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Against All Odds by nire
Chapter 1 : Train talk
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Lily carefully stepped out from the sedan that had pulled up beside the curb. Pushing her thick hair away from her face, she hurried over to the already popped boot and retrieved her trunk that, this year, seemed slightly heavier. Heaving it out, she was suddenly overwhelmed with sadness; this was the last time she was going to pull her trunk out of the car, the last time she would walk into Kings Cross Station, and certainly the last time she would be heading off to Hogwarts. She was pulled abruptly from her thoughts by the familiar voice of her mother. 

"Lily? What's the matter, dear? Have you forgotten something?" 

"No Mum, it's fine. I just was thinking about some things," Lily responded swiftly. 

"Well dear, you’d better hurry up! You're Head Girl this year. Didn't you say that you had to be at the Head's compartment at a certain time?" 

Lily frantically twisted her watch to read the small, many-numbered face. Damn! It was already ten-forty. In five minutes she had to be introducing herself to the Head Boy and begin sorting the prefects out for hall monitoring. She slammed the boot shut with great force and grabbed the nearest trolley, safely securing her trunk. Giving one last fleeting, affectionate look to her parents, she smiled and waved enthusiastically to send them happily on their way home. 

After they had disappeared around the corner, she turned again and caught a glimpse of herself in the reflection of nearby glass. Her flaming red hair fell down her back in waves, giving the ultimate contrast to her emerald green, almond shaped eyes. She didn’t often like to dwell on her appearance. If there was one thing she hated, it was self-centredness. Catching people looking at themselves in the mirror was such a turn off, and she had always vowed to never to allow herself to be caught up in appearances. She looked down at her ‘Muggle clothing’ and hastily fixed her shirt that was caught in her backpack and then turned on her heel, pushing her trolley slowly towards platform nine and ten.

After inconspicuously crossing the barrier, she arrived at platform 9 ¾ - the world she knew to be her own. There were a flurry of people everywhere. Many first years had already changed into the school robes and were quietly talking with their families, looking for quick words of comfort and assurance before boarding the scarlet steam engine. Many others were jumping around excitedly, laughing and catching up with friends they hadn’t seen over the summer. Everyone looked content, happy. Without paying much attention to her surroundings, she began to push the trolley toward the already steaming train. She struggled to pull her trunk up, but eventually decided that magic was her best option. After levitating her trunk on-board, she stepped up and began to move towards the front of the train. 

Making her way towards the Head’s compartment and rolling her trunk along behind her, she was suddenly thrown off balance as she ran into something solid blocking her way. Tripping backwards slightly, she let out a soft squeal, trying frantically to find something to break her fall. Then, just as abruptly, she was caught. She looked up and was immediately dismayed: in front of her was one of her sworn archenemies, Sirius Black. His long dark hair fell elegantly around his face and his grey eyes danced with amusement at their current situation. His handsome smile and the unerring ability he possessed to cause girls to swoon at the mere sight of him were only a few of the qualities that Lily detested about him. Of course she didn’t want to mention the perfectly tanned body, which was nearly enough to send her over the edge. However, it was the smile that did it. The smile that so many loved was now slowly but surely turning into a cunning smirk. The smile that most girls would die to have directed towards them, Lily wished to never witness again! Black crossed his arms casually, making Lily immediately recoil in frustration. 

"Evans, you might want to watch where you’re going. Next time, you might not be lucky enough to bump into me," he stated with a proud, egotistical smirk. 

"I’d rather fall into a vat full of Bobotuber pus than run into you again, Black. You’re lucky that I’m not hexing you into oblivion right now." 

