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Brace Yourself by mayday
Chapter 1 : Winifred, the Pirate.
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Chapter Image by me!

I knew I should have never gone out with someone who uses more hair products than me. That’s the cardinal rule isn’t it? But to cut the scum bag some slack I will admit most cavemen put more effort into their hair than I do. That’s exactly why I cut it. Notice I said ‘I’ cut it. Yep, I took the scissors and just started hacking. Stella my little sister says the reason that I cut my hair was to cleanse my broken soul.

She wants to be a therapist.

Any who, Ariel (my mum) flipped out and rushed me over to the salon where they gave in a chic looking bob. I was grounded for a month for that one. Oh and I’m banned from using scissors for the next year.

In truth, the real reason I cut my hair is because of that cheating no good arse. Sirius Black, I mean. He loved my hair long and full of volume... . ironically like my former best friend/cousin Pippa Morgan.

So naturally when I caught them snogging on the train back to King’s Cross I wanted to shave my head. I should’ve know something was up when he told me I would look good as a redhead. I mean how dense can I possibly be! Pippa is a redhead, Lily is a redhead, that one chick that Lupin dated had reddish hair... the Marauders obviously have some unhealthy addiction to red hair. I swear the only slightly normal one out of the bunch is Pettigrew and that is really saying something.

Whatever the past is the past and I personally wish they would just leave me the hell alone. But of course as fate has it they won’t. I mean if I get one more ‘apology’ letter from them I’m going to get out my beaters bat and show them how much I’ve been practicing this summer.

They aren’t even apologizing or groveling correctly! Just because they used the word sorry doesn’t mean I should forgive them! Because the only sorries I got went like this:

“I’m sorry things didn’t work out” (lying git)

“I’m sorry you got hurt” (back stabbing slag).

Do you see any direct apologies... NO! Most of the letters went on and on about how they didn’t mean for it to happen, they love each other, blah, blah, blah.

I have to admit though, it hurts a little. I really thought things were working out with Sirius and I. Although the closest thing to an ‘I love you’ I got was when I made him a ham sandwich when I visit him at James’ house.

But I have to admit, the ham at James’ house is damn good.

Still, I doubt that I’ll ever forgive any of them for as long as I live. I mean it seems that everyone knew about hoey and hoeier besides me. Hell, the self-proclaimed do-gooders Lily and Remus knew about my cousin and ex’s secret rendezvous and they still kept it secret! Listen to me my friends if you can’t even trust your own prefects who the sodding hell can you rely on? My answer: no one.

Well- maybe Stella... but she’s still a Ravenclaw.

So in all, I refuse to back down and pardon their sins for the rest of eternity. I know that’s a long time, but I can hold grudges forever. In fact, I’m still mad at Sirius for putting bubble gum in my hair in first year. Hmmm, but I don’t think that grudge counts because I’ve been snogging him for over a year. But mark my words friends I will never, ever, ever let this one go!

“You’ve got to let this one go Winnie.”

I choked on my ham sandwich (yum!) and looked at Stella like she was clinically insane.

“What?” I asked my eyes wide clutching the sandwich as a lifeline.

“Let it go, forgive and forget,” Stella said patting my hand with a smile.

“But I don’t want to forgive and I’ll never forget!” I said determined.

My twelve year old sister shook her head at me sadly in an almost pity. Humph! I don’t need her pity, not anyone’s. I’m Winifred Constance Morgan for christ’s sake, the bestest beater that Gryffindor house has seen in over a century and fierce muscles to prove it!

“Winnie... umm why are you flexing your arms?” Stella asked looking at me as if I was crazy.

Stupid observant Ravenclaws, always out to get me.

“No reason.”

Stella shook her head her long blonde hair going in every direction. Grrr, I’m so jealous I want my hair back! I ran my hand through my short blonde bob with a frown.  Another reason never to forgive Black and Morgan for as long as I live.

“Winnie, what are you going to do when you’re back at Hogwarts! I mean you’re in every class with Sirius-”


“-and you room with Pippa. Plus she’s our cousin-”


“-you can’t avoid her forever. It’s not healthy to run away from your problems!” Stella exclaimed with vigor.

I scoffed, “I’m not running away from my problems Stella dear, I’m simply speed walking away from them.”

“I still think I’m right.”

Bloody Ravenclaws always think they are, but you just wait Stella you’ll see who’s really right in the end (me duh!).

“I heard that.”

Arrg, must work on mental thinking skills.

“I heard that too, what are you a pirate?”

Before I had the chance to reply Ariel walked through the door; her arms full with groceries. I gobbled up my ham sandwich before the carb police could see that I was *gasp* eating carbs!

My mum, Ariel Morgan is one of those model-esque working women who seem to never age. She looks more like my prettier older sister than my mother with her slim body and a hairstyle that would make Barbie herself green with envy. She was the one person I loathed and secretly admired all at the same time.

