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Finding Himself by Ssidget
Chapter 25 : black and blue mail
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Déni : Je ne possède pas Harry Potter



Black and Blue Mail


Harry awoke to an unusual sound, that of both Slytherin and Gryffindors alike trying to awake their housemates from deep slumber. Harry who was exhausted from the night’s events was drained even farther with his cross-continental trip to the United States where he dropped off Jason and also informed the Auror Department that Karen was taking a personal day due to illness. By the time he returned to his dormroom it was 5 am and he was beyond exhausted and he passed out as soon as he climbed beneath the sheets of his four-poster bed. Which was a major reason he was so angry when he heard Dean’s voice quite clearly over his head, “Maybe we should douse him with a bucket of ice water.”


“You would pay dearly for it,” mumbled Harry burying his head deeper beneath his pillow.


“Oh look he’s up,” Neville said happily. “Harry, mate, it’s 10 o’clock, you’ve missed breakfast and the drama that unfolded during it.”


“That’s nice,” Harry muttered wishing they would leave him alone.


“Umbridge was sent to St. Mungo’s she’ll be out for the whole week, she fell down the stairs last night,” Dean said feigning sympathy to hide the glee in his voice.


“Yeah, I know, McGonagall told me this morning,” Harry said cracking open one eye to peer blearily at the small gathering of Gryffindors.


“Did you also know your friend Karen Parker was here this morning?” Ron asked suspiciously.


“Yeah, she stopped by earlier too,” Harry said opening his other eye, the room was darker than it should be, “Why is it so dark in here?”


“Sunlight bad!” Harry heard a moan from the next bed over, it took him a second to realize it was Malfoy.


Harry snorted with laughter, “IT’S SUCH A BEAUTIFUL DAY!” he said in an overtly loud tone, before removing his wand from under his pillow and flicking it at the window that had been charmed shut. “Listen to those birds chirp!” He said slightly softer,


“Anyone up for some music?” Harry flicked his wand at the shelf holding his CD player and loud rock music began to blare into the confines of the room as Harry disentangled himself from his sheets and began to dress for the day.


A loud whimpering sound could be heard from Malfoy’s bed that was likewise surrounded by his fellow Slytherins, apparently Malfoy had missed breakfast as well- which wasn’t surprising with his reactions to Harry’s music, hangovers were very unpleasant as Harry himself could attest to.


Suddenly Harry’s music shut off as he was tugging on a fresh shirt, “Hey, who-“


“Harry my head hurts, no rock music before noon,” said Karen as she stumbled over to his bed and climbed into the disheveled sheets.


“Karen, you’re still here?” Asked Harry pulling out his contact case.


She pulled his pillow taught beneath her neck, hugging it tightly observing Harry’s motions, “Mr. Dumbledore was kind enough to extend the invitation of staying here until I am fully recovered from last nights experience, your nurse informs me the headache should dissipate within the hour and my appetite should return before the day is through.”


“You’ll have no ill effects or side effects?” Asked Harry concerned.


“Severus was kind enough to provide me with several potions to rid me of the offending substance in my system, Mr. Lance however was not so lucky, according to the staff of St. Mungos his head injury is proving a lot more troublesome then they first thought it would be, he’s exhibiting strange symptoms, almost as if someone inflicted them upon him after he was admitted,” Karen said frowning, “That shirt doesn’t match those pants Harry.”


Harry frowned looking down at himself, “My shirt is black and so are the pants.”


“No, your shirt is charcoal and your pants are onyx they don’t match, put on a white shirt it’s a better combination,” Karen said randomly opening his bedside drawers.


“Are you looking for something or just snooping?” Asked Harry scowling slightly as he changed his shirt, although why he was changing even he didn’t know.


“A little of both, are you putting sunscreen on those tattoos when you go outside, the back ones looking a little pink,” Karen said pulling out a chocolate frog from Harry’s secret stash.


“It’s been cloudy and I haven’t gone without a shirt in the sun,” Harry said throwing his cross necklace on.


“You’re still exposed to UV rays when its cloudy, put some sunscreen on,” Karen said looking at the card she had received.


Harry was reaching randomly into his drawer for the small bottle of sunscreen he had bought during the summer when he paused and thought about what he was doing, if he hadn’t known any better he would swear he had no free will. In fact he was blindly doing things he didn’t want to do just to please someone else… dear Merlin he was treating Karen as if she was his mother., which wasn’t surprising since he was so use to her watching out for him and being constantly over protective of him in America.


