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Blood Runs Thicker Than Water... Wanna Bet? by luvinpadfoot
Chapter 6 : Flying
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Disclaimer: I own Sophie. Not HP. It’s not that hard to comprehend.


“So, how many people do you think really haven’t flown? Besides the muggleborns, that is.” I don’t get why they make everyone go to flying lessons. It’s about the dumbest thing in the world. Dad taught me how to fly at about age three. I like flying. I hate Quidditch.


“I dunno. Probably about a third. I learned to fly before I could walk.” Nice. I laugh and Rion frowns at me. “I’m serious. When I learned to crawl, my dad put me on a broom and made me learn how to fly. Said I was gonna be a great Quidditch player someday.”


“Wow. And I thought my dad was harsh.” Rion shrugs and we head over to the Quidditch pitch where Flying lessons are held. Albus and the liar are already there, along with a bunch of people I don’t know.


“Isn’t that your cousin?” Duh. Rion can be real dumb sometimes. “Yeah, stupid question, sorry.” You think?


He drags me over to two brooms and we wait for Madam Hooch to tell us what to do. When she comes out, I start snickering. “What, Rosie?”


“She’s like, 200 years old!” I whisper back. I wouldn’t be surprised if she just keeled over and died right now. “Her back’s probably too bad to even ride a broom anymore.” That makes Rion start laughing with me.


“Everybody, stand beside a broom.” Umm, I do believe that everybody already is. “Put your hand over your broom and say ‘up’.”


“Up.” Wow. It actually flew up there on my first try! “Oh, yay, yours did too!” Rion and I must both be so talented! Only a couple other people did that too, Albus being one of them. At least the liar can’t get his up. It keeps twitching on the ground like a dead spider.


The girl beside me got her broom up on her second try. “You’re good. What House’re you in?” She gives me a look of annoyance. “Well, one of my roommates introduced herself with her blood status. Want me to ask that instead?” I hate people who automatically assume something about me because I ask what House they’re in.


“I’m a Ravenclaw. My father’s a muggleborn and my mom’s a muggle. Dunno what that makes me.” Someone who’s not afraid to speak her mind. Cool. “Sophie. You’re a Weasley. I read a book about the so-called ‘Golden Trio’. You’re almost the only Weasley to not be in Gryffindor.”


“And you think I don’t know that? I’m different from my family, ok?” Jeez. I just had to stand next to the bratty girl, didn’t I? “Wait, so-called? The so-called Golden Trio?” Maybe there’s more to this girl than I thought. She’s a Ravenclaw, so she has to be at least slightly intelligent.


“Yeah. I don’t get what’s so different about them than about the rest of the groups of friends in the world. They just happened to attempt to save the world together. Big deal.” So there’s a lot more to this girl than I thought.


“Me either! You wanna come with me and Rion to the library after this is over to check out some pranking books? We want to turn James Potter’s hair pink, glowing, and glittery. And maybe the same for Albus Potter in purple.” I can’t wait until we find that spell. It’s gonna be so cool!


“Isn’t James Potter your cousin?” Yeah. I nod my head. “Cool. I’m in.”


“Mount your brooms and on my whistle, kickoff.” Oh joy, the excitement of sitting on a broom and flying around until your butt is sore. “Hover a few feet in the air, then come straight down. One. Two.” She blows her whistle and everyone kicks off.


Rion, Sophie, and I hover a few feet like Madam Hooch told us too, but Albus decides to show off. He flies about fifteen feet in the air, then does a loop-de-loop. His dweeby little liar friend applauds and Madam Hooch looks like she’s about to have a heart attack. “Oh bravo, Mr. Potter, bravo.”


Albus jumps off his broom at about a foot in the air and takes a bow. “I really wanna punch his teeth in and sees if he’s still bowing then.”


Rion places a hand on my shoulder and gives it a squeeze, “Calm down, Rose. You can’t just punch people whenever they make you mad. What d’you think wands were made for?”


I laugh and Sophie and Rion join in. “It’s good to have someone who can make you laugh as one of your best friends. It makes being related to Albus almost seem bearable.” Almost. Not quite.


“Yeah, well you don’t have to live with my dad. All he cares about is Slytherin, Quidditch, and power.” Exactly like Dad, except exchange Slytherin with Gryffindor and power with Mum and Hugo.


“Wow. Your guys’ families make mine seem relatively normal.” Lucky. I wish my family was at least slightly normal.


“Pretty much.” Rion grins at me as he says it and I roll my eyes.


“Our families would make anyone else look normal.” It’s true and Rion knows it. “When you tell me I’m crazy, that’s why. I take after my parents. Just in a different kind of crazy.” So very, very true. Sometimes the truth can be better than a lie, just not often.