He laughed enthusiastically and leaned against the carriage door in one swift, graceful movement. It was in that moment that Lily realised she was still supported by someone. Hastily she pulled herself out the arms of the stranger and began to turn around and thank them. But she stopped dead when she saw a flash of that familiar untidy, jet black hair. Her thankful smile turned into a malicious glare as she rose to her five foot seven inch height in front of the "famous" James Potter. He was just the same as she remembered: his glittering hazel eyes still shone brightly behind his circle shaped, wire rimmed glasses, and yes, he was still wearing that ‘charming’ grin that so many girls fell for over the past six years. However, his now six-foot-one height towered over the slightness of her figure; it was then she realised that, like Sirius, he had become a lot taller and broader over the summer.

"Hello, Evans. Glad to be of service. How was your summer?" James said, tucking his hands deep into his pockets and rocking backwards and forwards on his heels. 

She glared more emphatically into his hazel eyes, wondering if he was an idiot for thinking everything was peachy between the two of them – asking how her summer was, imagine. "I didn’t want your service in the first place, Potter. So please keep your hands to yourself next time." 

With that she stalked off with her trunk in tow, all the way to the front of the train. 

"All I bloody asked was how her summer was!" he muttered after she had slammed a distant carriage door shut. He hung his head, shaking it slowly and groaning softly in disappointment. 

"Oh, cheer up Prongs!" Sirius began, "At least she didn’t curse you or something. That’s definitely an improvement from last year. Plus, you didn’t ask her out! Now that’s worth a pat on the back!" To emphasise his point, Sirius slapped James heartily on the shoulder. 

"But she still managed to get angry and stalk off. I want this year to be different. I want to show her I’ve changed over the summer. I really like her, Sirius. I want her to see the best in me." 

"All in good time James, all in good time." 

And with that, they started in the direction of the Head compartment to tell Lily the "good news". James had received Head Boy. They knew that they were walking into the proverbial lion’s den; Evans would not be happy about this. 


Someone was standing over her; she could just sense it for some reason. But why was she on the ground? She slowly opened her eyes to find the friendly eyes of Remus Lupin looking down at her with concern. She blinked, trying to adjust the focus of her blurry eyes. 

"What happened?" she asked hesitantly. Did she want to know? For some reason she had a heavy sense of foreboding weighing on her mind. 

"Well... you passed out. James told you he was head boy and you appeared to be a bit shocked. As you were sitting down, you kind of hit your head on the luggage rack, and, well, here we are."

Finally, it all came back to her. Sirius had come storming into the compartment proclaiming that somehow, inexplicably, Potter had become Head Boy. This was not apart of how she expected the year to start. How could Dumbledore do this to her, to Hogwarts? She had worked so hard over the last six years to do her best in school and set an example to all. With Potter as Head Boy this year, she knew it was going to be complete and utter chaos.

"Lily, are you okay?" Remus asked politely. 

"Um yeah, I’m just a bit shocked, that’s all." She got up and started to pace around the room, heedless of the fact that James, Sirius and Peter were listening intently just outside the compartment, their ears pressed against the sliding door. 

"Remus, I thought for sure that it was going to be you. Head Boy, I mean. How could Dumbledore pull this type of stunt? How are Potter and I ever going to do this together if we can’t even have a five second conversation without it ending in a row?" Lily asked breathlessly, feeling as if she was about to start hyperventilating. 

Remus stood up slowly and signalled for her to sit down on the seat. "Lily, you just need to relax. It will be fine. I think you should try talking to James again, actually giving him a chance for once. He seems to have really changed this summer. Even Sirius has noticed, and that’s definitely a noteworthy occurrence!" 

She looked at him sceptically for a moment, trying to decide if he was just playing along with another ridiculous prank of his friends'; after a moment of observation, she saw the honesty in his small reassuring smile and the frankness of his eyes. She was about to respond when Sirius took it upon himself to barrel into the compartment and make himself at home. 

"Evans, I know you think I'm good looking and all, but seriously, you can't go around fainting all the time. What are the girls going to think? I have to keep my options open, and falling for me, and I mean literally falling for me, isn't going to do favours for either of us. Besides, I couldn't have Potter having a go at me for your indiscrete, but of course understandable, actions. 