“I’m good thanks,” said Harry pulling out a comb to cover up his reaching for the sunscreen, “Stop telling me what to do.”


Karen frowned slightly, “I was just looking out for you, like you did for me.” She said looking downcast, “My assistant told me you informed Minister Charles and the department that I was taking the day off due to illness and that I was staying here because I needed someone to look after me.”


“Will that guy be charged?” Scowled Harry pushing past Zabani who was watching Karen with utter fascination as she played idly with the chocolate frog allowing it to hop away slightly before catching it, and as punishment for being caught she removed a leg then proceeded to allow it to escape again.


“Unfortunately, it would be my word against his, and considering it’s an election year I won’t bring a he said/she said case on the books, besides he wasn’t able to actually do anything, I brought more harm onto him then he did to me,” Karen said relieving the chocolate frog of it’s third leg.


“Karen, do you mind that’s kind of deranged,” Harry said frowning at the crippled chocolate frog.


“Huh? Oh sorry, my brother and I use to do this when we were younger, come to think of it, that might be the reason we were always sent to see the school counselor,” Karen smiled before biting the head off of the frog.


“Curious that,” Harry said sarcastically. “Be careful with that chocolate, I just conjured that bed.”


“What happened to your other one?” She asked curiously.


“It met with an unfortunate accident involving a flame charm,” Harry said ambivalently.




Harry sat in the Gryffindor Common Room twirling the small vial of potion Karen had given him. He supposed he could somehow bribe Malfoy into not spilling the beans about his late night extracurricular activities with the small peace offering of the closest thing to a hangover potion the wizarding world had.


It was nearing noon, and Malfoy had still not removed himself from the confines of the dorm room, however, lunch time was here and as far as he knew Malfoy didn’t know where the kitchen’s were, so he would have to be disentangling himself from beneath his covers soon if he wished to eat before dinner. Almost as if on cue the sound of a door clicking open could be heard from above where Harry sat and a slow thumping of heavy footfalls descending the boy’s dormitory steps was discernible to his ears.


A Malfoy Harry had never encountered before landed on the final step, a less than primp one.


Malfoy leaned heavily against the banister wearing a pair of wrinkled jeans, a perceptibly muggle pair… a pair he seriously hoped did not in all reality belong to Harry himself, he WAS still missing some clothes. A large black tee-shirt proclaimed in a deep red,



1996 Los Angeles Battle of the Bands Winner


And he wore a black baseball cap with Letters that seemed to resemble blood rivulets spelled out D.I.E to further make his appearance completely unrecognizable as classic Malfoy attire.


“What the hell are you wearing Malfoy!” Harry snapped in an irritated manner, watching any hope of bribing silence out of his rival fly figuratively out of the Gryffindor Tower’s window. And utterly startling some nearby 3rd years lounging in the chairs by the fire that were normally occupied by the upper years.


“Ah… too loud, Potter, shhhhh….,” Malfoy said taking careful steps towards the table Harry was sitting at, making hushing movements with his hands as he collapsed into the chair opposite him letting his head rest against the cool wood of the table.


Harry scowled, “Take that ridiculous hat off!” He snatched the hat away chucking it into the hearth, unfortunately it was unlit. Malfoy’s hands clutched unsuccessfully for the hat as it was ripped off his head, the reasoning quite clear as soon as the light hit his hair… long streaks of pink ran through his hair in no seeming pattern, a fact Harry found tremendously amusing.


“Did we forget to remove something from our hair this morning!?” Laughed Harry.


Malfoy scowled angrily at him as he re-summoned the hat to him, quickly re-depositing it on his head, “Finite didn’t work! Nothing I did worked, it won’t come out! And my head hurts!” He whined throwing both hands over the hat securing it from any further pilfering and allowing his head to thump ungracefully back onto the table.


“Why the bloody hell did you buy that crap?” Harry asked in an undertone glancing at the third years whom were giggling to themselves most likely because of Malfoy’s newest hairdo.


“Because I needed proof,” Malfoy said.


“Well I can’t help you with the hair,” Harry said scowling slightly twirling the small vial, “but I do have a proposition for you.”


Malfoy looked up warily watching the vial spin haphazardly on the table, he frowned, “I’m listening.”