“OW! OW!” Someone’s screaming. I can’t see who, but it definitely sounds like a girl.


“Calm down, Miss Longbottom, you haven’t broken anything.” Oh. Ariel Longbottom. Neville’s daughter. She’s such a wuss. She’s terrified of heights, spiders, bugs, the dark, me, and pretty much everything else you can think of. She gets it from her father, I think. And she’s so girly. Ariel always wears skirts and something with pink. It’s absolutely revolting. She gets that part from her mother, or at least I hope she does.


“I’m dying! Dying!” And supposedly, she’s a Gryffindor. I don’t even want to know how that works.


“Alright, class dismissed. You all did really well.” Madam Hooch carries Ariel off to the Hospital Wing and the rest of class disperses and heads towards the castle.


“So who’s up for the library?” Rion turns to me and Sophie.


“I never thought I’d say this, but I can’t wait. Time to find out how to turn hair purple, pink, glowing, and glittery! And semi-permanent.” I grin at Rion and head towards the castle.


I walk in and turn left. “Um, Rose? The library’s the other way.” I immediately change direction and walk behind Rion.


“I knew that.” Sophie snickers quietly while Rion just outright laughs. I didn’t, but he doesn’t have to know that. It’s not my fault I haven’t been to the library yet. I’ve only been here a couple of days.


“Sure you did, Rosie. Sure.” I aim my wand at his back and mutter a spell. A burning hot spark flies into the back of his head. “What was that for?”


“Take a wild guess. I would have done something less painful, but that’s the only spell I can do right.” I jabbed him in the back with my wand to keep him walking. “Hurry up. We need to get there soon if we want to even check out anything.” Rion plods along and we reach the library.


“God that thing’s huge. It didn’t seem that big this morning. I guess I just wasn’t awake yet.” Sophie walks in and instantly takes charge. “Rose, you check the section on pranking spells. Scorpius, the one on hair spells. I’ll check out some miscellaneous hair stuff.”


I raise my eyebrows at Rion and he smiles. I know we’re both thinking the same thing, cause his eyes flick back and forth between Sophie and a huge pile of books that she’s already found.


“Well aren’t you going to get anything?” Rion scurries off and I check the prank section. Why does a school library even have a section on pranks? I’d think that it would go against the whole school obedience thing. Oh! “Hair: Glowing in the Dark” Could there be a more perfect book? Well, probably. But still.


“Hey Sophie! Come see what I found!” I shout across the library. Wait. There’s no yelling in the library. Shoot.


“Do not yell in my library!” The librarian hisses at me in a whisper. She’s really, really old with these ugly thick glasses. Her hair’s pulled tight in a bun.


“Sorry. Forgot. Won’t happen again.” Let me rephrase that, it won’t happen again if I remember not to do it.


“It had better not. My library was quiet and peaceful until you got here.” Umm, judging by the looks on other people’s faces, I don’t really think it was. Everybody’s terrified of you.


“No, ma’am.” Ugh. Ma’am is one of my least favorite words. It makes me sound like a goody-goody. I hate goody-goodies. They bother me. Lily’s a goody-goody and so’s Albus.


“Good. Carry on, then. Quietly.” Sir, yes Sir. Jeez, are we in the military or something? I wouldn’t be surprised if this is some secret military school where they teach us to fight off all the dark lords that show up. It would explain so much.


“So what did you find before you almost got yourself kicked out?” I did not almost get myself kicked out. She wouldn’t kick you out for being loud. I think.


“Oh, just this really awesome, amazing book. Look at the title.” I can’t wait to se I on James! And Albus! And I have something even better for Victoire. I’ll leave it the regular color and stuff, but I’ll cut it into a Mohawk! There’s nothing she can do about that! “Hey Sophie, I had the best idea for what to do to Victoire! Let’s cut her hair into a Mohawk!” Isn’t that the best idea you’ve ever heard?


“Hmm, the Mohawk’s a little overdone, but it could work. It’d be best if we could stop hair from growing on the rest of her head for a week or so. We’ll work on that one later. For now, let’s find Scorpius and get out of here. Don’t want you kicked out before you have to be.” Hey! I’m not gonna get kicked out of the library! And you’re really, really bossy!


“Rion!” Wow. I can scream really loud when I try. I never really tried before. “Get the hell over here!” Sophie cringes away from me and sticks her head in a book. Crap. Did I just scream as loud as I could in the library with the crazy librarian who already hates me? Cause I think I just did.


