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Becoming Mini by jazzydee23
Chapter 1 : Meet The Family
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Chapter One
Meet the Family



A slight, warm breeze drifted through the blue shuttered window, the faded yellow curtains flowing with the trickle of wind, tickling the teenage girl sprawled across the small bed, her head tilted strangely, her mouth thrown wide open, omitting loud snores, her right arm dangling off the edge of the bed and her legs draped across the patch-work quilt made by her mother seventeen years ago.

A frustrated, strangled growl escaped the pretty nineteen-year old standing, arms crossed, beside the bed, glaring down at her younger sister. Flicking her sheet of glossy, silver blonde hair over her shoulders, she bent forward, tugging on her sister’s arm that hung droopily over the edge. Bending low, she screeched loudly into Dominique’s ear.


The girl’s eyebrows furrowed darkly, her pale eyes flickering ever so slightly open as she moaned heavily, turning to her side and burrowing her head even further into her mass of pillows. “Luv mough algone,” she mumbled groggily.

“Merlin, Dominique, if you don’t get off your big, fat ass right this minute, you are going to miss the train to Hogwarts!”

Dominique’s eyes flew wide open. She sat up, tugging her arm away from her older sister, “the train?” she whispered dumbly. Dominique caught a glimpse of herself in the mirror of her wardrobe opposite, her dark blue t-shirt contrasted greatly against her pale skin, her eyes were heavy and groggy, her cheeks flushed from the summer heat and her short hair stuck up in all directions imaginable. She groaned, falling limply back on to her bed.

No! Oh no you don’t! You get up right this second, do you hear me Dominique?”

Dominique turned her sharpened pale stare on her older sister, “yeah, yeah, get out so I can get dressed would you Vicky?”

Victoire straightened, her posture stiffening, her hands residing to her hips as she gave a severe tut of disapproval, only to swirl around on the back of her heels and storm out of the room, leaving the door to slam behind her curtain of silver hair.

Dominique grinned at the feelings of satisfaction that arose when she was able to make her older sister as frustrated, irritated and red-faced as that. She gave a sigh of content, swinging her legs over the edge of her bed, crumpling the navy dress that hung over the end, and standing up on the cooling dark floorboards of her beloved bedroom.

She glanced around as she took in the oddly clean, empty room before her gaze landed on her fully packed trunk. Another year at Hogwarts. Her last year, to be exact.

At that thought, Dominique fleetingly looked down at her wristwatch, before giving an unexpected yelp of surprise at what time it showed. Moving at extreme speed that was un-Dominique like, she threw on her worn pair of jeans, an old singlet and attempted to tame her ragged locks of strawberry blonde, all the time muttering curses under her breath.

Her string of profanities were interrupted by a series of quick, sharp knocks. “Dominique?”

Dominique rolled her eyes to her reflection in the mirror; she grabbed her tattered leather satchel and turned towards the door just as it swung open.

“Dominique? Are you ready? We must leave immediately…” her mother’s French accented voice filled the small bedroom as she glided in, looking as elegant and beautiful as ever, “oh Dominique! Why must you wear zat? I left out a very preetty blue dress for you to wear eespecially!”

Ignoring her mother, Dominique grasped the handle of her trunk, tugging it closer to the door. Seeing the expression on her mothers face, Dominique sighed.

“Mère, please, I do not need clothing pushed at me all the time. You should be encouraging me to wear what I want.”

Fleur sighed, her lovely face weary and tired, “yes Dominique dear, but you know 'ow I worry – ”

“Yeah I know,” Dominique cut her off quickly. Fleur had worried about Dominique’s best friend, Roxanne, influence on her from day one of first year. Roxanne Weasley, one of her many cousins, was a loud, troublemaker, slightly obnoxious tomboy who Fleur had always feared her youngest daughter spent too much time around. Quite frankly, Dominique was sick of it.

“Mum, she’s my cousin, you’re niece, what have you got against her?”

“Nothing! Nothing at all, mon ange, and you should know that. I just would prefer that a young, preetty girl like yourself – ”

Dominique cut across again, “I’m not young Mum, I’m seventeen – which, need I remind you, is of age – and nor am I pretty.” She snorted, and stopped herself from adding, “in the slightest.”

Fleur gave a tinkering laugh, “not preetty? You are my daughter, 'ow could you not be preetty? Sure, per'aps not as beautiful as Victoire but – ”

“You two finished up there? We need to get a move along if we want to get Mini and Louie shipped off to school in time!”

Walking past her mother without another word, Dominique made her way down the rickety staircase, her heavy trunk thudding loudly behind her. “Shipped off? Gee, thanks Dad. Will miss you too.”

At the bottom of the stairs was her father, Bill, grinning widely as he leant against the stair rail. “It’s only the truth, kiddo,” he joked, ruffling his daughter’s hair affectionately as she came to a stop beside him. He picked up her trunk easily, leading the way towards the car that Dominique’s grandfather tinkled with as a Christmas present to them four years ago. At first Dominique had been extremely wary against it, as had the rest of her family, quite rightly as although Arthur Weasley was very fond of his muggle contraptions, it did not necessarily mean they ran well. However, he proved them all wrong and the loyal car had stuck with them the past four years.