“Well I thought it was funny, besides if he was intent on busting you for curfew he wouldn’t have followed you into the Forbidden Forest,” Karen said walking with Harry through the halls of Hogwarts for a proper tour that she was unable to get the last time she was here. “You would have noticed him if you had bothered to keep your perimeter charms up.”


“Malfoy is always intent on busting me, he thrives on it,” scowled Harry as he held the door open that lead to the astronomy tower. “Besides, part of our bet was for me not to use them.”


“Well, he obviously has some skill in stealth you were unaware of his presence,” Karen said smiling. “And sometimes it’s best to cheat Harry.”


“No doubt a few tricks he learned from his father,” Harry said frowning as the ascended the stairs. “And I’ll keep that in mind.”


“No doubt,” She said smiling, “But no worries, I know you like your privacy, so Mr. Malfoy will find out soon that he is unable to discuss the events of last night.”


“What did you do?” Asked Harry suspiciously.


“Well there may have been more in that headache potion that I gave him then powdered toadstool,” she said winking at Harry.



Harry sat at the Gryffindor table eating his lunch ignoring the stares he was receiving from the students, far more than normal.


“Why are they staring like that?” Asked Karen as she sidled up next to him and began to fill a plate.


“I don’t know,” grumbled Harry idly stabbing his food, “Maybe there’s a rumor that you were in my bed, and that the sheets were rumpled.”


Karen laughed slightly, “Oh, the dramas of High School! How I’ve not missed them,” she said then a wicked grin appeared on her face.


“What?” Harry asked after a moment noticing that she was looking at him weirdly.


“Have I told you that you need a hair cut recently?” She asked with a sickening puppy dog face plastered on her face as she ran her fingers through his hair, before scooting so close to him that she was practically in his lap. Harry didn’t know why she was suddenly worrying about his hair, she had said before that it was an alright length, not to mention he could change it at will, not that his eyes or any other part of him was cooperating. Stupid books.


A slight clearing of a throat garnered both of their attentions to the small frame of Hermione in front of them, her eyes were downcast, and had a slight frown on her face. “Did you two want to be alone?”


Harry frowned, “No… why would we—Oh that’s just great Karen,” Harry said scooting away from her and pushing her hand out of his hair realizing just how twisted her humor really was, “that’ll spur on those rumors for weeks. And here I was wondering why you were so suddenly interested in my hair length.”


She laughed as Hermione sat down, “Oh come on Harry it was just too easy!” A huge grin crossed her face, “You wouldn’t know a girl hitting on you unless she came out and said she was!”


“No, Hermione tells me when a girl is hitting on me,” Said Harry sticking out his tongue at Karen, “Besides it’s a rare occurrence in and of itself.”


“I think I would be robbing the cradle if those rumors were true,” Karen said happily, “But it’s nice to know that despite numerous witnesses to my time in your bed that it somehow still turned tawdry.”


“Only in Hogwarts,” griped Harry.


“So Miss Parker,” started Hermione looking uncertainly between Karen and Him, “it’s an unusual surprise to find you here, all day.”


“Ah, yes, Hogwarts is allowing me the privilege of recuperating from an attack on my person before returning to my country,” Karen said frowning before taking small bites out of her food, “But I can take a positive out of a negative, I’m lucky enough to be able to spend sometime with Harry.”


“And have fun making me miserable,” Harry said frowning as he noticed Professor McGonagall heading his way in a purposeful manner.


“Oh Harry, it’s only a tiny rumor, I’m sure it’ll die by dinnertime, after all the gossip train always needs to be refueled,” Karen said picking the blueberries idly out of a muffin, “Did you know the piggile-sniggle fairies are in full bloom today? Such a shame, I really like blueberries.”


“I really wish you wouldn’t talk to Luna while you’re recuperating,” Harry said shaking his head sending a small smile towards the blonde Ravenclaw whom by the look of it was cultivating as many blueberries as she could from her fellow classmates.


“Mr. Potter,” McGonagall appeared in front of him, “the headmaster would like some of your time, if you could follow me.”


Harry racked his brain for a reason why the headmaster would want to see him, and the only one he could think of was that he had been found out, that he snuck out and went into the forbidden forest, in the middle of the night… expulsion maybe, detention definitely. Harry groaned internally with his schedule he barely had time for sleep, let alone adding detention into the mix. With a foreboding smile at Hermione and an accusatory glance at Karen, he walked away to uncertainty.