“Miss Weasley!” Ooh, a loud whisper. That shouldn’t be allowed either. “Get out of my library! Out!” What? All I did was scream as loud as I could!


“But, umm, librarian, please! I have to get some books for homework!” Not really, but I do need books for pranks. How else am I suppose to find out how to get revenge on James? And Albus and Victoire and Freddie, and the rest of them, but mostly James.


“You shouted in my library and used evil profanity! I want you out!” Yeah, I kind of got that when you said ‘get out of my library’. The thing is though; I kind of have to be in here. “Out!” Oh no! She’s getting out her wand!


“I’m out, I’m out! Jeez.” I thought old ladies were supposed to be all ‘here sweetie! Have a cookie!’ not ‘Get out of my library, you evil fiend!’. “OW!” Ok, that was just uncalled for! Who shoots sparks at people’s butt’s? I mean, I shot a spark at Rion, but it just hit his head. “OW!” Jeez! I’m out of her library, what more does she want?


“And don’t come back! Ever!” Well, that answers that question. I guess I’ll have to make other people get my books for me. Even more work for me. Now I have to go and make people do the work for me. Sigh.


“Hey Rosie, I think you set a new record: only person to have been kicked out of the library their first time in it.” Yeah, you’d better laugh now! When I’m done with you, you’ll be crying for your mummy. Hahaha! Evil laugh time. Oops. I think I just said that out loud. “Evil laugh time? Should I be afraid?”


I nod. And grin. Evilly. “Yeah, even more scared than Victoire. Haha. Mohawk.” Oh wait, Rion doesn’t know about the Victoire Mohawk. Now I have to explain it to him. Do you even know how much energy that takes? I don’t think so, cause it takes a whole lot. “I’m gonna give Victoire a Mohawk and she won’t be able to grow it out or shave it off for a moth! Isn’t that amazing?”


“Do you mess with everyone’s hair, or just your cousins’? Because I like my hair. A lot.” Ooh! He’d look good with a deep sea blue hair color. Or maybe a really electric blue. I think I’ll go with the electric. Much cooler.


“Just my cousins, don’t worry. And speaking of worries,” That chic seriously freaks me out. “Where’s Sophie?”


Rion gives me this weird look, like I’m dumb or something. Which I’m not. A lot. “She’s borrowing the books from Madame Pince, since you obviously can’t.”


“Hey! Is it my fault I got kicked out of the library?” Well, kind of. “Never mind, don’t answer that. I don’t want to know your opinion. Just keep it to yourself and we’ll all be happier, kay?” Trust me on this, we will all be much happier. MUCH happier. Really.


“Nice little show you put on back there, Rose. How do you plan on getting books from the library now?” Little jerk. Does she think I’m dumb just cause I’m not a Ravenclaw?

“Do not even begin to insult me like that! I’ll just get some random dweeb to get my books for me. That’s what any sane person would do.” Duh. That’s what she would do.


“Sorry Scorpius, I guess you’ll have to get all her books because I’m sure not getting her any. It’s your own fault you got kicked out of the library, so deal with the consequences.”


Gasp! And gasp again! “How dare you speak such blasphemic lies!”


How dare she even try to blame this on me? It is completely and utterly that old lady’s, whatever her name is. “Umm, what if the so-called ‘blasphemic’ lies are true? And is that even a word? Because I’m fairly certain it’s not.” Yeah, well, your face isn’t a word!


“Who is she any ways? All I got was psychopath librarian lady.” Look up psychopath in the dictionary. I swear it describes her. And mum. And James. I swear, just open the giant book that you never read and look it up.


Sophie and Rion snicker at me and Sophie says, “That was Madame Pince and believe me, when she says you’re out of the library, you’re out. My aunt went here and got kicked out her fifth year. She never got back in.” Sophie makes an ‘ooh’ noise like she’s pretending to be a ghost to scare me.


I smack her upside the head. “Well if you’re gonna act like that, I’m out of here. Kapish?” She smirks and ‘ooh’s again. That’s really starting to get on my nerves. I used to do it to Hugo when he was a baby to scare him. Then mum and dad grounded me.


Glaring at Sophie and Rion, who was on the floor, howling with laughter, I stomp down to the Slytherin common room. I wasn’t hungry for lunch anymore and if I got hungry I’d just go to the kitchens. Uncle George always says that the food in the kitchens is better than the food at meal times. Also, I could do with a major nap.



A/N: Rose spent several years in America when she was a kid, so that’s why she sounds American. Just FYI. The box at the bottom is going emo from all the neglect L JK, but do review.  :p (Oh, and I apologize for the shortness. The next one will be longer and more interesting.)

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