“Hello darlings,” she said with a smile placing the bags on the kitchen table and giving Stella a kiss on the cheek.

“Hey Mum,” Stella replied looking up from her homework her glasses sliding up her nose.

Suck up.

“Aren’t you going to greet your mother Winifred?” Ariel asked starting to put random items away in cupboards.

“Ariel,” I replied indifferently looking down at my chipped nail polish.

“Try again Winifred.”

I sighed, bloody woman!

“Hello mother dearest! How was your day! My day was AMAZING, I spent my entire day trying to fix this bloody haircut that you forced me to get! So I went to the store to get some hair gel to try to style it and the clerk thought I was a bloke!”

Oh yes, I am angry. Very, very, very angry. I am a swirling tornado of anger!

“You are such a drama queen,” Ariel muttered under her breath putting a can on the top self.

“Oh and that comes from the woman who cried when Godric ate her precious shoes,” I replied rolling my eyes.

“Those were designer shoes Winifred, I paid 400 dollars for those in America! It would be nice if you could watch that cat”, Ariel shouted pulling out a pot underneath the cabinet.

“Well it’s not my fault that you forgot to pick up cat food- spent that much on a pair of shoes? Cor! When did you go to America-”

She sniffed the air haughtily, ignoring me, and turned on the stove.

“-and what are you doing cooking? You can’t cook, you burn water. Bloody hell, since when have we’ve been eating real food?” I asked slightly alarmed pointing to the spaghetti she was trying to force out of a box.

“Watch your language Winifred-”

Ariel absentmindedly touched the boiling pot and quickly withdrew her hand.


Nice Ariel, real nice.

I exchanged a look with Stella who was chuckling quietly scribbling something down on a piece of paper.

“Seriously Ari-”

Ariel threw me a dirty look.

Mum, what’s going on? I mean usually your not back home from the magazine until midnight. It’s six thirty and you don’t have any take out with you... I’m concerned, is everything okay?” I asked looking at Ariel who was struggling to use the can opener.

Ariel rolled her eyes, “Nothing’s going on, I’m just having a friend over later.”

Oh, hell no.

A date, my mother was going on a bloody date.

“What about Simon?” Stella inquired confused.


“You know, Simon your boyfriend. Tall, dark, and dorky,” I said thinking about the Dungeons and Dragons champ.

“Oh, we broke up,” Ariel replied simply with a wave of her hand.

NO! I LIKED SIMON! He was the one who convinced Ariel to let me date Sirius... oh wait never mind. I hate him. Go die in a hole Simon Langly.

“So who’s coming over tonight?”

Ariel blushed and let out a girlish giggle, “His name is Graham Dobb. I met him in the lingerie department at Finely’s and I know what your thinking Winifred, but he was buying something for his grandmother!-”

Sure he was and so were you. I know that the thong that you bought was originally intended for Nana Winifred.

Oh dear God.


“-He looked so lost, so I offered to help him. I had such a good time girls, I think he may be the one! So when he asked me out I just couldn’t refuse. Of course we couldn’t go to his house, he has termites you know, so I told him he could come over here! He’s so handsome and a doctor! Well... actually an Orthodontist, but it’s the same thing! Image this girls, Dr. and Mrs. Graham Dobb! Isn’t it great!”

I am speechless, for the first time in my life I have absolutely nothing to say.

“That’s great Mum,” Stella said with a smile poking me with her quill to say something.

“Yes... er- it’s fantastic. Good for you,” I stuttered out with a false smile.

Ariel not noticing beamed and went back to preparing her already over cooked meal.

“Yep, I’m so excited. It’s a new beginning girls a fresh start! I have a good feeling about this one!”

Yep, and it’s the same feeling she’s had about Rick and Geoff and Henry and Oliver and Francis and Caleb and Simon and-

“So I was thinking you guys could sleep over at Aunt Caroline’s house, how does that sound?” Ariel asked using her mummy’s-talking-to-three-year-olds voice

No, no, no! Do you know what Auntie Caroline means Pippa! Do you remember my cousin Philippa (hahaha, she got a worse name than I did!).... you know the evil Sirius-stealing-redheaded-whore well, she lives there! Auntie Caroline is her mum!

“NO!” Stella and I shouted at the same time.

Ariel looks up from her stirring shocked “Why not? You guys love to see Aunt Caro and Pippa!”

Neither of us responded.

“One of you needs to answer me. Why don’t you want to go to visit Aunt Caroline, Uncle Ian, and Pippa?”

I paused for a moment and then realized there was only one way to do this.


“Please Ariel I beg you! Please don’t make me go! I’ll do anything, anything. PLEASE!” I pleaded getting on my hands and knees hugging her pants covered leg.

She looked at me absolutely bewildered and then tried to shake me off her leg.

