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Lily's Secret by AshHa
Chapter 16 : The Third Sense
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Disclaimer: Harry Potter is not a product of my imagination. However, JKR did have the mental capacity to think up something so brilliant. Thank her.

Why? Oh, why had she been so stupid? Brooklyn asked herself over and over upon seeing the vibrant posters decorating the hall. There was no way anyone could miss the brilliant colors and huge picture of her face. Now, she wished she would’ve refused to go to the Halloween ball, but Kathy just had to convince her. Well, it was partially her fault, too. She was the one who didn’t recognize Sirius Black and decided to dance with him.

She simply felt stupid as she walked down the halls alone. The least she could’ve done was walk with her best friend, but, no, she just had to leave before Kathy was even dressed. She was definitely regretting it.

Brooklyn felt like everyone’s eyes were on her as she walked as quietly as possible to the Great Hall. As she entered, Sirius brushed by her in the doorway. He didn’t even notice her as he and his best friends James skipped to their seats.

Relieved after Sirius didn’t recognize her, she allowed herself a chuckle at that sight. Behind them came Lily and Remus, also holding hands and skipping. Definitely not a sight she was used to seeing, but very funny as the hall broke out in cheers. Joining her friends at the Hufflepuff table, she let out a whistle that was heard above the ruckus. Christy rolled her eyes at Brooklyn, but she didn’t mind.

“Bee…” Christy gave Brooklyn a look that told her she knew exactly who Cinderella was.

“You aren’t going to tell anyone, are you?” Brooklyn asked nervously.

“Hello! When have I ever let you down?” Christy asked her friend in amazement. She would never rat a friend out.

“Yeah. In third year, you told Alex Tuttle I had a huge crush on him.” Brooklyn told her seriously. Christy rolled her eyes.

“Haven’t I made it up to you, yet?” She asked. Brooklyn gave a sigh.

“I’m sorry Christy. I’m just so nervous.” Brooklyn admitted, “Their bound to find me soon. Those posters aren’t exactly subtle.”

“I know, darlin’!” Christy patted her friend sympathetically on the shoulder, “Just lay low today. You’ll decide to tell him soon enough, and he’ll be a complete jerk if he doesn’t grab you and never let go.”

“Aww, thanks so much!” Brooklyn turned to hug her friend. Because they were sitting it was more like throwing an arm around her and squeezing.

“Come on, don’t tell me you didn’t already know that.” Christy kidded with her. She was talking about Brooklyn’s way to brag when she does good in school or comes down the stairs feeling extremely happy about the way she looks.

“You know that’s only around you, Kathy, and Kelly.” Brooklyn blushed. Christy let out a sigh and sadly shook her head over Lyn’s shyness.

“I know. I have a feeling about this, though.” Christy winked and stood to leave.

“What feeling?” Lyn asked worriedly, “Is it good?” she watched as Christy walked away without answering and just a smile. Now, Brooklyn was really worried. Christy’s feeling usually turned into happenings and she was scared it might not be a good feeling. Wouldn’t Christy tell her if it was bad? Yes, her friend definitely would let her know right away…Right?

Lyn decided to shake it off and forget about it. So, she finished her breakfast and left the room in a mass of people as not to attract attention. Luckily, her goal was reached as no one pointed her out or gave her the look that Christy had so recently wore.

For once in her life, Brooklyn was happy she was what Kathy called a wallflower. She easily blended into the background with her “just-another” look. Normally, she wanted to be unique and stick out amazingly.

However, she was a smart girl and she knew someone was bound to recognize her sooner or later. Knowing her luck, it would be sooner. So, she knew she’d have to tell Sirius it was her before someone else told him. That was the problem, though: How did she tell the most popular guy in school that the girl he’s looking for is just her. Of course her shyness was factor as well.

Brooklyn decided to not think about it. She took the back halls to the Hufflepuff common room. Once there she decided it would be even safer to hang out in her dorm. Hopefully, that time alone without having to worry would allow her to think.

Brooklyn settled herself in the window seat and leaned back on the comfy pillows. She looked out said window towards the garden, and saw Lily and her own Hufflepuff Seeker walking into the envelope of trees.

A plan formed in Lyn’s mind as the sight of Lily triggered her to remember the study session in the library that night. She had asked Lily and Remus to help her study on Sunday so she could make sure she had her work done before classes began on Monday. It was actually a very simply plan, and was likely not to have snags.

She decided that she would ask Lily and Remus for help - Lily because she was smart and Remus because he was the best friend of the guy who was searching for her. Besides that, they were pretty good friends, seeing as they’d studied together at least once a week since they were in First Year.

It had all started on the first Friday they had at Hogwarts. Lily and Remus had gone to the library together to work on the foot-long Potions’ essay. Yes, the Potions’ Master had begun to torture them that early. She was thankful he had retired in their Second Year, and the new professor wasn’t nearly as bad.

Anyway, Brooklyn had gone to the library to work on her Potions’ essay as well. The library was empty except for the three of them, and Lily had immediately beckoned her over to work with them. Brooklyn had shyly joined them, but Lilly was so talkative that Lyn soon felt at home. It especially helped when Remus had complimented on her gorgeous blued eyes. From then on, they were like the best of friends. Being in separated houses, however, made them unable to see each other very often. They did decide to have a weekly meeting set on Sunday nights.

Brooklyn smiled softly as she remembered the great friends she had made at Hogwarts as she leaned her head against the cool glass. She closed her eyes as she pictured the amazed looks on Lily and Remus’ faces as she walked into the library and told them. Slowly, she drifted off into a worriless dream…

* * * * * * * * * * *

Lyn woke nearly three hours later, and knew she had to hurry. She grabbed her bag with the Astronomy homework she was confused over, and ran out of the room without fixing her hair or clothes.

“Bee! Where do you think you’re going looking like that?” Kathy asked as she and Brooklyn met halfway down the Girl’s Dormitory Stairs.

“To study with Remus and Lily.” Brooklyn explained quickly and tried to get past her best friend. As if Kathy would actually let her best friend go into public looking like she did. Especially not with people looking for her.

“No you don’t.” Kathy grabbed her, “We’re going to clean you up, and then you can go.” Brooklyn grumbled, but followed her back to the dorm.

Brooklyn quickly changed into a new, unwrinkled set of muggle clothes while Kathy yammered on in the other room about the whole Cinderella deal.

“I really think you should tell him, Bee” Kathy said carefully, “ I know you’re shy but imagine what could happen if this is real love.” Kathy had a thing for fairy tales, “Besides, how will he feel if someone tells him and it’s not you? I’d feel bad if a guy did that to me. It’d tell me the guy doesn’t like me at all…”

“Ok, Kathy. I get it” Brooklyn came out of the bathroom with freshly brushed teeth and hair, “I’m already making my plan to tell him. That’s why I was in such a hurry to get to the library; I want Remus and Lily to help me get to him.” With this new news, Kathy jumped off the bed and practically pushed Lyn out of the room.

“What are you waiting on, then? Get going, Girl!” Brooklyn laughed and did as she was told.

If that feeling of Christy’s was the same as the one Lyn had, it had to be a good one. Brooklyn confidently walked to the library and wore a huge smile oh her face as she pushed the door open. The only problem: Neither Lily nor Remus was there.

A/N: I know you’re all wanting to kill me after that cliffhanger last chapter, and then this on which doesn’t give you much of a clue as to what happened. Well, I hope you still like it, and leave a review! Don’t worry, the next chapter will be good…or…^.^


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