"Sirius, shut your gob. You are only making things worse for yourself. The last time you made a stupid remark like that, you covered in green boils for days. Do you really want that again?” she finished, and James sighed in exasperation. 

She was fuming as Potter came in and sat down in the spot closest to the window, leaning his head onto the cool, slightly foggy glass. He actually looked annoyed. She frowned and turned away. She wasn’t expecting this kind of reaction from him. She expected him to come bounding in and start on about being head boy and girl together. She took a quick glimpse at him again and felt a wave of remorse for the way she treated him earlier. Perhaps he had grown up over the summer. She decided to make amends, but only for now. Their relationship would probably go back to normal in the morning, at the first sign of his trademark swagger or the minute she caught him cursing a poor, defenceless first year for his own amusement. 

"Um, Potter…" she started quietly. The compartment was silent. "I just wanted to say that I apologise for the way I treated you earlier . . . I suppose we should try to be civil this year, what with our new, er, positions." 

He turned his head slightly towards her and examined her with a confused, but piercing gaze. He was trying to decipher if she was actually telling the truth, or just having him on. After a few moments he nodded and smiled saying, "I’d like that, Evans." 

With that he turned back around and his head resumed its position against the window, his eyes staring intently at the green hills passing by in a blur. The compartment was in awe of what they had just witnessed. A conversation between James and Lily that didn’t go to hell and back? Strangely enough, it made them all feel vaguely unsettled. 

"Well I’ll be damned!" Sirius muttered under his breath, shifting in his seat. 

"I don’t suppose I’ve drifted off or something, have I?" Remus questioned Sirius. 

"I’m still not sure if I understand," Peter squeaked to both Remus and Sirius. 

"Well it appears, Wormtail, that Evans, for once in her life, has actually pulled the stick out of her arse and apologised for being rude to poor old James here. It looks as though she has decided to give him a chance to be civil to her. What world am I living in? One minute I’m pranking the crap out of greasy ol’ Snivellus with James and having a gay old time, then smack, crack, whoosh, he is grovelling at her feet. Lily Marie Evans, I demand that you take this curse off him at once!" 

"Spare me, Black. I haven’t done anything of the sort. Perhaps Potter or Remus should have taught you how to be pleasant to someone every once in a while. What has Severus ever done to you, by the way?" Lily replied hotly. 

"Oh, my dear Evans, his existence is quite enough," he said, looking at his fingernails unconcernedly. "Plus, his greasy hair stinks up the entire school; one should show him how to use a shower. Personal hygiene could do some positive things for him, and let’s not forget that it will benefit the rest of us as well." 

James through a quick glance at Remus and Peter coughed awkwardly. Lily sighed loudly and stood up. 

"One day, Sirius, you are going to regret the things you’ve done to him. Potter, we should probably go see if the prefects are doing their job." 

"Ah yes and, if the little Slytherins aren’t, feel free to take points, especially off my prat of a brother. He can be a nasty piece of work. Thank goodness he left before we arrived. Ah, well, I think you best be off, James. Lily requires a strapping young male like yourself to escort her on her little expedition throughout the Hogwarts Express. " 

Lily waited impatiently as James turned around to wink and tap his nose knowingly at Sirius before following her out of the compartment. 

"Care to place a wager Moony? I’ll bet you two galleons that they’ll be hot for each other before Easter holidays next year," Sirius declared knowingly. 

"Sirius, do you really think you should bet on a relationship like that? There is no doubt in my mind that this will be the year for James, but can you imagine Lily if she found out? She would hit the roof! Best just leave it and let things progress naturally." 

Sirius pouted like a three year old and crossed his arms over his chest, "Oh Moony, why do you always have to ruin my fun?" 

Back again!!! I'm slowly starting to make little changes to each chapter and progress with the story. I've always felt it in the back of mind that I needed to finish this story! So here I am, 6 years later to finish it off! 
Please bare with me, I don't know how quick I am going to be, but at least I have started.
Please let me know what you think of my story by reviewing! Love to you all.


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