“Winifred, what are you doing? Winifred, WINIFRED!”, she shouted extracting her leg from my grasp.

“Please Mum, please don’t make me. Be gracious!” I cried out reaching for her leg once more.

But Ariel moved quickly away from me and stood safely behind Stella’s chair.

“What’s wrong with her,” Ariel asked Stella with wide eyes.

Stella just shrugged, “Too many things to know for sure Mum. I’ll bet it has something to do with her boyfriend cheating on her with Pippa though.”

“STELLA!” I shouted in outrage standing up.

“What are you talking about? He did what! Sirius would never cheat on Winifred, he’s such a nice handsome boy. Are you sure you didn’t do anything Winifred?” Ariel asked looking a me with suspicion.

Oh no she didn’t! My own mother, the woman I spent nine months inside of (ewwe) believes that I screwed up the relationship! THAT’S IT!

“I didn’t do anything Ariel! Why is it always my fault! It wasn’t as if I wanted to see my cousin with her tongue down my boyfriend’s throat!” I shouted angrily feeling tears well up at the memory.

Ariel’s face softened. “So he did cheat-”

I nodded swiping away the offending salty liquid.

“-oh Winnie, I’m so sorry. That must have been horrible, when did it happen?”

“On the way back from school,” I mumbled miserably.

Ariel dropped the spoon in her hand “That was months ago!” she said shocked.

I shrugged looking towards the ground.

“Oh my God Winnie, why didn’t you tell me. Is that why you chopped off your hair?”


Before I knew it I was wrapped up in a huge Ariel hug. Arg!

“Umm... Ariel? Mum, can you let go now your kind of hurting me!”

She pulled back and patted down my hair affectionately.

“You poor, poor baby,” she cooed.

...whimper, make it STOP...

“I always knew that Sirius Black was no good, he reminded me too much of your father! You’ve got to be careful of men like that Winnie. All they want is sex and in the end they leave and you can’t fit into a size zero anymore!”

Oh, the horror.

Ariel suddenly brightened and walked over to the phone. She started to dial when Stella asked “Mum, what are you doing?”

“I’m canceling my date with Graham, it can wait. My girls need me tonight. How about we stay in and just talk, get all of our feeling out there. Maybe watch a couple chick flicks?”

My neck cricked in horror.

“Hi Graham, this is Ariel. Yes, Ariel...Ariel Morgan...from Finely’s. I’m just calling to-”

Sensing what was to come next, I ran up to her and grabbed the phone out of her hand.

“-say, how pleased she is to see you tonight. She can not wait. 183 Rosewood Trail, buh-bye!” I interrupted and hastily hung up the phone.

Thank God, that was too close.

“Winifred, what was that?” Ariel asked outraged stomping her foot like the child she was.

“Oh Mum, I knew how excited you were for this date so I couldn’t let you cancel it!”

“But what about-”

“Don’t you about lil’ ole’ me! I’ve got it under control! Stella and I were going to see that new movie down at the cinema, right Stell?” I said glaring at her.

“Yeah, that one about the werewolves,” Stella squeaked out, probably in horror of telling a lie.

“And would you look at the time, it’s going to start in ten minutes! Well gotta go, have fun Ariel!” I shouted grabbing Stella and dragging her out the front door.

Once we were out of sight down the street I let her go. Stella huffed and dusted herself off.

“Was that really necessary? I not even wearing shoes!”

“Just be happy I saved you back there. I’m still recovering from the time Mum explained the bird’s and the bee’s to me,” I replied nearly gagging at the memory.

“The bird’s and the what?” Stella asked confused.

“Someday little sister, someday,” I said shaking my head “but for now let’s go see a movie, is there anything good playing?”

Stella rolled her eyes at me annoyed “Haven’t you heard, the old Cineplex burned down last week. Big fire, it was all over the news.”

Bugger it all.

“So what are we suppose to do!” I whined stomping my foot.

“I don’t know, you’re the one who dragged me out of the house!”

True, true.

“We could always go back and bond with mum-”

Is she insane? Has she lost her mind?!

“-don’t look at me like that Winnie. You need to talk to someone about what happened with Black. You can’t avoid it and you can’t avoid him forever. I mean you’re in the same house for goodness sake and it’s not like you can switch houses,” Stella mused.

...oh my God...

“That’s it,” I said in awe.

“What’s it?”, Stella asked bemused.

“Say it again!”

“It,” Stella stated slowly.

“No, before that.”

“It’s not like you can switch houses?”

I felt my mouth curl up in the first real smile in months. Sweet perfection!

“No Winnie, you can not be serious. It’s impossible, never been done before!” Stella protested.

Well obviously because on one as intelligent and devious as me has attempted it. Sometimes I wonder why I’m not in Slytherin.

Goodbye Gryffindor, hello freedom.

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