Not but a couple minutes later Dominique found herself uncomfortably squashed between her fifteen year old brother, Louis, and the devil herself; Victoire. “Mind my hair, Dominique, it took me ages to brush it out.”

Suddenly becoming aware of some thing, Dominique frowned at her older sister, “why are you even coming? Did McGonagall write to you to inform that I was indeed right and there was a mix up, and you need to come back to Hogwarts ‘cause you have an IQ of an eleven year old or some thing?”

A crease appeared between Victoire’s smooth pale eyebrows. She observed herself in the mirror over her father’s head, tucking an escaping lock of silky hair behind her ear she replied, confused, “what’s an IQ?”

“I rest my case.”

Fleur tittered in the front seat, shooting Dominique a reproving glance in the rear view mirror, although how she managed it, Dominique didn’t know, what with Victoire’s big head taking up most of the space.

“If you must know,” stated Victoire as she concentrated hard on getting her eyeliner perfect, “Teddy will be seeing the Potter kids off.”

Dominique nodded blandly as she stared over Louis’ blonde hair and out the window, strange butterflies filling the very pit of her stomach, Kings Cross mounting closer in view, “I should have thought as much.”

A grin spread across Dominique’s face as she spotted her cousin Roxanne, caught in a tight sandwich hug between her older brother, Fred, and her father, George, their laughter filling platform nine and three quarters as parents and alike said their final goodbyes to their children for the year. Roxanne was slender, with a head full of long, dark braids and a usual, bright and cheeky grin playing on her lips, like now for instance, as she squirmed to get away from her vivid red-headed father and dark-haired brother.

“Be good, it’s your last year,” Dominique heard Roxanne’s mother, Angelina, say sharply as she neared, her voice crisp and stern. Her long slender arms were crossed against her chest and her dark eyebrows furrowed in frown.

“But not too good,” added George, letting go of his daughter and winking at her, turning to wrap a comforting arm around his wife.

Angelina gave her husband a small shove before sighing, “just so long as you don’t do some of the things Fred did…” her voice trailed off as her mind wandered off to the previous school year in which was also Fred’s last year of Hogwarts.

Fred sniggered and shared a look with his father. Angelina missed the look, having spotted the rest of the Weasley’s. Dominique stuck her tongue out at Roxanne who just grinned in return and wrapped her best friend in a quick hug.

Angelina, Fleur, Bill and George began chatting immediately, no doubt discussing plans of how to celebrate once their kids were off at Hogwarts, and the mischief they were sure to hear about throughout the year from the Headmistress. Victoire was scouting the area for any sign of her current boyfriend, Ted Lupin.

The scarlet train blew its whistle – the first sign that it was about to leave. “Oh, quick, lets hurry I wanna get out of here,” said Roxanne unenthusiastically as she gave her mother and father one last hug.

“Good bye, have a good year kiddo,” Bill said, ruffling Dominique’s hair once more for good measure before she was swept into the arms of her mother.

“Don’t forget to write!”

Dominique sighed, giving a small smile to her beautiful mother, before turning towards the train, unexpectedly bumping into a rather hard, solid form. “Mini?”

Dominique blinked, looking up at the person she’d knocked; a tall, gorgeous looking twenty year old was standing in front of her, a dazzling beam playing across his features, and his left eyebrow rising inquiringly, his stark blue hair his most prominent feature. “Hey, Teddy.”

Teddy’s grin grew, “well hello! It’s been ages since I’ve seen you, Mini, and my oh my have you grown up!”

Dominique smiled, willing her cheeks to not flush; yet unfortunately with her pale cheeks, it was a Weasley trait she’d inherited.

“Teddy!” And that screech could only be Victoire. Teddy looked around, spotting her, his blue eyes twinkling mysteriously; he absentmindedly clapped Dominique on the shoulder.

“See you around Mini,” he said, his voice distracted as Victoire breezed over to him, kissing him briefly on the cheek. She turned to her younger sister, practically towering over her with her tall frame.

“Shouldn’t you be off Dominique?”

Steadying the surprising amount of butterflies in her stomach, Dominique, still in a slight daze, nodded.

“Well,” sniffed Victoire, “don’t work too hard this year, but then again, you aren’t  Head Girl like I was!”

Opening her mouth to respond, Dominique was interrupted as Roxanne had suddenly grabbed her hand, pulling her towards the train, “it’s bloody leaving, you bloody doofus!”

With the help of her father, Dominique managed to get her possessions safely on board the scarlet Hogwarts Express, just in time as the train was already rolling.

Roxanne pulled Dominique into the nearest compartment, their usual compartment. They immediately each fumbled quickly to the window, spotting the large crowd of what could only be the Weasley’s conjoined with a mix of the Potter’s; a field of fiery reds, two shimmering silky blondes, one jet-black, a bushy haired brunette and – Dominique’s stomach gave a strange flip – a stark electric blue-haired.

Dominique watched as Victoire waved for a split second, before jumping into the arms of Teddy, her long silvery blonde hair cascading down her back, her slim, willowy figure was delicate and pretty against his tall, brawn form. Her bubble of sweet, joyous laughter could be heard even as the train soared further away.

Why did Dominique’s sister get to be so perfect?


* first chapter, first story, thus comments and alike, good AND bad would be very much appreciated!!! :D


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