feel my mind go into hyperdrive. She was there?! That woman who had my guys heart was THERE?! Trying to think through all the girls there, I soon relized that yes, it was in fact impossible as half of the girls in the school were there.

“Rose? Are you in there?” I could hear from a distance Scorpius saying my name. Oh is it time to return to Earth now? I wonder. Apparently it was.

“Hey, where’d you go?!” He said indignatly, mad I apparently wasn't hanging on to his every word. Scorpius can be pretty vain and arrogant. By that, I mean he's extreamly vain and arrogant. What can I say? I love the boy.

Laughing at him, I said, “Aww, you’re just jealous cuz I wasn’t hanging on your every word, like all your other hoes do. Ok, seriously though. Lets get down to work. Start with the basics. Does she go to Hogsmeade?”

Looking startled at my sudden focus, he said hesitantly, “Uh, yeah. I mean she goes every weekend with friends.” Suddenly, looking at the date and seeing that it was September 15th, I asked, “Ok. So what is her favorite holiday?”

“Halloween. And even though she would never, ever, admit it to me, Valentines’ Day. Although, I know its hard for her because that was the day someone really close to her, died.” Scorpius said, then looking jolted, as he realized what it did to me.

Hearing this, it made me like the girl a little more. At the very least, have more sympathy. I went through the same thing. See, my grandmother on my Mum’s side, died that day. We were really close and her death was one of the reasons that, I started to cut. I would never wish that on another girl, even one who did have Scorpius's heart. At the very least, I'm not a total pyscho like Mandy. Oh jesus, what if it's Mandy, he's in love with? No. Bad thoughts Rose. Very bad and very untrue.

“Oh…” I said softly. “Yeah….” Scorpious said just as softly as he didn't "want to hurt me." Too bad he already did, by falling for someone else.

Don't get me wrong. I love him. I would honestly go to the ends of the Earth for him. But, (and this was always the hardest part for me) why couldn't he see me?! Was he BLIND?! Um last time I Anyways, it's like I don't exist. I'm a sister, the best friend-total sterotype. And what's worse? Is that I wanted it to become ever more sterotypical. As in best friends=total lovers for the rest of their lives. Soulmates! He's my bloody goddamn soulmate for chrissakes! But apparently, no one pays attention to ME as that would take up to much effort. Wow, I'm not expressing too much hosility am I?

Then, of course I heard, “Lights out! Go back to your Common Rooms now! Before I have to throw the two of you in dention.” My bossy cousion, Molly said. Hearing that pissed me off to no end, seeing as I pretty much hate the bitch. She's so rules-oriented just like the rest of her inner-family. She wonders why they never get invited out? Case in point: Look at her! Seriously just take ONE LOOK. What do you see? Stuck up, prim and proper, bitch who can't seem to take her head outta her ass.

So I, of course,  rolled my eyes at her, and she snapped at me, “Don’t do that Rose Weasley.”

“Whatever Molly. Try to have SOME fun this year ok doll?” I replied snipply. I know. I’m a horrible person. And I’ll rot in hell. But hey! It”s WORTH it to put Molly Weasley in her place for once.

At the door of the common room, Scorpious impulsively grabs my head, kisses my cheek and whispers in a breathy voice more common for the bimbos he dates 24/7: “Thanks so much for the first lesson Rosie. You’re amazing!” 

"'s no big deal, Scorp," I said, totally off-kilter after that kiss. Seriously, he's never done that before. "Uhm...just, sorry I didn't help much. Maybe for the second lesson." and with that I climbed into the portal hole and went to bed.

I can't pretend like that it didn't hurt. It did. And yes, I did in fact go sob in my pillow. But, in all wasen't that bad. Yes, we barely made headway. Yes, he's obviously in love with her. But you know what? I had to suck it up. I needed to show Scorpius that I'm a damn good friend to him. And to be honest, I'd rather be there for him as a friend, then nothing at all. Or at least, tell that to myself a million times until I finally started to believe it.

A/N- Edited

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