“I’m sorry you want me to do what?” Harry asked staring incredulously at Dumbledore certain the man had lost what little of his mind he had left. Yep, that damn twinkle was going into double time, the man’s brain had skipped town, he was frolicking through the daisies on his way to the cuckoo train. Whacked right out of his head and he ain’t ever coming back. The man should be wearing an ‘I LOVE MYSELF’ tee-shirt.  


“I want you to teach Defense Against the Dark Arts for the week,” Dumbledore said popping a lemon drop.


Yep, the man was nuttier than squirrel shit.


“Sir, no offense but have you been allowing Snape to test his potions on you?” Harry asked shaking his head, “Besides the fact that you’re talking about me… teaching, you’re actually suggesting that I could reign in the attentions of not only 7th years, but also Slytherins.”


“I believe you underestimate your abilities to lead Harry,” Dumbledore said pouring himself some tea, the fact that he didn’t correct him on adding Professor in front of Snape did not go unnoticed by Harry.


“Sir, I barely have time to sleep, how would I possibly teach classes on top of my schedule as it is?” Harry asked frowning.


“Miss Parker assures me that you have already covered the materials you are learning currently in your classes, therefore, you would be able to complete the necessary assignments for the week. Also, Miss Parker thought it prudent to suspend your training for the week, apparently she has fallen behind on some paperwork that she could use the time it would allow her,” Dumbledore said.


“You’ve already discussed this with Karen?” Asked Harry frowning unsure how he felt about them discussing him.


“At quite some length, actually, she agrees that you are more than qualified to read off Professor Umbridge’s lesson plans and to adapt to the questions of the students at hand. I would have offered the substitution to Miss Granger instead, however, you are the top student in the class out of the entire student body, and that was before your apprenticeship, I have the utmost confidence in your abilities to oversee a week of classes,” Dumbledore said steepling his fingers together peering at Harry with that damn twinkle in his eyes. “Otherwise, I do believe Minister Fudge will be assigning another one of his people to the position for the week, for I do not have anyone free from other responsibilities to take over the class.”


Harry frowned, “Alright, sir, but I highly doubt this will end well.”



“Where have you been?” Asked Hermione as she set her things down next to him the following day at their usual table in the Defense Against the Dark Arts classroom.


Harry, whom was currently sitting in his normal chair with his head down despairingly perched on the cool wood was contemplating what exactly he had gotten himself into. Harry, had never returned to the Great Hall after his meeting with Dumbledore, but instead chose to visit the classroom and go over what exactly he would be teaching.


Umbridge surprisingly had very thorough, systematic lesson plans that even had notes on students to watch, in case they were too interested or posed a problem to her teaching. Harry’s name was on every page. Each years lessons were practically the same, she had about 10 minutes of lecture notes, that covered exactly what the book said, and then she devoted the rest of the hour and 20 minutes to reading time for the following class period. All in all Harry had to agree that he was over qualified to be teaching from her notes. However, the answer to Hermione’s question was quite easy. He had stayed up quite late the previous night worrying about how he was going to teach this very class. His first class, which of course contained Malfoy of all people.


Thus he returned to the dorm quite late, while the occupants were all asleep, and had a fitful night of indistinct dreams he hoped were only due to nerves and not any underlining plans Snake face would soon be enacting. And he chose to run a few more laps instead of going to breakfast because with the turning of his stomach he doubted he could keep it down.

Harry sighed, “Did I miss anything at breakfast?”


Hermione frowned, or at least he guessed she had since he had yet to raise his head, the sound of his fellow classmates- now students- filing into the classroom heightening his sense of dread.


“Not really,” came Ron’s voice as he settled himself behind Harry next to Neville whom was juggling a new plant along with some herbology books deciding where he could stow them during class, Umbridge refused to allow him to keep them in visible sight. “Dumbledore just announced we would be having defense this week, he acquired a ‘suitable substitute for the subject’ was what he said. I hope it’s Lupin, maybe we’ll actually learn something.”


“A substitute teacher must follow the lesson plans of the regular teacher, Ron,” Hermione’s voice wafted over Harry’s head, a sound of irritation could be heard, which told Harry the it was not the first time she had told him this.


“Yeah, yeah, but if it’s Lupin he won’t really care what UmBitch wants, right?” Ron said smugly.


