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Diagnose Your Own Magical Maladies. by gocnocturna
Chapter 2 : The Beginning
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Chapter 2- the beginning.
AN: I hope you like this story; I’ll be doing my best. Please leave reviews, they help a ton and they brighten my day very much! :D Please feel free to read my one-shots or my other story if you like my style. Thanks!

Preoccupied and thinking about the last few hours, Hermione reached the compartment where Ron and Harry were still waiting for her. She pushed the door open and began to enter, but she stopped due to the fact that the boys were yelling at her. She blinked and looked up at them in surprise, curious as to why they were angry with her. Then she blushed, ducking her head, apologized and backed out of the compartment. 

The boys were changing into their robes. 

Hermione went to one of the many train bathrooms and stepped inside. She locked the door and changed out of her muggle clothes and into her school robes. She then vacated the restrooms and returned to the compartment. This time she knocked, and upon hearing Harry and Ron give her the ok, she re-entered the room, sitting herself next to Harry. 

The last half hour of the train ride was uneventful and passed relatively slowly as they all were eager to get to Hogwarts. With about five minutes to go Hermione stood up, announcing that she had to ride to Hogwarts in the boats with the first years as she was the Head Girl. They groaned but agreed. Suddenly Ron realized something. 

“Who is the Head Boy Hermione?” In the changing fiasco the boys had forgotten to ask this question and Hermione had conveniently neglected to mention it. 

“Oh.” She said, her face falling. “ don’t be upset, I’m sure it will work out fine-”
“Who is it?” Harry interjected with a serious tone, recognizing her ‘dallying and dancing around a question’ act that she often did. 

“D-Draco Malfoy.” She replied in a rush, watching as their jaws dropped and their eyes popped.  
                                      *                         *                       *
Draco had just escaped Pansy Parkinson just moments before, after painstakingly explaining that he really did have to ride in the boats with the first years since he was the Head Boy. She had protested and clung onto him and been tremendously annoying but eventually she had relented.  He was now sitting in the Heads’ compartment waiting for Hermione so that they could proceed to the boats together. 

“Sorry I’m late.” She said as she entered the compartment. Draco stood up.

“Well hello Granger.” He sneered, only remembering just in time that he had to be the nasty one. “Slow as always.”

“I was on time,” Hermione explained. “Until Harry and Ron remembered that they hadn’t asked me who the Head Boy was. And of course, upon hearing that you were the Head Boy, they forced me to sit and listen to them lecture me on reporting every little thing you say or do to them immediately. Great friends, but a little too overprotective I think.” She smiled. “To the boats then?” Draco agreed and they began to make their way to where they could clearly see Hagrid over the heads of the student population, shouting out and collecting the first years. “Hello Hagrid.” Hermione greeted the half giant. “How was your summer?” She asked him politely and earnestly. 

“Great.” Hagrid replied. “Grawp an’ me did lots a talkin’ t’getha. E’s really commin along.” Hagrid turned to the group of first years gathered around him. “We’re t’ ride t’ the castle in the boats. This way.” 
                                      *                        *                         *
Hermione now sat at the Gryffindor table in the Great Hall with Harry and Ron watching the sorting of the first years. The boat trip had been long and uneventful, but she had enjoyed seeing all of the first years so nervous about how the sorting process worked, imagining all the worst possible ways of determining ones house. She and Malfoy had not spoken, but that was simply because they were in separate boats.


After the sorting had finished and Professor McGonagall had given the start of term speech, the food appeared and everyone began to dig in. Hermione wasn’t that hungry; so she ate her full and sat patiently for the others to be finished. She watched as Ron practically inhaled his food in an absolutely disgusting manner, she coughed to try and get his attention so that she could glare at him, but his eyes never left his mountainous plate of food. Harry wasn’t that much better, but at least he was eating at a slower pace than Ron. Hermione’s eyes drifted towards the Slytherin table and she searched for a certain obnoxious blonde boy. She was happy to notice that he, although also a very hungry male, ate with proper manners and at a reasonable pace, he did not make a mess and he used his napkin rather than his sleeve. Hermione smiled to herself and averted her gaze. 

At Professor McGonagall’s say-so, Hermione stood to lead the Gryffindors to their common room, finding the new first-years and paying close attention that they didn’t get separated from her. She noted that Malfoy was doing the same for the Slytherin first-years and that the Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff prefects were taking care of their houses. Satisfied that she need not do anything else just yet, she took the Gryffindors to their common room, told them the password, explained a few important things to them and then left to retire to her new accommodations. 

When she got there she noticed that Malfoy had yet to get there, so she decided to enjoy the peace and quiet by sitting in an armchair by the fire and reading a book. She found one of her favorite books, which she had read at least fifty-billion times, and settled down by the fire.
                                             *                               *                             *
Draco had just finished with the members of his house, so he began to make his way back to his room in the Heads common room. When he got there he noticed that the fire was going, it was only September 1st so he knew that the elves hadn’t lit it, Hermione must have. He walked up to the fire, not noticing the girl in the chair behind him, and put his hands out to feel the warmth. He felt none. It was then that he realized that the fire was lit for light and comfort, not for warmth and as such it had a charm on it so that no heat was felt. He scanned the room looking for the smart little witch that had cast the spell, but couldn’t find her. Then he looked down a bit and saw her, fast asleep in the armchair nearest him, with a book propped open in her lap. He walked a little closer to her and gently lifted the book from her lap; he was going to do a fun little experiment with the bookworm. 
                                         *                              *                                *
When Hermione finally awoke it was very late, approximately two in the morning, so she immediately went up the stairs to her room, made the password to her room Magical Maladies and got into bed, still fully dressed, kicked off her shoes and fell right asleep. 

The next morning she got up and went to take a shower. Of course, Malfoy was in there. Knock Knock. Hermione banged on the door to the bathroom. “Malfoy” she yelled over the sound of the pounding water. “Please hurry up; I need to shower before breakfast!” She heard a muffled “eh” took it for a ‘yes’ and went back to her room, arranged her outfit and packed her bag, got everything ready for as soon as she got out of the shower, and went back to the bathroom to see if he had left. She raised her fist to knock on the door, not noticing the slight sliver of light indicating that the door was already open, and rapped on the door. It swung open immediately, revealing a half-naked Malfoy with only a towel around his waist. He was doing his hair in the mirror when the door opened. Hermione was so shocked that the door had been ajar that an “oh my” escaped her lips before she pressed them tightly together, blushed profusely, closed the door again and returned to her room. The next time she checked on the bathroom it was empty and she took a quick shower, got dressed and ready, and went down to breakfast. She was only too happy that she had not seen Malfoy again since the bathroom incident. 
                                           *                              *                                *
Draco smiled while eating his breakfast. He had noticed how flustered and embarrassed Granger had been upon seeing him in the bathroom with naught but a towel on. He had heard her inconspicuous “oh my”, had seen her evident blush and had been humored to see that she had stared openly at him. She obviously had liked what she’d seen. But who wouldn’t? Thought Draco. He smiled again, thinking about how she’d been too disconcerted that morning to notice a certain missing item of hers.

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