“Lupin’s busy with other stuff,” Harry said garnering the attention of other students around him.


“Maybe Madeye than?” Neville said a slight shiver, no doubt remembering the man’s famous eye.


“Busy.” Harry said glaring at the table or at least the small portion he could see from his stance.


“Wonder if it’s Tonks than, she’s got the week off, she was here last night too,” Hermione said in a knowing tone.


“She’s on loan to the American Ministry,” Harry said remembering the letter Karen had written him, “she and some auror named Tumalton are going there on a ‘good will’ mission to try and convince Minister Charles to agree to attend a world summit to discuss an alliance.”


“Why would they send Tonks for that,” Scoffed Ron. Harry frowned at the implied insult to Tonks but he had wondered the same thing, not because of her skills but for the mere fact of her age and she wasn’t that high up in the auror ranks.


“Well isn’t it obvious?” Hermione said after a few moments of silence, she must have received blank stares from those around her because she continued, “Tonks is a friend and relative of Harry’s so his name is applied to her as well as the fact that she and Karen Parker have been corresponding since they met. Tonks is rather fascinated with muggle fighting techniques and the application of it into the wizarding world. It would make sense that they would send her, especially since the Minister wants Harry’s name attached to most of these deals he’s been making because everyone in the wizarding world loves Harry again.”


Harry groaned at that, “Sorry, Harry, but it’s true. And since it came out about the ministries effort to discredit you it would help the ministers standing with the public to be seen as allied with you and Dumbledore.”


“Is this Substitute going to show up?” Drawled the annoying one that Harry dreaded having to teach. “I do have better things to be doing.”


Harry steeled himself and raised himself out of his chair, “Harry, the substitute is only 5 minutes late, you can’t just leave.”


Harry openly sighed as he walked to the front of the class, and with his back to the class he picked up a piece of chalk and wrote his name on the board. “Hello class, my name is Harry Potter and I’ll be your substitute for the week.”


Dead silence filled the room before Ron laughed, “Good one mate.”


Harry shook his head, “I wish I was joking.” He turned towards his classmates keeping his head turned downward looking at the mess of lecture notes before sighing and looking up, his eyes quickly finding Hermione he focused mainly on her as he began to talk. “Dumbledore has apparently gone senile and elected to postpone my classes for the week in order for me to take over the classes. Yes, senile or testing Snape’s experimental potions, haven’t decided which yet.”


“You can’t be serious,” Malfoy deadpanned.


“Unfortunately, I am. Now has everyone read the chapters the UmBit—Umbridge assigned?” Harry saw a few people nodding their heads, but for the most part the class seemed rather unconcerned with the reading.


“According to her plans she plans to give a test over this weeks material next Monday,” Harry said checking to make sure that was accurate on the calendar, Harry sighed, “I’m not a teacher, I don’t believe in the material, but I’ll be happy to go over it. Or if you so chose you can go over it yourself and have the period free…” Several Slytherins and two Ravenclaws began to pack up and when they saw Harry wasn’t about to stop them left the classroom. “Er, right,” said Harry slightly concerned that Malfoy was one of the remaining Slytherin’s. “Well, there is that option, I won’t stop anyone that wants to leave, personally if you tell Dumbledore you can’t respect me as a professor you’d really be helping me out.” A few people laughed at that.


“So does anyone want me to go over the reading? I have her notes—“A large chorus of no’s could be heard from the class. Harry nodded quite content on not having to cover the boring non-confrontational means that were sure to get them killed in a real life situation. “Well what would you like me to teach?”


Harry frowned at the board, a large list had developed from the suggestions on what he should teach them, the students had taken it upon themselves to rush the board to write down what they wanted to learn after Harry had lost track of the 20th voiced suggestion.


“Er, I think a lot of you have forgotten I’m only teaching this week, that includes only three classes,” Harry said looking at the list, “The Patronus charm can’t be learned in 3 class periods, dueling skills, we could do some practice but it wouldn’t be enough to really improve your skills much. These dark creatures need more than just lecture, I’d have to try and gather them from the forest… but procuring them isn’t really something I can see doing in such a short amount of time.” Harry scanned the list, “The Euriscam charm is doable. I’m not familiar with this hex, unless you misspelled it and meant the Teranis Hex,” said Harry glancing at the class, Hannah Abbott blushed slightly and nodded discretely. Harry quickly rewrote it, she was close, plus he wasn’t the best speller either.


“Er, the Yeraniki Curse is close to dark arts, I’m not comfortable teaching that—“ Harry was cut off.


“If it’s so close to the dark arts, why do you know it?” Pansy Parkinson asked snootily, which gave Harry a pretty good Idea of whose suggestion it was. 


“The Yeraniki Curse is distorted from the Pleratartin Curse, which is classified as a dark art,” Harry said unfazed. “While it isn’t technically a dark art, it isn’t necessary to learn, especially since I would not have you test it on your fellow classmates.”


“Why not?” Asked Padma curiously.


“The Yeraniki curse is an awful curse that strangles it’s victims, it is an unpleasant experience,” Harry had never been subjected to the curse but he had been on the receiving end of being strangled on a few occasions, at least with human hands you have a chance of escaping by overpowering your attacker. “Let’s see, I see a few hexes, counter curses and charms from previous years, I’ll be happy to go over those.”


“Who wrote these?” Harry looked at the ‘sword fighting’ and ‘muggle fighting’.


Dean Thomas raised his hand along with Terry Boot. “What makes you think I know how to do this?”


Terry laughed, “We all saw you beat the crap out of Malfoy.”


“First off, that was 2 on 1,” Harry said frowning, “And second I merely punched him, step 1. ball fist, step 2. thrust into annoying git. Step 3. repeat.”


Ron laughed the loudest at that, before Dean spoke up, “Yeah okay, but you killed a Basilisk with that sword in Dumbledore’s office, right? So you must know how to use it.”


Harry laughed, “Er, not really, that was dumb luck. Besides even if I did know how to fight like that,” Harry smiled- he did actually thanks to Karen but he wasn’t about to admit that, “3 days isn’t enough time to learn it.”


“Hermione,” Harry said scratching off the word ‘shimmering’ from the board, “I can’t teach this to anyone without Karen’s permission, and she’s not about to give me permission to teach an unlicensed spell to a class full of underage wizard and witches. Feel free to ask her the next time you see her if I can teach you if you really want to learn.”


“What’s shimmering?” Asked Ron.


Harry ignored him, “I think that’s more than enough to cover our time over the next 3 classes. If you don’t want to come to the classes, just read the posted material for next weeks test and feel free to skip my classes.”


“What are we suppose to call you, Potter?” Malfoy drawled while picking an imaginary piece of lint from his clothes.


“Er… Potter’s fine, so is Harry. Hell call me Scarhead if you want, anything that doesn’t associate me with authority or respect is quite fine by me, no need to give Dumbledore any ideas of trying to make this permanent, Merlin knows he doesn’t want me to become an auror,” said Harry shaking his head knowing that the headmaster didn’t want Harry to be an auror in America, after all that was a very far distance away from Hogwarts and the headmaster, and who would have afternoon tea with him on Sundays, as Dumbledore planned to institute after Harry Graduated, not that he knew that plan, but Harry did sense the disappointment from Dumbledore at hearing the news of his future plans.



Harry sat in the Great Hall munching on his lunch avoiding the stares and whispers of his fellow students that had yet to have his class, but had heard he was teaching it. He had actually seen several 5th years scouring Defense Against the Dark Arts books making lists of spells they wanted him to teach them, and he very much doubted he knew all of them. It was as he was munching on a bite of stew that he noticed the hauntingly beautiful sound of phoenix song which caused him to look up. A bright orange phoenix burst into view right above the professor’s table, a bundle of letters and a small box clutched in its feet. And trailing behind the phoenix was a large black hawk, seemingly appearing out of no where as well.


The two magnificent birds found their way to Harry the phoenix releasing it’s parcels without ever stopping it disappeared in a wisp of fire. The hawk however settled itself in front of Harry, obviously content on eating the remainder of his soup.


The parcels from the phoenix contained a package and letters from Liz and what looked like an invitation from Trinity, he dreaded what she could be inviting him to, turning towards the Hawk Harry found his stomach dropping several inches, the insignia upon the black envelope was of three triangles interlocking, the symbol of the vampire council. With trepidation Harry took the envelope and slit it open. On a single piece of blood-red parchment read the one sentence that made Harry’s mouth turn dry and a lump form in his throat.


The South Tower Roof, tonight 10pm, be alone!


This was going to be a long week.




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